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The Elder Scrolls are an ever popular game series by Bethesda. Featuring an open world with various quest lines, character customization  and loads of loot, the various games have a tight grasp on the gaming community. This includes cosplayers, who have recreated some of the most iconic characters from The Elder Scrolls


Cosplayer: Katsumiyo; Photographer: Max Method Photography

Azura is one of the Daedric Princes in The Elder Scrolls world. Known as the Lady of Twilight, her domain is that of Dusk and Dawn as well as the magic that lurks during their transition. Often depicted holding a crescent moon in one hand and a star in the other, she is one of the more benevolent Daedric Princes. Katsumiyo nails the ethereal look of Azura, opting for holding a rose after another name of hers, the Mother of the Rose. The small star like pattern on her gown really helps bring to life Azura. 

Queen Ayrenn

Cosplayer: Kaloheart7; Photographer: Edtan

Queen Ayrenn is the ruler of the Aldemeri Dominion and High Queen of the Summerset Isles in The Elder Scrolls Online. A young queen, she is a mere 28 years old, but a seasoned warrior. Kaloheart7 took Queen Ayrenn's character design as inspiration for her costume. Sticking with the green and brown color scheme, Kaloheart7 makes an impressive Altmer Queen.



Cosplayer: SeanDonnanArt; Photographer: Robin McElroy Maloney

The Ordniators played a crucial part in the events that unfolded in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Highly trained soldiers, they are easily recognized in Morrowind by their polished gold armor. Skilled in battle, Ordinators proved a tough challenge, often attacking the player as soon as one of their order was attacked. Here, SeanDonnanArt showcases the armor for which they are known, as well as the merciless view of them.



Cosplayer: GuiltyOne; Photograher: Andy-k

The Argonian's are a race of lizard people hailing from the land of Black Marsh. Able to breathe underwater and highly resistant to poison, these people can be seen throughout the land of Tamriel. There is even the provocative book "The Lusty Argonian Maid" featured in many Elder Scrolls games. GuiltyOne has gone above and beyond with the work on this costume. The details in the eyes, the scales, the horns all make the lizard features pop. The embellishments bring to life the character as well as the neatly designed mage staff. 


Daedric Armor

Cosplayer: Beau Peep Cosplay; Photographer: Kosupics

Giulietta Zawadzki, also known as Beau Peep Cosplay, continues to wow with her intricate armored costumes. This time her Daedric armor is ready to protect her from the likes of dragons. Super detailed, clean construction, and amazingly realistic, once again Giulietta knocks it out of the park with this cosplay. 


Cosplayer: IreneAstral; Photographer: SpirosK Photography

Astrid is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Without a Listener to hear the Night Mother, she employs other means to keep her clan afloat. Fearing the way the Night Mother operates as well as the Dragonborn being the Listener, she ends up betraying the player in a bid to protect the other assassins. IreneAstral is a picture perfect Astrid. Clad in the Dark Brotherhood armor, her angry eyes peer from behind hood and mask. The costume is superb, with the small details and colors hitting the mark. 



Cosplayer: Ekaterina Golovanova; Photographer: Ophelia-noir

Nocturnal is the Daedric Prince of night and darkness. Often worshipped by thieves, her reign over the shadows makes her the perfect patron for them. While she has no organized clergy, she may have the largest amount of followings. Directly served by the Nightingales, she remains an enigmatic mystery to mer and man. Kate makes an amazing Nocturnal as she keeps her face hidden from the camera. Wearing a black robe she is surrounded by Nightgales created by Ophelia-noir. This duo has created an outstanding cosplay together. 


Cosplayer: Nastya; Photographer: MilliganVick

Serana is one of the main characters in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.  Found locked away in a tomb far below the surface, she is freed by the Dragonborn. Encased with her is an Elder Scroll. A vampire, she looks to make her way back to Castle Volkihar, becoming your follower in the process. MilliganVick captures the vampiric essence surrounding Nastya in this photo. Her skin is pale, her red eyes shine bright and her attire is on point. The golden Elder Scroll gleams in the light while everything else seems to fade away.



Cosplayer: X-beliebig; Photographer: Pohmme-d-adham

Miraak is the villainous star of Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC. A dragonborn who was once a dragon priest, he turned on his master's when his lust for power led him to Hermaeus Mora. Here X-beliebig is reading from the cursed Black Book that led him into servitude to the Daedric Prince of Knowledge. The carvings on the mask as well as the cover of the book are extremely detailed. For his first cosplay, this is mind blowing. 

Haafinger Guard

Cosplayer: Kim-San; Photographer: Kakeboksen

One of the most famous lines from Skyrim comes from the mouths of the guards. "I was once an adventurer like you. Until I took an arrow to the knee." Memed, quoted and overused, the guards status was raised beyond that of a regular NPC. Here Kim-San is standing guard, shield and sword ready for thief or dragon. The costume is on point, from the intricate details in the help to the chain mail to the clean pattern on the shield.


Cosplayer: Folkenstal

The Khajit are a race of feline people from Elsweyr. Many have since left their desert home in search of adventure. That is just what Folkenstal has found in this amazing photo. Preparing to help take down a dark anchor in The Elder Scrolls Online, Folkenstal's khajit cosplay is simply amazing. From the fur on her head to the tip of her tail and toes, the work is awe inspiring.


Cosplayer: Piperonni-Cosplay; Photographer: GPFleather

The Nightingale is often spoken of as legend in The Elder Scrolls series. In Skyrim you actually have the ability to become a Nightingale, the servant of Nocturnal. Given special armor, the Nightingale is the ultimate thief. Piperonni-Cosplay takes a break from her criminal activities to rest on a fallen log. The details in the leather work are amazing. 


Cosplayer: Mech-Infect; Photographer Darya Ánima Polyanskaya

Cicero is hands down one of the most annoying enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not only is he an "ally" at first, but he becomes steadily more deranged as time goes on, quite a feat for the already insane Dark Brotherhood Keeper. Mech-Infect does an amazing job at becoming the unbalanced jester in his spot on cosplay. From the attire, to the poses and facial expressions, hands down this is one of the most impressive Cicero cosplays. 

Skyrim Civilian

Cosplayer: Amazingrogue

Not many have chosen to don the robes of Skyrim's civilians. The game would be lackluster without these NPCs and their idle banter. Falling in love with the dress, Amazingrogue took is upon herself to become one of the necessary but often overlooked characters in the game. Not only is her costume straight out of the game, but so is the location and props chosen for the shoot.


Cosplayer: Carlossa; Photographer: EndrooFoto

The Ashlanders are the nomadic Dunmer of Morrowind. The Velothi people are of Ashlander descent but have settled among other dunmer. Carlossa sticks the nomadic garb featured in Morrowind, with brown attire, leggings, and a head covering. Face paint and red eyes bring to life the dunmer aspects. 

Which cosplay that was featured was your favorite? What character do you wish was cosplayed?

Published Nov. 18th 2016


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