9 Best PS4 Games of 2017

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Ah, 2017. The year everyone thought was going to be better than 2016 (which was a terrible year for everyone apparently?) but ended up being almost worse, at least for some.  

But not everything about 2017 was bad -- at least not in the gaming community. 

Sure, Skyrim was remastered and released -- again -- and drama on the battle front -- excuse me, Battlefront 2 -- made some lose their faith in the gaming community entirely, but some titles released this year renewed that lost faith and joy. 

More specifically, some titles released this year for the PlayStation 4 deserve recognition of their own. 

So sit down, buckle up, strap in, whatever you gotta do to prepare for this showcase of the 9 best PS4 games of 2017, because even if they don't knock you off your feet, they're gonna do something

Published Dec. 5th 2017

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