9 Best PS4 Games of 2017

Night in the Woods

Let's take a step back from the blockbusters for a minute. Though they deserve their place among the best of the year, so do the seemingly littler guys, like Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods, developed by Infinite Fall and released in February, is a single-player adventure game that follows the story of Mae, an anthropomorphic cat who has dropped out of college and returned to live at home. Upon her return home, she uncovers a secret that changes all she knows about her friends, her town, and her life. 

The game surpassed its funding goal by over 400% on Kickstarter, and its acclaim has grown ever since. Night in the Woods has been praised for its writing and character development, bringing to the forefront the very real horrors of depression and mental illness. 

So if you were looking for another reason to begrudge the changes happening in the world, I think you've just found it. 

Published Dec. 5th 2017

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