Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance Challenge Guide: Yates Murder by Proxy

In the Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance challenge, you can get someone else to do your dirty work for you. Here's a quick walkthrough.

Even though Agent 47 is the world's greatest assassin, sometimes it's nice to keep your hands off a would-be mess and let someone else do the dirty work for you. The Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance challenge in Mendoza is one such opportunity. 

Here's how to complete the Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance challenge so you can sit back and enjoy the show for a change, all while increasing your level mastery. 

Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance Challenge Walkthrough

As is always the case with Hitman, there are many routes to the end of this challenge, but we think we've found the optimal route.

From the start, head down the road to find the lawyer (looking exactly like Jim Rash, I'll add) on the phone and about to head into the Yates estate to conduct business. Don't let him get there. 

When he passes through the center garden, knock him out and assume his identity. You should hide the body, but don't throw it over the side of the garden wall or you'll be spotted.

Instead, drag him around to the opening and into the tall grass. Leave illegal weapons here too as you'll be frisked.

Tell the guards of your appointment and they'll escort you right into the home, an otherwise well-fortified estate. Quickly head upstairs to grab the basement key off the desk, then head back down to return to your escort.

When you're alone with the guard, take him out and take his clothes. Stash the body and stash or take the gun so it doesn't arouse suspicion and take Yates off his route.

Now with the basement key in hand, head downstairs to the basement. The locked door is in a corner on the ground level you first entered. Sneak into the back behind the two guards who would see through your disguise and open the sealed safe with code 2-0-0-6.

Take the files from inside the safe, which reveal that Don Yates ruined his wife's career to save his own. Head outside and find Mrs. Yates wearing a dazzling gold dress. She moves around a lot but won't be outside the estate grounds.

When she's alone, and ensuring you're dressed as a guard still, present her with the damning evidence. After that, you're on a path to victory, but here's how the rest plays out.

Mrs. Yates will read the files upstairs where you found the key earlier. She and Don Yates will then go outside and argue, leading to the downtrodden wife shoving Don over the balcony and to his death. Target down, and all you had to do was pass a manilla folder. Well done, 47.

That's all you need to know about how to complete the Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance challenge in Mendoza. For more assassination tips and tricks, including more challenge guides, head over to our Hitman 3 hub


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Published Jan. 30th 2021

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