Experience Dota 2's TI3 Korean Style - Two Videos Are All You Need

And my friends didn't want to watch TI3 in Korean. Pfft.

The International was some ace entertainment, but this past week after has left me lost and bored. No amazing Mushi playing Shadow Fiend, no Na'Vi fountain hooks, no.. Chinese Dota? I can live without that last one. The viewers of the DK versus iG marathon match know what I mean.

One YouTube user, ATK402, decided the best way to watch The International 3 was with Korean commentary, and well.. I can't disagree. Korean casters can be some of the best of them, if only because of the type of commentary shown in the videos below.

Grand Finals, Korean Style

Want to see the best moments from the final Alliance versus Na'Vi matches? You could just watch the replays, but who has the time for that? (I do..)

DK vs. iG Marathon, Chinese Doto Stronk

Let's put this in perspective real quick: Chinese-style Dota is well known for being as passive as possible, with both teams in a game being content with farming until they are confident in their advantage. The 98 minute long DK vs. iG match was some of the most passive play I've ever seen, in any game.

If the casters sound bored here, it's because they are. Even the English casters were joking around and trying to find something -- anything -- to talk about for the longest time. The video below condenses the marathon into a palatable 6 minutes, and it is well-worth the watch.

This makes sitting through that snorefest almost worth it. Be sure to check out ATK402's YouTube channel, which features a whole slew of super cute speed-painted League of Legends champions and Dota 2 heroes. Who knows, maybe he will make more TI3 Korean commentary videos. Can't hurt to hope!

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Published Aug. 23rd 2013
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    That video was amazing. I wish I spoke Korean because that was incredibly entertaining.

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