Best subclasses for Destiny's Crucible playlists



  • Sunsinger
  • Striker

The Elimination playlist is really the toughest of all Crucible options. You can’t just gun people down and then die. Revives, team composition, and resource management count here.

That being said, the best subclass for Elimination is Sunsinger. In a game where the entire goal is to kill all of the enemy players at one time, Sunsinger (with the Fireborn perk active) literally lets you come back from the dead.

Find yourself getting a mutual death with an enemy? Bring yourself back to win uncontested. Get killed with only one enemy remaining? Revive yourself with full health and use your empowered melee and grenade abilities to stomp them out.

For the all-purpose fighter who doesn’t have to rely solely on his super ability, the Striker is pretty great. Usually having enough armor to survive a sniper shot (knowing that snipers dominate the playlist), Strikers can outlive Warlocks and Hunters to fight another day.

Plus, just by closing the gap on ranged enemies, you can make them regret their marksman builds as you slap them with Shoulder Charges, Storm Fist melees, and shotgun blasts to the face. With super abilities appearing generally less in Elimination than in other playlists, this tendency to rely on other subclass strengths is powerful.

Published May. 10th 2016

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