How to Deal With Argo's Missing Executable Issue

Did you buy Argo and found that Steam couldn't find your executable file for some reason? Here's a fix.

Imagine you just purchased a game and you don't have a lot of time to play it. Maybe you're a student or have a job, and you don't have a lot of free time. Maybe you have plans tomorrow, and you just want some alone time to yourself today.

Then you boot the game up and there's some stupid error -- a pesky executable issue in fact!

Unfortunately, this is becoming far more common than it should in the digital age, and Argo is the latest game to fall victim to an executable error (.exe error). Luckily, if you're having problems getting this game to run due to that missing executable, you aren't alone.

There's already a workaround for this problem -- well, until Bohemia Studios fixes this themselves.

How to Fix Argo's argobattleye.exe Error

1. Go to Bohemia Interactive's Argo store page

2. Click log in (in the top right corner). Create a new account even if you have already own Arma or one of Bohemia's other titles.

3. Go to your email and get the activation code. Plug it in and activate your account.

4. Go back to Bohemia Interactive's Argo store page (in step one) and make sure you're logged in. Click the box that says "play for free". Select Argo.

5. A green bar will prompt you to 'login to steam to activate'. Log in with your Steam ID.

6. Go back to your email to get another activation code, and plug it in. The game will be redeemed to your account.

7. Go back to your steam app, and uninstall/reinstall Argo. If it worked, you will be downloading 10 gigabytes.

8. Enter the new Bohemia account you created when prompted.

This should let you get into the game and finally let you enjoy it. Until Argo is officially patched, you'll have to jump through these hoops to fix the argobattleye.exe error.


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Published Jul. 5th 2017

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