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Are you a fan of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector? If so, you're not alone. Since its initial release on October 20th, 2014, the popular gaming app has reached more than 10 million downloads. With a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, this cute and easy game has provided countless hours of entertainment for millions worldwide. However, if you, like me, have already attracted all of your feline friends to the yard (I just need mementos from Sapphire and Jeeves, and then I am dooooone), you might be wondering what to do with life after Neko Atsume. Well, never fear cat collectors! Several apps, riding off of the popularity of Kitty Collector, have burst onto the scene, guaranteeing countless hours of casual fun and procrastination! So, without further ado, here are 6 (free) apps, available on both iOS and Android, tailored to the lover of Neko Atsume:

1. Boku to Wanko: Doggie Collector 

This game is exactly what it sounds like: Neko Atsume, but with dogs! Buy toys and food to attract a total of 42 dogs to your yard, and then keep them coming back so you can eventually collect their "treasure." What's nice about this app is that each dog's profile lists how many more minutes they need to spend in your yard before they will bring you their treasure, so you don't have to inwardly groan when Tubbs eats up all of your Ritzy Bits for the 86th time without leaving a memento. What's not so nice is that the interface is pretty clunky in comparison to Neko Atsume's, and the English translation is definitely not top-quality. Still, if you like cute dogs and catchy background music, or want the added excitement of chasing away thieving stray cats from your yard, Boku to Wanko is a solid choice.

Note: The English version of Boku to Wanko appears to have not yet reached iOS as of the publication date of this article. Stay tuned!

2. KleptoCats 

But why would you waste you hours staring at pixelated images of inferior dogs when you could be basking in the glory of more cute cats? Or, even better, sending out such cats to do your evil bidding steal random stuff to fill up your room? This is the basis of KleptoCats: send your cat out to steal a random object, such as a taco or a Pokeball, collect coins and gems from your cats and mini-games, and use them to buy accessories and new cats. With 100 cats and 162 objects to collect, KleptoCats is sure to provide countless hours of kitty kleptomania. Just be warned: the amount of time it takes for the cats to steal a new object grows exponentially each time, so you'll want to find something else to do while you wait for your favorite little thief to come home.

3. Hamster Collection 

Like Boku to WankoHamster Collection is more or less Neko Atsume with hamsters. Buy toys and hamster food to attract hamsters to your cage, then pet the hamsters in order to raise their affection level. Hamster Collection also includes a "Behavior List" for each hamster, humorously detailing their interactions with different toys. Unfortunately, if you want to add more hamsters to your cage, you have to play "Hamster Gatcha," putting seeds left by visiting hamsters into a vending machine in order to receive a new hamster. The English translation is the same low-quality of Boku to Wanko, but the animations and illustrations are a significant step-up, so if raising hamsters is your forte, consider adding this game to your collection.

4. Alpaca World 

 Alpaca World is probably the game on this list that marks the most significant departure from the mechanics of Neko Atsume. In this alpaca collection game, you take your alpacas into the wild in order to battle wild alpacas, resulting in level-ups and items such as colored wool that can be sold in the game's town. You can also use rope to "catch" new alpacas for your farm, buy alpaca accessories, and breed baby alpacas using two alpacas of the opposite gender. Basically, think Pokemon, but with alpacas. It's a fun and addicting game, and worth it if only to watch cute little animated alpaca butts flopping up and down as your colorful friends run through the hills. 

5. Notice Me Senpai!

Marking a return to the tried-and-true Neko Atsume formula, Notice Me Senpai! finds you running a cafe designed to attract cute and eccentric senpais with high-quality coffee and a variety of pastries and decorations. Notice Me Senpai uses a Harvest Moon-esque hearts system: after a random number of visits, your senpai will gain a "heart," for a total of five. At 2 hearts you can choose a nickname for your senpai; at 3, senpai leaves you a cute little note, and at 4 or 5, a special memorable event will occur between you and senpai. With quirky boys (and a goat?!), fun anime references (gourmet club senpai is named Souma), and a relaxing atmosphere, Notice Me Senpai is this author's favorite Neko Atsume knock-off. (Though that might just be my inner otaku speaking.) 

 6. 10 Billion Wives

And, last but not least, we have 10 Billion Wives, for those who would rather collect waifus than senpais. In 10 Billion Wives, the goal is to get hitched to as many women as possible. After you wed a new wife, she will take her place endlessly marching across your screen, thus generating more "love." (That's how treadmills work, right?) Once you have attained a certain amount of love, you can level up your wife or buy her accessories, thus increasing her love-production levels, or purchase a new wife. The more wives you get, the more love you make! Yeah, please don't try this in real life. But if you've ever had a burning desire to try out polygamy and marry a CEO, Oni, or Tsundere, then this game was made for you!


Well, that's it for now, folks! There are certainly other games like Neko Atsume out there that the author has yet to try, and if you have any more recommendations, please comment below! Happy cat/dog/hamster/alpaca/senpai/waifu collecting! 

5 cute games like Neko Atsume to fall in love with Thu, 24 Mar 2016 03:39:17 -0400 Tobbpitt




Now, I never wanted my virtual cats to turn to a life of crime and I certainly never wanted to run a cat crime ring, but that's where I am.


Kleptocats has you send out your horde of cats to steal and bring back the riches they've stolen. A few days in and you start to feel like a hoarder, a few months and you may be a hardened criminal.


Kleptocats is cuter than cute and has a ton of items for you to send your cats out to bring home. Sometimes you play minigames, sometimes you pet's all in good fun, right?


This game doesn't take a ton of time each day to play and I can't deny that dressing my cats up is pretty fun. It definitely needs more minigames to pass the time while you wait for your kitties to bring home the bacon, but as it stands there's plenty to gawk at if you want a different type of cat collector game.


Kleptocats is available on both Google Play and iTunes.


Boku to Nyanko


Does the name sound similar? The image above eerily similar to a slide just a few clicks behind this one? I would think so, considering Boku to Nyanko is basically Boku to Wanko but with cats -- which is pretty much just a Neko Atsume clone. But there's no denying any of these games are cute.


Boku to Nyanko works almost identically to Boku to Wanko, in that more than one of a breed can be at your home at a time and the game requires a little more time than Neko Atsume to keep track of. 


This one's perfect if you love Neko Atsume but are just done with it and want more to do. If you've gotten all your Mementos and are itching for a new cat collecting game, this is your best English bet.


Boku to Nyanko is only available on Google Play.


Hamster Collection


Japanese kids really like hamsters, so you see a ton of cute Japanese games about hamsters, but not all that many in English. Well, except Hamster Collection.


Whether you like hamsters or not, it's hard to deny the cuteness overload this game throws in your face.


Hamster Collection is pretty close to Neko Atsume in terms of gameplay, but requires a bit more effort on your part. Not enough to be an inconvenience, but enough to keep you engaged.


This is a definite contender for anyone who wants a game similar to Neko Atsume, but with a bit more to it. And who doesn't like to pick up virtual hamsters and pet them? Monsters, that's who.


Hamster Collection is available in English on both Google Play and iTunes.




I tried to promote this game in my cute Japanese Android game roundup last year, and I'm at it again: You should probably play Nekonoke if you like cute cats in your video games.


Unlike the other games on this list, Nekonoke is more a tapper game than an idle game, asking you to keep tabs on it often to rake in money. And how do you make money, you ask? By tapping hairballs off your cats, of course!


Nekonoke's charm lies not only in the adorable kitties, but also in the too-cute music and slow but real sense of progression. It takes a while to really progress because cats and furniture, not to mention their upgrades, get expensive fast. But that's part of the fun that keeps you coming back.


Nekonoke is available on both Google Play and iTunes in English.


Boku to Wanko


What if you took Neko Atsume, but instead of cats you collected dogs?


That's pretty much the premise of Boku to Wanko: It's Neko Atsume with dogs. Lots and lots of absolutely adorable dogs, and they don't take all that much time to befriend.


In some ways Boku to Wanko can be considered a bit of a knock-off -- after all, it's not all that unique -- but it's really the only animal collecting game for dog lovers. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.


Things work a little differently in this game. The dogs don't have names --instead they are breeds. Sometimes cats come by and steal their food, and each breed has a set timer for how long they have to stay at your house before they give you a gift. 


It's too cute to ignore, and if you like dogs this game is probably your best bet.


Boku to Wanko is currently available in English on Google Play but its Japanese-only on iTunes. Check out my easy guide for signing up for a Japanese iTunes account if you're interested.


Yeah, Neko Atsume is great but.. doesn't it get boring after a while?


Don't get me wrong, cat collecting is great fun, but there are only so many cats. After you've seen them all and been honored with every Memento, there's not much left to do in Neko Atsume. So why not try something new?


There are a ton of cute animal games on Google Play and iTunes, more than ever now that Neko Atsume's risen to the top of the cat game charts. If you've been at it for a while, there's no reason not to give one of these other adorable games a try. You may just like them, especially if you have a weakness for collecting adorable animals.

Boku to Wanko guide - English item translations Sun, 24 Jan 2016 16:59:10 -0500 Tobbpitt

Boku to Wanko is quickly shaping up to be the dog-based alternative to Neko Atsume, if you can deal with the game being in Japanese. Trust me, you can. 

Luckily enough the language barrier in Boku to Wanko isn't too bad. You just need to know how to navigate the menus -- and BAM! There you are, you know how to play. It's just as easy as Neko Atsume, but if you're trying and having trouble check out my Boku to Wanko translation guide to get started.

If you already know how to play but want to have a little more insight into what you're doing with your visitor doggies, I've got just the thing for you. All the items you can buy have been translated, so you know exactly what you're giving those pups to play with.

The items below can all be seen in the in-game shop and each one attracts different breeds to your house. Try them with different types of food to attract both rare and common breeds to rack up those Bones and Golden Bones. 

Item image Item name and price
  Soft Ball
10 Bones
  Dental Bone
40 Bones
  Afro Wig
10 Golden Bones
15 Golden Bones
  Baby Bottle
30 Bones
20 Bones
  Barrel Mug
40 Bones
  Hair Gel
30 Bones
15 Golden Bones
50 Bones
20 Bones
30 Bones
  Black Shoe
60 Bones
25 Golden Bones
  Ferris Wheel Toy
150 Bones
40 Bones
30 Bones
60 Bones
  Charcoal Grill
30 Golden Bones
  Picture Book
70 Bones
  Dancing Flower
150 Bones
  Robot Dog
40 Golden Bones
  Rugby Ball
150 Bones
  Automatic Ball Thrower
240 Bones
  Plush Monkey
80 Bones
30 Bones
360 Bones
360 Bones
  Toy Piano
240 Bones
  Pea Pod Cushion
150 Bones
  Dice Cushion
150 Bones
  Rotating Fan
360 Bones
240 Bones
150 Bones
  Hula Hoop
150 Bones
80 Bones
  Toy Train
540 Bones
  Garden Pool
600 Bones
  Saigo-san Statue
60 Golden Bones
720 Bones
  Rotating Flying Toy
480 Bones
  Minicar Track
540 Bones
Boku to Wanko - English guide to get you started dog collecting Wed, 13 Jan 2016 05:11:36 -0500 Tobbpitt

If you ever thought you could go for Neko Atsume but with dogs, Boku to Wanko is just sitting on Google Play and iTunes for you to sink your teeth into.

I don't think I would say Boku to Wanko isn't a rip off of Neko Atsume, but that's okay. Dog lovers needed their own game in the same vein, even if it came from different developers.

Though it may be similar, Boku to Wanko is different in some ways:

  • Dogs can visit your yard even when you are playing the game
  • Each dog doesn't have an individual name, instead you see the breed
  • Multiple dogs of one breed can visit your yard at a time
  • Gold Bones (think Neko Atsume's Gold Fish) seem to be harder to get
  • Mementos are given after a dog has spent enough time visiting you 
  • You simply double-tap a dog to take a picture
  • Cats will sometimes wander into your yard and eat your dog food and you have to tap them away
  • Dogs' weight, gender, and time spent at your home are listed instead of power level, times visited, and personalities
  • Boku to Wanko is currently only in Japanese

If you waited until Neko Atsume got an English release, you just might have a tough time dealing with the Japanese menus in Boku to Wanko. Luckily enough, the language barrier isn't too high and the game is easy enough to play without any Japanese knowledge -- as long as you know the game basics.

Navigating the UI

Boku to Wanko is even easier to navigate than Neko Atsume, which is a plus if you're coming into it without knowing a lick of Japanese. Here's a look at the yard UI and the translations for what each main button does:

Buy Gold Bones - You can buy Gold Bones using real money here.

Inventory - Lists the items you have and lets you remove or add them to your house/yard.

Shop - Where you buy toys, food, and can exchange between Bones and Gold Bones.

Notebook - A log of all the dogs that have visited you so far with their information.

Gifts - This is where you collect Bones dogs have given you as thanks for letting them visit, like sardines in Neko Atsume.

There are also the camera and volume buttons to the top right, which are fairly self-explanatory. Tap on the food bowl to buy different types of foods, which I will be translating further down in this guide.

Inventory menu translation

The inventory menu is very simple and only lists the goods you have along with a remove and place option, depending on whether or not you already have those items laying out.

When you tap 'Remove', you will be asked if you're sure you want to remove that item from the yard.

At the top right is also a button to the shop so you don't have to exit your inventory before you go shopping. Very convenient! 

Shop menu translation

When you tap on 'Shop' from the yard screen, you're prompted with three options:

Toys - You can buy toys to lure dogs into your home to take pictures of them! Oh wait, that's the whole point of the game, isn't it?

Area Expansion - Just like Neko Atsume, you can expand your view to put more toys out for your doggy friends, with one being 120 Gold Bones and the other needing 180 Gold Bones.

Bone Exchange - Here you can exchange Bones for Gold Bones. You can trade 500 Bones for 10 Gold Bones or 10 Gold Bones for 250 Bones.

The shops themselves are easy to navigate and don't need any translations of their own here.

Notebook translation

The Notebook in Boku to Wanko is familiar yet.. different. 

The types of information shown here are definitely different from Neko Atsume. The most important bits to watch here are the 'Minutes spent at your house' and 'Amount of minutes left to get the memento' translated bits. 

In Boku to Wanko, a dog must spend enough time hanging out at your house before it will give you a memento. The amount of time needed until this happens can be seen next to the question mark at the bottom of a dog's Notebook entry. This makes it a little easier to get mementos, but it can take a long time.

The other parts of the Notebook aren't as important, but they are translated above.


Getting Bones and Gold Bones is important to keep progressing, and they come pretty fast in Boku to Wanko. Just head into the Gifts screen then exit to claim any Bones the dogs have left for you.

Dog food translation

You want to know what you're giving your dogs, right? Tap the dog food bowl to be taken to the dog food menu.

You must buy food before you can place it. The game will tell you to buy the food first if you press 'Place' on a food you don't have.

Each food draws different breeds to your home and each one lasts a different period of time.

  • Dry food (Free) - Lasts 12 hours
  • Bone-shaped bolo (30 Bones) - Lasts 8 hours
  • Jerky (3 Gold Bones) - Lasts 4 hours
  • Meatballs (12 Gold Bones) - Lasts 3 hours
  • Rabbit-cut Apples (5 Gold Bones) - Lasts 3 hours

It's important you know the times they last so you can make sure to come back and restock the bowl once the time runs out.

Boku to Wanko will hopefully get an English translation one day, but for now hopefully these translations will help you get started with your own adorable dog collection!