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Eggs are essential food items in Cozy Grove that are very rare. Players need to either spend a lot of money purchasing them from stores, or start an entire bird farm just to satisfy the daily egg requirement. This guide will provide with all the tips on how to get as many eggs as possible in Cozy Grove.

Eggs can also be sold and donated to Captain Billweather Snout's collection for 200 copper coins. Although eggs are more valuable as a food ingredient than the source of income, it's worth keeping in mind in case you're really strapped for cash.

Cozy Grove: How to Get Eggs

The best way to get eggs regularly in Cozy Grove is to harvest your bird pets. You will get your first bird pet after completing the quest from Charlotte Pine, the very first bear you meet in the game.

The bird will become available at Mr. Kit's Canteen shop for 250 copper coins. If you decide to purchase more birds, then each following bird will cost you 5,000 copper coins and 10x Quartz gemstones.

The bird pets will also be available for purchase at Beastly Charms & Curios shop later in the game.

You can have as many birds as you want, but you will need to be able to feed them and make them feel comfortable. Once all of their needs are met, they can be harvested for bird essence and eggs.

Harvesting Pet Birds

Before you start harvesting your birds, you need to feed them. Check them regularly. If one has an icon with a food item above it's head, then it needs to be fed.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Approach your pet bird and interact with it
  2. Select the "Feed" option from the pop-up menu
  3. Harvest it for bird essence and eggs

If there is no "Feed" option in the menu, then it means that you don't have the required food item in your inventory. In that case go to the Mr. Kit's Canteen shop and purchase the required food item.

If you were not able to harvest any eggs even after feeding a bird, it means it's uncomfortable. Try to eliminate everything from its surrounding that it doesn't like and put things around it that it does like.

Here is the complete breakdown of all things that bird pets like and dislike in Cozy Grove:

Pet Bird
Blood Bird Fruit Tree
Natural Decor
Rustic Decor
Common Items
Uncommon Items
Demon Bird Rare Items
Cozy Decor
Rustic Decor
Eerie Bird Berry Bush
Cozy Decor
Rustic Decor
Common Items
Forest Bird Potted Flower Plant
Rustic Decor
Moon Bird Lamp
Natural Decor
Placid Bird Decoration Items
Rustic Decor
Sad Bird Flowering Bush
Bustling Decor
Cozy Decor
Rustic Decor
Spectral Bird Lamp
Bustling Decor
Spooky Decor
Rustic Decor
Spirit Bird Lamp
Bustling Decor
Common Items


Purchasing From Shops

If the number of eggs produced by your bird pets isn't enough for you, then you can compensate this lack by purchasing eggs from the two possible shops in the game:

  • Mr. Kit's Canteen Shop
  • Pandam Shop

The difference is that Mr. Kit's Canteen shop sells eggs in singles for 180 copper coins each, while Pandam only sells them in bulks of six eggs that cost 648 copper coins each.

Also, Mr. Kit's Canteen shop will only be able to sell you eggs once you upgrade the shop to a "Well-Regarded" status, which costs 200,000 copper coins. This upgrade can be purchased at Luxury Store Upgrade Catalogue.

Cozy Grove: How to Use Eggs

Eggs are used in a number of cooked dishes as one of their main ingredients. Below is the complete list of all dishes in Cozy Grove that require eggs:

Cooked Dish
Boiled Egg 12x Egg
Caramel Custard 2x Fruit Jam
1x Happy Bird Essence
1x Egg
Cob Salad 6x Fancy Greens
1x Happy Bird Essence
2x Egg
Egg Salad 6x Mixed Greens
1x Spirit Bird Essence
1x Egg
Fancy Flan 2x Fruit Tincture
1x Joyous Bird Essence
2x Egg
Panna Cotta 2x Roasted Fruit
1x Spirit Bird Essence
1x Egg
Pickled Egg 1x Salt
1x Spirit Bird Essence
1x Egg
Savory Salad 6x Deluxe Greens
1x Joyous Bird Essence
2x Egg


That's all you need to know on how to get eggs in Cozy Grove. And, be sure to read our Cozy Grove official review!

Cozy Grove: How to Get and Use Dowsing Rod Fri, 16 Apr 2021 11:24:10 -0400 Sergey_3847

Economy plays a huge role in the survival aspect of Cozy Grove. One of the more interesting ways to gain profit is to retrieve relics underground, which can be found using the unique Dowsing Rod tool. Our guide will help you get and use Dowsing Rod in Cozy Grow.

You need to survive for at least your first week in the game to be able to craft Dowsing Rod. Then you will be asked to collect some ingredients, and finally you will be able to use this handy tool to find the lost treasures scattered all over the island.

Cozy Grove: How to Get Dowsing Rod

The Dowsing Rod can be obtained only on Day 6 of the main story. But before crafting this unique item you need to collect some of the required materials, such as:

  • 10x Roasted Root Vegetable
  • 10x Charred Fishbone
  • 3x Iron Ingot

Cozy Grove: How to Make Roasted Root Vegetables

There are two NPCs in the game that can help you produce Roasted Root Vegetables:

  • Francesca Duclaw (Wood Bear)
  • Flamey (Spirit)

Either of them can burn or recycle the following raw ingredients into the Roasted Root Vegetables:

Raw Ingredient
Conversion Ratio
Potato 1:3
Parsnip 1:15
Turnip 1:9
Sweet Potato 1:6
Radish 1:12


This means that one potato will yield three Roasted Root Vegetables, and one parsnip will yield 15 roots.

Cozy Grove: How to Get Charred Fishbones

This material can be obtained only through burning fish at Flamey in your camp.

Fish can be obtained by fishing (of course), which can be achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Go to your inventory menu and equip the fishing rod
  2. Aim the fishing rod at an area close to the fish in the water
  3. Wait for the fish to bite and reel it in

There are 24 types of fish in Cozy Grove, but not all of them yield the same amount of Charred Fishbone.

Here is the list of the best fish to get for the best possible conversion ration:

  • Northern Triggerfish
  • Sleeper
  • Silver Bristlemouth
  • Porgy
  • Spiteful Cusk
  • Bereft Brill
  • Icefish
  • Elder Sprat
  • Angry Salmon

Cozy Grove: How to Get Iron Ingots

This ingredient can be produced by transforming iron ore at Flamey. There are three types of iron ore in Cozy Grove:

  • Small Iron Ore
  • Medium Iron Ore
  • Large Iron Ore

Luckily enough, you will only need to find three pieces of small iron ore, which will produce the necessary three pieces of iron ingots.

Cozy Grove: How to Craft the Dowsing Rod

When you have all the ingredients, you can now talk to Jeremy Gruffle, the Maker Bear. He can be found in the northwestern part of the camp.

He will tell you about the Dowsing Rod and how it can retrieve the lost relics. Agree to his conditions and let him ask you about the ingredients.

Talk to him again to hand him the crafting materials and Jeremy Gruffle will instantly craft the tool for you.

Unfortunately, he doesn't tell you exactly how to use this tool so follow the steps listed below.

Cozy Grove: How to Use Dowsing Rod

Dowsing Rod has four modes:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot
  • X Marks the Spot!

A corresponding icon will appear above the head of your character as a tip showing you whether you're headed in the right direction. The icon will appear only when your scout stops.

In order to use Dowsing Rod you must equip it into your main inventory slot. Once you've equipped it, follow the steps below:

  1. Move around and stop after each step
  2. Move up, down, or sideways and check your icon
  3. Once you hit the Warm icon, keep moving that way
  4. Once you hit the Hot icon, look out for an X mark on the ground
  5. Approach the X mark and interact with it

If you've done everything right, then you should obtain one of the lost relics. Currently, there are 15 relics in the game:

  • Hewn Brick
  • Piece of Tile
  • Petrified Walking Stick
  • Chunk of Marble
  • Chunk of Marble
  • Teaching Parchment
  • Soldier's Boot
  • Emperor's Confession
  • Forbidden Scroll
  • Crimson Robe
  • Imperial Coin
  • Rusty Spearhead
  • Urn of Bearos
  • Shard of Crown
  • Holy Chalice

That's all you need to know on how to get and use Dowsing Rod in Cozy Grove. Also, be sure to read our Cozy Grove official review!

Cozy Grove Review: Animals Crossing Over Thu, 08 Apr 2021 14:07:34 -0400 Jason D'Aprile

Cozy Grove is unabashedly made to be Animal Crossing-like, more so than any game out there. You’re a young Spirit Scout who accidentally finds herself trapped on the very peculiar island of Cozy Grove full of character, delight, and ghosts bears. Lots of ghost bears.

If you took Animal Crossing and just indie’d the hell out of it, you’d get Cozy Grove. Made by the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and Spry Fox, it’s a game that shares the developers’ distinctive aesthetics.

Spry Fox is perhaps most notable for Triple Town, which several years post-launch is still easily one of the greatest match-3 games ever made. It mixes matching with town-building, and most importantly, displays the developer's love of bears that has lingered through most of their games.

Cozy Grove Review: Animals Crossing Over

In Cozy Grove, however, that bear love is kicked up a notch. Here, the bears are fully fleshed out, if ghostly, characters with distinctive and endearing personalities, problems, and drives. As a spirit scout, it’s your duty to help them along to the other side. On the most basic level, this involves much of the same tasks that make up the bulk of Animal Crossing. You go around the island every day looking for things.

You dig holes, shake up leaf piles, chip at rocks, go fishing, and shake trees to find resources, money, food, and other items. Resources can be made into tools, which can be upgraded with more resources. You can build all sorts of amenities to make the island more pleasant for the ghosts, flora and fauna, and yourself.

Fencing, lamps, lanterns, tables, chairs, and scads of other items, both useful and odd, can be created. Metal ore can be refined. Raw foods can be cooked into recipes. Sticks and various woods are used for all kinds of inventions. In short, the game plays nearly identically to Animal Crossing but feels much more narratively driven. 

Cozy Grove reveals new sections of its island as you help the spirits, but this is a set world. While items and creatures that pop up each day might be random, the story beats and overall landscape are pre-determined. This is definitely on a smaller-scale compared to Nintendo’s version, but players should still expect to get weeks worth of gameplay out of it.

This is because, much like Animal Crossing, only so many things happen on any given day. A bear might request something that requires multiple ingredients and recipes, for instance, that could take several days to gather. Some of those elements could even be only accessible after helping another bear. New holes to dig up, leaf piles to check, and other hidden goodies appear every day and often throughout the day.

Then, there’s fishing. This being an island, the tides bring in a variety of fish rated from common to rare. There are shells to collect on the beaches, fruits and nuts to gather around trees, mushrooms, spuds, and plenty of other food-specific things that can be sold, cooked, used raw, and combined to make other dishes. 

The vendor on Cozy Grove is a large fox who magically appears and sets up his caravan. He takes coins and gems, depending on what you’re buying, and offers an array of items. You can also sell him things and upgrade his shop for enough money, which is found both by searching the island each day and helping spirits. When you help a bear, they add more light to their area, which increases the yields of fruiting trees (among other perks) and usually results in more coins.

There are smaller spirits and imps running around the island who tend to flee at the sight of you, but also frequently need something (which appears as a thought bubble above their head). So, if one wants a potato, you can throw the spud at it, whereupon it will gleefully leap at the potato and gobble it up, yielding further rewards. 

There’s a hilariously bleak postmaster who gives you mail and tasks every day, a chef bear, builder bear, hippie recycling bear, and plenty of other endearingly strange denizens of the island. The goal is ultimately to uncover Cozy Grove’s history by helping them over the course of weeks and there is, strictly speaking, a story ending, but you can keep going after as well.

An important aspect of helping bears is that they give you spirit wood, which you feed to your talking, sentient campfire. This increases the fire’s glowing powers, unlocks more of the island and ghosts, and generally serves as the main goal for pushing the story forward. There are only so many potential logs you can get on any given day and the fire will tell you when you’ve found them all that day.

Cozy Grove is distinctive for its beautiful hand-drawn visual style and lovely, calming soundtrack. The game is absurdly charming, with its adorable cast and landscape designs, but the story itself offers a deep layer of complex and frequently darker themes. These bears are lingering here because their lives were unfulfilled in some major way, and revealing their backstories is incredibly satisfying.

Another major advantage is that Cozy Grove is cross-platform. So, players on PC, Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Switch can all experience the distinctive Animal Crossing-like gameplay on their preferred platform. Sadly, there’s no cross-save.

Cozy Grove Review — The Bottom Line


  • Lovely hand-drawn art style and soothing ambient soundtrack
  • Fascinating characters with surprisingly deep stories pushes the gameplay along
  • Things to do every day and reasons to come back the next day
  • A more intimate and personally engaging take on Animal Crossing
  • Cross-platform!


  • Gameplay is definitely blatantly copying the overall Animal Crossing mechanics
  • Nowhere near the extensive level of building and customization of Nintendo’s AAA-beast
  • No cross-save to play your island on multiple platforms

If you’ve played Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove will feel instantly familiar. It leans heavily into that strange daily life of hunting and gathering-meets-personalized decor style gameplay.

There’s no major earthmoving or huge home construction, true, but instead, players are given an island sandbox where the gameplay is tied far more heavily into a personally meaningful narrative.

[Note: Spry Fox provided the copy of Cozy Grove used for this review.]