Crackdown 3

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From out of nowhere, a new enemy attacked. Major metropolitan areas were hit with a never-before-seen form of elemental warfare, plunged into darkness and chaos. In the aftermath, the Agency picked-up a hot lead -- and now they'll stop at nothing to find the ones who knocked us down, to deliver a harsh dose of Justice… by any means necessary. An island "paradise" in the grip of corporate psychopaths, gangsters and butchers, New Providence is home to the highly-secretive and exceedingly-sinister TerraNova Worldwide. Built around the smoldering heart of a volcano only recently and mysteriously reignited, this mega-corp is exploiting every resource in the area – material and human – as they prepare for the next phase of their diabolical plan… and brace for the inevitable showdown with The Agency.

Platforms: Xbox One PC
Developer: Reagent Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: ActionAdventureMassively MultiplayerShooter
Release date: Winter 2019
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