Top 7 Games Xbox One Owners Should Look out for in 2016

On the fence about the Xbox One? These titles should help you take the plunge.

On the fence about the Xbox One? These titles should help you take the plunge.
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The Xbox One, despite making a lot of great improvements to catch up to the PlayStation 4 is still lagging behind in terms of overall popularity. However, the console is on the right track with the number of exclusives its managed to secure and 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for Xbox fans everywhere. 

Heck, I'm a PlayStation 4 owner, but some of the games the Xbox One has lined up for this year is making me want to invest in one. 

After all: we should all learn to get along, right lads? Why not both I always say. 

For the sake of this list though, here are the top 7 Xbox One exclusives to get excited for in 2016. Some of these will be available on PC as well but the name of the game is 'console exclusivity'.

Gears of War 4

You can't talk about Xbox exclusives without talking about the Gears of War series and I'm so glad we get to talk about it in 2016. 

This is a game that holds as much weight as the Halo franchise does in the world of Xbox, and for good reason. This third person shooter looks gorgeous, action packed and promises a lot of good old fashioned monster (or alien) killing. 

Oh, and expect brutality. If the previous installations of Gears of War are anything to go by, that is definitely something you can expect. We all know the pure joy of blowing up body parts is on Fallout 4. 

The game is set to release fall 2016 with a multiplayer beta in spring 2016. Usually with a beta announced it means we can rest easy and not expect too many push backs so, Gears of War 4? Definitely something to look forward to.  

Quantum Break

Yet another third person shooter? Yes, but Quantum Break makes itself stand out with its rather unique game play elements. 

While its not exactly a novel idea, the ability to manipulate time has always been a fun mechanic in gaming, and the way Quantum Break employs the mechanic it looks pretty darn cool when you're manipulating time. 

While this makes us wonder how exactly the multiplayer would work out (if the game does feature it.. pretty sure it will) this is without doubt another must have if you own the Xbox One. 

Let's choose not to talk about the fact that your in-game actions are supposed to determine how the TV adaptation of this goes. It could be something else if done right, but if history *cough* Defiance *cough* is to be believed, games and TV series should stay far away from each other. 


Keiji Inafune. That's probably enough to convince you that this will be something special. The man behind Mega Man and the makers of Metroid Prime have teamed up to bring Recore to the Xbox One and Windows 10. 

There isn't much known about this game apart from the short trailer displayed at E3 and there's next to no footage of gameplay, but to be honest, we don't really need those to get excited for this given the pedigree of the team behind this game. 

Taken directly from the website:

As one of the last remaining humans on a planet controlled by robotic foes bent on your destruction, you must forge friendships with a courageous group of robot companions, each with unique abilities and powers. Lead this band of unlikely heroes on an epic adventure through a mysterious, dynamic world.

 While the game was initially set to be released in the first half of 2016, it got pushed to the latter part of this year. Better late than 2017 right?  


I don't know about you, but I'm really digging the art style chosen for this game. That aside, this game is described as a team-based action game pitting players against each other 5 on 5 MOBA style. 

What sets this apart from the rest of the games out there following the same genre? That big, bad Guardian you can summon of course! 

The MOBA genre, despite its popularity looks like its been beaten to death with little to almost no innovation. However, 2016 looks like it'll be breathing new life to the genre and Gigantic looks like it'll be leading the charge.

Gigantic will also be available on Windows 10. And I believe you can still sign up for the beta last I checked.

Crackdown 3

Throw in super soldiers to a sandbox with a lot of stuff that can get blown up. What follows? 


Crackdown 3 seems to be taking the Just Cause route, only it ups its game by throwing in super powers to the mix. Let's face it, blowing things up in a large open world is fun and that's exactly what this game looks to offer. 

If you're still on the edge about this game, one of the key features Crackdown seems intent on offering is unadulterated mass destruction, in multiplayer. 

Plus it promises to justify the existence of the Xbox One's cloud computing feature by using it to its fullest so there's that as well. 

Sea of Thieves 

There isn't much information floating out there about this game other than some footage showing off some gameplay. But the few things we can garner from the footage shows that we can expect naval battles from a first/third person perspective. 

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag showed that gamers can appreciate naval battles when done right, so any game that's willing to explore that vein even further is surely one to look out for. 

One thing in particular I hope is true is that this is an MMORPG. There is no concrete information out there confirming this yet but if the clues are to be believed, you can sail off into the sunset in a pirate ship with your friends and plunder the high seas. 

Sea of Thieves is set to release some time this year on Xbox One and Windows 10. 


Ok, so I'm cheating a little bit since this game got pushed back to 2017, but I cannot in good conscience not talk about this gem when discussing must haves for the Xbox One. 

If we want to get really technical about it, the initial release date for this was 2016 so, yeah. 

I think I'll let the gameplay footage speak for itself here.

Devil May Cry style action with a pet dragon in the mix? Platinum Games have really outdone themselves with this one. Even if this is all the way in 2017, the wait will be worth it. 

I mean there's really no way that kind of a formula can fail right? 

Convinced yet to buy an Xbox One? Regardless of which side you're on the console wars, you have to give credit where its due and the Xbox One looks like it's coming in strong this year.

Any games that you're looking forward to this year that I've missed? Comment below and let me know!