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Dune Spice Wars is a complicated game in general, but things get even more complex when you factor in the four different factions. While each faction mostly plays the same, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, meaning they fall best into a specific playstyle.

We'll help walk you through each faction in Dune Spice Wars, as well as how to best play them, their bonuses, and the best councilors. 

House Atreides

House Atreides is very much the "standard" faction of Dune Spice Wars, excelling in diplomacy and being average in nearly everything else. Atreides starts with the strongest standing in the Landsraad, and your best bet is to double down on diplomacy and political power. Make sure early Landsraad votes go in your favor and you'll soon find you have an advantage over the competition. 

Atreides may not have military units as strong as the Harkonnen, but military operations can also be a big focus for the faction. Because of the Peaceful Annexation bonus, Atreides can annex villages without a fight, letting you expand quickly and build a strong military network. A mix of diplomacy and military is also a viable option; As a general rule, you'll want to focus on research in the green and red sections.

With the general overview out of the way, we'll go through the house's bonuses and the best councilors to choose. All of the councilors are viable depending on your playstyle, but we'll pick two that are the most useful in our experience. 


  • Peacefully annex villages without a fight.
  • Other factions lose no authority from treaties with you.
  • Start with a higher Landsraad standing.
  • Cannot pillage neutral villages.
  • Gain 10% Solari at 5,000 Hegemony while under a positive Landsraad resolution, or 105 military power under a negative one.
  • Ignore charter prerequisites for Landsraad standing at 10,000 Hegemony, (you can vote on game-winning resolutions). 

Best Councilors:

  • Thufir Hawat  This hugely beneficial councilor gives each agent an additional trait and grants your villages +20% production whenever they're targeted by an operation. Easily the best benefits of the bunch.
  • Duncan Idaho  Allying with Sietches can give you a leg up, and Idaho gives you a huge boost in relations. At the same time, you can annex villages for -10% authority, which lets you expand even faster. 

House Harkonnen 

House Harkonnen focuses on military conquest, and they easily have the strongest military units in the entire game. Because of that, you'll want to heavily invest in the red section of the research tree, giving your military as much strength as possible.

While it can be tempting to conquer villages as fast as possible, make sure you reinforce your own villages so that you're not left wide open. This faction benefits from a network of Airfields, letting you move units across your territories quickly. 

Harkonnen have the easiest time winning through Domination and destroying the other three factions. However, you can also focus on Hegemony, as conquering a large number of neutral regions helps with that victory condition. If you choose Hegemony, you'll also want to engage in the Landsraad, and try to gain as much influence as you can.

Below are the bonuses for Harkonnen and the two best councilors. House Harkonnen starts out with -10% resource production, in general, but has abilities that can counteract that. 


  • Increases the resource production of a village for a short time (but increases the chance of rebellion) with Oppression. 
  • Gain +5% village resource production per active militia in that village.
  • Gain 10% unit power and +100% agent recruitment speed at 5,000 Hegemony whenever you have a village under Oppression.
  • Assign an agent to a mission at 10,000 Hegemony to reduce its cost and prep time but lose the agent.

Best Councilors:

  • Iakin Nefud  Nefud's ability refunds 50% of a unit's cost when it dies, tremendously useful for a military focus. It essentially lets you constantly keep your army on the attack.
  • Feyd-Rautha  Feyd-Rautha lets you use Corruption on resolutions, causing a loss of Landsraad standing for whichever faction is elected. At the same time, Rautha can be beneficial if you use Oppression more often than not, giving you 10 influence each time you kill a rebel.

The Smugglers

The Smugglers benefit the most from manipulating the economy and using intrigue, so you'll want to mostly focus on the blue and orange sections of the research tree. This is very much a slow-burn faction that relies on building up a lot of money and a large economy with weaker military units in turn. 

The most unique ability of the Smugglers is the Underworld Headquarters, which lets you build small bases in villages controlled by other units. These bases have two construction slots and drain resources from your opponent to you.

Because the Smugglers start out with low Landsraad standing, you should focus on taking villages early on, then switching to infiltrating the other factions once you have a sizable territory. Needless to say, you should also put a fair amount of focus on espionage and agents, which will help you take advantage of other factions even more.

Here are the Smuggler's bonuses and best councilors. 


  • Can install Underworld Headquarters in enemy villages.
  • Can place a bounty on Landsraad resolutions.
  • Have access to the Black Market, which makes additional events appear. 
  • Unlock contraband offers and get 50 Landsraad votes at 5,000 Hegemony.
  • Unlock elite Mercenary units — they are purchased with Solari and have 20% power — at 10,000 Hegemony.

Best Councilors:

  • Staban Tuek With this councilor, you'll gain +0.5 Influencer per Underworld Headquarters, and each Headquarters produces +5 Solari if there are other regions next to it that also have a Headquarters. 
  • Lingar Bewt Again doubling down on Headquarters, this councilor reduces the cost of installing one based on available water. They also do the same for annexing a village.

The Fremen

The Fremen are a good all-around faction that benefits from quick expansion and exploration. However, they have very limited influence in the Landsraad, and it takes a lot of work to get a decent number of votes. The Fremen have great military units that require less supply and water than other factions, so they're great for hit-and-run attacks.

The Fremen should focus on winning through military domination or Hegemony, either building a strong army of their own or allying with Sietches. Unlike other factions, the Fremen don't need to send an agent to ally with a Sietch; they can just do so when enough trade has happened. This can give you a huge advantage in both resources and military.

In terms of research, the Fremen should focus either on the red section for military or the orange for economy. At the start of a match, conquer a few villages and build a strong base, then focus on expanding outward to gain more Hegemony.

Here are the Fremen's bonuses and best councilors. 


  • Military units have -30% supply drain.
  • Can form alliances with Sietches outside of your own territory.
  • Can use thumpers to summon Sand Worms and move units (no access to airfields).
  • Spice Fields collect on their own and don't need a harvester.
  • Thumpers can be restocked automatically and can summon better worms that travel further at 5,000 Hegemony.
  • Military units will gain power in relation to how much Hegemony you have at 10,000 Hegemony.

Best Councilors:

  • Stilgar  Every village you capture boosts Sietch detection. You can ally with more Sietches and get more bonuses the more you conquer villages. At the same time, you gain +1 authority production for each Spice Field you have.
  • Otheym  This councilor supports a hit-and-run playstyle; your units gain +10% speed across the board. A unit alone gets +20% power and +2 armor. This is a great councilor to pick if you want to focus on inciting rebellions in other factions.

And those are the four factions in the game, alongside their strengths and weaknesses, bonuses, and best councilors. For even more tips and help, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub.

Dune Spice Wars Landsraad Voting System Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/h97t2/dune-spice-wars-landsraad-voting-system-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/h97t2/dune-spice-wars-landsraad-voting-system-explained Fri, 06 May 2022 07:07:31 -0400 Hayes Madsen

The Landsraad voting system in Dune Spice Wars is one of the game's more complex systems. Through the Landsraad, you can vote on Resolutions that will affect the rest of the game. We'll explain the voting system in this guide, and how you can use it to your advantage in Dune Spice Wars.

How the Landsraad Works in Dune Spice Wars

The Landsraad will first open roughly five minutes into each match, and each round of the Landsraad will feature three different Resolutions that you can vote on.

When the council is set you'll get a notification letting you view the resolutions, and a message in the top right will tell you how many days until voting opens. Once voting opens you'll get another notification and can assign your votes however you choose. 

Your votes will work differently depending on which Resolutions are present, as some only apply to the elected factions while others will affect everyone.

For example, "Scientific Congress" boosts military production by 50% for all players if it's voted in favor, while "Controlled Markets" will give a 30% bonus to Spice exchange for whichever faction is elected. You can, of course, apply all of your votes to yourself or to another faction. 

When voting is open a box with arrows will appear underneath each Resolution. You can use the drop-down menu to pick which faction you want to vote for and the left and right arrows to add or subtract votes. Any Resolutions passed will stay in effect until the next Landsraad vote.

Now when voting, you can assign all the votes you have as well as any Influence you've accrued. We'll go over how to get more of both. 

How to Get More Votes and Influence

Votes represent your political power and general standing within the Landsraad. The more power you have within the Landsraad the more votes you'll have to use.

To get more votes you'll need to have Resolutions pass for your house, and take over villages owned by minor houses or other factions. At the start of the match, minor houses will control 400 votes, while factions will sit around 80-100. This means your best bet is to conquer villages as quickly as you can for increased voting power.

The other thing that plays a huge factor in voting is Influence, a resource that can be earned a few different ways. A higher Landsraad standing will give you a minor boost to voting Influence, but you can also bump it by using research, Agents, and Listening Posts. 

Listening Posts are the easiest to do as they can be constructed in any village and will generate +2 Influence per day. You can only have one per village but there's no cap on how many in general you can have. 

Certain research in the blue tree will help your Influence production, like "Political Stance," which gives you +1 Influence for each active treaty you have with another faction.

For additional income, in the Espionage menu, every agent you assign to the Landsraad category will generate +1 Influence per day. Finally, Influence can also be traded with other factions, so that's another way to gain a little if you're looking to double down on political power. 

And that's how the Landsraad voting system works. For even more help and tips, such as how to build the refinery or how to make more Spice, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub. 

Dune Spice Wars: How to Get & Farm Water https://www.gameskinny.com/388t5/dune-spice-wars-how-to-get-farm-water https://www.gameskinny.com/388t5/dune-spice-wars-how-to-get-farm-water Tue, 03 May 2022 10:03:26 -0400 Hayes Madsen

How to get water is something you've got to figure out relatively quick in Dune Spice Wars. If you want to expand and conquer all of Arrakis, you'll need to be smart about how you go about obtaining water and other resources to stay afloat.

In this guide we are going to go over how to get water and how to farm it, so you do not fall to simple dehydration out in the desert.

How to Harvest Water in Dune Spice Wars

Each match you'll start out with just enough water to build a couple of military units and take over one village. Past that, however, you'll need to how to get water in high quantities, as it is required for taking over villages, training and upkeeping military units, and trading with Sietches. There are essentially three ways of earning water, with the first being through Windtraps. 

Use Windtraps to Get Water

Windtraps are Economy buildings that you can construct in any village, and they're unlocked from the very start. Once you've conquered a village simply click on it and hover over to the Economy tab of the menu. 

There is a trick, however, as the amount of water Windtraps create is dictated by the wind level of a region. When you click on a region you can see the name of that region in the lower left-hand corner, and underneath the name is a Wind Strength number.

For each level of Wind Strength, a Windtrap will produce +3 water, so it's a good idea to place it in the regions with the highest wind. You can place Windtraps anywhere, but placing it on a  region with a 5 or a 6 Wind Strength will eliminate the need to place more.

Use a Water Extractor to Get Water

The second building to get water is the Water Extractor, which can't be built until you've researched it from the green research tree, on the second tier. There's a huge catch with this building, however, as it can only be built on a polar region.

At the moment, there's generally only one polar region in the middle of the map, and building a Water Extractor there will grant you a tremendous +50 water. As a note, the Fremen are unable to build the Water Extractor

Trade to Get Water

The final way to get water is by simply trading for it with other factions. On the top right of the screen are three portraits of the other faction leaders, and clicking on one will bring up a trade menu.

Here you can select which resources you want to offer and what you want in return. An arrow in the middle shows how likely the trade is to succeed. Trading isn't a very reliable way to get water, but if you're in a pinch it's a quick way to get some. 

If you need any more help, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub

Dune Spice Wars Early Access Review: Not So Spicy Yet https://www.gameskinny.com/6l9lw/dune-spice-wars-early-access-review-not-so-spicy-yet https://www.gameskinny.com/6l9lw/dune-spice-wars-early-access-review-not-so-spicy-yet Mon, 02 May 2022 15:19:03 -0400 Josh Broadwell

4X games light my brain up, and starting Dune Spice Wars the first time was almost like the expanding brain meme come to life. The genre is enough to catch my interest, but add in a fantasy sci-fi setting, the promise of deep political and economic systems revolving around conflict over a basic resource, and you’ll make me a very happy person.

In theory. Dune Spice Wars has all of these things, but it’s also very much still in Early Access. The management systems are at once overly complicated and frustratingly restrictive. You have few meaningful choices over how to lead a campaign, and that means little incentive to keep playing. It has promise, but the current build is a bit of a letdown that betrays its own possibilities.

Dune Spice Wars Early Access Review: Not So Spicy Yet

Dune Spice Wars opens with a dramatic narrative sequence outlining the four factions’ motivations. I opted for the Fremen, initially. They're the only indigenous race left on the planet and one that wants to “turn the planet green” by reclaiming their rightful place. I discovered shortly after the game started that my choice actually mattered very little. Aside from a few minor advantages and some slightly different advisors, the Fremen play similarly to the Smugglers, who play similarly to the Atreides, who play similarly to the Harkonnen.

Your goal is, as ever in a 4X game, total domination. How you arrive at that goal doesn’t matter, mostly because there’s only one way to do it – keep the trade guilds happy with regular spice shipments and conquer the other three factions. You’ll earn spice by harvesting spice fields near certain villages, conquer settlements to gain more resources, and customize these towns and villages with buildings that boost your resources in some form, such as extra water, Dune’s version of supplies or food.

It’s all fairly standard stuff, albeit with a Dune skin pulled over it. Combat revolves around a limited roster of unit types that, despite their apparent strengths and weaknesses, tend to perform the same in most circumstances.

I’m one of those who actually likes overly complex games. If you make me take notes to keep up with your systems, I’ll love it. Spice Wars aims for complexity, but the current build misses the mark in a few ways.

Take the politics system. During my first few Landsraan meetings – nation-wide council gatherings that pass laws and shape government – I threw all of my influence into passing measures that benefited me, even at the expense of the citizenry. There are a few problems with that, though. One is the corruption inherent in that process, a sly, backhanded method of politics that goes against the honor-bound Atreides house or the noble Fremen. 

The other is the unnecessary complexity. Along with influence is a second stat I’ve already forgotten about that determines how many votes you can cast and the likelihood you’ll get your way. You’ll automatically end up with influence regardless of how you play, so the end result seems like complicated window dressing placed over an overly linear system.

The issue spills over into other areas of the game as well. Authority, for example, accrues naturally from the settlements you conquer. If you want to subjugate a new village, you need a certain amount of Authority, but getting it is just a matter of waiting an in-game day. How you manage or mismanage your territories doesn’t matter.

The same goes for the espionage branch. Complicated menu and advisor stats aside, infiltration boils down to sending agents on a quest and hoping they succeed. Here, too, your actions have much less influence than you’d expect.

The advisors and faction leaders also seem like a bit of a missed opportunity. They’re one of the few aspects after the opening introduction with substantial flavor text giving them personality and, you would think, a dynamic role to play in the world. Instead, they perform basically the same functions.

I was surprised to see my espionage-oriented advisor have the same available espionage tasks and even the same chances of success as my second advisor who was less suited to spy work.

Dune Spice Wars Early Access Review — The Bottom Line


  • Strong potential.
  • Rich source material to draw on.
  • Solid 4X strategy foundation.


  • Factions are too similar.
  • Territory management is fairly basic.
  • Needless complexity in several systems.
  • Shallow narrative and characters.

Spice Wars has rich source material to draw on for creating meaningful moments tailored to these distinct personalities, and I hope it ends up doing more with its characters to distinguish itself from similar games.

I still enjoyed my time with Dune Spice Wars despite all this. It’s a strong 4X game with everything you’d expect from the genre, so if you’re just after a strategy game with a trace of Dune flavor, then it’s fine to go ahead and jump in now. There’s just the potential for so much more here, and with some fine-tuning, Spice Wars could be a standout strategy game once it leaves Early Access.

[Note: Shiro Games provided the copy of Dune Spice Wars used for this Early Access review.]

Dune Spice Wars: How to Build the Refinery https://www.gameskinny.com/h3r01/dune-spice-wars-how-to-build-the-refinery https://www.gameskinny.com/h3r01/dune-spice-wars-how-to-build-the-refinery Fri, 29 Apr 2022 11:28:36 -0400 Hayes Madsen

A big part of Dune Spice Wars is the Spice, and you'll need a refinery to gather it. Fighting for the city of Arrakis as four different factions from the franchise means you'll be gathering loads of resources and launching both military and diplomacy strategies.

But before you can really kick things into high gear, you'll need to start gathering Spice, which requires the all-important Refinery. Here's how to build a Refinery in Dune Spice Wars.

How to Build a Refinery in Dune Spice Wars

The very first step of setting up a Refinery is to find a Spice field you'll be able to mine. Spice fields appear as glowing purple spots on the map, and in order to utilize the field, you'll need to conquer the village in the same region

How to Capture a Village

When you start a match, there should be at least one Spice field in your immediate vicinity. Train a few military units at your capital, select them once they're trained, move your mouse over the village you want to take over, and right-click to send your military units to attack it.

As your units move to the village, the militia will defend it, but your forces will automatically take them out. Once you've defeated the defenders, you need to actually take control of the village. Click on the village then select the flag icon that pops up to take control. You need to keep a military unit in the village's vicinity for roughly 20-30 seconds while they capture it. 

Building the Refinery

Now you're ready to place your Refinery. Click on the village then click the "+" icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a selection of every building pop up, with the Refinery in the top left of the Economy section. You'll need roughly 450 Plastcrete to build the Refinery, which you'll have at the beginning of the match, but you'll need to gather more with factories for any subsequent buildings. Now simply place the Refinery and wait for the construction to finish. 

After construction completes, you'll have a new harvester sitting outside of the Refinery. You'll need to manually select it and select start harvesting. It's also a good idea to enable "auto-recall" so that your harvester will come back safely whenever a sandworm appears. For more tips and guides, like how to make more Spice and Solari or how to fix the black screen bug, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars hub.

Dune Spice Wars: Black Screen Fix https://www.gameskinny.com/blaj6/dune-spice-wars-black-screen-fix https://www.gameskinny.com/blaj6/dune-spice-wars-black-screen-fix Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:36:51 -0400 Sergey_3847

Many have been running into a black screen when launching Dune: Spice Wars, preventing them from delving into Frank Herbert's universe in 4X form.

Our guide will list all possible solutions for black screen fix in Dune: Spice Wars. These come directly from the developer Shiro Games, so one of them should work for you.

Use DirectX or OpenGL Launch Options

When you start the game in Steam by pressing the Play button in your library, you have two launch options:

  • DirectX
  • OpenGL

Try one of them, and if that doesn't fix the black screen, then try the other one. It is possible that your configuration may work in one of these modes.

Disable the Opening Cutscene

Since black screen appears right after the introductory cutscene in Dune: Spice Wars, it is possible that you may be able to fix the black screen issue just by disabling this cutscene manually.

Follow these steps to manually turn off the intro cutscene in Dune: Spice Wars by editing a system file:

  1. Start Steam app.
  2. Go to your Library.
  3. Right-click on Dune: Spice Wars.
  4. Select "Properties" option.
  5. Go to "Manage" menu.
  6. Select "Browse Local Files" option.
  7. Right-click on the "options.ini" file.
  8. Select "Open with Notepad" option.
  9. Search for the following entry: IntroVideo.
  10. Set it to: false.

Now you can save and close the "options.ini" file, and start the game to see if the black screen issue has been fixed.

Disable Windows Defender

If you're using a native Windows Defender antivirus, then you can temporarily turn it off before starting Dune: Spice Wars by doing the following:

  1. Press the Start button
  2. Go to "Settings" tab
  3. Select "Update and Security" feature
  4. Go to "Windows Security" tab
  5. Select "Virus and Threat Protection" feature
  6. Go to "Manage Settings" option
  7. Set the real-time protection to OFF

Once you're finished playing, you can switch your antivirus back on.

Update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Lastly, you can re-install your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable software. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Press Win+R key combination.
  2. Type in "appwiz.cpl" in the search field.
  3. Press Ok to open "Programs and Features" window.
  4. Type in "Visual C++" in the search field.
  5. Uninstall all versions found in the list (Execute and press "Uninstall").
  6. Download new Microsoft Visual C++ programs here.
  7. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  8. Right-click on the "install_all.bat" file.
  9. Choose "Run as Administrator" option.
  10. Wait for the installation to complete.
  11. Restart your PC or laptop.

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Hopefully, these tips helped you fix the black screen in Dune: Spice Wars. Be sure to check out the rest of the Dune: Spice Wars tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

Dune Spice Wars: How to Earn More Spice & Solari Money https://www.gameskinny.com/qzlen/dune-spice-wars-how-to-earn-more-spice-solari-money https://www.gameskinny.com/qzlen/dune-spice-wars-how-to-earn-more-spice-solari-money Wed, 27 Apr 2022 13:33:26 -0400 Hayes Madsen

Dune Spice Wars is a massive 4X strategy experience that tasks you with conquering the arid sands of Arrakis, and you'll need Spice and Solari money to do it. Resources are absolutely essential to your expansion, and as you might expect from the game's name, Spice is at the heart of everything.

If you really want to come out on top in Dune Spice Wars, you'll need to know exactly how to get the most out of your Spice harvesting, which in turn leads to more Solari money. Note: Since the game is in Early Access, it's possible these tips will change over time. 

How to Optimize Spice Harvesting in Dune Spice Wars

Harvesting Spice is easy enough: all you have to do is take over a village that has Spice nearby and build a Spice Harvester to harvest it. If you're playing as the Fremen, you'll collect the resource automatically and won't have to worry about Sandworms. If you're playing as any of the other factions, however, you'll want to set your harvester to auto-recall, so it'll come back automatically if a sandworm appears. 

From the start, you can assign one crew member to each harvester by spending 50 Manpower. This increases the amount of Spice your harvester takes in each day. A good rule of thumb is that you always want all crew slots filled on all of your harvesters.

To increase your harvesting rate  and crew slots  invest in research in the orange category, which is tied to Economy. After investing in the first research, "Composite Materials," you should immediately invest in "Arrakis Secrets" right below it.

Arrakis Secrets lets you unlock the Spice Silos building. Placing this building in a region increases the harvest of that region by 20%, and can also affect up to one neighboring region as well. The other two pieces of research in that line are worth investing in as well, as they let you assign more crew members and increase your harvesting rate by another 10%. 

Past that, if you want to gather a little bit more Spice, keep an eye on the scouting with your Ornithopters. Various icons pop up on your map as the Ornithopters explore, and Crashed Shuttles will always contain some kind of resource to gather. This can be Solari, Spice, or Plastcrete, and you can send an Ornithoper to any Crashed Shuttle on the map to gather that resource. 

Finally, some Sietches will trade Spice for water, so check any that you might discover to see what they're trading. Of course, if you need the resource in a pinch to meet the Spice Tax, you can always try and trade with the other factions, as well. 

How the Spice Slider Works

Before going over a few ways to get extra Solari money, it's important to explain how the Spice slider (the yellow and purple bar in the top left of the screen) works. At any time you can move this slider further yellow or further purple, which dictates what you do with your Spice harvest.

  • Having more to the yellow side means that you sell more to Choam, thereby making more Solari.
  • Having the bar more to the purple side means you're putting more into your stockpile, which can be traded and is also used for the Spice Tax.

You should adjust the slider constantly to fit your needs, and it's generally a good idea to sell more Spice when you have a lot of time before the tax hits, then put more purple in when you get to the halfway point. 

How to Get More Solari Money

Outside of selling Spice, there are a few smaller ways to earn extra Solari. The best way is by taking over villages in regions that have Rare Minerals. By researching "Structured Warehouses" in the orange research tab, you can unlock the Processing Plant. Building one of these in an area with Rare Minerals will give you +30 Solari income

In the Espionage tab, you can assign Agents to infiltrate Choam; each one will give you +5 Solari income. Once you get to 10,000 Hegemony you can also construct the Choam Branch in your capital, which will boost the income of Agents assigned to Choam by 30%. 

Finally, just like with Spice, you can search for extra Solari at Crashed Shuttles, or trade with other factions. 

That covers everything you need to know about making extra Spice and Solari money in Dune Spice Wars. Makes sure to check our Dune Spice Wars hub for even more tips and guides, such as how to win matches through each of the three victory conditions.

Dune Spice Wars Tips and Tricks Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/ppa0t/dune-spice-wars-tips-and-tricks-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/ppa0t/dune-spice-wars-tips-and-tricks-guide Mon, 02 May 2022 13:33:22 -0400 Hayes Madsen

Dune Spice Wars is truly a testament to just how much there is to learn to even stand a chance in a 4X game, with dozens of little systems and features that all tie together in a single match. While the game doesn't currently have multiplayer, the AI can still be quite challenging.

In this guide, we'll give you a few tips and tricks to get you started on your conquest of Arrakis.

Set Your Harvesters and Ornithopters to Auto

Ornithopters and harvesters are the two vehicles you'll use the most in Dune Spice Wars, and while you can control them manually it's much easier to let them do things automatically.

To set your Ornithopter to auto simply click on it, or on the icon on the right side of the screen. In the unit selection panel you'll see a set to auto button.

When selected this lets your Ornithopter scout the map on its own to uncover villages, caches, points of interest, and more. The benefit is you can focus on everything else. You'll start each match with one Ornithopter, but can build more by spending 400 Solario and two fuel. 

Once you take your first village and get a Refinery established you'll have a Spice Harvester. You need to manually select the Harvester and select the harvest button to start it up, but there's a second button for "Auto-Recall". You should absolutely enable this as it lets your harvester automatically flee if a Sandworm appears.

The only catch is that once it's returned to your base you'll need to go and manually start it up again. Still, it's better than losing a harvester and having to wait for another one to be built. 

Spice Is Your Most Valuable Resource

As the name of the game suggests, Spice is everything in your conquest of Arrakis. Your first goal should be to conquer as many spice fields as possible and set up harvesters. Spice fields are highlighted by purple dust markers, so you can use that to plan out your expansion route. 

In the top-left corner of the screen is the Spice gauge, which you can control to change how much spice you sell, versus how much you put in your stockpile. While it's generally a good idea to sell more spice, you want to make sure you have enough in your stockpile to meet the Spice Tax.

Your best plan is, generally, to move the slider mostly into the purple until your stockpile has enough for the tax, then switch it to yellow until the next tax phase starts. 

Focus Mainly on One Playstyle and Research Tree

Considering there are three different ways to win a match, you'll likely want to focus on one playstyle in Dune Spice Wars. That means taking specific actions and investing heavily in one area of the research tree. This could also greatly depend on the faction you play as:

  • House Atreides is good at diplomacy and charters.
  • House Harkonnen excels at military.
  • Smugglers are best at espionage.
  • Fremen benefit from exploration and quick expansion.

To go along with these playstyles you'll want to focus on the research tree that benefits you the most, which are color-coded.

  • Blue upgrades benefit espionage and agents.
  • Green benefits diplomacy and Landsraad.
  • Red is for military.
  • Orange helps with exploration and economy.

You can, of course, dabble in all of the categories as you see fit, but because of how slow research happens it's best to put most of your time into one in order to get the best benefits.

As a note, you can increase research speed by constructing Research Hubs in your villages. 

Airfields and Sandworms are Essential

The map in Dune Spice Wars is massive, and your military units simply don't move very quickly. Luckily, the game does give you faster ways of getting around. Fremen have exclusive access to Sandworms, while the other three factions get shuttles. 

Fremen can use Sandworms at any time to transport units to areas they control, and on the right side of the screen, you'll see a gauge for the worms that has a three. Place your units on the sand and then select the Sandworm. You'll need to choose where the worm picks up and where it lets off, but keep in mind they can only go on sand. You have three charges, that when used will slowly recharge. 

The other factions will need to construct an airfield, found in the military structures section in any village.

Move your units into the airfield's range and select them. Once selected you'll see an option on the unit selection screen to use an airlift, which will cost Solari and fuel. The catch is that your airlift can only travel to wherever another airfield is placed. This means you'll likely want to have a network of airfields within your controlled territory. 

Focus on Improving Villages Before Expanding 

There are dozens of villages to take control of on Arrakis, and it can be tempting to quickly try and conquer as much as you can. However, it's a better idea to conquer a few villages and focus on fully upgrading them before you move on. An unprotected village can easily fall victim to a bandit raid, or a few units from another faction. 

At the very least, make sure you fill any Militia slots you might have open in each village. It's also a good idea to put a Missile Battery in any village that lies on the outskirts of your territory, for extra protection.

Past that, you should unlock at least one or two additional building slots on each village so you can place additional resources, in case you need them. 

Don't Forget About Your Spies and Operations

Roughly 10 to 20 minutes into a match you'll unlock your first agent, and a notification at the top will alert you about it. You can open the Espionage menu by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right side. Here you'll be able to assign agents to different organizations and factions.

Agents naturally earn a resource called Intel and can earn additional resources based on where they're placed. An unassigned agent isn't doing any good, so make sure you have all of your agents assigned at all times

You can spend Intel to set up Operations, each of which have various effects. For example, one might let you resupply allied units in a region, while another launches an assassination attempt against another faction. It's easy to forget about Operations, but they can help give you a serious edge when you're trying to take over enemy regions. 

Building In Your Capital Can Give the Edge

Your capital is a vital location, but you won't be able to build anything in it until you reach 10,000 Hegemony. Once you reach that threshold you can build incredibly useful districts in the capital that correspond to Economy, Military, and Statecraft. You can even get an extra bonus if all buildings in a district are the same type.

It's likely you'll need to wait a while before you can build in your capital, but if you have some spare resources definitely take a look at the available options, and how they might help your current playstyle.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get a strong start in Dune Spice Wars. For even more guides and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub.

Dune Spice Wars Victory Conditions Explained: How to Win Matches https://www.gameskinny.com/hognu/dune-spice-wars-victory-conditions-explained-how-to-win-matches https://www.gameskinny.com/hognu/dune-spice-wars-victory-conditions-explained-how-to-win-matches Wed, 27 Apr 2022 13:57:10 -0400 Hayes Madsen

Dune Spice Wars tasks you with conquering the sands of Arrakis in a mix of 4X and real-time strategy mechanics. It's an extremely complex game with a lot of systems, right down to how you win matches through its victory conditions.

There are three different ways to win in Dune Spice Wars, and you'll likely want to focus on one for each match, rather than trying to do everything all at once. We'll explain each of the victory conditions below to help you decide what you want to focus on.

Dune Spice Wars Domination Victory Condition Explained

Achieving the Domination victory condition in Dune Spice Wars is generally the hardest. There are actually two different ways of getting Domination: through sheer military might and assassination. 

You can achieve victory by building up massive armies and destroying each of your opponent's capitals. However, capitals have massive amounts of health and defense, so you'll really need a massive army to bring them down. The other option for achieving a Domination victory is by way of espionage, in which case you'll need to assign Agents to each of the espionage areas.

To pull off an association attempt, you must be Level 2 in each of the general espionage areas, as well as Level 2 in the specific faction you want to assassinate. Keep in mind, however, that assassination attempts can fail and your agents can be captured.

You'll win if you manage to infiltrate and assassinate all three faction leaders. You can also combine assassinations with destroying capitals if you want to mix and match, although that's harder to do as you'll need a lot of research in both to succeed. 

Dune Spice Wars Governorship Victory Condition Explained

The second way of winning in Dune Spice Wars is the Governship victory condition, tied to the Landsraad and Charters. On top of the basic Charters, there are five special Charters at the top of the Landsraad. The one you want is the "Dune Governorship Charter." Certain conditions must be unlocked in order for the Charter to go up for a vote. 

For Dune Governorship to go up for a vote, a certain number of regions must be held by one faction. On top of that, a certain number of Sietches must be allied with any of the four factions. Once those conditions are met, the Charter will go up for vote, but a faction also needs to meet the requirements in order to vote for it.

You must be allied with multiple Sietches and have high Landsraad standing in order to put your votes forward. Once done, you actually need to win the vote, which isn't guaranteed. 

However, winning through Governorship is most easily done with House Atreides since the faction gets huge bonuses for Landsraad standing and diplomacy. 

Dune Spice Wars Hegemony Victory Condition Explained

Winning by way of the Hegemony victory condition is likely the way many matches will end. Hegemony is essentially a rating of your overall control on Arrakis. Hegemony is accrued through many different actions, and accruing 30,000 points will make you the victor. 

The main ways of gaining Hegemony include:

  • Annexing and taking over villages.
  • Getting Charters passed in your favor.
  • Using espionage operations.
  • Paying the Spice Tax.

A bunch of smaller actions can contribute to your Hegemony as well.

Each Crafts Workshop you build at a village provides 2 Hegemony per day, and once you reach 10,000 Hegemony, you can construct the Administrative Hall at your capital to get a 10% bonus to your earnings. Basically, you'll want to expand and control as much of Arrakis as possible in order to win through this method. 

And those are the three Dune Spice Wars victory conditions explained. You'll need Spice and Solari to win any match, no matter which method you choose, so head over here to learn how to make more of it quickly. For other tips and tricks, head over to our Dune Spice Wars guides page