Dune Spice Wars Victory Conditions Explained: How to Win Matches

Dune Spice Wars has three major ways of winning a match, each of which is equally complicated. Here are all of the victory conditions explained.

Dune Spice Wars has three major ways of winning a match, each of which is equally complicated. Here are all of the victory conditions explained.

Dune Spice Wars tasks you with conquering the sands of Arrakis in a mix of 4X and real-time strategy mechanics. It’s an extremely complex game with a lot of systems, right down to how you win matches through its victory conditions.

There are three different ways to win in Dune Spice Wars, and you’ll likely want to focus on one for each match, rather than trying to do everything all at once. We’ll explain each of the victory conditions below to help you decide what you want to focus on.

Dune Spice Wars Domination Victory Condition Explained

Achieving the Domination victory condition in Dune Spice Wars is generally the hardest. There are actually two different ways of getting Domination: through sheer military might and assassination. 

You can achieve victory by building up massive armies and destroying each of your opponent’s capitals. However, capitals have massive amounts of health and defense, so you’ll really need a massive army to bring them down. The other option for achieving a Domination victory is by way of espionage, in which case you’ll need to assign Agents to each of the espionage areas.

To pull off an association attempt, you must be Level 2 in each of the general espionage areas, as well as Level 2 in the specific faction you want to assassinate. Keep in mind, however, that assassination attempts can fail and your agents can be captured.

You’ll win if you manage to infiltrate and assassinate all three faction leaders. You can also combine assassinations with destroying capitals if you want to mix and match, although that’s harder to do as you’ll need a lot of research in both to succeed. 

Dune Spice Wars Governorship Victory Condition Explained

The second way of winning in Dune Spice Wars is the Governship victory condition, tied to the Landsraad and Charters. On top of the basic Charters, there are five special Charters at the top of the Landsraad. The one you want is the “Dune Governorship Charter.” Certain conditions must be unlocked in order for the Charter to go up for a vote. 

For Dune Governorship to go up for a vote, a certain number of regions must be held by one faction. On top of that, a certain number of Sietches must be allied with any of the four factions. Once those conditions are met, the Charter will go up for vote, but a faction also needs to meet the requirements in order to vote for it.

You must be allied with multiple Sietches and have high Landsraad standing in order to put your votes forward. Once done, you actually need to win the vote, which isn’t guaranteed. 

However, winning through Governorship is most easily done with House Atreides since the faction gets huge bonuses for Landsraad standing and diplomacy. 

Dune Spice Wars Hegemony Victory Condition Explained

Winning by way of the Hegemony victory condition is likely the way many matches will end. Hegemony is essentially a rating of your overall control on Arrakis. Hegemony is accrued through many different actions, and accruing 30,000 points will make you the victor. 

The main ways of gaining Hegemony include:

  • Annexing and taking over villages.
  • Getting Charters passed in your favor.
  • Using espionage operations.
  • Paying the Spice Tax.

A bunch of smaller actions can contribute to your Hegemony as well.

Each Crafts Workshop you build at a village provides 2 Hegemony per day, and once you reach 10,000 Hegemony, you can construct the Administrative Hall at your capital to get a 10% bonus to your earnings. Basically, you’ll want to expand and control as much of Arrakis as possible in order to win through this method. 

And those are the three Dune Spice Wars victory conditions explained. You’ll need Spice and Solari to win any match, no matter which method you choose, so head over here to learn how to make more of it quickly. For other tips and tricks, head over to our Dune Spice Wars guides page

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