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What did you think of our list of Fallout major overhaul mods, and are there any we missed that should be added?


Sadly, the options for Fallout 4 these days are still quite lacking. Total conversion mods tend to create much rejoicing and fanfare when they are announced... and then promptly fall off the map. It's not hard to understand why.


These are huge projects, nearly the equivalent of a full game development, and when you aren't getting paid and just have volunteers working in their free time, feature creep and lack of drive kill a ton of total conversion mods. 


A few are worth keeping your eye on that may still arrive in the future, like Fallout Cascadia and Fallout: The Frontier. If those ever finally see stable, feature-complete releases, we'll be sure to get them added here.


Fallout: New California

  • This Fallout: New Vegas mod arrives in October!
  • \n

Now here's an oddity in the world of epic and ambitious total conversion mods: Fallout: New California actually has a confirmed release date for the full version!


After starting life as Project Brazil and going through years of work, New California is set to drop on October 23, 2018. This has easily got to be one of the most anticipated total conversion mods for the franchise, with fully voice-acted characters and an entirely new story in a completely different location than the base game.


With side quests galore and 16,000 lines of dialogue, expect to essentially get a whole extra New Vegas-sized game this fall!



Five Nights at Vault 5


Wait, wait, wait -- there's even a Five Nights at Freddy's version of Fallout?!? Yes, there is, because modders are nuts (and awesome).


Weirdly, it's not all that outside the lore of the universe either, since we know many of those vaults were specifically created to perform cruel and unusual experiments on their occupants, rather than just keeping them safe from radiation.


Just like the franchise that was the inspiration for this mod, Five Nights At Vault 5 has you trying to survive from midnight to 6 a.m. while killer robots patrol the halls.


Hell on Earth


The various modders out there are consistently able to take the Fallout franchise and give you something radically different within an overall familiar framework. Hell on Earth is one such entry, essentially giving you Silent Hill with the New Vegas style.


This (not lore-friendly, obviously) mod has you traveling to another dimension to try to track down lost mercenaries who went to investigate a nightmare realm. Hell on Earth really plays up the dark and bloody aspects of the franchise and manages to create a survival horror vibe even when you are gunning down monsters with a laser gatling.


Alton, IL


A simply massive addition to the Fallout 3 universe, this mod gives you an entirely new location to explore, quests to complete, factions to side with, voice acting, and more.


It's essentially a completely free DLC location in the vein of Point Lookout, and is a killer expansion to vanilla Fallout 3. Off the strength of this creation, the modder actually got a job at Rockstar!


Fallout Zero


Although it's a bit buggy and could use some more work, Fallout Zero offers an entirely new quest line for the Fallout 3 experience that takes place a mere two months after the Great War.


What makes the mod worth installing is the amount of work that went into voicing the lines, all those extra quests, and the dialogue-over-combat focus. The reactive helmet that shows if NPCs will give up and join you when you point your gun at them is also a really nice touch.


Beyond Boulder Dome


If you've already played all the New Vegas DLC and still need to get your Wasteland fix, Beyond Boulder Dome is where you need to go next. New areas, new weapons and armor, new robots, a cast of fully voiced and lip-synced characters -- you get a ton of extra content here.


Weirdly enough, the story from this 2012 mod has a lot of echoes of what would become Fallout 4, with two warring factions stuck in cryogenic sleep and waking up hundreds of years later to a different world.


Fallout: DUST


OK, so I fully appreciate that this may be an odd entry to include in a list specifically about not wanting a survival RPG version of the franchise, but it absolutely deserves a place here.


Yes, DUST is, in fact, a survival rendition of Fallout: New Vegas. There are some key differences here, though, from what you can expect to get from Bethesda, and a few reasons why DUST might be more worth your time. First and foremost is the difficulty. DUST is unforgiving in the extreme, to a level we can be nearly certain Fallout 76 won't feature.


DUST also includes something a bit different from the standard survival formula: insanity. Killing people, eating rotting flesh, and taking drugs for an edge in combat all take their toll, making this somewhat of a Darkest Dungeon-like take on the series, with a dash of Don't Starve. If you want to be challenged in a very different way from the base game, DUST is worth at least checking out.


Wondering just what Fallout 76 might look like and want to try out something similar ahead of time? You've got your answer right here, although in what is probably going to be a harder, darker rendition. For another take on this idea, be sure to also check out the Obscurum - Pandemic survival mod.


Fallout 1.5: Resurrection


Still got your old Fallout discs or have a digital version from GOG? It's time to reinstall because there's more for the vault dweller to do besides just haul water and find the GECK!


Originally a Czech total conversion, Resurrection recently got an English translation and is well worth playing for fans of the early isometric titles in the franchise.


Set between the events of the first two games, there's nearly 25 hours worth of unique content to play through here. The only downside is that the new characters don't have the "talking head" animations, so it does feel a little more static than vanilla Fallout 2.


After that divisive Fallout 76 announcement, fans of the beloved post-apocalyptic franchise may be on the hunt for more wasteland wandering beyond what can be found through official channels.


Although it's possible we may be in for a surprise hit, the notion of playing ARK: Fallout Survive isn't exactly pushing the excitement meter into the red for a lot of fans (the only way they could have chased bubble-bursting trends any harder would be if it were a battle royale game).


While several major total conversion mods have been announced in recent months for Fallout 4, they are likely years off, if they ever even see a full, finished release.


There are still plenty of other ways to experience the wasteland without a proper, new single-player Fallout, though, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the killer modders out there.


Here we're rounding up 8 of the best major overhaul mods available that give you entirely new areas and ways of playing classics like Fallout 2, 3, and New Vegas.

Fallout 4 New Vegas Total Conversion Mod Announced, Gameplay Revealed https://www.gameskinny.com/09z92/fallout-4-new-vegas-total-conversion-mod-announced-gameplay-revealed https://www.gameskinny.com/09z92/fallout-4-new-vegas-total-conversion-mod-announced-gameplay-revealed Tue, 05 Dec 2017 12:35:38 -0500 Luke Luby

Fallout: New Vegas is considered one of the best Fallout games ever released, with Fallout 4 also receiving critical and commercial acclaim. With both games being so revered, it makes sense that a group of modders would want to create some kind of crossover.

However, what is surprising is that a group of modders has announced a total conversion; essentially, they're trying to bring the entire world of New Vegas to Fallout 4. With the announcement also came a trailer showing off some pre-alpha gameplay footage, which you can see above.

In a blog post, the team behind the mod conversion has said:

"Our level design team on the other hand continues to work away at the starting areas of Fallout: New Vegas in and around Goodsprings. We’re quickly approaching a point where we hope to start showing off some very cool stuff - we’ve hit a phase in development where it feels like each passing day the Mojave Wasteland becomes more and more alive, and we’re really excited to begin sharing this!"

So far, there's no news on when the mod will be released, but going by the fact that the modders are currently only at the opening stages of New Vegas, it looks as though it'll still be a while before anything playable will be released.

The 10 Horror Mods That Will Have You Screaming Through Halloween https://www.gameskinny.com/23d3o/the-10-horror-mods-that-will-have-you-screaming-through-halloween https://www.gameskinny.com/23d3o/the-10-horror-mods-that-will-have-you-screaming-through-halloween Sun, 01 Oct 2017 09:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur


Hopefully, you've got enough mods on hand now to transform any game in your Steam library into its scariest version!


Of course, there's a whole lot more available out there than just the 10 listed here, with plenty more creepy add-ons for all your favorite games available through services like Nexus Mods or the Steam Workshop. If you can't get enough mods to try out this autumn season, check out last year's roundup of horror mods here!


What did you think our of Halloween modding picks, and what other scary expansions and overhauls should we try out? Be sure to leave us a comment below.


Minecraft: P.T. Silent Hills Map


Download the P.T. Silent Hills Map Mod Here


Five months of painstaking work went into creating this map, and man does it ever show! Some insane Minecraft fanatic recreated the legendary Silent Hills P.T. playable demo to inject some serious horror into the block building, open world phenomena.


The pounding on the doors. The radio text. Absolutely everything from the (sadly) canceled Silent Hills demo has been lovingly recreated in pixelated form here. We might not ever get the full game, but this mashup experience is a nice consolation prize.


If you're looking for other scary Minecraft experiences or just want to spice up your gameplay, make sure to head over to our Minecraft mods page


Goat Simulator: Slender Survival


Download the Slender Survival Mod Here


Somehow, Slenderman has even managed to sink his fingers into the already-insane world of Goat Simulator, everybody's favorite dumb, time waster of a buggy tech demo.


This mod puts you in a dark survival mode, with a Slendergoat chasing close behind. Couple it with the Goat Simulator first-person mod and you're basically playing Slender: The Arrival, just with a moronic goat who has no bones and can fly.


Garry's Mod: FNAF And Beyond!


Considering the whole point of Garry's Mod is to change and add in new things, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there is a horde of horror-themed Steam Workshop add-ons for the game.


Seriously, just hit the Workshop and randomly search for the name of any horror movie or game you can think of and something is almost certain to pop up.


Some of the best mods available include Five Nights At Freddy's, SOMA, Amnesia, and even Alien: Isolation, where modders have worked hard to make the models behave much like they do in their original games. Get ready to be terrified of a fast running Foxy all over again!


Arma III: Baphomet


Download the Baphomet Mod Here


We recently took a look at the best all-time mods for the hyper-difficult military shooter Arma III, and Baphomet proudly stands among them -- whether it's Halloween or any other time of year.


Melding together the tactical shooter genre with a storyline akin to Hellgate: London, Baphomet has your squad battling demons and zombies in a fiery hellscape as the denizens of the pit have spilled onto Earth. It's legitimately creepy and a whole new way to experience the Arma franchise.


Want to see what else is up in Arma III modding? Check out the full list of Arma III mods over here.


Crysis: The Worry Of Newport


Download The Worry of Newport Mod Here


This one deserves major kudos for drastically changing the Crysis base game, shifting it from a sci-fi action shooter to an atmospheric Lovecraftian horror game that's slow moving and all about investigation rather than running and gunning.


The Worry Of Newport mod is much more focused on narrative and horror overtones than fast-paced gameplay, so if you dig the idea of playing through a book (or enjoy games like Myst and the 7th Guest, just scarier), this is definitely one to try out.


Skyrim: Freddy Krueger


Download the Freddy Krueger Mod Here


The illustrious Skyrim modding community has added in characters from so many other franchises that I doubt I could even find them all in a full day of searching -- let alone download and install even a fraction of them.


But that means that horror- and Halloween-themed characters most definitely have not been left out, with the Headless Horseman and many other figures from myth and legend added to this open world fantasy game.


However, one of the most bizarre (and kind of amazing) has got to be Freddy Krueger. I mean, someone clearly put a lot of work into this mod, even if it doesn't fit the game at all. It has nothing to do with Skyrim and is beyond lore breaking, but it's also pretty awesome. Go ahead and kill Freddy, loot his dream chest, and become the clawed nightmare yourself!


And if you're looking for more ways to spice up your Skyrim experience, make sure to check out our Skyrim mods page


Skyrim: The Evil Mansion


Download The Evil Mansion Mod Here


Every time I think I've seen the pinnacle of what the modding community can accomplish, I'm consistently proven wrong by something even bigger and better than what's come before.


This latest jaw-droppingly awesome mod for a Bethesda game recreates the first Resident Evil inside Skyrim. Yep, all of it -- even the dogs jumping through the window in the hallway.


Although changes have had to be made to fit within the Skyrim framework, even some of the puzzles and traps have been recreated. Seriously, just get to downloading this one already.


Skyrim: Epic Halloween Overhaul


Download the Epic Halloween Overhaul Mod Here


If you only get one Halloween-themed Skyrim mod this year, this is unquestionably the one to get. It's got everything all in one bundle: new quests, new locations, and new skins. To top it all off, there are even pumpkin and Halloween light decorations placed everywhere to complete the vibe. 


Sadly, this mod isn't compatible with Skyrim: Special Edition, and it takes a little elbow grease to get working in the vanilla game because it's actually three different mod install files instead of one. But the results are well worth the work.


On the plus side, more content and updates are added every year, with the 2017 additions being worked on as we speak.


Fallout New Vegas: Obscurum Pandemic


Download the Obscurum Pandemic Mod Here


One-half survival simulator in the vein of PUBG or Battle Royale and one-half post-apocalyptic horror game, Obscurum Pandemic is a total overhaul of Fallout: New Vegas in the truest sense of the term.


This is an entirely different experience than what you normally get playing as the courier. The character creation and leveling processes have been radically altered, all the vanilla NPCs are gone, new warring factions are added, and monsters galore have now invaded the New Vegas wasteland.


This mod will make you wish you'd never left the Vault. 


Fallout 4: Pilgrim -- Dread The Commonwealth


Download This Scary Fallout 4 Mod Here


The only appropriate response to this overhaul mod is a simple Keanu-Reeves-inspired, "Woah." Pilgrim -- Dread the Commonwealth drastically changes Fallout 4's tone by changing up the game's color filters and weather, creating a dreary and gritty atmosphere inspired by horror flick The Witch.


But that's not all. Everything gets a creepy remake here, from the terrain to faithful hound companion Dogmeat (who, for now, is just a bit scarier version of his current self. However, in a future update, he will be replaced entirely with the Satanic goat Black Phillip).


For the best scary Fallout 4 experience, combine Pilgrim with the smallest setting on the Pip Boy Flashlight mod and install the Commonwealth Connifers Redux mod for a more forested feel in line with the movie.


Pilgrim is just one of dozens of Fallout 4 horror recreations! Want even more? Check out our full list of Fallout 4 horror mods here.


The glory of autumn has finally arrived, which for my family means an unrelenting onslaught of 31 solid days of horror! That's right, we only watch scary flicks, read horror novels, and play creepy renditions of video games for all 31 days of October.


Sometimes that's a tall order on the gaming front considering the relative dearth of horror games in the gaming world, but those who are willing to try diving into the mod community will find that nearly any game you can think of will have some kind of Halloween recreation or scary mod attached to it.


From truly scary total overhauls that add in completely new storylines to silly pumpkin skins simply added for aesthetics, there's something for everyone when it comes to Halloween mods. 


Over the next 10 slides we'll show you some of the best Halloween and horror themed mods currently available for the likes of Fallout 4, New Vegas, Skyrim, Arma III, Crysis, Garry's Mod, Goat Simulator, and even Minecraft!

New Vegas is in Fallout 4 Now, So These Locations Should Be Next! https://www.gameskinny.com/rn7ab/new-vegas-is-in-fallout-4-now-so-these-locations-should-be-next https://www.gameskinny.com/rn7ab/new-vegas-is-in-fallout-4-now-so-these-locations-should-be-next Thu, 11 May 2017 17:06:51 -0400 Dan Roemer


1. The Boneyard/Angel's Boneyard (Los Angeles)


With Bethesda seemingly sticking to the East Coast with their games -- and no word of Obsidian working on a new Fallout game -- it's the perfect time for modders to use a familiar-yet-unexplored location and draw inspiration from it. There are plenty of established factions and history they can reinterpret in their own ways. And the NCR state of Angel's Boneyard (a.k.a. Los Angeles) is the perfect place for that.


If you're a long time Fallout fan, you know the West Coast is the best coast, simply for the massive amount of lore and history it contains. The West Coast is the birthplace of the New California Republic, the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, Super Mutants...and really, of Fallout as a series.


The Boneyard was featured in the original Fallout, and it's hands-down the best location for Fallout 4 modders to visit. There's so much history to work with here, and so many bits of lore to dabble in and bring to life. The Boneyard is littered with plenty of stories to tell and timelines to explore -- but without having to diverge too far from the source material that's inspired modders in the first place.





As a long time Fallout fan, I've gotta show some California love. But what locations would you like to possibly see in Fallout 4 mod form? Let me know in the comments down below! And for everything Fallout related, stay tuned to GameSkinny!


2. New Orleans


Continuing with the Americana theme, the southern United States is ripe with potential locations for a Fallout 4 mod. Little is actually known about the southern United States in the Fallout universe compared to the East and West Coasts. And it doesn't get much more quintessentially southern than New Orleans.




Fallout 3's "Point Lookout" DLC gave us a small taste of what a swamp environment might look like in the Wasteland. But I want to see more. And the unique city of New Orleans -- not to mention the surrounding bayou -- are prime territory for modders to let their creativity fly and interpret a brand new location.


Even better, the potential for factions down South could be vastly different from those we've seen on the East or West Coast. Chances are we wouldn't see the Brotherhood of Steel, as they have no records of traveling down South. And the NCR has been too busy expanding in the West to worry about Old Dixie.


Everything about this location -- the environment, faction possibilities, unique wildlife, and new mutant opportunities -- screams for modders to take advantage.


3. New York


The United States is still ripe with potential areas for future Fallout games to visit -- and for current modders to create. Using a US location would prove a bit easier than some of the places on our wishlist so far, since modders could simply reuse assets like American architecture and the well-established American lore in the game's universe.


Outside of Bethesda's work in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, the East Coast has hardly been explored -- and the iconic city of New York is a concrete playground that modders can unleash themselves upon. Take plenty of iconic land marks and a massive urban sprawl, then throw in a nuked 1950's vision of the future...and we could easily have a new and incredible place to explore within Fallout 4.


Really though, it wouldn't surprise me at all if The Big Apple turns out to be the next big location whenever we finally get a Fallout 5 announcement.


4. Hong Kong, China


China has some fascinating lore in the Fallout universe, including the Sino-American War and invasion of Anchorage. But outside of Chinese spies embedded in the United States who made appearances in games -- like Fallout 3's Mama Dolce's -- little is actually known about what happened when the nukes fell on mainland China or the island of Hong Kong.


That's precisely why China could be a fantastic location for modders to explore in Fallout 4. There's potential for them to create their own interpretations of what a Hong Kong wasteland would look like, or what possible forms of government and factions might rule it. (Perhaps the Triad is still around...?)


Hong Kong, for example, could be one of the few places in China that survived with only minor nuclear devastation compared to its mainland counterpart. And modders could expand upon Chinese pre-war lore, mythos, and technology.



5. A Canadian Locale


In the year 2066 in the Fallout universe, Anchorage, Alaska became on of the few remaining places on earth that still had valuable oil reserves. Because of this, China invaded Alaska -- and thus began the Sino-American war. 


Of course, with Canada being stuck between a Chinese-invaded Alaska and the oil-hungry United States, one can only imagine that tensions were high between these once-friendly allied nations.


By February 2075, Canada agreed to be annexed by the US, thus allowing the North American continent to be unified under one government. Together, they were a sovereign nation gearing up to fight the Chinese and take back Alaska for their own.


But many Canadians weren't exactly happy about this, and a resistance formed to try and stop it. Let's just say that it didn't end well.



Because of all this wonderful Fallout history, the Great White North could be an incredible location for modders to explore and expand upon within Fallout 4. Perhaps we could even see a pre-war mod which explores the events of the Canadian resistance against the US. Alternatively, we could see what a snow-covered Canadian wasteland might look like in 2287.


Side Note: If you have a specific itch for a snowy wasteland, then be sure to check out the upcoming Fallout: The Frontier mod, which is set in a nuclear winterized version of Portland, Oregon during the events of Fallout: New Vegas and the war between the NCR and Legion.


With modders aiming to re-create and port over Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4, it's hard not to think about other locations from the franchise that we'd love to see recreated in Bethesda's most recent iteration of the Wasteland.


Throughout the history of Fallout, there have been tons of interesting locations to explore. And with no word of a new game in the series coming any time soon, we die-hard fans are even more desperate for anything new in Fallout 4  -- and these five locations are prime candidates for modders to bring a fresh experience to the game. 

The Top 8 Open World Games So Far https://www.gameskinny.com/udwie/the-top-8-open-world-games-so-far https://www.gameskinny.com/udwie/the-top-8-open-world-games-so-far Thu, 20 Apr 2017 08:00:01 -0400 Stephen Brown

For many people, a big draw for playing video games is escapism. They allow you to break away from the monotony of real life for a few hours a day. And they give players tons of freedom -- freedom to choose how they play, freedom to be someone else, freedom to explore a huge and vivid world.

That's why open world games have become hugely popular over the last 10 years or so. In fact, they've become so popular that the genre is starting to feel oversaturated -- especially with lots of both sub-par indies and AAA games crowding the market. But in the myriad of open world games out there, there are several that really get their game worlds right.

Here are a few of my favorites. Let's see why they're the best of the bunch. 

8. Dying Light (2015)

From Dying Light: the Following

Big open spaces, slaying hordes of zombies, parkour, what more could you ask for in this undead recipe for incredible fun. Dying Light got so much right when it comes to freedom and exploration. The maps were huge (especially the map in the Following DLC), combat was extremely satisfying, particularly when you unlock new moves and upgrade your weapons allowing for more unique fighting situations.

The first person parkour system was a great design choice in allowing for greater immersion and heightens the scarier sections, more so at night when facing the fast and deadly volatile. Even though the main story is nothing to write home about, the rest of the game more than makes up for this plus, the DLC improves the game even more with the addition of having a vehicle to roam around in.

7. Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)

Being a huge fan of the Dragon Age franchise, I was cautiously optimistic when Dragon Age: Inquisition was announced to be open world. Although yes, it is not fully open world as the world is split up into sections, however those sections are so massive, I believe it still counts.

After the mixed reception of Dragon Age 2 (I personally liked the game despite its flaws), the move from linear corridors to open environments was a huge breath of fresh air. The locales are rich, vibrant, massive and greatly varied. I found the combat the best in the series, a good mix between the tactile Origins and action heavy second game. More importantly, the story and characters. Storywise it was better than 2 but not as good as Origins, I found the main villain to be a bit weak and not hugely threatening, however he does the job competently.

The characters on the the other hand is one of the game's standout aspects, Characters like Iron Bull, Dorian, Varric, Vivienne, and Cassandra are all very likeable and hilarious. They all share banter between each other adding to their personalities. Also, Morrigan makes a return who makes the game 10 times better by herself.

6. Red Dead Redemption (2010)

I've never been a fan of Grand Theft Auto but I appreciate their significance in the open world genre. Red Dead Redemption on the other hand I absolutely love, from its world, the wild west setting and its strong cast of characters to the gripping and ultimately sad ending.

The main character, John Marston, is a relatable and highly likeable anti-hero. A man wanting redemption for his past criminal actions in order to provide a better life for his family. With a wide range of side quests and activities to indulge your time in such as playing poker and bounty hunting, you'll be kept busy for a long time.

The online play was massively fun and only added greater value to this wild west masterpiece. Also having one of the best DLC's ever in Undead Nightmare, is just the icing on the cake as it allowed you to fight the undead horde on the back of a horse from hell.

5. Final Fantasy 15 (2016)

A game 10 years in the making. For gamers and fans of the series, 10 agonising years of delays and waiting. Well, Final Fantasy XV finally came out and luckily, it hardly suffered from the development cycle hell of those painfully long years.

It's visually stunning game with a massive open world that you can traverse by walking, by chocobo or by literally cruising in your car which is made better by the fact that you have a radio that allows you to listen to a huge selection of songs from the entire series. The strong cast of main characters are enjoyable to have on the adventure and the main villain is arguably one of the most complex and intriguing in the entire series, on par with the likes of Sephiroth and Kefka.

Having an action combat system similar to Kingdom Hearts is a much welcome change for the franchise, being tactical, fast paced and engaging. Having watched Kingsglaive and Brotherhood beforehand added to the story and together, make the overall narrative one of the best in the series.

4. Minecraft (2011)

One of the best selling games of all time, Minecraft captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its simplistic art style and premise, complete freedom to create whatever you want.

Do you want to just build a small house to store things while you go off exploring, you can do that. How about turning to agriculture and slowly building the biggest farm you can think of, sure go ahead. Perhaps you want to go in creative mode with unlimited resources so you can design and build an explorable Hogwarts, by all means, if you have the time just do it.

Giving this much freedom of choice to the player is what makes Minecraft arguably one of the greatest open world games ever created. Just watch out for a faint hissing noise while building and near explosives as you might just see your entire creation destroyed by a creeper.

3. Fallout New Vegas (2010)

With this entry in the series, it is arguably the best in Bethesda's side of the franchise. Don't get me wrong, I like Fallout 3 but New Vegas improved so many aspects, making it stand out much more than the others. Furthermore, Fallout 4 was such a disappointment for me but I won't get into that in this list.

What made New Vegas so good was the focus on player choice leading to such diversity in its factions and endings, however my only major gripe with the game was that you could not continue after the final mission. You had to reload a previous save, but it wasn't a big enough deal, just a design choice.

The companion system was improved, allowing you to receive experience if your follower killed something making it a better plan to have a companion with you. Overall, I liked the setting of Nevada and the interesting story and side quests, the DLC wasn't as good as Fallout 3 but were still good additions.

2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)

What?! How do I think Oblivion is better than Skyrim. Well, frankly I genuinely feel that Oblivion added to and improved the Elder Scrolls series much more than Skyrim. It drastically improved the combat from Morrowind, however Bethesda, no matter what entry in the franchise still hasn't got a magic system that works very well.

This game feels more Elder Scrolls for me than Skyrim, it has more heart and soul. The plastic skinned characters actually spoke as if they were interested in what you had to say whereas most citizens of Skyrim sounded tired and depressed. The guilds were mostly better, offering truly unique side quests such as the murder house quests, where you're tasked with assassinating everyone in the mansion whilst watching them slowly go mad and accusing everyone else but you.

It was moments like this that made Oblivion stand out as my favourite Bethesda RPG. It also helps that it has one of the best pieces of add on content, the Shivering Isles, which was such an incredible adventure to experience.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

Well, what can I already say about this masterpiece of an RPG that many others haven't already said. The Witcher 3 truly and drastically changed my expectations for what an open world game can achieve. Its main narrative kept me hooked throughout my total 90 hours in the main game.

This was only amplified by the diverse, interesting and multi-dimensional characters that inhabited the world. I felt so invested in these characters that when anything bad happened to them, it made me really emotional (even actually crying at some points). Its combat was addictively fun and strategic, where boss battles really tested your skill and reflexes, particularly on harder difficulties.

One of the most important positive aspects of this game is that it has arguably the best side quest design in an open world game, where I really wanted to find and complete side quests just for the story that accompanied them and not for the prospect of a reward.

The generous price for quality DLC, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are some of if not the best DLC ever made, with the former really experimenting with the narrative, culminating in one of the most creepy and well design boss sections I've played. The latter added a massive and visually different region to the main game, which I spent roughly 30 hours exploring and finishing to completion.

I would love to go into greater detail about how much I love the Witcher 3, but I can't, so I will say this last thing. Long after the credits rolled and months after my second playthrough on the hardest difficulty, I'm longing to go back right to the beginning and start again. I want to see all the characters and experience the amazing side missions all over again.

My Final Thoughts

I definitely believe that open world games have that certain quality that makes it easy for us gamers to become hooked and invested in these games. But it is when these incredibly designed worlds are joined with impeccable storytelling and relatable and interesting characters that make the journey/experience all the more worthwhile and memorable.

When a game makes you think about its story, world and characters long after finishing is when you know that the developers have made something truly special. For me, The Witcher 3 did this with such ease and grace and that's why it is my favourite open world game ever so far. Thanks for reading.

7 Things Fallout: New Vegas 2 Should do if it Wants to be a Better Sequel https://www.gameskinny.com/yvgnq/7-things-fallout-new-vegas-2-should-do-if-it-wants-to-be-a-better-sequel https://www.gameskinny.com/yvgnq/7-things-fallout-new-vegas-2-should-do-if-it-wants-to-be-a-better-sequel Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:49:42 -0500 Clayton Reisbeck

Fallout: New Vegas is widely regarded as the best of the new line of Fallout games. It's story was extremely engaging, the faction mechanics introduced added depth and a feeling of actually having an impact in the game's world, and it's extended content just added some of the best storytelling I've seen in a Fallout game. Seeing this game and the things it accomplished really gave fans hope for what the 4th installment of the series could possibly bring us.

I don't think that it's that controversial when I say that Fallout 4 was pretty widely regarded as a disappointment when being compared to the other entries in the series. This is even coming from someone who has logged around 115 hours into the game between his PC file and PS4 file -- I'm not saying that it's a bad game but I do believe it isn't the strongest in the series.

So if Obsidian were to get the go ahead to make the next installment of the Fallout series, what sort of things would they need to do to ensure that it was a step forward for the series? I think I may be able to help with some of those.

Here is a list of 6 things that would ensure that Obsidian's next Fallout game would be a better sequel to Fallout 4.

1. Bring back the old dialogue system

The biggest complaint that I have seen Fallout fans have of Fallout 4 is how lacking the dialogue system is. Instead of having the listed options for response like Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 opted for having only 4 options for dialogue that could be mapped to the 4 different buttons on a controller.

This led to having far fewer options for making the story of the game feel less like you were taking your own character through it and more like having a character that the writers wanted you to have.

If Fallout: New Vegas 2 wants to solidify itself as the better game, they need to bring back the old dialogue system. Giving the player the option to weave their own story is what makes the Fallout series so special to me. Not only that, the old dialogue system allowed for more world-building on the writer's part. I could follow a dialogue path down a rabbit hole. Ultimately, I would end up getting a better picture on how the quest was going to proceed or even walk away with extra things that a speech challenge could give me.

2. Give me the choice to be a bad guy instead of forcing me to be the bad guy

Being a bad guy wasn't really an option in Fallout 4 until the Nuka-World DLC was released, but the issue with Nuka-World was that it wasn't presenting the option to be a bad guy, the entire point of the DLC was being the bad guy. I so wish that I would have had a way to get the raiders out of Nuka-World and get it running again.

This is something that Fallout: New Vegas did so wonderfully. There were so many paths to be bad. Whether you wanted to side with Mr. House and say 'fuck it' to all of the factions in the game or you go with Caesar's Legion and take down the NCR, you could really take your own path and make some serious trouble in this game. If Fallout: New Vegas 2 were to bring back these options, the game would truly be something special.

 3. Focus on the story

I play games for their story. It is my favorite thing in the world when a game is able to get me lost in the narrative it is weaving. If I'm spending my time away from the game thinking about where the game is going to take me next, it's doing something right.

Fallout 4 wasn't able to do that for me. It's story really fell short for me and I found that extremely disappointing. Coming from spending so much time with Fallout 3's story, Fallout 4 just wasn't able to deliver. I actually found the story I was looking for in Fallout: New Vegas. Considering that Obsidian made that game as well, if Fallout: New Vegas 2 is actually going to happen, I think we don't have much to worry about.

4. Bring back Ammunition Creation

I can't tell you how many times I looked at the behemoth that is the crafting system in Fallout 4 and wondering why in the hell they didn't add a ammo crafting system. In a world where finding ammunition is actually hard to do, being able to craft your own ammunition would have been such a welcome sight. It would fit extremely well in the world of Fallout. Fallout: New Vegas had this ability so it seems extremely silly that it wasn't something that Fallout 4 didn't incorporate into the game.

 5. Give me more quality extended content

I hold the DLC of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas up as some of the best post release content ever put out. I remember spending hours in each of the DLCs of Fallout 3 and loving the stories that they were telling -- Even some of my least favorites of those DLCs were pretty good.

Then comes the DLC of Fallout 4 and I find myself pretty let down. There were really 2 pieces of DLC that I feel were worth their price (Far Harbor and Nuka-World) but the other 3 felt like such a let down. I expected being told more engaging stories that I would be able to come back to time and time again and all I got were a couple things that showed me that they could do it but didn't want to and some more toys to play with in the crafting mode. Considering I really didn't get along with the crafting mode, they were a let down.

If Fallout: New Vegas 2 were to bring back the old model of post release content, I would be ecstatic. I want to be shown new worlds with unique things going on in them that I can explore. That is what made the DLC's of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas so special. Even the big pieces of added story content for Fallout 4 were able to do that for me (Far Harbor is one of the best pieces of post release content I've ever played) so why can't we get that back?

 6. Factions need to actually matter

Going from the factions of Fallout: New Vegas where it really felt like what factions you had aligned yourself with mattered, to the nowhere near as fleshed out  factions of Fallout 4 was a pretty big disappointment. While I understand the thought of giving you three factions that were fighting over the commonwealth in order to establish their ideology as the reigning thought in the region, it ended up feeling like you had a choice of a clear bad guy, a clear good guy and some guys who were kind of in the grey leaning toward good. On top of that, being a part of one of these factions really never felt like it mattered.

Fallout: New Vegas' factions had serious weight to them. If you were wearing certain parts of a factions garb, people treated you in different ways. On top of that, some factions presented new ways to progress. Take the opening questline of the game for example. In Goodsprings, you had the option of either helping out the people of the town or joining up with the Powder Gangers and end up killing all the people in town.

If Fallout: New Vegas 2 were to bring back this system, I feel that fans would be overjoyed. Having all the options that the old factions gave players would be such a breath of fresh air to the series. It would allow for that feeling of a player crafting their own story that Fallout 4 was missing.

 7. Infinite quests need to be removed

The idea of always having something to do in the game was a nice thought for Fallout 4, but it's execution was very lacking. Whether it was the Brotherhood of Steel sending you out to collect another piece of useless technology or Preston Garvey telling you that, once again, a settlement was in trouble and you needed to go help, the infinite quests were annoying and just took up space in my quest log.

Fallout: New Vegas 2 could rework the system and make those questlines feel more engaging and rewarding but I really feel that the game would be much better if they were removed entirely. It was never a problem in the past of finding something to do in Fallout. I could have spent hours in Fallout 3 just wandering around the Capital Wasteland -- If your world is built well enough, players will find something to do.

We may never get another Fallout installment from Obsidian, but if we do, I know there will be a hoard of fans clamoring to get their hands on it. They set the bar so high with Fallout: New Vegas and to be able to see them come back and have a crack at it again would be something fantastic to see. Even if some of the things on this list don't make it into what ever game they make, I trust that they will be able to make a game that will be extremely enjoyable and worthy of the Fallout name.

What do you all think? What would you like to see if Fallout: New Vegas 2 were to be made? Let us know in the comments!

A Man Can Dream: 5 Games Perfect for the Nintendo Switch https://www.gameskinny.com/r4bug/a-man-can-dream-5-games-perfect-for-the-nintendo-switch https://www.gameskinny.com/r4bug/a-man-can-dream-5-games-perfect-for-the-nintendo-switch Thu, 19 Jan 2017 07:00:01 -0500 Eric Adams


So there you have it, my 5 games that will probably never come to the Switch. Would they be great on the system? Absolutely, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t make the decisions around here so bully. Sure, some have a better chance than others but you should take all of these as a dream scenario rather than a realistic one.


The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd, 2017. What games would you like to see come to the latest console by Nintendo? Let me know in the comments below!


Dead By Daylight

Chances of getting Switched: 5 percent

Here we have the ultimate reach. I don’t think Dead By Daylight has a chance to come to PS4 and Xbox One, much less the Nintendo Switch, but the title of the article is A MAN CAN DREAM! Dead By Daylight is literally the game that was made for the Switch. Think about it, local multiplayer allows for up to 8 people to connect online. If that isn’t what Dead By Daylight was made for then I’m at a loss for words.


Imagine you and some friends hanging out in a dark room playing Dead By Daylight on your own Switch. While the killer of the group is certainly having fun, the others can all freak out together so it’s great! I know it isn’t likely at all, but this game would be endlessly fun on the Switch.


Edit: Dead By Daylight will be hitting PS4 and Xbox One in 2017...SO THINGS CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE!



Chances of getting Switched: 50 percent

I will be supporting Skyrim for the Switch by purchasing the game. I want Skyrim to do well for one reason, show Bethesda that your titles will sell well on the Switch. I am glad that the Switch has a game as big as Skyrim even if it is a port of a 5-year-old game. It’s still a big deal and Nintendo should treat it as such.


The Fallout series is incredibly popular and, like the Dark Souls series, would be perfect on the go. If Bethesda sees potential gain and profits from Skyrim selling well on the console, then they will return to do business with Nintendo. If Skyrim does well, then Fallout on the Switch will be a possibility.


Dark Souls 3 (or any Souls game for that matter)

Chances of getting Switched: 25 percent

It has been confirmed that Nintendo has a large list of developers helping them create content for the Switch. Among that list is From Software, the company responsible for the Dark Souls series of games. When the list of developers was revealed, all players of the Dark Souls Franchise revealed at the possible thought of Dark Souls on the go.


Now, it’s important to note that developer support for the WiiU faded once the system launched and some may be cautious about that happening to the Switch. The Nintendo Switch will go over way better with the public than the WiiU did, but enough to merit a Dark Souls port? I don’t think so. Would love to see it happening but don’t get your hopes up.


Final Fantasy XV

Chances of getting Switched: 30 percent

Other than Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata saying that he would like to make games for the Switch, there’s not much to go on here. There were some rumors for a remaster of a past game for the system, but we’ll believe it when we see it. There are also plenty of other Square Enix games slated for release for Switch this coming year, so it's not like the two companies are unfamiliar with one another. Reading what the director of the game had to say, it certainly seems as if it can be done then it will be done.


However, Final Fantasy XV is a very demanding game in terms of graphics and it remains to be seen if the Switch can handle such a game. If Skyrim is coming, then a game like this surely seems possible. Right?


Rocket League

Chances of getting Switched: 50 percent

Let’s start with THE perfect game for the Switch. Rocket league has been a major hit ever since it launched in the July of 2015. It has only grown bigger and bigger over time, and developer Psyonix has really created one of the best sports games ever with one of the quirkiest of ideas. So, since Rocket League spans across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, is there a chance it comes to Nintendo’s latest console?


Since Rocket League is on 3 platforms, the hope is that it can come to a 4th. However, Nintendo needs to show it can handle online multiplayer with more stability than it has in the past. Fans of Nintendo don’t want a watered down Rocket League, they want the real thing. If it is at all possible and Nintendo creates a stable online service with the ability to play games such as Rocket League, then it will happen.


Nintendo, having recently unveiled the Nintendo Switch launch details, has started to fill out the slate of games that will release in the first year. There are plenty of big games coming such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition in April, Splatoon 2 coming this summer and Super Mario Odyssey coming during the holiday season.


However excited people may be, they will always look at the games list and think about that one game that they would love to see come to the Switch. While most of the games people are hoping for are extremely unlikely, some have a much better chance than others.

Post-Apocalyptic RPGs to Play as You Prepare for the Inevitable End of the World https://www.gameskinny.com/iwgj2/post-apocalyptic-rpgs-to-play-as-you-prepare-for-the-inevitable-end-of-the-world https://www.gameskinny.com/iwgj2/post-apocalyptic-rpgs-to-play-as-you-prepare-for-the-inevitable-end-of-the-world Fri, 04 Nov 2016 10:11:08 -0400 Justin Michael

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that election day is close at hand here in America. While some people may be voting early or attending that final rally for their candidate, there is something as equally important to have in the back of your mind...


Okay, maybe I play too many post-apocalyptic video games. But, what if this was to my benefit? What if my experiences in game translated into viable survival skills? We'll pretend for a moment that this is the case, and take a look at the scenarios.

Okay, so candidate X wins the presidency and we have our new Evil Overlord genuinely concerned leader who is completely unbiased about the state of affairs of our great nation. But then, some dastardly force unleashes upon us a chemical zombie virus!

zombie hand reaching up from the dirt

State of Decay

Zombie survival simulator

If there is one thing I have learned about surviving the end of the world via zombies, it's that you can only really rely on yourself. State of Decay has taught me the finer points of survival:

  • Leaving yourself supply caches throughout the ruined city in case of emergency
  • Always carry a backup weapon, preferably melee
  • Helping your neighbors can help you, especially if they're a doctor
  • Don't drink the water from the lake full of zombie bodies

Okay, but, what if it isn't zombies? Maybe our glorious leader somehow manages to make the wrong people mad? I know that it's highly unlikely given that the candidates are professional, charismatic, and upstanding citizens but remember, this is just some worst case scenario planning.

What if, despite their good intentions, there were to be a nuclear Armageddon instead of a zombie outbreak?

Yes man Fallout: New vegas

Fallout: New Vegas 

Nuclear Annihilation Simulator

The Fallout franchise has much to offer to those willing to learn. Even if it's set in an alternate timeline when nuclear power was harnessed over fossil fuels and people still dressed like it was the roaring 20's.

In this case, I want to look at Fallout: New Vegas. In New Vegas, we take on the persona of a post-apocalyptic mail carrier who was shot in the line of duty but kinda shrugs it off.

This game teaches resourcefulness -- like turning cactus fruit into a delicious, thirst-quenching beverage or turning junk into ammunition. Not only that, but it teaches you to think before you act. Why rush headlong into a Super Mutant ambush when you can wait for those pesky raiders to meet their well-deserved fate?

And people skills...you'll learn people skills as well. You'll meet all kinds of people at the end of the world. Some will be helpful, like you. Others will be jerks, like the raiders.  And others still will only care about the greater good for their fellow man though they themselves are but a robot sporting a blank, lifeless stare.

Okay, okay. I can hear you now. "Justin, what you're saying is utter nonsense. None of these things are likely, let alone probable." Well, I still have one more pitch.

What if we elect the wrong person? What if, we screw up so badly that the Earth itself decides to punish our poor judgment with a massive natural disaster? Yes, I even have a game for that. 

I am Alive ruined bridge

I am Alive 

Natural Disaster Simulator

In I am Alive, a disaster only known as "The Event" destroys most of the major cities in the United States. The government does the best it can to help the people, but there just isn't enough resources to go around. Popular novelist Neil Gaiman once wrote that "civilization is two meals and twenty-four hours away from barbarism" and this game takes that to heart. 

One of the key takeaways from this game is that you don't have to devolve into violence, but chances are those around you will. Other survivors want what little you have -- food, water, medical supplies. You can choose to give what you have or fight for your life and meager supplies, typically against overwhelming numbers. 

Did I mention that this game has lots of urban exploring? You get to traverse the ruined cityscape and search for goodies to make your survival easier. But, you best keep an eye on your stamina.

Don't forget the great intimidation system over flat out combat. Generally, enemies don't know your gun is devoid of bullets until your bluff fails and the tension is furthered by the useless click of the hammer as you're surrounded.

Remember folks, these are all just scenarios. I'm hoping fairly sure that it won't come to this and that our great country will be in caring hands. But, if you haven't played these games, then I totally recommend them if for nothing more than some quality entertainment.

Got a game that taught you some great tips for surviving the end of the world? Tell me about it in the comments below. 

5 FPS Games That Would Make Amazing VR Experiences https://www.gameskinny.com/7cfpu/5-fps-games-that-would-make-amazing-vr-experiences https://www.gameskinny.com/7cfpu/5-fps-games-that-would-make-amazing-vr-experiences Mon, 31 Oct 2016 05:54:47 -0400 Caio Sampaio

The idea of designing alternative realities started in 1935, in a short story written by Stanley G. Weinbaum. At the time, most people regarded this concept as the mere imagining of a writer, but some did not. Scientists started to turn this idea into reality, but progress remained stagnant for many decades, due to the lack of computational power to render virtual worlds.

Nowadays; however, we live in an era in which the technology required to use Virtual Reality (VR) already exists and the video game industry is starting to use it in full force. As gamers wait anxiously to see which upcoming release will feature VR, we invite you to look back, at five first person Shooters that would be ideal candidates for implementing this technology.

It is important; however, to first establish a few concepts behind experiences in this medium.

How to know a game can make the most out of VR

Video games consist of allowing the player to interact with an audio and visual product, in order to create an experience. The conjunction of the audio and visual elements evokes the mood of the game -- the feeling it sends to its audience.

Virtual Reality aims to enhance the visual portion of the player’s journey by creating a more immersive experience, which emphasizes the “feel”, or the tone, the game has.

While developers can use VR in any game, this technology will be better used if implemented in productions that can deliver a clear mood to its players, The game world must be rich enough that it's augmented by VR, thus allowing the game to create a more engaging experience.

Productions that do not evoke a particular feeling in the audience will not be able to use VR to its fullest. But there are other aspects that a game designer must have in mind, in order to craft a narrative for Virtual Reality.

VR is all about immersing the audience in another world and letting players feel as the protagonists of the story. Having said that, a game that suits the prerequisites for a compelling VR experience must not have cutscenes -- because they take control away from players, break the pacing of the narrative and also break the immersion thereof, thus defeating the purpose of VR.

Another important element to be aware of is having a silent protagonist. As previously stated, in order to create a more immersive experience, players must be in control at all times. If players listen the protagonist speaking in a voice that is not theirs, this may break the immersion of the game.

Instead of allowing the protagonist to drop a line of dialogue, designers should create the experience in a way that the actions of the player will do the talking for them. The player is not meant to merely control the protagonist. The player is supposed to BE the protagonist -- and VR drives that home.

So these are the three basic criteria to determine whether a first person shooter can use VR to its fullest: the game must evoke a feeling in their players, keep cutscenes at a minimum and have a silent protagonist.

So now, with that in mind, let's look at five games that meet these standards and could easily deliver amazing VR experiences.

1. Half-Life 2

In 2004, the video game community was able to become Gordon Freeman and fight the Combine forces one more time, with the objective of escaping from City 17. Throughout the experience, developers emphasized the tone of the game, loneliness, by making players feel alone in the vast universe of Half-Life 2 -- and they used a simple technique as the key device to accomplish this.

In a video game, what matters is what seems real, not what actually is real. With this said, in the majority of the maps in this game, players see constructions that they cannot enter, whether near or far into the horizon, as seen in the image above.

The objective is to communicate the size of the universe and make it seem larger than it actually is. Developers accomplished the feeling of solitude by making the protagonist feel small in comparison to their surroundings.

The implementation of VR can improve the experience by emphasizing this tone. No matter where players look, there will be nothing but a vast area, with no one there.

VR can also deliver a more compelling experience when players are in close quarters, facing the zombie-like enemies of this game, which can make for memorable jump scares.

2. BioShock

Released in 2007, the first title of the franchise introduced players to the underwater dystopia of Rapture -- and most importantly, to the story behind it. As players traveled through the streets, they met the enemies of the game, known as Splicers, which were mutated individuals whose lives took a wrong turn.

Featuring deformed faces and tumors on their bodies, they meet one criteria to become characters in a horror story: the uncanny.

The "uncanny" states that we, as human beings, tend to rely on patterns when reasoning. For instance, we have the belief that people are humanoid figures, with two arms and two legs. This inner logic is our comfort zone, but once something challenges our belief, it creates discomfort on us. This is the uncanny and also the reason why horror games and films often feature monsters that have similarities with humans. They discomfort the audience.

In BioShock, developers used this principle when crafting the enemies of the game, considering that they are human, but have features that are not usually seen in people -- thus challenging the notions of how humans are supposed to look like and making the audience feel uncomfortable.

The developers used this principle not only to design Splicers, but also to craft the entire game. Nothing in the city of Rapture is 100% equal to what we know in real life. This may be unsettling and even intimidating at first, but after players get used to it, the uncanny creates curiosity and the need to explore. As Atlas said in the beginning of the game:

“Whatever you thought you knew about right and wrong, well, that doesn’t count for much down in Rapture”

Virtual Reality can add to the experience by allowing players to get a closer look at the world of BioShock and its citizens, in order to enhance the uncanny element for the players and add to their curiosity.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

In 2007, the Call of Duty franchise left World War II behind, as it shifted its attention to contemporary conflicts. Critics and players praised the title and many other games tried to replicate the same success -- but they failed, ultimately because they did not mimic one element of Modern Warfare that was crucial for it to thrive.

In Call of Duty 4, players perform the same activity during the 10 hours story mode. Shoot, cover, run and repeat the cycle. Explained this way, the experience does not seem compelling, but the developers ensured players would not get bored by making each shootout occur under a different circumstance, thus changing the tone of the production.

In certain scenes, players would feel empowered after using a machine gun to defeat dozens of enemies -- and in others, intimidated after falling for an ambush, for instance. The game uses a variety of tones, in order to make the activity of defeating enemies seem different each time, as the scenario and the setting are altered.

Considering that the constant shift in the tone of the game was a key element for its success, the immersion virtual reality provides to players has the potential to emphasize the various feelings the game transmits, making it more compelling.

4. Fallout: New Vegas

Released on October 19th, 2010 by Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Sotfworks, the fourth installment of the Fallout franchise allowed players to explore the wastelands around what once was the pulsing city of Las Vegas, now known as New Vegas.

The game starts with players in a small town far away from their destination, but the shining city of New Vegas stands out in the horizon. The main goal is using it as a visual clue to guide players, but developers used this technique several times throughout the game, for another purpose.

As players explored the wasteland, they would often see buildings from a distance. Considering that each town offers a story regarding what happened in that location, players felt motivated to continue playing, in order to reach the small town they had just seen from a distance and explore it.

This adds to the mood of the game, which is hinged on curiosity and the desire to explore more. Added to the dazzling visuals the vast wasteland produces, implementing Virtual Reality in this game would improve the experience as a whole.

5. F.E.A.R.

Watch your every step, for it may be the last. This is the premise behind this game, released in 2005 by Monolith Productions. This mix of a first person shooter and a horror movie that puts players in the shoes of the commander of the F.E.A.R. unit -- an elite team trained to deal with supernatural enemies.

Using elements from Japanese horror films, F.E.A.R. relies on a combination of suspense and jump scares, in order to keep players on the edge of their seats. Due to the close quarters nature of this game, its maps rely mostly on a sequence of corridors and corners -- and one of the most compelling elements from this production is the difficulty for players to anticipate the scares.

Combining these two factors, the result is an experience in which players never know what to expect behind each door and around each corner, thus making it an ideal candidate to receive VR support, as it would add to the feeling of suspense and make the bones of players cringe even harder.


While, unfortunately, we cannot go back in time and design the games we love specifically for Virtual Reality, it is important to think of which elements would make them a compelling experience for VR. These lessons learned from the games of the past will help developers to craft the productions of tomorrow.

Let us know which games you would like to see in VR in the comments section.

The 11 Best Horror Mods For All Your Favorite Games https://www.gameskinny.com/esfn9/the-11-best-horror-mods-for-all-your-favorite-games https://www.gameskinny.com/esfn9/the-11-best-horror-mods-for-all-your-favorite-games Mon, 10 Oct 2016 02:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur


You may have noticed while scrolling through this list that there was no Fallout 4 entry – that's because we have a whole article devoted just to mods that turn the Boston Commonwealth into a horrific nightmare!


Have you played any of our picks for the best horror mods, and what scary total conversions would you recommend we try out this Halloween?


Minecraft: Resident Evil Mod


Get It Here!


We'll finish this list off with a silly little entry that puts all sorts of Resident Evil characters into pixel format for Minecraft! Through this mod you can now interact with characters like Nemesis, craft classic RE items like green and red herbs, etc. It's just plain old goofy fun for a bloody twist on Minecraft world building mechanics.



Skyrim: The Puppet King


Get It Here!


So, we could easily write 10 lists all of just Skyrim horror mods. There's got to b e dozens or even hundreds of them readily available online. This relatively smaller mod is an interesting example that ramps up the creepy factor with all the animated dolls and a staff that lets you craft your own puppet automaton companion.



Fallout New Vegas: Hell On Earth


Get It Here!


The Fallout games already have some mild horror elements with those irradiated ghouls and man-eating deathclaws, but this mod cranks that up to 11. There's bits of Silent Hill (Pyramid Head even makes an appearance) and all sorts of other horror tropes as the Courier explores new mist-shrouded locations that really do turn the wasteland into hell on earth!



Half-Life 2: Dear Esther


Get It Here!


Both of the Half-Life games have some incredible horror mods, so its hard to pick which ones to list. For Half-Life 2 we'll have to go with Dear Esther, which has a hazy, dream-like quality just dripping with atmosphere. It's much more slow moving than many of the other zombie-focused mods, but well worth experiencing anyway. 



Cry Of Fear


Get It Here!


Originally a Half-Life mod, Cry Of Fear became popular enough it is now available as a free standalone release through Steam. This dark mod has you exploring a mostly-empty city in search of clues for what's going in, in a Silent Hill meets Condemned style.



Half-Life: Paranoia


Get It Here!


The graphics are obviously quite dated at this point, but if you still enjoy playing the original Half-Life, Paranoia is an excellent mod to grab that offers a completely different experience, putting you in the role of a Russian soldier on a mission that will go very haywire.



Unreal Tournament 2004: Killing Floor


Get It Here!


Tournament 2004 is easily my personal favorite of the Unreal games, with fantastically ridiculous fast-paced arena combat. There was nothing like the thrill of hearing that announcer yell "dominating!" when you got a wicked kill streak going.


Killing Floor is a total conversion that drastically shifts style into a single player, modern day experience set in London that strongly pulls from F.E.A.R. 



Unreal Tournament 3: The Haunted


Get It Here!


It's always interesting to see the level of work and detail modders are able to put into conversions like these, taking action-focused games and massively changing their style and even visuals. The Haunted turns Unreal Tournament 3 into a zombie apocalypse simulator with a serious Resident Evil 4 vibe.



Far Cry 4: Devil In The Swamp


Get It Here!


There are a bunch of horror-focused custom maps that have now been made with the Far Cry 4 level editor, from basically unplayable movie demos to more objective-focused combat entries, and this visual feast is one of the more interesting ones to watch.


Completely different from the base game's style, Devil In The Swamp is thick on the atmosphere with creepy cabins, bone-strewn floors, bloody walls, and more.



Far Cry: Onirica


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Completely changing the color palette and style of Far Cry, Onirica evokes the feel of some of those classic horror titles of the PS1 days, from Nightmare Creatures to Silent Hill.



Starcraft 2: Resident Overmind


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A creative take on the RTS style of Starcraft 2, this custom map culls out all the base building elements and instead has you playing as one lone space marine. Our down-on-his-luck marine is headed to a military base strangely devoid of life... except for alien monstrosities that leap out of the darkness.


The camera angles are significantly modified from the base game, which coupled with the flickering darkness really changes the whole atmosphere and vibe of Starcraft to go in a survival horror direction.



October is prime time for pulling out the scary games, and we've already been covering the best of the best when it comes to atmospheric horror or straight up jump scares. You don't need to shell any money out for a new horror game if your collection is a little sparse though!


There are tons of mods available for existing games that take them a genuinely scary direction, from old classics like Half-Life all the way up to newer Far Cry, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout entries.


These 11 excellent mods all take shooter, strategy, or crafting games and add in a terrifying spin.

Fallout New Vegas getting backwards compatibility with Xbox One https://www.gameskinny.com/ffi86/fallout-new-vegas-getting-backwards-compatibility-with-xbox-one https://www.gameskinny.com/ffi86/fallout-new-vegas-getting-backwards-compatibility-with-xbox-one Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:42:06 -0400 Joey Marrazzo

Last year at E3, Microsoft gave gamers something they have been asking for since the launch of the Xbox One: backwards compatibility. Since then, Xbox 360 games have been released every month with the ability to play it on your Xbox One console.

Some big games have already been released for backwards compatibility including:

  • Left 4 Dead
  • Portal 2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Fallout 3
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Gears of War 1-3
  • Mass Effect

In the newest update, Fallout: New Vegas was made available to play on your Xbox One. New Vegas first released in 2010 for the 360. 

To play Fallout: New Vegas, you can purchase it from the Xbox store on your console or web browser, or you can insert your Fallout: New Vegas disk into the Xbox One. Then you will be set to go.

Other games that were made available for backwards compatibility this week are:

  • Blood Knights
  • Comic Jumper
  • Crystal Quest
  • I Am Alive
  • Joe Danger: Special Edition
  • Red Faction: Battlegrounds
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

More Xbox 360 titles will be made available for backwards compatibility when the game is ready. Until then, re-live your favorite games from the last generation and pick up those achievements that you couldn't get the first playthrough. 

The 10 Best Bethesda Video Game Tattoos https://www.gameskinny.com/m4q4s/the-10-best-bethesda-video-game-tattoos https://www.gameskinny.com/m4q4s/the-10-best-bethesda-video-game-tattoos Thu, 16 Jun 2016 09:12:54 -0400 Brandon Morgan

Bethesda, in my personal opinion, is one of the best game developers/publishers in the entire industry. Sure, their games generally launch with a lot of issues, but they ultimately end up quite polished and interesting. Massive open worlds seem to be their trademark, alongside extraordinary stories, characters, and gameplay. Just take a look at their E3 show from this week. It was incredible!

Some fans take their love of the studio a step further by permanently marking their body with a tattoo from one of Bethesda's franchises, such as The Elder Scrolls or Fallout. And we admire that kind of passion. So let's take a look at the 10 coolest tattoos we've seen which have been inspired by Bethesda and its franchises.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Arrow in the knee

We're starting out strong here, as this is probably one of the most adorable Skyrim tattoos on the entire internet. 

The iconic "took an arrow to the knee" line repeated by guards across the entirety of Skyrim has been immortalized as a caricature on this person's forearm. Just look at that coloring!

Honestly, we're a little bit jealous we didn't think of this first.

Dragonborn portrait

The sombre look in those black and gray eyes are enough to fill anyone with
a deep desire to load up Skyrim once more. The intricate detail that went into every single crack, crevice, and beard hair on this man's face is just impeccable. We can't even imagine how long it took to finish up the top portion alone.

And of course, the Dragonborn is front and center in the bottom half of the tattoo. Anyone who has played the game will know where this monster of a character comes from.

Black and red Dragonborn

Of course, anyone considering getting an Elder Scrolls tattoo may immediately think of the Dragonborn, as he is the most recognizable character in the entire franchise at this point. Some may think it would get boring, but when done right -- like it is in this tattoo to the left -- that really does not matter.

The deep black and red shading of the piece really helps it stand out.

Dark Brotherhood

This Elder Scrolls piece may seem kind of vague, but the owner of said piece was inspired by the Dark Brotherhood -- the assassin's guild -- of the franchise. 

Whoever did this tattoo has a lot of skill, as the knife blends incredibly well. The blood drops look fake, but that could simply be an aesthetic choice.


Vault Boy

Fallout is one of the only open-world, post-apocalyptic role-playing games that has stood the test of time. Today, with the recent release of Fallout 4, the franchise is as strong as ever, which means the love of the community is only growing.

This little chest tattoo is nothing more than the iconic Vault Boy inside of a Vault door. But it's still striking.

The coloring is bright, the detail is nearly impeccable, and the overall feel is really just wonderful.

Brotherhood of Steel

I've always been a fan of the Brotherhood of Steel within the Fallout world. They always seemed like the last knights trying to retain order in a dying world. Their motives are a bit more nefarious than that, though.

Their symbol, however, is known by every single player. The single sword at the forefront over gears and wings. This particular tattoo managed to capture the rugged appeal of their logo while shading it perfectly.

NCR Ranger

The NCR Ranger from Fallout: New Vegas wore what is probably considered the best armor in the entire game. The hidden nature of the face behind the mask makes it so much more mysterious and interesting.

While this tattoo does appear rugged and rough, we believe that may be the entire point. The Rangers were a rough-and-tumble type of group in the Mojave Wasteland, and this piece of artwork resembles that nature quite well.

Fallout (Shelter?)

This one reminds us more of Fallout Shelter than any of the role-playing games in the franchise.

Here we can see Vault Boy over the Vault-Tec logo. In the background, wary people are slowly entering the fallout shelter in an attempt to escape the bombs.

Overall, the high level of quality allows the viewer to make out everything with ease.


DOOM may be one of the newest releases from Bethesda, but the franchise has been around for a long, long time. This most recent iteration of the first-person shooter was good enough to warrant some ink, apparently.

This piece covers the entire back shoulders of one lucky fan, who has a monster from the franchise surrounded by machinery in a black-and-gray tattoo.


There are very few instances where a Dishonored tattoo might work quite well, but this hand tattoo is certainly one of them.

Sporting the same magical mark as the one adorning Corvo - the masked assassin - this fan really shows off his love for the series.

Thankfully, the first game wasn't the end. Bethesda recently announced Dishonored 2! Which means even more tattoo material is on the way.

The gaming community can sometimes be fanatical and difficult, but then you find those willing to show their love and support for a single developer/publisher and remember that it's all out of passion for the games we love. These tattoos are only the beginning, we promise you that.

10 Decisions That Suck No Matter Which Side You Choose https://www.gameskinny.com/nup9p/10-decisions-that-suck-no-matter-which-side-you-choose https://www.gameskinny.com/nup9p/10-decisions-that-suck-no-matter-which-side-you-choose Tue, 24 May 2016 06:58:49 -0400 Justin White

Games and media in this day and age are all about choice and the moral grey. Is this the right decision? Is it the wrong decision? Is it neither--with a negative outcome either way? This top ten list explores those latter types of decisions and choices, like having to choose which member of your squad will live or die, or whether or not to side with a particular group in a dispute--either way, the outcome will suck for somebody.

WatchMojo.com's top 10 list of the hardest gaming decisions they've had to make will contain spoilers for the following games:

  • Dragon Age II
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • Fable II
  • Mass Effect
  • Infamous 
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Deus Ex
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • L.A. Noire
  • The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series

Which choices you had to make haunted to you?

RoleCraft: Five Fallout 4 Survival Mode Immersion Tips https://www.gameskinny.com/d4ook/rolecraft-five-fallout-4-survival-mode-immersion-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/d4ook/rolecraft-five-fallout-4-survival-mode-immersion-tips Wed, 27 Apr 2016 06:56:12 -0400 Jim H. Moreno

It only took me about 10 hours into Fallout 4 to discover it wasn’t the RPG I was hoping for. After feeling very let down in almost exactly the same way with Fallout 3, I did what I saw many other fellow gamers doing -- load a fresh Fallout New Vegas run in Hardcore mode. 

Then, Bethesda announced the reworking of F4’s Survival mode into a properly challenging and more appropriate RPG design, very much like FNV’s Hardcore mode, and my hope was rekindled. After playing many hours in the Survival mode beta test, I want to share a few tips on what can be done to help enrich the roleplaying quality for any fellow roleplayers looking for a greater challenge in Fallout 4's Survival mode.

In case you aren't super familiar with this mode, you can also check out these articles: Fallout 4's Super-Survival mode will feature dehydration, starvation, and defecation, and Fallout 4 is only fun when played in Survival Mode.

Tip 1: Remove the HUD

Because Survival mode is still in beta, you can’t use any mods here, including HUD-altering or eliminating mods. Removing the HUD must be done via the Settings. Here’s how I have mine set:

Much of what the game shows you through the HUD is fluff and redundant, as the Pip-Boy also shows you the same elements. Plus, the HUD simply breaks immersion -- and for me, only makes sense while wearing power armor. In Survival mode, be aware that there is a lot more info pushed to the HUD and Pip-Boy, including the important physical positive and negative effects your character has. Hiding the HUD brings forth a more intuitive and realistic element, and helps keep you immersed into the game world as you make use of your Pip-Boy.

Tip 2: Food and Water

Sustenance is at the top of the must-have list in Survival mode -- as it should be. Your character will need to eat food and drink water regularly to stay nourished and healthy. And since you want to keep any and all radiation at bay as much as possible, you will need to focus on finding and making your food and water radiation-free. Cooking your food before eating it is paramount to keeping healthy, as is purifying water before drinking it.

Empty beer and milk bottles are of greater use in Survival mode, as they can filled up with water and stored in your inventory, so you have an ample supply on you at all times. I recommend making bottle finding a priority, and filling them up with the purified water provided by vaults.

Dogmeat will often sniff out and alert you to items in your vicinity, making her the ideal companion to take along on scavenging missions. And don’t forget Dogmeat and the other companions may be commanded to fetch items at a distance for you, which is handy when you don’t want to risk breaking cover or stealth.

Tip 3: Reduce Radiation Exposure

As mentioned above, you want to take every measure possible to limit and eliminate your exposure to radiation, especially in Survival mode. So when a radstorm blows in from the Glowing Sea, immediately find an indoor location to hunker down in, and by indoor, I mean a location that you have to go through a loading screen to enter.

Simply popping a Rad-X (or any other chemicals) to help control your radiation exposure won’t fully cut it in Survival mode. Taking chemicals now has a chance of making you more susceptible to contracting diseases, or actually giving you one. Once that happens, you can easily burn through an entire stash of supplies while fighting off the disease. And since the Pip-Boy doesn’t have a weather forecasting app installed, it’s better to stick close to an indoor location where you can ride out radstorms.

Tip 4: Combat Advantage

Survival mode brings with it the added benefit of doing more damage in combat than in the other difficulty levels. However, enemies now also do more damage to you. So, since combat is inevitable at various points in the game, you should make sure to garner and use every advantage you can before sending rounds downrange.

Here, I want to mention three combat advantage elements specifically: surprise, high ground, and cover. Surprise is a prime factor, of course, and when used correctly, can allow you to engage in combat, down an enemy, and disengage combat quickly, giving you an increased chance at surviving.

Cover is also highly important, no matter what armor you’re wearing. Much like radiation exposure, you definitely want to not get hit by enemy fire, not even a single shot, if at all possible. One shot hitting you can make you dig into your precious and meager stash and use a host of items just to stay alive, not to mention taking your attention immediately away from the combat situation.

I watch more than a few hours of F4 Youtube videos and Twitch streams weekly, and players using high ground to their advantage is something I rarely see. High ground doesn’t have to be a tall building, and you also don’t have to have a sniper rifle to make use of it. As in the screenshot below, simply climbing on a gas tank is very often enough to keep you out of harm’s way.

Tip 5: Plan

Imagine if you were in a living in real life in the aftermath of a nuclear armageddon. Is there any time when you would NOT take a moment to think about what you need to do to survive? I highly doubt it. So it is here in Survival mode. With the dawning of each new day, you should start by thinking about a plan of action, including the who, what, where, when, and why of it all.

There is a lot to do in F4, and if you don’t have a plan, things can quickly get turned around and confusing, leading to multiple horrible deaths. So how to handle it? One way I do is by using the handy Trello app outside of game to plan and track locations I’ve been to, who and what was there, locks I can’t yet pick, and terminals I can’t yet hack.

Tracking beds becomes supremely important in Survival mode, since they are the only places where you can save your game. Notes on indoor locations, items you stashed away to get on your next visit to a location, and places that don’t show up on your Pip-Boy are just a few other things that a plan will help make successfully happen.

One of the greatest things about roleplaying is that everyone can do it according to their own style. So, of course, I’m not saying this is how you should roleplay here. I am simply sharing a few immersion tips you may also want to use to help you tackle surviving in the harsh Commonwealth that I am also surviving in. If anything here helps you, I would love to hear about it. If you have tips of your own to share, please do so in the comments below.

Until next time, role on!

The 10 Best Bars in Video Game History https://www.gameskinny.com/uvfvt/the-10-best-bars-in-video-game-history https://www.gameskinny.com/uvfvt/the-10-best-bars-in-video-game-history Thu, 17 Mar 2016 03:51:01 -0400 Brandon Morgan

Most video games aren't about relaxing, having a nice pint of Guinness, and telling tales from a bar stool. Instead, you would find yourself visiting such a location to receive a new quest or job, sell your loot, or perhaps speak to an NPC about a missing item.

Sadly, a lot of players will duck into these dives and then find themselves outside in an instant. No one takes the time to really take in the universe and the setting. Well, we think that should change -- and these ten bars should help immensely.

100 Rads

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

After the collapse of civilization, even those hunting their way through the Exclusion Zone in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl need to relax for a moment from the worries of the post-apocalyptic world.

100 Rads, the closest civilized establishment in the wastes, can get you away from anomalies and into the loving arms of other fighters.


Wing Commander

Shotglass's, which is run by a fellow named Shotglass, runs a legendary bar in Wing Commander from 1990. This is obviously a classic.

There is not much to do within the iconic bar, but the single track that plays is absolutely wonderful. The ambiance is the reason to be there.

Sierra Madre Casino

Fallout: New Vegas

While the Sierra Madre Casino from Fallout: New Vegas' Dead Money expansion is basically empty, you cannot argue against the aesthetics.

The hologram cashier will pay you in pre-war dollars instead of chips. There are numerous gamblers missing, though.

The Blue Casket

Grim Fandango

The Blue Casket from Grim Fandango (1998) feels more like a slam poetry establishment than anything else. Here, the player will experience dark undertones and morbid poetry being told.

Olivia, the poet in question, has some great lines for those willing to sit through it.

The Hairy Bear Inn

The Witcher

While the name may imply a sleeping spot to some, to others it implies the only gay bar within The Witcher. We're positive CD Projekt RED did not intend for that to happen, but with a name like that it is hard not to assume.

The beer is said to have been made from dog urine, though, so be wary of your pint glass.

Fighting McDonagh's


Of course, there are quite few bars and nightclubs within the game world of BioShock and BioShock 2, but Fighting McDonagh's stands out for, well, the fighting.

The pub is a nice, old-fashioned Irish establishment filled with spirit and flair. And did we mention fighting?

The Pelican Inn

Uncharted 3

The Pelican Inn, as seen in Uncharted 3, was once a nice little establishment with an old-fashioned, western-themed pub downstairs. That was destroyed, however, after Nathan Drake got into a massive brawl.

The "classy joint for sailors" is probably home to numerous drunken brawls on a weekly basis, though.

The Grim Guzzler

World of Warcraft

Believe it or not, The Grim Guzzler is the only spot in World of Warcraft where players can meet the virtual alter-egos of Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain, the band made of Blizzard employees.

With the right in-game item, players can even get them to play a tune in the bar.


Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Hercules is the only known openly gar bay within the world of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. The player may not like what is on the table, but the party sure is bumping.

Gay Tony certainly knows how to throw a bash.


Mass Effect 2

Afterlife is the single most impressive in-game bar of all time, and it is only featured in Mass Effect 2. The atmosphere, the feeling, the racism -- it is all exactly like a real bar would be in space.

Of course, don't trust the Batarian behind the bar. He isn't a fan of humans.

Honestly, any gamer would be lucky to spend an evening in one of these bars, as long as they were armed with a laser pistol, a revolver, or a pair of brass knuckles. Seriously, they are all really dangerous places to drink. You have been warned. 

Next Fallout game could be coming sooner than we thought https://www.gameskinny.com/fyxx7/next-fallout-game-could-be-coming-sooner-than-we-thought https://www.gameskinny.com/fyxx7/next-fallout-game-could-be-coming-sooner-than-we-thought Tue, 15 Mar 2016 03:57:06 -0400 Eric Levy

It wasn't too long ago that we opened the doors of Vault 111 to travel the radioactive Boston wasteland and fight Deathclaws.  Fallout 4 was released in November 2015 and was, hands down, the best-selling game of the holiday season.  Bethesda has also unveiled details on Fallout 4's season pass and how they plan to support the game throughout 2016 and, most likely, some of 2017.  One thing they left out, however, is that a follow-up might already be in the works.

Ryan Alosio, who provided the voice of Deacon in Fallout 4, let the news slip on a post he uploaded to Instagram.  Alosio said: 

"it would be very helpful to gather more followers for the fantastic Fallout 4 tribe here, internally there is movement gearing up for the pre-production of Fallout 5 ….(shhh), obviously I can’t get into any details at all right now but it will be a very interesting journey moving forward."

Alosio deleted his post soon after, but not before FragHero took a screenshot of his post:

Thanks to FragHero for the screengrab

While this is still a rumor, it may not be one to take with a grain of salt.  This may seem hard to believe, given how long the wait was between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, but Alosio could be referring to a Fallout game in the same vein as Fallout:  New Vegas.  New Vegas came out just two years after Fallout 3, and now that Bethesda is familiar with the next-gen consoles, a new Fallout game coming soon may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.  

The least inspiring and most outrageous video game quotes https://www.gameskinny.com/jann9/the-least-inspiring-and-most-outrageous-video-game-quotes https://www.gameskinny.com/jann9/the-least-inspiring-and-most-outrageous-video-game-quotes Thu, 10 Mar 2016 11:20:07 -0500 Ty Arthur


That wraps up our analysis of the least inspiring quotes that video games have to offer. Let us know which one you thought was the best and which ones we missed that should have been included! For a look at the opposite side of the coin, don't forget to take a gander at our roundup of the most inspiring quotes in all of gaming.



“Soon, pitiful worms! Soon I will rule, and your lives will have their doneness setting turned to... darkest!”


“Have you ever tried to indulge an all-consuming urge to kill when you don't have opposable thumbs? Or hands? Or anything other than a bread slot? You'd have a lot of pent-up anger too!


-- The Toaster from Fallout: New Vegas expansion Old World Blues


This may be the one and only game featuring a genocidal toaster who is genuinely unhappy to learn the world was already destroyed in a nuclear Armageddon before he could get around to annihilating all life.


“We broke it. Yes, we were naughty. Completely naughty. So, so very sorry. But just between you and us, it felt quite good.”


“We get it, its a slacker thing. What next? Video store clerk? Screenwriter? Whatever it is, we are so not paying for it. Poor, poor, Us, stuck with a L-O-S-E-R like you!”


-- King Of All Cosmos, Katamari Damacy


The King Of All Cosmos destroys the whole universe and nobody says anything, but if The Prince makes one little mistake the string of berating comments arrives. He's really not a very good dad.


“How low can you get? I love it! All right, I'll help you. Nothing to lose but my life.”


-- Setzer, Final Fantasy VI


Way to put it all in perspective Setzer. His philosophy here after being swindled and convinced to fight a world spanning empire is what I like to call "optimistic nihilism."


Nobody's d*ck's that long. Not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a f*cking long d*ck. Thus, the name."


-- Cass, Fallout: New Vegas


Even surprassing "your face looks like my butt," there is some truly bizarre dialog in the Fallout series when characters try to explain concepts in ways the Courier or Vault Dweller can understand.


“I'm afraid that if you were to remove that... I would be naked.”


-- Fall From Grace, Planescape: Torment


When's the last time a succubus gave you a gentle reminder about how clothes work? I'm sure you all heard this little voice acted gem in a totally innocent way when you were trying to give Grace's bodice to another character in need of some armor, right?


“Sh*t, the hell you so calm about? You bustin' up my rhythm."


-- Barret Wallace, Final Fantasy VII


You always had a way with words Barret, and you have the honor of being the very first video game character I ever saw use a curse word on my television screen. Congratulations!


“Hey Kinzie, you wanna f*ck?”


-- The Boss, Saints Row 4


Geeze, Boss, buy a girl a drink first? The Boss doesn't waste any time on romance in this iteration of the series. Guess that's what happens when the earth has been destroyed and you're becoming the new Neo messiah in the Matrix. In Boss's defense though, the line totally works, although Kinzie does punch him first.


“The last time a big naked dude said he could help me, it did not end well.”


-- Pierce Washington, upon meeting naked Oleg, Saints Row The Third 


Pierce is a continuing source of comic relief in the series, but there's a darkness to his need to be funny. Pierce has SEEN THINGS.


“You'd find that lady luck was actually a hooker, and you were fresh out of cash.”


-- Max Payne


Before wowing us with his quote about needing passion for life to be worth living, our tortured detective was also spinning some low grade noir analogies.


“Please note that we have added a consequence for failure. Any contact with the chamber floor will result in an 'unsatisfactory' mark on your official testing record, followed by death. Good luck!”


“Well done. Here are the test results: You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says: 'A horrible person.' We weren't even testing for that. Don't let that horrible-person thing discourage you. It's just a data point. If it makes you feel any better, science has now validated your birth mother's decision to abandon you on a doorstep.”


-- GLaDOS, Portal and Portal 2


For being an all-seeing AI with total control over your environment, GLaDOS sure is passive aggressive.


“You have died of dysentery” 


-- The Oregon Trail


It doesn't get much more succinct that than, does it? What kid who grew up in the late '80s or early '90s didn't get a screen like this a couple of dozen times in computer lab?


“Suck the tears off my d*ck, you ugly mud f*ckers!”


-- General Sarrano, Bulletstorm


I know there's somebody out there who desperately wants this profound quote inscribed on their tombstone. This character from the ridiculous Bulletstorm is a foul-mouthed drill sergeant that would put R. Lee Ermey to shame, and this is actually one of his less offensive quotes. He always knows exactly what to say to let people really know how he's feeling.


“Real bad asses eat chocolate chip cookies. Wait a minute... those aren't chocolate chip cookies... those...are...RAISINS. Why do bad things happen to good people?”




“That's right. Twin sisters, man. Hhhahhhhhh. Take 'em. Take 'em take 'em take 'em take 'em”


-- Tiny Tina, Borderlands 2


Tina Tina accomplishes the impossible – she is both more psychotic and more entertaining to listen to than Vaas from Far Cry 3. She also makes me genuinely terrified of 13 year old girls. She alternates between disturbing sexuality towards stuffed animals and an intense lust to blow up trains and bandits. There's too many good ones to pick, so just listen to all of them together below!



“Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair”


-- John Marston, Red Dead Redemption


Talk about a downer! It's like all those "you are in control of your own destiny" quotes from our most-inspiring article, but taken down the bleakest path possible. Maybe John's a nihilist... or just a realist.


“You know what? Your face looks like my butt.”


-- The Vault Dweller, Fallout 3


There are a horde of hilarious dialog options to be found in the Fallout series if you try all the different perks and varying stat builds (give either Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas a try with no points in intelligence and see what happens). This one, only available with the Child At Heart perk, fell a little flat.


After taking a look at some of the most inspiring and unexpectedly thought-provoking quotes across gaming, we'd be remiss if we didn't head the opposite direction. There's plenty of major downers in any given storyline to offset those uplifting moments.


Should it be any surprise that there's some truly cringe-worthy text and hilariously offensive quotes to be found in the zany, outlandish world of gaming? What's interesting is that in quite a few cases, the least inspiring quotes and the most inspiring quotes actually come from the same games.


After trudging through a deluge of horrifying (and OK, frequently quite amusing) lines of dialog, we've found all the best of the worst on display in the following slides. Have fun in the filth, and don't forget to fill out the poll at the end to let us know your favorite!

What a rising Fallout 4 Season Pass price means... probably https://www.gameskinny.com/t3wrm/what-a-rising-fallout-4-season-pass-price-means-probably https://www.gameskinny.com/t3wrm/what-a-rising-fallout-4-season-pass-price-means-probably Thu, 18 Feb 2016 03:36:13 -0500 BlackTideTV

Odds are you've heard the news that the season pass for Fallout 4 will be increasing in price from $29.99 USD to $49.99 USD on March 1, 2016. This price increase came alongside a massive DLC announcement including three new add-ons: Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor. For the sake of keeping everyone on the same page, let's have a quick recap of what those are:

  • Automatron ($9.99 USD) - The "Mechanist" has unleashed a horde of evil robots in the Commonwealth. Defeat them and use their parts to build a new robotic companion.
  • Wasteland Workshop ($4.99 USD) - Capture wasteland creatures and raiders, tame them, or battle them to the death. Also includes new settlement options.
  • Far Harbor ($24.99 USD) - "Featuring the largest landmass for any Fallout add-on yet," head off the coast of Maine to investigate the mysterious island of Far Harbor, dealing with synths and the Children of Atom all the while.

The Numbers

Now that you're all caught up, let's take a closer look at what we've been offered for Fallout DLC this year so far...

Automatron will likely include a few new questlines, some new random enemies to encounter, and the obvious addition of a new robotic companion; easily worth $9.99. Wasteland Workshop suits a niche hobby in Fallout 4, giving settlement fans more items to use and places to build in -- this expansion's worth is debatable.

Far Harbor, on the other hand, could host endless possibilities, making it the subject we'll be focusing on in this article. Bringing the player to an alternative environment filled with new weapons, crazy enemies, and heart-stopping quests is the true staple of Bethesda DLC.

By going through previously released add-ons, we can estimate just how much content - and the size of each piece of content - we'll be getting with Fallout 4

Luckily enough, a fellow GameSkinny-ist has provided examples for the Fallout games in a recent article.

In Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta, Point Lookout, and The Pitt offered entirely new areas -- similar to Fallout 4's Far Harbor. It also included two smaller add-ons, giving players extra missions in the base game area, much like Automatron. In Fallout: New Vegas, we saw four entirely new areas, and one pack similar in size and value to Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop. 

There's a clear trend here: multiple massive add-ons and one or two small add-ons like Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. Of course we're looking at a "next-gen" game now, meaning the rules may have changed. Not to mention the price for the big add-ons have skyrocketed. The bigger DLC packs previously mentioned sold for the low-low price of $10.00 a pop. Far Harbor, on the other hand, is selling for $24.99. 

The season pass for Fallout 4 is currently selling for $29.99 USD and will be increasing to $49.99 USD on March 1, 2016. Of the DLC we know of, the future season pass price is ~$10.00 overpriced. A general rule of thumb for season passes is that they save you between $10.00 and $20.00 for doing your due diligence.

With this in mind, we can assume that there is approximately $30.00 -- $40.00 if we're generous -- of DLC to be announced in the future. 


So what could Bethesda do with $40.00? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we'll see at least one more massive expansion.

The way Far Harbor is currently being hyped, if Bethesda goes for another "new area expansion," they'll need to keep it big, because dropping the size will look weak on their end. On the other hand, players might cringe at a $25.00 price tag on a second piece of DLC, forcing the developer to convert to smaller add-ons in the future. As of right now, future DLC decisions are likely in the hands of Far Harbor feedback.

That being said, I'm also betting on at least one more Automatron sized pack - providing missions in existing areas. These smaller packs are nice for players that have completed much of the base game and are looking for something new to dive into without sacrificing their wallets - or their hard drive space.

Those are my predictions, now I want to hear from you! What do you think Bethesda has up their sleeve? Let me know what you expect to see from future DLC announcements for Fallout 4 and your theories regarding the ever-expanding season pass price in the comments section!

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Fallout: New Vegas multiplayer mod in development https://www.gameskinny.com/rhsbv/fallout-new-vegas-multiplayer-mod-in-development https://www.gameskinny.com/rhsbv/fallout-new-vegas-multiplayer-mod-in-development Wed, 27 Jan 2016 16:38:09 -0500 Lad Johnson

Fallout: New Vegas will soon support multiplayer through a fan-made mod. New Vegas: Multiplayer will bring friends (or even foes) into the Wasteland with you. The project is still in an early state, but fans can expect more content in the coming months.

Pause the player, not the game

This ambitious mod has several key differences from the original game. A few of Fallout's key features have been removed/downgraded. Using the Pip-Boy will no longer pause the entire game world. Rather than the game pausing every few seconds while you check stats or change weapons, players accessing Pip-Boy menus will become impervious to all damage. Closing the menu should resume normal function.

More concerning is the use of VATS being completely shut off -- no more slow-motion high damage attacks. Finding a way to install VATS in the game’s final version is being discussed. For now, the feature just doesn’t match with a multiplayer game. Imagine if every raider also had VATS.

This won’t just be Fallout: New Vegas with friends

Regardless, the mod is still promising. The developers are working to give all players an equal amount of influence. The decisions of one player can affect everyone. Killing or pick-pocketing an NPC will have lasting effects for story progression -- you can fail a quest you never started. The developers went on Reddit to discuss this:

The way it works currently is that quests are clientside, they still take place in the world but one player in a location will synchronise entities/NPCs to other players around them. This means that if you entered an area where a quest NPC should be, and someone has previously killed them in the cell (whilst someone is currently in it with you), then you will fail the quest on entry.

Most fans are still lost in the tizzy that was last year’s Fallout 4. This isn’t such a bad way to breathe life into a six-year-old game. Some players will be able to experience the fun sooner than others. Signups for a beta test are available on the developer's official website.

Are you excited for a multiplayer Fallout? Happy to return to New Vegas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Speedrunner "Jets" through Fallout: New Vegas https://www.gameskinny.com/j9cgb/speedrunner-jets-through-fallout-new-vegas https://www.gameskinny.com/j9cgb/speedrunner-jets-through-fallout-new-vegas Wed, 06 Jan 2016 05:43:37 -0500 Zack Thompson

One Fallout fan named Kungkobra did a speedrun of Fallout: New Vegas earlier this week, clocking in an amazing 20 minutes 47 seconds for the main story. 

While most gamers wait in line with baited breath to get their hands on the newest Bethesda games so they can explore every nook and cranny of the open world and get lost in hours of sidequests and DLC, Sweden native Kungkobra decided to say, "screw all that" and see how long it would take to hammer through the main story. Using various tricks and exploits, he was able to get through the game in just under 21 minutes -- which, according to his Speedrun profile, is 6 minutes longer than it took for them to get through Fallout 3

Kungkobra was able to shave off time by using several diffferent tactics. These included switching the default language to Italian, because some of the voice actors were able to speed through their dialog. But for some of those long-winded, non-skippable characters, Kungkobra used a save quick-load exploit. Also, since combat would do nothing but cost precious seconds, the speedrunner power-leveled The Courier's Charisma and Speech perks to talk himself out of any combat situation. Because he used a female protagonist, he was able to use the Black Widow perk to its fullest extent.

But of course, the most impressive strategy Kungkobra used was the decision to cripple his character's legs at the beginning of the game. Using another quick-load exploit after doing so let the speedrunner move 160% faster than normal, which is impressive just for the impeccable timing needed to achieve this feat. 

What do you think of this speedrun? What other specialized runs of Fallout have you seen? Sound off in the comments!