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The Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key is one of the most important items in the game, despite its humble stature and price point. You won’t always need a Skeleton Key, but without fail, you’ll wish you had one when the right moment comes.

Fortunately, Mario Party Superstars is about having fun — when you aren’t betraying your friends — and Skeleton Keys are easy to get.

How to Get Skeleton Key in Mario Party Superstars

You’ll get the Skeleton Key from one of Toad’s Shops on a board space or sometimes as a prize in an Item Space or Lucky Space event. Toad sells them for only three coins apiece, so unless you have something more useful, such as a Golden Pipe or a Boo Bell (and extra coins to spare), it’s worth keeping one on hand.

It’s also better to buy one than it is to steal one with a Plunder Chest. Unless your foes have no other interesting items to speak of, it’s always smarter to go for the valuable items or items that aren’t in Toad’s Shop when you’re pilfering.

What Are Skeleton Keys for in Mario Party Superstars

Skeleton Keys are the only way to open the many locked gates (such as those circled above) you’ll run across on each board. One key works for one gate, or in other words, these are single-use items.

You’ll often find lucky spaces or other desirables behind Skeleton Key doors. These aren’t usually essential, unless you want to land on as many event spaces as possible. 

However, sometimes luck turns against you, and the Star’s new location ends up behind a Skeleton Key gates. Obviously, you need a key to get there or a Golden Pipe, though the pipes are much more expensive.

That’s all you need to know about Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Keys, but make sure to check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips and tricks.

Mario Party Superstars: All Items and What They Do Mon, 08 Nov 2021 08:24:30 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Mario Party Superstars items are, without fail, the key to victory. Whether you’re snagging every Star with a Golden Pipe or just squeezing through a locked door thanks to the Skeleton Key, you’ll need to rely on more than just mad minigame skills to come out on top in each round. You’ll also need plenty of coins. None of Mario Party Superstars’ items come free.

How to Get Items in Mario Party Superstars

The easiest way to get items in Mario Party Superstars is purchasing them from a Toad Shop space on the board, though what items they offer vary. Naturally, the more valuable items cost more coins.

You'll also win some items by landing on special spaces in minigames, including Item Spaces and Lucky Spaces. Lucky Spaces in game modes are a bit less reliable, though, since they feature a roulette system with other, non-item prizes as well — hence the name "lucky spaces."

You can only use one item per turn, so think carefully before deciding what might benefit you the most.

All Mario Party Superstars Items

Here are all of the items you can get your hands on in Mario Party Superstars.

Item Effect
  Mushroom  Adds 5 spaces to whatever your dice roll is
Skeleton Key  Opens a locked door on that board
Golden Warp Pipe Warps you to the space next to the star, making it impossible to miss the star on your next roll
  Item Bag Gives you three random items
  Chomp Call Summons a Chain Chomp to move the Star location. There's no control over where it ends up, though it's handy for keeping it away from others.
  Dueling Glove  Lets you start a duel with one opponent. You can choose which opponent and how many coins are at stake.
  Boo Bell  Summons Boo to steal coins or a Star from an opponent of your choice. As with the Boo space, the Boo you summon charges 50 coins to steal a Star.
  Warp Block Swaps places with a random opponent
  Super Warp Block Swap places with a player of your choice
  Hidden Block Card  Spawns a Hidden Block, which may grant you coins or a Star
  Double Star Card The next time you obtain a Star, you'll get a second one for free
  Custom Dice  Lets you choose how many spaces you'll move next
  Double Dice  Gives you two dice blocks for that turn
  Triple Dice  Gives you three dice blocks for that turn
  Cursed Dice  Gives you a dice that only rolls between 1 and 3. You can also use this against another player.
  Plunder Chest  Lets you steal an item from an opponent.


That's it for how to get items and what they do in Mario Party Superstars. Hopefully, this items list helps you better understand which one to keep an eye out for. Be sure to check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips and tricks.

All Mario Party Superstars Unlockables: Stickers, Soundtracks, & More Mon, 08 Nov 2021 08:32:11 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Mario Party Superstars unlockables are what you spend your hard-won (or stolen) coins on, though no unlockable affects gameplay. All minigames on the list and characters on the roster are available from the start, so you won’t have to use coins to get your hands on any secrets.

These unlockables, instead, are just for fun; they are ways to customize your profile, communicate with stickers, or listen to a favorite minigame soundtrack if you want. It’ll still take some work if you want every achievement and item in MPS' game modes, though.

Mario Party Superstars Unlockables: The Data House

The Data House in Mario Party Superstars is more than just where records of your partying live. It’s also where you’ll find achievements and how to unlock more, along with the extensive Mario Party Superstars encyclopedia, should you be so inclined to view it. 

Superstars divides achievements into several categories, though they aren’t always as straightforward as their names may suggest:

  • Coin: How many coins and stars you earn in total
  • Star: Miscellaneous challenges
  • Chest: Mix of board specific challenges and achievements tied to specific spaces
  • Mt. Minigame: Mt. Minigame challenges (of course)
  • Dice Block: Tied to items and dice rolls

Achievements sometimes award you with new titles to customize your Party Card with.

The Encyclopedia is, admittedly, limited in function. You’ll have to purchase pages from Toad’s shop, and each entry gives a brief overview of its subject, such as Luigi’s history in Mario Party or things to keep in mind for specific boards or game modes.

The phonograph plays music you purchase from Toad, though only while you’re in the music player screen. The tracks don’t continue playing in the Data House or after you leave.

Toad’s Shop

Toad’s Shop is where you’ll spend all your coins in Mario Party Superstars. The fungal entrepreneur sells stickers, soundtracks, encyclopedia pages, and more, but stickers have the most practical value. Unless you’re using a workaround for voice chat, these are how you communicate with other players during a round.

You can also spend coins on new card designs, then customize your Party Card in the Data House with them.


The settings menu has one set of unlockables: retro music. You’ll unlock the classic version of a board’s soundtrack after playing on that board for the first time, and you can adjust which track you want to hear from the settings menu.

That’s it for Mario Party Superstars unlockables, but check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips.

Mario Party Superstars Review: Shining Like a Super Star Mon, 08 Nov 2021 08:39:42 -0500 Josh Broadwell

If you look through old etiquette books or on the Internet, you’re bound to come across plenty of advice for throwing the perfect party. You need guests, the best entertainment, and the perfect food. And above all, you must put your attendees first.

In Mario Party Superstars, you also put your friends first — first in line to get shoved into a pit of spiky death as you walk away with a bag of coins and a heart full of mischievous glee.

Mario Party throws the rules of etiquette and polite society out the window, and it’s all the better for it. Superstars is the best of Mario Party, but also the best Mario Party has been in a long time.

Mario Party Superstars Review: Shining Like a Super Star

Mario Party Superstars is classic Mario Party to the core. Four players compete to earn as many stars and coins as possible, and there’s a minigame at the end of each round. It does away with the fluff from some of the more recent Parties too.

There’s no Ballyhoo, no push to cooperate, and not even a gimmick such as switching to day or night. It’s just you, a board, 100 mini-games, and a party of three other victims willing participants. 

Partygoers don’t even have to be friends, though of course, it’s more fun with friends. Playing Mario Party with bots feels sad and more like a training mode, but thankfully, you can team up with other players online.

As with some of Nintendo's other online games, though, the stability is often not as good as it could be. Everyone playing with a wired connection helps mitigate most of the lag, though that's hard to set up if you're playing with random people.

Still, there’s a special brand of chaos in playing Mario Party with random people, and it’s a safe option thanks to Nintendo having no easy way to implement voice chat. 

You get stickers to communicate instead, a collection of Mario characters in silly poses with single words or phrases attached. Spamming “Yes” or “Nice one” when someone has an unlucky turn is obnoxious. It’s still much easier to deal with than hate speech or harassment, and in the right circumstances, stickers are actually quite fun to use.

There’s typically no shortage of humorous or humorously unfortunate happenings in any of Mario Party Superstars’ five boards. They might be familiar to longtime fans, but there’s a good reason Nintendo brought these classics back from the Nintendo 64 era: they still hold up marvelously well.

Horror Land and Space Land are particular highlights, but even the deceptively simple Peach’s Birthday Cake has a few tricks that keep things interesting. 

There’s a handful of changes to each board, though nothing significant. Space Land, for example, presents the laser counter in a slightly different way than before and doesn’t give you snazzy space suits, but the biggest difference is just how good the boards look. Mario Party Superstars, with its surprisingly detailed textures and splashes of visual embellishment thrown in unexpected places, might be one of the best-looking Nintendo games yet. 

Nintendo gets a lot of flack for its re-releases and remakes, but Superstars is one of the more thoughtfully considered ones. The improvements are most apparent in the boards and minigames from the Nintendo 64 Mario Parties, and Superstars skews in favor of those N64 classics.

The Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles were the only way to play those until now, and they still looked as dated as you’d expect. Getting to play refined versions was a treat for someone like me who loves Mario Party but only started with Mario Party 4.

There are still plenty of mini-games from Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5, and some mechanics, such as duels, are likely familiar to those who played later entries. The main focus is firmly on the legacy Mario Parties, though, and with good reason.

The mini-games are some of the most fun I’ve had with the series in ages, and the relative simplicity works in their favor. Tracing a precise line, or deciding not to and making ridiculous shapes instead, and shining a spotlight on a convicted Mario criminal as they try getting away are far more fun than they have any right to be.

Motion controls are finicky and often imprecise, so I’m pleased to see they have no place in any of Superstars’ mini-games. It’s just classic, comfortable, comforting Mario Party, though “comforting” is subjective and often fleeting when the endgame rolls around with its bonus stars. 

That said, Mario Party Superstars is practically crying out for (hopefully free) DLC. The five boards are lovely, but more would be splendid, and there's still plenty of excellent mini-games I'd love to revisit.

Mario Party Superstars Review — The Bottom Line


  • Excellent mix of classic boards and mini-games
  • So much attention to detail in the remastered boards and games
  • No motion control required
  • Easy online play
  • The formula is just as fun as it ever was


  • Laggy online at times
  • Five boards aren't very many

The Switch has no shortage of multiplayer games, but there's a strong case that Mario Party Superstars is among the best on the platform. I've had more fun with it than I've had in a long time, even with laggy internet and the occasional spammy rando.

It's some of the best of Mario Party, and I only hope we see even more added to it in the coming months.

[Note: Nintendo provided the copy of Mario Party Superstars used for this review]

Mario Party Superstars Goes Back to Mario Party's Golden Ages Tue, 15 Jun 2021 16:21:51 -0400 David Carcasole

Mario Party Superstars isn't exactly the follow-up to Super Mario Party, but rather a jump back in time throughout the mini-games and boards of the Mario Party games of yore. The newest addition to the Mario Party family, Nintendo announced the game during its E3 2021 showcase. 

It will include over 100 mini-games from across the series, all of which support button controls. It will also include online play from launch, a feature that was only recently added into the most recent release in the mainline Mario Party franchise. 

The trailer also digs into some of the quality of life upgrades we'll be able to enjoy with Mario Party Superstars, such as being able to matchmake with random players online, save your progress mid-game and use stickers to communicate with other players.

It is worth noting that though the mini-games will be from games across the series, the five boards included in Mario Party Superstars will all be from the N64 era. Mario Party Superstars is slated to launch on October 29, 2021 and you can currently pre-order it from the Nintendo e-Shop. Stay tuned for more.