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If you're a big fan of board games then you've probably noticed how they've been dwarfed by video games. It's been tough for them to compete with everything video games have to offer. Recently though board games decided "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" and started joining the digital world. A new title by Korean indie dev Idiocracy called Pirates War: The Dice King might be just reignite people's passion for board games.

Idiocracy (that really is the team's name) kicked off a campaign for their digital board game on Kickstarter earlier this week. Calling it a "Digital Board Game / Multiplayer / Free-To-Play / Cross-Platform Game" that they want to launch on PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. They plan to allow players from every platform to play together. A massive undertaking for a developer that admits they're small.


When you look at the gameplay, screenshots, breakdown of Pirates War you quickly realize that Idiocracy isn't messing around. Despite it being their first game they have built a feature packed game that can offer hours of content. Where players will choose from a number of pirate ships, with their own unique abilities, to command as well as a crew.

Pirates War offers everything that gamers and board game lovers could wish for. Offering RPG like elements where players must keep up their crews loyalty, collect land, and build an empire. It forces players to use a mix of card game strategy and luck with the dice to get ahead. All while giving them options to play how they want.

Idiocracy has developed a gameplay system that is quite unique with an art style to match. Unlike other indie devs that focus on gameplay to let art and music fall to the way side Idiocracy wanted to give players both. Its art style, voice acting, and music are things that actually make it stand out the most. It would tough for most people to guess that all of this was created by a handful of people.

It has already landed a spot in the Steam Greenlight Program and at the time of this writing raised over $2,000 on Kickstarter. So it may not be long before players on nearly every platform are able to fight to become the dice king in Pirates War. 

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