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Started in 2013 as a spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube game Eternal Darkness, the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals failed to meet its goal and went into developmental hiding. But just last week, Denis Dyack, writer and director of both games, has stated Shadow of the Eternals is back in development, releasing both a new trailer and some new gameplay footage.

SotE A Dream Within A Dream from QE2 on Vimeo

Denis Dyack has also stated they will be using a new form of business model since the Kickstarter had failed, but he's optimistic about the options available to them. He is now in charge of a new company dubbed Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, which will be overseeing the new development for Shadow of the Eternals.

Unfortunately, other details haven't been revealed as of yet, as Denis Dyack and his company wishes to have all the specifics set before releasing more about the game. It is also unknown whether the game will continue to be only for the Wii U, or not at all.

Denis Dyack also runs a YouTube channel called The Quantum Tunnel, which covers abroad range of topics from games and movies to actual quantum physics. 

We'll keep you updated as more information comes out about the ongoing development of Shadows of the Eternals. Stay tuned!

Shadow of the Eternals Teaser: A Shadow of a Good Game Wed, 25 May 2016 06:33:08 -0400 Allyson La Jeunesse

You might be wondering what Shadows of the Eternals is. Why, it's none other than the spiritual sequel to a game called Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem -- a classic Lovecraftian adventure from Silicone Knights featuring the beloved "Sanity Meter" that caused so many fun little effects in your game as you were in the middle of fighting eldritch monsters and abominations of nature. (Like the game pretending to have you explode when using a healing spell in dire straits, only to reverse it a moment after!)

This game was loved by many people, despite it not being a massive commercial success, and fans of it have been clamoring for a sequel or spiritual successor, for ANYTHING, for years now. After several crowdfunding failures and a legal dispute that killed Silicone Knights, we got a sort of demo in 2013.

Now in 2016, 3 years later, we've finally gotten a teaser trailer for spiritual successor Shadow of the Eternal from Denis Dyack's new company, Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. And it's nothing but recycled footage and assets from the demo they showed us in 2013. All of it. They don't seem to have actually shown us anything new.

I, for one, would love to believe that it's actually finally coming to us some time soon, because I'm a massive fan of anything Lovecraftian. But given their history when it's come to these games, I'm not going to hold out any hope. Until they show us something more, I refuse to believe we're any closer to the game.

"You woke me up for this?"

Shadow of the Eternals Development Officially On Hold Mon, 30 Sep 2013 23:19:44 -0400 Ryan Chizmar

Shadow of the Eternals - a game said to be the "spiritual successor" to the amazing Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. From starting off with a confusingly ambitious crowd-funding campaign to cancelling it and laterstarting another with a lower funding goal, the developers at Precursor Games still could not garner enough interest in the game to reach full funding.

Despite not reaching their goals they still decided to continue development of the game with plans to release it on the Wii U and PlayStation 4. They also even managed to gather enough interest to have the game Greenlit on Steam, however it was recently announced that the project has officially been put "on hold."

The announcement was made by Denis Dyack, Chief Creative Officer of Precursor Games, on their official forums:

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold. We are very happy with what we have accomplished both as a group and with the community. The community has blown us away and was the one thing that kept us going through it all - we cannot thank you enough.

Many of us will be taking a break. For those who are not aware, we all worked on this project as a labor of love and self financed 100% of everything for a over [sic] a year to try to make Shadow of the Eternals a reality. Although we did not succeed on doing this, we succeeded in making many friends and starting something that we hope provided value for those involved. We have no regrets.

He also went on to say that the project isn't dead, but rather: "We feel it needs a rest too. We have all agreed as a group that when and if the time is right we will get together and start it up again."

While it would be nice to see the game come to fruition, it seems like fans will have to wait. How long remains a mystery, but in the meantime they at least have Eternal Darkness to satiate their hunger for a little while.

What do you think? Are you sad to see that it's been put on the shelf? Did you fund the campaign despite all the controversy around it? Let me know in the comments below!