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The popularity of mobile sensation Summoners War just exploded as the 2017 World Arena Championships were held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

World champ Tomato -- a man of few words who only muttered "no" when asked if he wanted to comment on his victory -- took home the championship and a cool $61,000 this past week.

As more players jump into the game and start summoning their own monsters on the path to domination, a recurring issue has come to light for a segment of the player base: the inability to connect at random times.

This issue has been an intermittent problem for years now, and following all the hype of the World Championships, it has returned for a select portion of unlucky players.

Think you might have what it takes to battle with the finalists at the World Championships one day? (Thanks to SonX2 for the screenshot)

Summoners War Data Transfer 3001 Error Resolution

The issue seems to take place more frequently late at night (typically when server maintenance would be scheduled) and at peak times during siege battles.

Here's the bad news: the Summoners War 3001 bug is definitely a server-side issue on the developer's end rather than anything taking place on your mobile device. Unfortunately, that results in a frustrating "fix," since all you can do is wait for it to get resolved.

Some players have reported success in getting back into the action by rebooting their device, then turning the Wi-Fi entirely off and back on again to try to connect to a different server. This hasn't worked for most who tried the process, however. For most players, the only real fix is time (and perhaps to send an angry email for a little satisfaction).

Although most mobile app problems can be resolved this way, in this particular case, don't go through the standard troubleshooting process of uninstalling and re-installing the app. Due to how mobile games with massive player bases are saved, there's too high a chance of losing everything and having to start over when being randomly assigned a new player ID.


 The bane of any player's existence

If you recently bought a special package with a limited-time experience or mana boost, though, you should absolutely email info[at] to request a replacement or try to get your money back.

Many players have had the 3001 error prevent them from using their boost times effectively, so that's a problem the developers need to know about whenever it occurs. You can also leave a comment at the Summoners War bugs forum to let the devs know the issue is recurring.

Have you experienced the Summoners War 3001 bug, and did you come across any fixes that worked every time? Let us know in the comments!