The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Link awakens to find a world of ruin. The kingdom of Hyrule has long since fallen, much of what has been left behind has become overgrown, and the beasts of the land roam freely. It is up to Link to discover what has happened to Hyrule and solve the mysteries he has awoken to find.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is the latest game in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Boasting what is by far the largest open world ever seen in a Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild has a heavy emphases on exploration. Exploration itself has become far easier due to the introduction of the climbing feature, which allows for Link to climb up towers, mountains, and other obstacles that would have otherwise impossible to traverse in previous games. Added to the increased versatility of exploration, there is much more reward for exploring. Hunting and gathering for the sake of sustenance or brewing elixirs, over 100 Shrines of Trials containing puzzles and rewards that can be completed in any order, and various other secrets hidden throughout the landscape all provide incentive to explore, the Shrines specifically due to their nature of not being restricted due to story progression or inventory. On Link's travels through the wilderness of Hyrule, his choice of clothing now plays a role: Heavy clothing is now more suited for cold regions, whereas light clothing is favored for regions such as deserts. These new clothing options can also come with special abilities such as increased speed and stealth. Enemies are to far more diverse than they have ever been in the past, which looks to make fighting enemies during Link's travels less monotonous due to the unique attack patterns, weapons, and weaknesses each possess.

amiibo functionality has been confirmed for both Wii U and Switch versions

Platforms: Wii U Nintendo Switch
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: ActionAdventurePuzzle
Release date: March 3rd, 2017
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