The Town of Light Articles RSS Feed | The Town of Light RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Town of Light Developer Donates $10,000 to Mental Health Awareness Wed, 25 Oct 2017 14:56:14 -0400 Sarah Elliman

Wired Productions, the UK-based Indie game developer and publisher of The Town of Light, has announced it has reached its initial goal for funding mental health awareness non-profit Take This Inc. The company, alongside Italian game developer LKA, has raised $10,000 for the charity.

All the proceeds of the campaign will be donated to Take This Inc. to help the non-profit in its mission to support individuals with mental health issues. This is the first activity in a year-long campaign to help raise awareness for mental health.

Managing Director of Wired Productions Leo Zullo announced he was, "...delighted by (the) success of this first campaign". To raise funds, Wired Productions held a promotion where 25% of The Town of Lights sales went toward funding the donation. Both studios have received immense support from retailers when they offered a further 20% discount off the game and with a direct contribution to the fund from Games Planet.

Journalist and President for Take This Inc Paul Ritts considers said that, "Wired's financial contribution is a real help, but the more tangible support is knowing their voice has been added to ours." 

Zullo echoed that statement, saying that Wired Productions was, "...steadfast in our belief that mental health is an issue that the gaming community as a whole needs and wants to tackle." 

The Town of Light was not Wired’s first game, but for LKA, this initial project was one that hit very close to home.

Released in February 2016, The Town of Light is a psychological horror game set in a Tuscan hospital, the Pschiatrico di Volterra. You play as Renee, an ex-patient in 1940’s who is trying to piece together the events that happened in Volterra.

Inspired by the real hospital and events that happened there during its operation, The Town of Light illuminates the horrors of stigma centered on mental health issues. 

Wired Productions and LKA are exceedingly grateful to Games Planet, Humble Bundle, Xbox,PlayStation Store, Greenman Gaming and Steam for their help with the campaign.

You can directly donate to the work Take This Inc is trying to achieve by going to their website, where you can find out more about the work the company is doing and the plans they have for the future.

You can also get directly involved with Wired Productions' year-long campaign by creating charity events of your own. 

EGX Rezzed 2017: Day One - London Bound Mon, 03 Apr 2017 12:00:02 -0400 ESpalding

While a lot of the gaming community in the UK is familiar with the big EGX show held at the NEC in Birmingham, some may not know about the smaller, but just as important, EGX Rezzed event which is held at Tobacco Dock in the heart of London's Docklands. This younger sibling to the main show only showcases indie games and is fantastic for finding and experiencing the best indie titles the UK and Europe (and some from further afar) have to offer. This event started on March 30th until April 1st.

I attended the event for GameSkinny and I was not disappointed. Although this first day was largely taken up by interviews and meet and greets, there were some definite game highlights.

Victor Vran - Motörhead: Through the Ages

The mighty mechanical Snaggletooth

Some readers may already be familiar with Haemimont Games RPG Victor Vran, but what you might not be aware of is their collaboration with the legendary rock band Motörhead. The new game content was in development even before the band's frontman Lemmy Kilmister tragic death in 2015 after losing his battle with cancer.

The Motörhead: Through the Ages content focuses on artwork and music from the band as well as including a story revolving around Lemmy and the band iconic mascot the Snaggletooth. The new levels and content created around Motörhead's legacy is certainly hard-hitting and loud but will please any heavy metal fans.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran

For players who already have the original Victor Vran will not have to purchase the new DLC but once released this DLC will be available through the Overkill Edition and will be accessible through the game's Steam page.

The Town of Light

The Town of Light, doll, creepyWhy are creepy dolls synonymous with asylums?

In a day and age where the horror genre is pushing the boundaries, trying to find new ways to scare us and to make us jump or cringe, there are not many games out there that solely rely on atmosphere to put the chills up our backs. Italian developers LKA have produced the wonderfully chilling The Town of Light, a psychological story-driven adventure.

The game tells the story of a teenager called Reneé who is trying to piece together her past as she battles with symptoms of mental illness. The game sees her return to the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum where she grew up in Tuscany, Italy. There is no combat, no jump scares and no monsters in the game. All of the creepy atmospheric feelings come from the grim surroundings, real early 1900s medical illustrations and medical equipment and from excerpts of Reneé's memories.

The Town of Light

The Town of Light

My lasting memory of this game will always be that it is based on a real place and masses of research was done by the game's developers to truly bring the game to life. They visited the asylum in Tuscany and mapped the entire compound to get a realistic representation of the place in-game. The game is also littered with copies of real medical journals, paintings and newspaper articles from the time the asylum was in operation.

The Town of Light is currently available through Steam and is also available on Xbox One and PS4.

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944Time to answer the call to arms!

Those headed to EGX Rezzed this year got the chance to play a World Exclusive which is being published by the Square Enix Collective. Battalion 1944 is being developed by Bulkhead Interactive, the studio responsible for the popular puzzler The Turing Test.

This brand new game is an "old school" multiplayer World War 2 FPS which has been inspired by the WW2 shooters from the past years and hopes to propel the genre to a new audience. At the event, gamers had the chance to go head to head in a 4vs4 deathmatch in one of the games urban maps. There is currently no definite release date but the game will be available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944

So this first day may not have been filled with a lot actual gaming but the games that I did play, these highlights and others, really did set the bar for the weekend ahead. Make sure you check out my other articles to see what other gaming delights I found.

Town of Light is Out Tomorrow Thu, 25 Feb 2016 11:26:25 -0500 Lad Johnson

The highly anticipated The Town of Light will be available tomorrow (February 26). The first project of Indie team LKA.IT, The Town of Light is a psychological adventure told in the first person. Announced in 2014, it has already won several awards for design and storytelling ahead of release.

Set in Italy in the early 20th century, this story of fiction follows 16-year-old Renee. She's been placed in an asylum of horrors and malpractice with no explanation. Her only fault was not knowing her place in the world. The truth is more frightening then any ghost story or myth.

Explore and interact with the environment as you relive the history of Renee through her confused viewpoint. Depending on how you play and react to the world the story will evolve differently.

The Town of Light's setting is the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, a place that actually existed. Shut down in 1978, the game aims to reveal real world events through the eyes of a fictional character. Using real documents and photographs of the asylum, LKA.IT beautifully replicated the infamous location. The accuracy of the levels is breathtaking.

"You do not know where you are, who you are and what’s going on. Are you imprisoned, or are you ill? One thing for sure is that you are alone in one of the creepiest places in the world"

There are many psychological thriller games on the market, but none have approached the genre quite like this. There are no mythical elements or jump scares. The entire thrill is grounded in reality. The Town of Light will ship initially for PC, with Oculus Rift support promised in the future. Later this year, an Xbox version of the game will be released. Don't be scared to purchase this title. I'm sure this will a memorable game.

The Town of Light coming to Xbox One this year Wed, 17 Feb 2016 16:44:42 -0500 Zanne Nilsson

It was recently announced that the upcoming first-person adventure/horror game The Town of Light was accepted by ID@Xbox, and will be released on the Xbox One sometime this year.

Luca Dalcò, Creative Director at Italian indie studio, shared the news on the Xbox Wire blog, explaining what the game is about:

With The Town of Light, we decided to explore mental illness and how mental institutions used to operate back in the 1940s through the eyes of one patient, Renée. She is back to the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum at present day, trying to remember her past and what happened between those walls when she was 16.

You might think we are talking about a horror game with jump scares or zombies, however this is not what The Town of Light is. It’s a journey, a realistic story based on a huge amount of research. The only horror you will find in this game is the truth, which is much more intense than any supernatural presence.

The experience of the main character, Renée, is reportedly drawn from this research, put together from dozens of real people's stories. The location is a real one too, "carefully recreated" in the game so the player can explore it fully to find documents and other items that help rebuild a story from Renée's fading memories. While there are some puzzles in the game, it appears to be primarily narrative-driven.

Dalcò also assures everyone concerned about the subject of the game that the studio "treat[s] the topic of mental illness in the most sensitive way possible" and that while they don't conceal uncomfortable facts about the nature of many old psychiatric treatments, they "would like to acknowledge the tremendous evolution of mental health service across the world."

The Town of Light's exact release date for the Xbox One is still unknown, but it will reportedly release for PC/Mac/Linux on February 26.