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When your favorite character literally comes to life on your favorite TV show, you have a great excuse to keep watching. 

Steven Ogg, the voice actor for Trevor Phillips off of Grand Theft Auto V, has come to be in full form on the popular TV series The Walking Dead!

He has been introduced to us as a part of the Saviors, lead by a man named Negan. They are a group of very hostile extortionists who also deal in murder in order to continuously gain supplies from surrounding surviving communities. 

GTA V's Trevor fits the bill for this group perfectly, seeing as he is a crazy and violent main character in GTA -- not to mention, he is practically indestructible. Wikipedia describes his motivations as driven by "desire and resentment," and he displays instances of psychotic behavior. 

Given the resemblance and the fact that a zombie infestation doesn't usually lead to someone's character being sane, we are expecting more than just a visual crossover of this character. Not only are Twitter fans calling out to Saul and other GTA V characters, but they are blowing up with excitement and more crossover theories. 


For now though, we can be happy with this unexpected crossover and hope we can expect a bit of the actor's popular character to shine through, despite the drastic change in location and apocalyptic situation. 

The Positives of Playing Video Games Fri, 07 Feb 2014 05:08:55 -0500 Venisia Gonzalez

Many people, especially those who don't play video games, most often don't realize that there are many things to learn from playing video games besides killing a zombie, shooting the "bad" guy, driving a super-fast car or saving the Princess.

Knowing that there are positives out there in terms of benefits gained when it comes to video games, I hope I can assist parents make a more informed decision. Yes, not all games have a beneficial impact, but for the ones that do, a lot can be learned. Being able to view video games in a positive light (other than the dark stain of violence that is too often portrayed by the media every time something bad happens) needs to happen more often.

I'm a parent and I'm a gamer.

Part of being a parent is making decisions for your child, which means you'll need to be informed. When it comes to video games, knowing the content of the game is important, not just the ESRB rating. Some game ratings can be overlooked depending on its content and your child's maturity level. You know your child best.

I don't find all 'M' rated games off-limits to my 14-year-old son but that's only due to the fact that I know his maturity level. I know what he can and cannot handle and understand, the difference between fantasy, fiction, and real life. Having taught my son these differences myself, doesn't just apply to the world of video games in general either.

You need to know your child's limits.

Sitting down with your child and teaching them the differences between make-believe and reality is important. I've seen too many parents purchasing games for their young child just because that's what they asked for, not once looking into the type of game it actually is. It's our responsibility as parents to make informed decisions that are in our child's best interest. We don't have to say "no" to every game, but we also don't have to say "yes," either.

 Dr. Andrea Facoetti said: "Action video games enhance many aspects of visual attention, mainly improving the extraction of information from the environment."

What you may not have realized is that there are many things being learned from video games, such as:

  • Social Skills
  • Timing (learning time management)
  • Basic morality (in most cases)
  • Resource management
  • Teamwork (communication, collaboration)
  • Creativity
  • Improve strategy and coordination
  • Learning to use maps
  • Learning to listen and follow instructions
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Math, science and history usage and knowledge
  • Digital citizenship
  • Building literacy skills
  • Teaching how to improve (from every failure, a lesson is learned to achieve a goal)
  • Empowerment (building self-confidence is a powerful tool)
  • How to multi-task
  • How to dance and stay fit

In an article for BBC News Health back in February 2013, a study that was conducted by the University of Padua that stated video games helped reading in children with dyslexia. Study leader, Dr. Andrea Facoetti, said, "Action video games enhance many aspects of visual attention, mainly improving the extraction of information from the environment. Dyslexic children learned to orient and focus their attention more efficiently to extract the relevant information of a written word more rapidly."

The researchers found those who had played the video games had better attention skills than before. "The video games may be working to train the part of the brain responsible for attention and motion perception", he added.

(Use of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device in Portal)

Games such as Portal and Portal 2 are based on a puzzle platform. It consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player's character and simple objects using the game's "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device." This device can create interspatial portals between two flat planes. The game's unique physics allow momentum to be retained through portals, requiring creative use of portals to maneuver through test chambers. This is a game where critical thinking and problem solving is key.

(Shuttle launch built in Minecraft)

Minecraft is also a game that teaches problem solving, in that it requires the player to tackle complex puzzles in order to advance and become successful. Minecraft also teaches creativity in what is called 'creative mode,' where supplies and materials are unlimited. The creative and building aspects in this game allow the player to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D generated world. The only limits are your own imagination. The game teaches exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat. Simple math and science skills are used when creating railroads. In survival mode, the player is required to obtain resources and maintain their health and hunger to survive.

(Science Papa)

In Science Papa, the player is the newest member of Science Papa's research team, looking to become the greatest scientist in the world. It won't be easy, however, as players must prove their scientific worth against a crazy cast of rival scientists in intense competitions.

Science Papa features over 30 different experiments for players, and by utilizing motion controls, players will pour and mix chemicals, pound objects into dust, monitor Bunsen burners, fix and use lab equipment, and more. Players can also invite their friends into the lab, and compete against each other in split screen science competitions to see who can finish an experiment first, and with the most precision.

In the game The Walking Dead, you'd be quite surprised on how much empathy can be learned. Add in the success of the television series, you'd also be quite surprised to learn on how many kids want to pick up the graphic novels, written by Robert Kirkman, to read more about the story.

I know as a parent myself, getting my 14-year-old son to read anything was a struggle until The Walking Dead came to light. No, it may not be Shakespeare or J.D. Salinger, but the point being he is reading. This has helped his reading interests grow into other books as well.

(Assassin's Creed 3 features a battle in Upstate New York during the American Revolution)

Who would think that some aspects of history could be learned from Assassin's Creed 3? It's true, just as kids learned about U.S. history from the game The Oregon Trail, which in fact was created by two student teachers to coincide with their curriculum.

 (The Oregon Trail map)


(A player's view in BioShock using their abilities)

During a gaming session in BioShock, the player finds themself in the underwater city of Rapture. Rapture is an unknown environment, so the player must listen to instructions over the radio and use the game's map to find the correct location to fulfill the mission. The player must find a way to avoid or fend off the city's insane citizens using stealth, weaponry and special powers obtained through genetic modification.

The player follows orders, locates the best route and experiments with combat tactics, and must find audio logs that provide background on the politics and social history of Rapture (which some contradict the story being told by the radio "ally"). With this game, you build literacy skills, which teaches you new ways to learn and think.

(Characters of Mass Effect 3)

In Mass Effect 3, or the series as a whole, the player learns about responsibility, consequences, and relationships. Throughout the series, you play as Commander Shepard, whose mission is to save the galaxy from a race of mechanical beings known as Reapers, their followers, and Collectors, an alien race abducting entire human colonies. As the Commander, you must recruit members for various jobs to take on your ship the Normandy.

The player must make decisions based on the situation at hand, learn to deal with the consequences of those decisions (as it affects the gameplay) and build up communication with the many characters throughout the game. Personal relationships are also allowed within the game, which also can have a negative impact depending on the player's actions.

(The Sims PC Game)

The Sims is a strategic life simulation game which teaches digital citizenship, financial responsibilities, and resource management. The player creates virtual people called "Sims" and places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Players can either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build the homes themselves. 

(Just Dance for Wii)

Just Dance is a rhythm game developed and published by Ubisoft for the Wii, and it is the first in the video game series of the same name. In Just Dance, players use only the standard Wii Remote and attempt to mimic all the moves of the on-screen silhouette dancer. Players earn points depending on what moves they perform and how well they perform them. 

The game has three gameplay modes: the normal mode, in which players pick any track and attempt to dance with the on-screen dancer; a "Last One Standing" mode, where players are eliminated if they don't score enough points or make too many mistakes; and a "Strike a Pose" mode, in which players start and stop dancing as dictated by the on-screen dancer. There is also a "Practice" mode, where players may dance to tracks without keeping score. Here, not only is the player learning to dance, but also keeping physically active. This game is also available for PS3 with motion sensor and Xbox 360 with Kinect.

Again, not all games have a benefit, but being in the gaming environment can also be worthwhile.

Now I could go on and on giving you endless examples, but I'm not here to convince anyone, rather only to inform you that there are many things to be learned while having fun playing a video game.

Simply by being part of the social community, you learn there are rules and you must learn to conduct yourself properly or there are consequences: such as being kicked from a multiplayer game, being kicked from a party chat, or even being suspended or permanently banned from the system's online service, i.e. Xbox Live.

Video games are just great for learning skills and behavior etiquette but they can also help with depression, feelings that come with being bullied, and other life struggles. In an article entitled 'How Gaming Saved My Life', you can take a look and see that the video game world has a lot more to offer than one would know.

Again, not all games are bad, not all games are good, but it's important to remember that there are things being learned while playing even if you don't know or realize it.

 Being able to view video games in a positive light other than the dark stain of violence that is too often portrayed by the media every time something bad happens, needs to happen more often.

Ultimate Fan Zombie-Pranks Norman Reedus From The Walking Dead Thu, 16 Jan 2014 21:07:41 -0500 Stephanie Tang

If you've already tapped out on all the grim choices Clementine is forced to face in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Two, then it's back to news about its hit television counterpart. 

For fans of the TV show, FOX is pulling out all the stops to ensure that super fans are given the recognition they deserve. They just launched their social media driven "#getFOXed" campaign today, designed to give those fans unmatched fan experiences.

Enter the "Ultimate Zombie Prank" on Norman Reedus.

Nick Santonastasso, a huge The Walking Dead fan is no stranger to pulling pranks. 17 years old, Nick was born with a rare syndrome called Hanhart and has only one arm and no legs. This condition hasn't managed to keep him down though, and his mischievous enthusiasm can't be contained - it in fact gives him the ultimate edge to zombie-scare the bejeezus out you... which he knows full well. He has over 534,000 followers who know him as Vine "Zombie Prankster," speed-chasing strangers down grocery store aisles like a real-life rendition of 28 Days Later

(Seen here: Nick's 2-part "Zombie Prank" Vine series that went viral.)



Thanks to these, Nick is no stranger to FOX, nor the cast of The Walking Dead, who have happily brought attention to his undead shenanigans through various social media outlets.

In fact, this is probably the reason why he was picked up as the kick off fan experience for the #getFOXed campaign. 

Nick was flown to Tokyo, Japan where he was transformed into a walker by the show's Special Effects guru, Greg Nicotero. With partner-in-crime Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) manning the control room to give Nick the final go-ahead, hidden cameras all around the room captured every angle of Nick's big scare on Norman Reedus (Daryl)... in slow-motion, even!

More crazy fan experiences are sure to come, leading up to the global return of The Walking Dead across FOX channels outside of the US on February 10th.

A much more palatable wait time compared to Episode 2 of Telltale's Season Two, don't you think?

[21+] Get Fragged: Pairing Telltale Game's The Walking Dead with Left Hand Brewing's Wake Up Dead Thu, 14 Nov 2013 12:33:25 -0500 Eli "The Mad Man" Shayotovich

Welcome back to another episode of Get Fragged: A Game & Booze Pairing Guide!

We are knee-deep in dead leaves, which is the telltale sign that it's fall... the time of year when AMC resumes their smash hit, The Walking Dead. Zombies have a death grip on pop culture, and while there are way too many video games about the undead, there's at least one that you should actually play. And no, I'm not talking about the hot mess that was TWD: Survival Instinct either. 

Telltale Game's The Walking Dead series isn't so much a game as an interactive animated comic book experience. This emotionally charged adventure game has earned universal praisedespite not containing a ton of traditional gaming action. Its greatness comes from the dramatic story it tells, which changes based on the choices it forces you to make along the way.

But don't holster your twitchy trigger finger completely. When the action does show up it'll often catch you off guard because: 1) you won't be expecting it, and 2) you'll be so gripped by the events unfolding on the screen that you're reaction time will be stunted. The later has happened to me more than a few times. 

State of the Stout

The colder nights that come with the change in season means it's time to put away the light, hoppy, thirst quenching beers we've been guzzling throughout the summer and crack open darker, maltier, heartier brews that will keep us warm by a roaring fire.

(... In fact, lemme open one of those right now.)

The perfect stout for this game hails from the "Napa Valley of Beer" -- aka my home state of Colorado. But first... a little history lesson on this particular style of beer.

You heard the word "stout" and probably thought of Guinness, right? Dark and bitter, with that cool cascading head. While Guinness is the template for Irish/Dry Stouts, a ton of variations exist... including Imperial Stout, Oatmeal Stout, and Sweet or Milk Stout. 

Stout [noun \staut\] is a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. The roasting of the ingredients gives it a dark color and a roasty flavor.

Let's bust one myth right now: a beer’s color has nothing to do with its alcohol content. Back in the day, the word “stout” was slang for a strong beer, not a dark one. 

(... Oh darn, look at that. Gotta open up another beer.)

Turning to the Dark Side

So how did the stout earn its infamy as a dark beer?

During the 18th century the porter style of beer (also dark) became the first industrially produced beer in England. It was mighty popular in America too. When George Washington and Thomas Jefferson weren't busy starting a new nation, they were in their barns brewing porters with the rest of the Founding Fathers. 

Stouts are basically just revved up versions of porters. The two styles are sometimes hard to tell apart because they often use the same recipe... the only difference being the amount of water used.

So, what beer should every good survivor of the zombie apocalypse have in their fridge?

"Good morning. You've woken up dead. You're in ruins."

That's the tagline for Wake Up Dead, a Russian Imperial Stout (a style created to win over the Russian Czars of the 1800's) from Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado.

It pours black as night and boasts high alcohol by volume (10.2% ABV to be exact). Along with plenty of roasted malty goodness you'll taste raisins, coffee and dark chocolate.

After a few sips a warmth starts crawling around your belly as the boozy brew makes its presence known... and that's when you to dive into The Walking Dead.  

(... Another one down the hatch!)

How Wake Up Dead enriches The Walking Dead

The bleakness of the world combined with the character's desperate plight calls for something that'll multi-task. It has to mesh with the dark ambiance of the game, act as a stout companion as you trudge through a world populated by the walking dead, while keeping you on your toes for those moments when you have to act fast.

The low carbonation level of this beer won't exactly light up your taste buds, but that's OK. This is a winter warmer best consumed slowly, perfect for the plodding pace of The Walking Dead. Slow... thoughtful... BAM!

Out of nowhere you're crapping your pants trying to hit the "Q" key without spilling your beer... or dying!

This Russian Imperial Stout unfolds the same way. It's subtle at first... downright sneaky. Right up until that 10.2% ABV rattles your brain and wakes you (and the dead) up!

The beer's aroma is a mix of burnt chocolate, malt, and coffee. Since I've never sniffed rotting flesh before, I'm guessing the nose on this beer will be much better than the stank millions of dead bodies will bring to the world.

(... Well, whatya know.)

Wake Up Dead "lurks" in Left Hand's cellar for over 4 months before it's released. Zombies lurk in dark places too... aging just like the beer; waiting for some dumb ass to walk in (without a flash light) like every character from every horror movie ever made.

Oh, and here's an added benefit! If you were actually stuck in a zombie apocalypse, once you've emptied the bottles of its liquidy goodness (like I've just done) you could use them as a water collection system... or a port-a-pot. Now that's utilizing all of your meager, end-of-the-world possessions to their fullest! 

Seems I've come upon a very important decision in the game. I have to decide whether Clementine... I mean another character - lives or dies. Hopefully all the beers I've had so far don't make me do something... oops.

Until next time... keep the kegerator fully pressurized and your Nvidia drivers up to date!


 ** GameSkinny reminds you that you must be at least 21 years of age in the good ole U.S. of A to con­sume alco­hol. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol... get them help immediately. Seriously!  If you or someone you know has a problem using a keyboard and mouse, well... you can't fix evolution. We don't condone any of the following:  alcoholism, underage drinking, driving under the influence, binge drinking on cheap booze, lying under oath, or cheering for the Dodgers. WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may create the illusion that you are a smarter, faster and have a better K/D ration than all other gamers. GameSkinny encourages you to drink and frag responsibly!