Valkyrie Profile Articles RSS Feed | Valkyrie Profile RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Square Enix confirms mobile-only Valkyrie Profile game with teaser trailer Fri, 15 Apr 2016 05:42:08 -0400 Scott Simpson

Square Enix recently announced they would be returning to the Valkyrie Profile series with Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, and have since released a short teaser trailer which confirmed that, as suspected, the title will be a mobile game.

Details are scarce at this stage, but we do know it will be an RPG like its predecessors, that the story will take place before the events of the first Valkyrie Profile, and that Motoi Sakuraba will return to compose the soundtrack. The game is set to see a release in Japan within the Spring 2016 window, although a concrete date or a window for other regions has yet to be announced.

Given the series' following, this latest announcement will likely get a mixed reception. On the one hand, news that the series will be getting a new entry will excite many; however, some are likely to be disappointed by Square Enix's decision to make the title a mobile game. Of course, it could be the case that Square Enix is simply trying to gauge interest in the franchise, with a future console or handheld release planned should it do well.

Valkyrie Profile became something of a cult classic with its release on the original PlayStation and received high praise for its unique turn-based combat system, heavy narrative themes, and its successful fusion of RPG and 2D side-scrolling plaformer elements. It has since spawned two sequels and received an enhanced port on the PSP.

You can see the teaser trailer for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin below. But unless you speak Japanese, you probably won't get much out of it.

What are your thoughts on the announcement? Excited to see a new Valkyrie Profile game being released? Think releasing it solely on mobile platforms is a bad move? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Ocean 5 producer Shuichi Kobayashi wants to create Valkyrie Profile 3 Tue, 29 Mar 2016 11:37:28 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

In a recent livestream with Dengeki Online, Shuichi Kobayashi producer of Star Ocean 5, addressed hopes for Valkyrie Profile 3 (VP3). Kobayashi surprisingly shares that he does have intentions for creating a new VP -- He goes on to share that he in fact has proposals for VP3  at the ready on his PC. 

Valkyrie Profile is a series developed by tri-Ace that began on the PlayStation. VP1 combined turn-based combat, serious narratives, a reward based combo system, and a large cast. VP1 was released in 2000 (later re-released in 2006 for the PSP) and followed the story of Lenneth Valkyrie. In 2006, Valkyire Profile 2: Silmeria was released for the PlayStation 2. VP2 retained and improved upon the same fundamental game design and follows the adventures of the Valkyrie Silmeria -- set centuries before VP1

It was revealed that the reason we have yet to see VP3 is due to the market's interests. Kobayashi explains that Square Enix has felt the market would not respond favorably. This could mean that VP3 would be a different kind of game than that of popular JPRGs and may not sell well if at all. He also shares that if JRPG fans (in Japan) were more likely to play different games, VP3 would have been released already.

As of now, he hopes Star Ocean 5 sells well so that it could increase the likelihood that VP3 may be developed.

11 Games That Deserve to Be Completely Remade, 'Final Fantasy VII'-Style Sat, 18 Jul 2015 02:30:01 -0400 K.W. Colyard


So... that list turned out a bit more RPG-heavy than I thought it would. What games would you like to see given the Final Fantasy VII treatment? Let me know in the comments!

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile is an unforgettable PlayStation title that has spawned two prequels and a PSP port. It's the perfect JRPG cocktail, complete with a unique battle system, dark story, Norse mythology, multiple endings, and a large cast of playable characters. With a phoenix down hovering over the JRPG genre, now is the perfect time for Square Enix to revive Valkyrie Profile for a new generation.

Suikoden II

Suikoden III was one of the first JRPGs I played on PlayStation II, but the experience was always slightly tainted by the reputation of its predecessor. Suikoden II is legendary, thanks - in no small part - to its rarity. And while it has been ported to both PSP and the PSN, it would - like Final Fantasy VI - benefit tremendously in a graphics overhaul to bring it into the modern day.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Like Final Fantasy VII, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has a reputation that precedes it. Hope for a KOTOR remake is more well-grounded than for most games on this list. After acquiring rights to the Star Wars franchise, Disney inked an exclusive video game deal with EA, who - in turn - announced that KOTOR developer BioWare would be one of three companies making new games for the franchise. 

Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Konami and his blockbuster franchise, and that makes us all really, really sad. For some, the idea of completely remaking Metal Gear Solid will seem ludicrous, even blasphemous, without Kojima's input. Given the ways in which the franchise's gameplay has changed over the years, however, a new Metal Gear Solid for a new generation of gamers would be pretty fantastic.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Yes, Ocarina of TIme did get a fantastic 3DS port that massively upgraded its aesthetics. And yes, we do have other Legend of Zelda games to look forward to. But a ground-up rebuild of one of Nintendo's most iconic games for home console? No one would pass that up.

Jade Empire

I know a lot of people who feel that Jade Empire is the BioWare franchise-that-could-have-been, but - for whatever reason - wasn't. The original Xbox title was massive, gorgeous, and original. With BioWare's continued success and the popularity of kung-fu titles, a Jade Empire remake would be a certain hit.


Yes, yes, I know. We all want to see Half-Life 3. And Left 4 Dead 3. Basically Any Valve Game 3. But just think about how much fun it would be to relive Gordon Freeman's adventures in hi-def.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Right now, Rockstar is riding high on the success of Grand Theft Auto V, and that's OK. Eventually, though, the franchise will have to move forward, and outdoing GTA V is a mission I don't envy. A true San Andreas reboot could be just the thing to float Rockstar between new installments.

Final Fantasy VI

Choosing the single Final Fantasy title you want remade the most is, well, difficult. The inclination to shout "All of them!" before laughing maniacally is strong. But Final Fantasy VI stands out as the last 2D game in the franchise, making those modern graphics seem all the sweeter.

Chrono Trigger

With Chrono Cross on the list, I couldn't very well leave out the one that started it all, could I? True, you can get Chrono Trigger on basically any platform you want - including mobile - but that doesn't mean the market is too flooded for a total overhaul of the 1993 SNES title.

Chrono Cross

Despite the first game's popularity, the 1998 sequel to Chrono Trigger is the real litmus test for JRPG fans. Chrono Cross still looks pretty freaking awesome, but it hasn't been given nearly the same amount of love as its predecessor. With a third title lurking somewhere out in the ether, this sophomore hit is due for a comeback.


By now, I'm sure you've heard that we're getting the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sony's reveal at their E3 2015 conference drew adulation, tears, and criticism from all corners of the gaming world. Final Fantasy VII Remake, whenever it drops, is sure to be one of the most lucrative titles Square Enix has ever shipped.


Unlike other re-releases, the Remake won't be a simple re-skinning of the original title. Instead, Square Enix announced they are rebuilding their 1997 bestseller from the ground up. It's a rarity, but the company has done it before; in 2006, Square remade Final Fantasy III for the North American handheld market.


Regardless of your feelings on the game, Final Fantasy VII Remake is destined to be a massive hit, and it's likely that its success will propel others in the industry to remake classic favorites in the same mode. Here are eleven great candidates for ground-up rebuilding.