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Blizzard has just released a brand new content update of Battle for Azeroth expansion in World of Warcraft. The new update is titled Rise of Azshara, and it includes several new zones, a raid, a dungeon, and many new quests.

One such quest requires players to defeat Prince Wiggletail, a naga that resides inside a cave at the Zanj'ir Terrace in Nazjatar. If you're having trouble defeating this enemy, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

You can find Prince Wiggletail in the southern cave of the Zanjir Terrace in the northwestern part of the map.

The exact coordinates of the cave are 34.81, 27.31.

This enemy is extremely hard and you need to set everything up before entering the cave and taking a fight against Prince Wiggletail. There are a couple of methods you can use to kill him.

Method 1: Using Three Battle Pets

Having more pets will give you a higher chance of winning. So use this method first. Here are the three pets you can use for this fight:

  • Unborn Val'kyr
  • Zandalari Anklerender
  • Weebomination

When you have all three pets assembled, you need to follow these steps during the battle:

  1. Send in Unborn Val'kyr
  2. Cast Haunt
  3. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Unborn Val'kyr
  4. Send in Zandalari Anklerender
  5. Cast Black Claw
  6. Cast Hunting Party
  7. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Zandalari Anklerender
  8. Send in Weebomination
  9. Cast Diseased Bite

The last spell should put Prince Wiggletain down, and the battle will be over.

Method 2: Using Two Battle Pets

The second method is harder but possible, if all circumstances will play in your favor. Here are the two pets you can use for this fight:

  • Zandalari Anklerender
  • Blighthawk

Follow these steps to defeat Prince Wiggletail:

  1. Send in Zandalari Anklerender
  2. Cast Black Claw
  3. Cast Primal Cry
  4. Cast Hunting Party
  5. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Zandalari Anklerender
  6. Send in Blighthawk
  7. Cast Lift Off
  8. Cast Ghostly Bite

This combo should do the trick. When everything is over, Prince Wiggletail will drop Wiggletail's Poking Fork.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Receives Its First Major Patch Today Tue, 11 Dec 2018 14:00:34 -0500 Ted Racicot

Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance hits live servers today. This patch is the first major content patch for World of Warcraft since the release of Battle for Azeroth. As such, Tides of Vengeance aims to continue the story from the beginning of the expansion, while also addressing some of the major concerns voiced by the community.

The Story Continues 

The war between the Horde and Alliance is heating up in Patch 8.1. Players are given a couple of different ways to experience this conflict. First and foremost is through the war campaign, which has received a new chapter.

Additionally, a new set of world quests called Faction Assaults are now available. These Assaults revolve around the idea of one faction attacking the other, and players can earn a variety of rewards for assisting their faction during these events. 

Warfronts, which were first introduced at the start of the expansion, are also receiving an update. A new Warfront will now be available, this time set in Darkshore. Furthermore, the aftermath of Warfronts have been changed. World Quests will now be available in both Arathi Highlands and Darkshore when a player's faction controls it, rather than the one-time quests available previously. 

Class Changes 

A number of classes are receiving quite a bit of reworking in Tides of Vengeance. Particularly notable are changes coming for Priests, Shamans, and Warriors. The loss of Artifacts from the previous expansion have hit these classes particularly hard, and the changes coming in 8.1 aim to help smooth out the way these classes play. 

Players will also be able to unlock new Azerite Traits. The Azerite system has been criticized by players for being a simplified version of the Artifacts from Legion. The new Traits offered in Tides of Vengeance hope to give players more customization. 

Island Expedition and Pet Battles

Island Expeditions will also be updated in Tides of Vengeance. This includes two brand new islands for players to explore, Jorundall and Havenswood. Existing islands will also be updated with new foes, rewards, as well as an increase in the rewards given on Mythic and PvP difficulties. 

An all new Pet Battle Dungeon is also available for players. Located outside of Gnomergeran this dungeon gives players the opportunity to collect four new pets: Mechanical Cockroach, Leper Rat, Machantula, and Alarm-o-Dog.

An Eye on the Future 

Though Tides of Vengeance has a lot of changes coming, the newest tier of raiding will not be immediately available.

The next raid, the Battle of Dazar'alor, is scheduled to be released on January 22, 2019. The second season for both Mythic+ dungeons and Arenas will also start at that time. Regardless, Tides of Vengeance is filled with quite a bit of new content to hold players over until then. Full patch notes are available on the World of Warcraft site.

Battle For Azeroth Guide: Tips For What to do After 120 Thu, 23 Aug 2018 12:38:00 -0400 Nick Congleton

Battle for Azeroth has been out for little more than a full week now, and many players are either just hitting Level 120 or have already put in the grind to get there. Chances are, you’re one of them.

But one major question that keeps popping up as players reach the level cap is, "what do I do when I hit Level 120?". On the surface, it would seem pretty simple that your next steps would be gearing up to raid. However, BfA doesn’t exactly make it clear how to go about doing that, and there are more options for future raiders and dungeoneers than ever before when it comes to endgame content.

This guide helps demystify some of that by going over some of the best techniques for getting prepared for raiding by going over: 

  • War Campaigns
  • Dungeons 
  • Reputations
  • World Quests
  • War Mode
  • Island Expeditions

Let's get started with one of the best ways to maximize your early efforts after hitting Level 120. 

War Campaign

Dungeons are the first go-to for most players, but there's a better, more optimal first choice. If you haven’t already started your BfA War Campaign quests, start them now. Actually, they should be the first thing that you do.

Your War Campaign unlocks so many of the other things that you need for BfA’s endgame content, including a new set of world quests, that it should be your number one priority.

The War Campaign brings the faction war theme of BfA to the forefront and allows you to work with prominent members of your faction to wage war. Eventually, you venture onto the other factions continent and establish footholds in each zone. It’s an interesting quest line, and it opens up three new zones to explore.


They are an obvious choice, of course, but dungeons award some of the best gear early on in an expansion. They also give you a chance to practice for your future raiding or Mythic+ goals.

Let's take a look at what each type of dungeon provides in terms of gear. 

Normal Dungeons

As soon as you hit Level 120, you’ll have all of the normal difficulty dungeons unlocked and ready to queue for. These dungeons award Item Level 310 gear, and you can run them as many times as you like. Normal dungeons are probably your best bet for early gearing.

There is a serious drawback to running normal dungeons right now, though. At this stage in the expansion, queue times for DPS classes are extremely high. While you’re queued for normal dungeons, you should probably explore one of the other BfA options, like your War Campaign or World Quests.

Heroic Dungeons

As soon as your character reaches Item Level 305, you’ll be able to start queuing for heroic-difficulty dungeons. These are a major step up from normal for a number of reasons.

First, everyone in the dungeon will have better gear, so they tend to run more smoothly. Next, those insane queue times are considerably shorter, down as low as 10 minutes. Finally, the gear that comes from heroic dungeons is Item Level 325, but it has a chance to titanforge even higher. It’s not too uncommon to see Item Level 340 pieces drop.

As soon as you’re eligible, heroic dungeons should be your main option for gearing at this stage in the game. World quests are still good, but heroics will generally award better gear.

Mythic Dungeons

You can technically queue for mythic dungeons at any point because you need to form your own groups and physically go to the dungeon in the world. That said, you should probably have a decent amount of heroic level gear before trying.

Once you feel confident and are in at least the Item Level 320 range, you should start looking for mythic dungeon groups. The best ways to team up for these dungeons are:

  • Guilds 
  • Group Finder

Guilds are basic for WoW at this point, and you're probably already part of one. If not, there are plenty of groups forming in the group finder for mythic dungeons all the time, and this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of what will evolve into the Mythic+ progression.

Mythic dungeons award Item Level 340 gear.


Reputations are a big deal in Battle for Azeroth. The most immediate thing you need to know is that reputations will unlock world quests. Once you have a “friendly” reputation with each of the leveling factions from your faction’s continent, they’ll become available.

Next, reputations unlock some great early gear. With one reputation at honored, you’ll be able to purchase an Item Level 320 cloak from that faction’s emissary vendor. As you progress and increase those reputations to revered, you’ll have access to Item Level 335 gear.

The Champions of Azeroth faction headed by Magni Bronzebeard, the same diamond dwarf that gave you your necklace, offers an Item Level 355 piece on reaching exalted. As you progress with their reputation, Magni increases the item level of your Heart of Azeroth by 15 item levels with each reputation level you reach, up until exalted.

Reputations are also going to be key in unlocking flying later on in the expansion, so there’s no reason to delay in leveling them up.

World Quests

World quests are going to be one of your first real sources of gear. As soon as you unlock them, you’re bound to find a few that offer upgrades. Also, keep a look out for emissary quests at the bottom of your map. Many of them award better gear than completing a single world quest does.

World quest rewards scale with your item level. They range from 295 to 330. Because world quests scale with your gear, they’re usually not a great way to get all of your gear, but they offer a great way to fill in trouble pieces that you can’t seem to get any other way.

Just like in Legion, world quests and the corresponding emissary quests are an excellent source of reputation. Even when you’ve geared beyond the rewards of world quests, its worthwhile to keep doing them for the rep.


Warmode is one of the real stand-out features of Battle for Azeroth, even if it is a somewhat controversial one. Warmode tries to revolutionize world PvP like the game has never seen. By switching on Warmode, you enter a new version of your server with only other people looking to fight out in the world. The result is a more volatile world where fights can break out at any time, and groups from to go fight the opposing faction.

Warmode doesn’t currently award gear, but it will award Conquest Points to purchase gear when the PvP season begins on September 4. Until then, Warmode is just fun.

Groups are constantly forming in the group finder to go battle the enemy faction. If you’re more of a lone wolf, you can still stalk around the world looking for enemy players. You’re bound to find some. World quests with Warmode on also spark some seriously interesting interactions, especially ones for neutral factions like the Champions of Azeroth.

Island Expeditions

Island expeditions were sort of a wildcard when BfA first launched. No one was quite sure how they would play out in practice. Early impressions are in, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Island expeditions are fun. They’re something unlike WoW has ever done, but they feel like a very natural evolution of the game.

Island expeditions pit you an two other players against more advanced A.I. in a race to collect Azerite on a randomly-generated uncharted island loaded with enemy creatures and more than a few powerful rare ones. If you’re looking to amp up that experience, you can choose to face off with actual players in a PvP version of the Azerite race.

These are a genuinely challenging and dynamic way to play. No two are alike, and the A.I. actually does give you some real opposition. Island expeditions are like dungeons, available in normal, heroic, and mythic difficulties. That means you can press into higher difficulties for more of a challenge. Of course, the PvP version pushes everything to the max.

For collecting artifact power to level up your Heart of Azeroth necklace, island expeditions are unbeatable. There’s a weekly Azerite goal that you need to meet through the expeditions, and when you do, you’ll be awarded 2500 artifact power. There’s a small chance that you’ll get weapons from completing expeditions too, but they’re not a reliable source of gear.


Hopefully, you have a good idea how you want to begin your endgame experience in Battle for Azeroth. A whole new set of content will drop on September 4 when the Uldir raid opens up and the PvP season begins. That also marks the beginning of Mythic+ dungeons in BfA. Even after that happens, many of these tips and strategies for gearing up will still be the best sources of early gear for your new 120 characters.

If you found this guide helpful, take a look at our other Battle for Azeroth guides from experienced WoW players here on GameSkinny.

7 Best Battle for Azeroth DPS Classes With Stats Thu, 16 Aug 2018 12:33:00 -0400 Sergey_3847


Outlaw Rogue

  • Best PvE Stats: Agility, Versatility
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Mastery, Haste
  • \n

Rogue classes will definitely find their place in Uldir, and it looks like besides the Subtlety class an Outlaw Rogue will have an upper hand amongst all other DPS classes.


Whereas Subtlety is focused mainly on single target damage, Outlaw can generate some significant AoE effects that will work well during raids. However, one thing that is common between these two classes is the defensive capabilities.


Also, Blizzard decided to remove all pirate synergies from the class, which may actually make veteran players happy after being forced to play as pirates for some time.




These were the seven best DPS classes in Battle for Azeroth, but be sure to come back soon for even more guides at GameSkinny!


Enhancement Shaman

  • Best PvE Stats: Agility, Haste
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Haste, Versatility
  • \n

The Enhancement class, unlike Mage, is purely damage oriented, which makes it a bit vulnerable on the defense side. But the new patch gives Shaman some interesting improvements in the shape of free Stormstrike cast by Stormbringer.


The overall cap of Maelstrom has been reduced from 150 to 100, but the cooldown is now also lower and stands at 9 seconds. This makes Enhancement Shaman excellent at single target burst damage.


The new mechanic, Capacitor Totem, previously known as Lightning Surge Totem, provides flexible AoE solution. So, even with all the changes this class still remains one of the strongest and will serve you well in BfA.


Survival Hunter

  • Best PvE Stats: Agility, Haste
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Versatility, Mastery
  • \n

Hunter is probably the easiest hero to start with. The Survival class is especially friendly to beginners due to its vast possibilities and high mobility. And if you compare it to other two Hunter classes, then in terms of damage, including AoE, Survival Hunter is beyond competition.


For example, if you take Flanking Strike spell, which has only 6 seconds cooldown, practically obliterates any enemy. That's without mentioning the pets that deal 50% additional damage per each enemy.


With this kind of power, if you decide to main as Survival Hunter in Battle for Azeroth, you will most likely never regret the choice.


Retribution Paladin

  • Best PvE Stats: Strength, Haste
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Versatility, Mastery
  • \n

The Retribution class wasn't particularly loved during the Legion period, but the developers managed to address the issues that bothered players and made Paladin great again.


Avenging Wrath spell now deals 20% more damage, healing and crit chance. This in combination with its powerful utility and defense abilities, such as Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection, that not only grant Paladin with great defensive mechanisms, but also influence its raid mates.


Sure, this class is still slow as heck and will not correspond to some players' needs, but the overall single target damage is one of the highest in the game.


Affliction Warlock

  • Best PvE Stats: Intellect, Mastery
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Haste, Mastery
  • \n

Affliction Warlock is considered by many players to be the best ranged DPS class in Battle for Azeroth. Although this class has been significantly overhauled since Legion expansion, which makes it not as good in PvP anymore, it still stands firm in the PvE.


The biggest changes touched the mana base of normal abilities, which now cost a lot less. But the crowd control abilities have become more expensive, which greatly changes the face of the PvP for Warlock players.


The best instant that Affliction class can now use in BfA is Summon Darkglare that extends the duration of all damage afflicted by 8 seconds. And that's a lot of damage we're talking about here!


Subtlety Rogue

  • Best PvE Stats: Agility, Haste
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Mastery, Versatility
  • \n

In case pure damage classes aren't your thing, here's Subtlety Rogue, which is incredibly versatile in terms of both single target damage and defense capabilities.


Subtlety class is also a very good choice for raiding and dungeons due to the new level 100 talent -- Secret Technique, which creates clones of your hero that attack enemies.


Speaking of new abilities, Rogue has got a few really cool spells in Battle for Azeroth, such as:

  • Shot in the Dark -- grants you a free Cheap Shot after entering Stealth or Shadow Dance
  • \n
  • Night Terrors -- makes Shuriken Storm not only deal damage but also slow down enemies by 30%
  • \n
  • Shuriken Tornado -- blasts enemies with four consecutive Shuriken Storms
  • \n

Arcane Mage

  • Best PvE Stats: Intellect, Versatility
  • \n
  • Best PvP Stats: Haste, Mastery
  • \n

Mage has always been a universally acclaimed DPS class, whether you were playing as Frost or Arcane. But in Battle for Azeroth expansion Arcane Mage becomes especially strong.


Both of its trademark abilities -- Arcane Blast and Arcane Explosion -- have reduced cast times and feel very powerful either you're targeting a single enemy or use AoE.


Arcane Intellect is now available once again! But the the best part is that Mage can now use PvP talents in the open world due to the brand new War Mode system. This opens up some amazing possibilities for Mage players, including the beginners.


For a whole decade the heroes of World of Warcraft rarely sorted things out in a direct conflict except the arenas. But now with the release of Battle for Azeroth, Alliance and Horde players will find themselves on the battlefield fighting against each other for the most important strategic points on the map.


The new expansion has also introduced an entire list of changes for each class, and it's going to be a rather hard choice to make which main to use. If you can't decide which DPS class you want to play during this expansion, then follow our guide for the seven best classes that should make it both easy and fun to level up.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review (In Progress) Wed, 15 Aug 2018 17:41:27 -0400 Nick Congleton

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth launched Monday, August 13 at 3 p.m. PDT in the game’s first ever simultaneous worldwide launch. BfA is the venerable MMORPG’s seventh expansion pack, and it’s already seen more than its share of both hype and controversy. So, how is it?

For the most part, and from what I've experienced, excellent.

It's true that World of Warcraft expansion launches can be unpredictable. Those prior to Battle for Azeroth, Warlords of Draenor and Legion, couldn’t have had launch events that were any more different. Legion boasted one of the smoothest launches in the history of the game, while Warlords was an unmitigated dumpster fire.

Where does BfA fall? Well, it certainly wasn’t perfect. Plenty of people experienced login issues for hours after launch, where Blizzard almost immediately posted a message alerting people to watch their customer support Twitter account for updates.

In testing the game, the login issues did persist, but multiple attempts eventually resolved the issue -- and there weren’t any further problems.

Battle for Azeroth's Opening Scenario

When you log in to Battle for Azeroth for the first time with a Level 110 character, a quest will instantly pop up on your screen. You'll take this quest to get your new Heart of Azeroth necklace from Magni Bronzebeard, who speaks for the planet itself. The quest chain is short, and only serves to set up this expansion’s new iteration on Legion’s artifact system.

From there, you begin your faction’s intro scenario. Both scenarios are pieces of individual content that are very story driven. They set up the entire leveling experience, introduce new characters, and highlight some old favorites.

Take your time and enjoy these. You can only do them once per character, and they’re actually very fun. Of course, their job is to get you excited for the expansion and the new leveling zones that you’re about to experience, and they more than succeed.


World of Warcraft has always had a unique art style. Its semi-cartoonish looks are part of what have made the world uniquely its own. Even in the game's early days, players fell in love. Over the nearly 14 years that WoW’s been running, the in-game visuals have undergone a significant overhaul.

In BfA, WoW retains its signature style, but that style has evolved to a place fans could only dream of back in 2004. The game looks stunning, and the visuals help to build a degree of immersion that makes the world feel organic. Every aspect of the new environments boasts an exceptional degree of detail, and it’s hard not to stop and stare.

Battle for Azeroth has no shortage of diversity in its atmospheric visuals either. You can find a bustling sea port, a gleaming city of gold rising from a dense jungle, a vast desert littered with the ruins of an empire, and a creepy haunted forest complete with witches and wicker monsters -- all in the same couple of islands. It all makes sense though, and fits perfectly with BfA’s story.

As you play through, take some time and appreciate the immense amount of work that went into bringing this world to life.


Blizzard stated early on that they wanted the story of BfA to take a more prominent role, and it really shows with the final product. From the second you start on your faction’s intro scenario, you’re thrown into a complex and ever-evolving plot.

Both factions arrive on a new island controlled by an allied nation. In both cases, you quickly realize that your new allies are dealing with some serious political turmoil, and you’re stuck in the middle of it now, too.

Beyond the core plots, each zone you visit features a whole cast of side characters and plot lines that interweave with your primary goals. There are some real gems mixed in to those quests, and it’s absolutely worth playing through as many quest lines as you can while leveling. Watch the cut scenes and read the dialogue. You’ll appreciate the experience so much more.


With each expansion, Blizzard has improved WoW's leveling experience. The story and visuals have played a huge role in that. However, BfA is a mixed bag, when it comes to leveling.

First off, leveling is slow, and it feels slow. If you don’t care about topping out your character ASAP, this won’t matter much to you. However, if you’re like most players, you want one character at level cap before the first raid unlocks. That should still easily be possible, but players who don’t have that much time to invest might lag behind.

Part of that increased time can be attributed to the terrain and placement of quests in certain zones. For example, in the Horde continent of Zandalar, leveling through Nazmir feels much smoother than Zuldazar. Nazmir’s quests flow naturally into one another, and the terrain is mostly flat. Zuldazar is heavily mountainous, and the quests are fairly scattered without a lot of continuity between them outside of the main quest chain.

Late in the BfA beta, Blizzard also increased the amount of experience needed for each level. While this was intended to keep players from blowing through the leveling experience too quickly, it had an additional consequence. Unless you complete every quest in every zone, you risk running out of quests before hitting the level cap. The best solution is the War Campaign. Complete each section as you go, and establish your three footholds on the opposite faction’s island. Do that, and you shouldn’t have a problem.


While all of that sounds pretty bad, remember that the stories that play out in the quests are top notch, and the environments they take place in are amazing. Leveling in BfA isn’t really bad. It’s just kind of… clunky.


There hasn’t been too much time to test the dungeons in BfA, but initial impressions are positive. Right now, the queue times for nearly every dungeon are very long. Some were up to an hour. If you want to run a few dungeons, especially for completing the final quest in each zone, queue and keep questing.

That said, the exceptional art direction carries through into the dungeons. They’re all varied, with their own unique aesthetics and enemies to fight. The layouts follow a similar design philosophy to Legion, making them simple to navigate and run efficiently. Boss fights have actual varied mechanics. It’s clear Blizzard is taking Mythic+ dungeons and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational very seriously this time around, and it reflects in the design.

War Campaign

The Battle for Azeroth War Campaign was easily one of the highlights of the questing experience. The War Campaign follows your faction’s efforts to win its war against the opposing faction. The early quests get you set up with many aspects of the endgame content that you’ll be playing over the next couple years in BfA.

The more interesting quests take you to the enemy faction’s home island to establish strongholds for your faction. They’re short chains that pair you with heroes of your faction as you arrive in completely new zones (the opposite faction’s leveling zones).

Don’t worry about running into other players, though. Early stages are instanced, and the base you establish does have guards and friendly players. Chances are, you won’t see enemy players, at least not yet.


It’s very hard to say much about Warmode this early in the game. It’s one of BfA’s new features with the most potential. It places players who want to fight each other on the same servers and rewards them for fighting with gear, honor levels, and other useful things. Warmode also includes features for encouraging players to fight, like placing a bounty on enemy players who have killed your allies.

Warmode is dependent on the players, and if a majority of players don’t use it or abuse it, there’s plenty of room for failure.

Before the expansion’s release, the BfA pre-patch event introduced Warmode to the game and created a new zone geared for full-fledged Warmode as it appears in Battle for Azeroth. That zone, Darkshore, erupted into a warzone with players grouping up with members of their faction for large- scale battles or just hunting the enemy faction. For people who enjoy open world player vs. player (PvP) combat, it was mostly a great success.

BfA’s release brought something unexpected to Warmode, though. Since the beginning, players on PvP servers expected to get killed by higher level players. It came with the territory, and it’s something players were expecting heading into BfA with Warmode turned on. Only, that’s not at all what started happening. Lower-level players started killing higher level ones.

BfA introduced a new scaling system in Warmode that prevents high-level players from killing other players in one or two hits. It makes lower-level players more robust than they normally would be, giving them a fair chance to survive. At the same time, Legion’s now infamous legendary items retain their special effects until a player reaches Level 116. The result of both factors gives characters below Level 116 a strong advantage over higher-level players in BfA. In fact, groups of low-level players even formed to go hunt higher levels.

Clearly, this is a problem, and it’s one that existed in the beta, to a lesser degree. It remains to be seen whether this pattern will continue into BfA’s lifespan or what level gear will prevent it for max level players, but it’s something that needs to be corrected in order for people to take Warmode seriously.

Island Expeditions

Island expeditions are the return of Mists of Pandaria’s three-player scenarios, but in a much more dynamic way. Island expeditions put you and two other players against a team of NPCs of varying difficulties on a search across an uncharted island for the sought after substance, Azerite.

The islands are dynamically generated and feature different layouts and encounters with each visit. If you want a real challenge, you can actually take on three players from the enemy faction in a PvP-flavored version of the scenario.

Island expeditions are quick, fun, and provide you with something different to do, even when you don’t have loads of time to play.

What’s To Come

Battle for Azeroth just launched, but there’s plenty lined up for the near future. On September 4, Blizzard will unlock the main end-game content; raids, Mythic+ dungeons, and the first PvP season. The first raid, Uldir, builds largely on the Horde’s leveling storyline. The next set of allied races, the Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs will be available through the War Campaign at that time, too.

Like with any WoW expansion, BfA is going to be around for about two years. Very little is known about future patch content, but the mysterious queen of the Naga, Queen Azshara, will finally make an appearance as a raid boss in one of them.

You can also expect several new sets of allied races coming in future patches too. That includes the Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans that you’ll be building relationships with as you level.

Is Battle for Azeroth good? The content that’s available now definitely is. Old fans and new players alike will no doubt enjoy most aspects of the expansion. That said, it’s always hard to say how a WoW expansion will be judged by history at this stage. Despite its technical issues, Warlords of Draenor was beloved in its early days. It wasn’t until the infamous content droughts of later patches that it earned its negative reputation.

It seems unlikely, though, that BfA will follow that path. It‘s a pretty safe bet that if you liked Legion, you’ll like Battle for Azeroth.

[Editor's Note: This is a review in progress and will be updated accordingly.]

*Potential Spoilers* Battle For Azeroth: Speculation Sylvanas and Jaina Mon, 13 Aug 2018 16:23:43 -0400 GabrielKross

With World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth's launch pending, and what we know, Sylvanas has received a lot of heat from both Horde and Alliance players. Rightfully so, she has gone off the deep end a bit since Greymane thwarted her in Stormheim. Unfortunately, that means her equal in terms of deep end crossing Jaina has gone unnoticed.


Blizzard launched two Warbringers videos in prep for BfA. Sylvanas and Jaina, which clearly marks each as the frontrunners of the upcoming conflict. View those in the links if you haven't done so yet.

With Jaina, we don't really get the turmoil that we did from the end of Warlords and the beginning of Legion, but she has been on a path to the darkside for some time now. I was actually surprised that she managed not to turn to the Legion this expansion. Her video just proves her final resolve to the fight, getting a flying disco ship that is shown in the new scenario. It is a bit unusual that the Alliance frontrunner isn't the Alliance leader, but how much will Anduin be influenced by Jaina in BfA?

Sylvanas is newly arrived to the full scale crazy that these two characters embody on their respective sides. What many people who have been commenting on Sylvanas' trip down the rabbit hole seem to forget, is that her path started with Greymane's interference in Stormheim. If Sylvanas had been allowed to claim her prize in Stormheim, would she have been so crazy while on the path to BfA?

Back at the beginning of Legion, especially in the prepatch, Sylvanas led valiantly and made the hard decisions that needed to be made. Pulling out of the battle was one of those hard decisions. Unfortunately, it was misunderstood by Greymane as Sylvanas betraying the Alliance, and is most likely why he got involved with her plans in Stormheim setting her down her current path.

Who Lives? Redemptions and Reconciliations?

If there were only one questionable character, I would consider the general consensus of Sylvanas being the next Garrosh-like raid boss. However, add in Jaina and there is no way that both will die in BfA. Actually, it is highly possible that neither die. Sylvanas is likely going to step down as warchief at the end of BfA, Jaina will probably return to her people. 

There is a video on Youtube that suggests, as one option, that Sylvanas is just playing her part, making the decisions that no other warchief could ever make. As someone who has already died once, Sylvanas does not seem to fear anything in the waking world, meaning she is free to carry those burdens. It is very likely that the end of BfA will make her intentions known, that she only did what she had to do for the good of the Horde, maybe for Azeroth as a whole. There is even some hope for Sylvanas' redemption in the comic with her sisters. 

Jaina on the otherhand, already seems to be on a path to redemption, even while perpetuating her own grudge against the Horde. Her people chose a neutral stance, preparing to stand against the coming battle on their own. Jaina seems to accept their fight as her own, though in secret. It is likely that her people will discover her protection later and may forgive her past.

What are your thoughts on Battle for Azeroth? Do you think one or both of these Warbringers might die? Will there be redemption in this expansion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Battle for Azeroth Guide: Expert Tips for Hitting Level 120 Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:21:11 -0400 Nick Congleton

World of Warcraft's seventh expansion, Battle for Azeroth, brings with it a new leveling experience and two totally new continents to level through, one for each faction. Whether you've been playing WoW non-stop for the past 14 years or you're a first-time player using your free level 110 character boost to take on the new content, you're going to need to prepare to level efficiently.

Not everyone wants to push through this new content quickly to hit the level cap, and that's perfectly fine. There are some excellent storylines on both sides for you to enjoy, and you should. Even still, preparing to quest will make the experience smoother and cut down on frustration. No one likes getting stuck, and its never fun when gameplay doesn't feel rewarding. These tips will be useful no matter how you plan on leveling in BfA.

Prepare To Level

Before you embark on your adventures through Kul Tiras and Zandalar, you're going to need to gear up. Prepare your character to level quickly by stocking up on some useful items that'll seed up the process and clean up all the end-of-expansion junk that's been clogging up your bags for months. All the experts agree, setting yourself up to level fast works.

Clean Up Your Bags

If you've been playing through most of Legion, your bags are full of junk. Questing with full bags is awful. You never have enough room for your new quest items or profession materials. It cramps your whole flow.

Clean all the junk items out of your bags. Remember that this includes any gear that you might be holding on to because it's a close item level to your main gear, follower items, and artifact relics. None of those things will be useful as soon as BfA drops.

Now's the time to get rid of your profession items from Legion too. They're not going to do you any good in Battle for Azeroth. There will be all new materials to collect, and the Legion stuff is going to plummet in price.

Everyone has those items that they're attached to. Some of those even have interesting toy-like effects. Store those in your bank. They might get made into toys at some point. As long as those things aren't in your bags, you'll be alright.

Stock Up On Useful Items

There are tons, TONS, of useful items for leveling. If you have them in your bags when you're leveling, you're going to have a much better experience.

First, consider food and other consumable items that buff your character's stats. You can think of leveling sort of like raiding. All of those raid items work well for leveling. Stock up on food with stat buffs, flasks, potions, and anything else that increases your stats. Food has the added benefit of healing you between fights, so it minimizes your downtime and speeds up the process.

Like with any new expansion, you won't be able to fly in the new zones. So any items that increase your movement speed and help you get around more easily are going to help your leveling along in a big way. The first and most important one is the Goblin Glider Kit. Plenty of the zones have a lot of high terrain, and unless you're playing a Demon Hunter, you're going to have a hard time getting down from those high places. Goblin gliders allow you to cover a lot of ground with relative ease.

Movement boosting items are also a great idea. A simple option is Bear Tartare. Eating it makes your character move faster for a short time. You can also pick up more permanent items like Gunshoes to give your character some extra speed.

Water is another obstacle that's infamous for slowing you down. If you have access to any of the water strider mounts, they can be invaluable for getting across bodies of water efficiently. If you don't, water walking potions are always good in a pinch.

Don't forget that there are some items that increase your experience gains too. The standards of coordination that are available from guild vendors increase the experience you gain from killing groups of mobs in the open world by 15%. You can't use them all the time, but when you have a large cluster, throw a standard down, and reap the benefits.

BfA introduced a new experience gem, Insightful Rubellite, that you can socket into a piece of your gear for a constant 5% experience boost. You can only use one, and they won't be available until BfA launches, but it's something to check for soon after launch.

Plan Your Route

The route you take while leveling matters. Yes, like Legion, you can start leveling in any of the new zones and choose any path you like, but there is a more efficient order. Some zones have more difficult quests and tighter clusters of enemy mobs. Level through those zones first. Legion legendary items will still have their effects through level 116. You're going to want those effects for the more difficult zones. Leveling through the easier zones at higher level is also faster because higher levels require more experience.

For Horde players, start your questing in Vol'dun. Move from there to Zuldazar. Finish leveling in Nazmir.

Alliance players should start off in Drustvar. Continue on to Tiragarde Sound. You should finish questing in Stormsong Valley.

Of course, this is a game, so don't worry if you really prefer one zone and want to start there. This is just the optimal order.

Leveling Efficiently

You've prepared your character. Your bags are clean and stocked with useful items. You have your route planned out and ready to go. It's time to level. Wait! There's actually a better way to level too.

Certain factors can play a big role in how fast you level in Battle for Azeroth. Most things are just good habits to get yourself into, and they'll help you level faster with minimal extra effort.

Turn On Warmode

Yeah, turn on War Mode. Most people are either loving that idea (rogues) or are suddenly terrified (everyone else), but Warmode comes with some massive benefits for leveling that can't be overlooked.

War Mode gives you an automatic 10% experience bump for everything. Enable War Mode, and get the extra experience. It's that simple, and it does make a huge difference.

Next, War Mode gives you access to a set of extra PvP talents. Plenty of those talents are great for both controlling mobs and pumping out extra damage. Altogether, it will make your leveling experience easier.

If you're really worried about enabling War Mode, remember that for the first few days of the expansion, everyone will be focused on leveling. The Alliance and Horde will be mostly contained to their own leveling zones and won't mix much. You can also return to Stormwind or Orgrimmar at any time to turn it off if it does become a problem for you. With War Mode, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Avoid Time Sinks

There's no shortage of distractions when leveling in BfA, or any expansion. It gets tricky, though, because those distractions have changed.

Don't run dungeons. They take too much time to queue for, and they don't reward enough experience to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, running dungeons will slow you down while leveling in BfA.

Rare mobs and treasures where always a good thing in Legion. That's not the case in BfA. The items that drop and the experience that they grant aren't worth the time they take to hunt down or kill. Treasure chests don't grant experience, and rares drop better gear at higher levels, making them a potentially invaluable source of early gear at max level. Hold off while leveling.

Bonus objectives aren't worthwhile either anymore. During both Warlords of Draenor and Legion these were an excellent source of bonus experience. That's not so anymore. Like these other time sinks, they're simply not worth the time they cost anymore.

Quest Efficiently

If you've been playing WoW for any length of time, you know how to quest more efficiently. This is just a good habit, and your map is the best resource you have in setting up optimal quest patterns.

Group your quests. After you arrive in a quest hub, take a look at your map. You'll probably see that you'll have groups of quests clustered together. Pick a cluster of quests and complete them all at once. Then, turn them all in at once. Always set your hearthstone to your current quest hub to cut down on travel time.

It's also important to remember to abandon quests that are giving you a hard time. There's no need to complete every quest. There are more than enough quests in any zone to level you up.

Do Your War Campaign

This isn't 100% necessary while you're leveling, but it will help you a lot when you reach max level. The War Campaign is a central part of Battle for Azeroth. It's tied to a lot of your max level progress and is used to unlock key points of the expansion. You'll be fine if you wait to do the campaign at max level, but doing it while you level will save some time in the long run.

Grab Two Gathering Professions

This one also isn't strictly necessary. If you love your character's professions, keep them. If you don't really care and just want to make some gold, pick up two gathering professions like mining and herbalism.

You gain experience from gathering crafting materials from the nodes in the open world, and those materials are worth a significant amount of gold, especially early in the expansion. Having gathering professions will help you get off to a good start financially in any expansion.

Manage Your Reputations

Reputation, like the War Campaign, is extremely useful at max level. You need to have at least a friendly reputation with each of the leveling factions from each of your factions zones when transitioning into max level content to unlock world quests. This isn't a huge deal. Just make sure that you level in each of the three zones to hit this minimum requirement.

Also, each of these factions offers a decent item level cloak with an honored reputation. Consider leveling one of them up to get access to that item at max level. It'll get you off to a better start.

Don't Vendor Questing Gear!

Finally, don't vendor any of your green or better gear. Battle for Azeroth introduced scrappers in each factions major city. These scrappers allow you to trade unwanted gear for crafting materials. You can sell those materials for way more gold than you'd get from vendoring the gear. Crafting materials are going to be key in BfA's Warfronts. The scrapper is going to be a big part of BfA, and it's good to get a head start while questing.

You don't need to follow all of these tips. Level however is most comfortable for you. Even if you follow only a handful of these tips, though, you will have a faster and more enjoyable experience. That's what's most important here. Enjoy the experience. Battle for Azeroth has exceptional leveling content. Make the most of it.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Announced for September Release Tue, 30 Jan 2018 17:36:28 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

Gear up, Horde and Alliance: the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, has been announced for release on (or before) September 21. Although it was announced at BlizzCon in November, Blizzard Entertainment recently released some new details about the expansion.

On top of that, the preorder for Battle for Azeroth was also released, allowing players to prepurchase the normal and deluxe editions of the expansion through the player store.

With the preorder, players will receive two exclusive mounts. One is a steed for Alliance players based on the new zone of Kul Tiras, while the other is a Horde raptor from the zone of Zandalar. Players will also receive a new pet, a small turtle known as Tottle, as well as early access to the four new Allied races: Nightbourne, Highmountain Tauren, Void Elves, and Lightforged Draenei.

Finally, players will get a free 110 boost for any character and other in-game items for other Blizzard games.

In Battle for Azeroth, you will explore the new conflict between the Alliance and Horde in the wake of the Legion's defeat. The Alliance returns to Kul Tiras, the naval power behind the Alliance in the First and Second war. The Horde will seek out an ancient civilization, the Zandalari Trolls, for their naval that equals and possibly surpasses Kul Tiras. Level to 120 and explore new zones and raids in the next installment of World of Warcraft.

The base edition currently costs $49.99 and the deluxe is $69.99 in the in-game store. Grab your loot and prepare for war as Battle for Azeroth looms. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more World of Warcraft news.

The State of RPGs in 2017 Tue, 26 Dec 2017 12:32:38 -0500 Joseph Rowe

2017 saw a slew of new, noteworthy RPGs. Although most were sequels of previously established series, they were long-awaited sequels, and most were well received. Both Western and Japanese developers brought something to the table this year, so put on your RPG bib and get ready to dig in to our State of RPGs in 2017 roundup!

The Biggest RPG Releases of 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Let's start this list off a little funky. Let's tackle the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda. The sequel to the mostly well-received Mass Effect trilogy had been anticipated for half a decade. While by no means the worst game of the year, many fans were disappointed with the weird graphics and the less-than-stellar storyline, likely caused by the game changing hands many times throughout its development. It currently sits at a user rating of 4.8 on Metacritic, with GameSkinny's ElConquistadork including it in his 5 Worst Games of 2017, but our own Synzer gave it a 9/10, showing that some fans of the series did end up loving it. They say that true art is controversial. I'm not sure that applies to this situation, but I imagine it's something the devs tell themselves to feel better about the scores it received.

Persona 5

It finally came out! Many Persona fans, including myself, had been anticipating this game for the better half of a decade. Luckily, the wait was worth it because Persona 5 lived up to the hype. With a user score of 9.1 on Metacritic, it's safe to say it was incredibly well received by most players. And with sweet tracks like the one above, can you blame them?

If you've been sitting out on buying any new RPGs this year, I recommend picking this one up! Whether it's the beautiful graphics, the gripping plot involving a talking cat and nearly mummified hikikomori, or its stellar soundtrack, there are no downsides to this masterpiece -- except maybe spending too much time building your social links/confidants up and neglecting your actual friends.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

The spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, Torment: Tides of Numenerais a story-rich 2.5D isometric RPG in which players take on the role of a reincarnated ancient being (more or less). In the process of controlling this dude, players have to make some pretty tough decisions that will have long-term effects on their gameplay. If you liked the original, GameSkinny's Ty Arthur thinks you'll like the new one, too. It does only have a 7 on Metacritic, indicating mixed reviews, but if you're looking for an in-depth, complex, story-based throwback RPG, you're going to be hard pressed to find a better one available right now -- unless you wanna just keep replaying Planescape and Icewind Dale.


This game has been described as a mix between Dark Souls and Onimusha. If that's not enough to grab your interest, I don't know what is. With a user rating of 8.5 for the PS4 version on Metacritic, Nioh was received quite well. Players loved its Souls series difficulty and kind-of-similar mechanics, and they praised the game's creativity that set it apart from other Souls-like games currently on the market. It's also made by Team Ninja, so if you're a Ninja Gaiden fan, you're missing out if you haven't picked this up yet.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In a really big departure from the usual formula of the series, Nintendo went ahead and built a cooking Legend of Zelda game with an amazing open-world game built around it. Breath of the Wild is a breath of fresh air for the series, introducing tons of new gameplay elements, including a durability-based weapon system, crazy interactive environment elements that allow you to set fires, a tasty cooking system, and a degree of freedom that makes every other Zelda game look insanely linear. It currently sits at an 8.4 on Metacritic, with the only real complaints being about the durability system, but nearly everyone agrees that this is one of the best Zelda games in recent memory. 

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

2017 brought with it a sequel to 2014's Stick of Truth. This time around, the focus is on superhero movie franchises. According to GameSkinny's own Ashley Gill, the game was a solid entry into the franchise and different enough from its predecessor to set it apart. Sitting at a 7.6 for the PS4 version on Metacritic, The Fractured But Whole has been praised for its combat system, its soundtrack, and its faithfulness to the humor and look of the Comedy Central original. Some players, like Ashley, weren't impressed by the crafting system, but most players enjoyed the rest of the game thoroughly regardless of its flaws.

Nier: Automata

One of the most well-received RPGs of the year, Nier: Automata sits at a user score of 8.8 on Metacritic. Practically everything about the game received praise, including its character design, its story, and especially its varied gameplay. The game is a sequel to the original Nier, made by PlatinumGames. Both games are spin-offs of the Drakengard series. Not only is the game itself amazing, but it's got a rich story that is only enhanced by any enjoyment or knowledge you have of the previous game and its sister series. Who doesn't love action RPGs with anime androids?

Hand of Fate 2

In Hand of Fate 2, players take control of a character who must fight through various multi-floored dungeons set up by a a dungeon master-like entity known as the Dealer. It combines roguelike, RPG, and deck-building gameplay to bring a unique spin to the genre. If you're a fan of D&D or other tabletop RPGs, this is definitely worth checking out. It's been generally well received, with a user score of 7.7 on Metacritic. The main criticism that pops up is its combat, but players praise its other gameplay mechanics and the improvements the sequel made over the original.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

 In the spirit of other second releases of Pokemon games, Pokemon: Ultra Sun/Moon is basically the same as its originals but with a few extra goodies. It comes with a new Mantine surfing mini-game, a new online battle mode that allows players to rent Pokemon to create a new team, a Fairy-type trial, totem stickers, and more. One of the biggest updates is that the game now actually contains a real gym, whereas the original games got around that with the Island Trials. The coolest new feature added to the game is its post-game: you fight a supergroup of the previous game's evil organization leaders. Their name is Team Rainbow Rocket, which is the sickest name ever, I don't care who you are. If you're a hardcore Pokemon fan, this is worth checking out, but if you're not, you're probably fine just sticking with the 2016 release.


The Remastered RPG Releases of 2017

Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age

If you weren't a fan of the original Final Fantasy XII, like GameSkinny's Ashley Gill, then you might still want to give this new game a try, as it completely remakes the MMORPG combat system into something more appropriate to the mainline Final Fantasy series. Not only does The Zodiac Age update the combat (which Ashley loved and which I will reserve my judgment on because I am one of three people who actually liked the original FFXII's MMORPG-style combat), but it also gives the game a lovely new set of updated graphics and, especially, sound.  Whether you're a fan of the original game or not, if you're looking for a new Final Fantasy to spend your time with this year, this one might be right for you.

Skyrim VR

Have you ever wanted to Fus Roh Dah a dragon face to face? Well, now thanks to the PS4 VR version of the game, you can. There's not much new to report on this other than some people really love Skyrim VR, and some people really hate it. If you're a fan of VR, though, you'll probably dig this update to the much-beloved fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series.

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode

Forget about your Sword Art Onlines and your Log Horizons, the OG stuck-in-a-game game is back with a re-release of the original .Hack//G.U. trilogy as well as a new installment: .hack//G.U. Vol. 4//Reconnection. Fans of the original game series or the anime, manga, and light novels it's based on will love this (re)release. .Hack//G.U. Last Recode sits at a well-received score of 7.9 on Metacritic, with players praising its improvements/updates to the original, its story, and its addictive gameplay.


What Was New in the World of Online RPGs of 2017

World of Warcraft: Legion continues

(The cinematic above contains some pretty serious spoilers, so watch at your own discretion.)

While World of WarcraftLegion came out back in 2016, it concluded this year with players finally confronting Sargeras and banishing him to space baby jail, while Illidan watches over him in a surprisingly poetic resolution to our demon hunting buddy's storyline. There's an upcoming patch that will tide players over until Battle for Azeroth releases, but for now, players will be spending their time raiding Antorus or competing in the current PvP season.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Introducing the Warden as a new class as well as bringing players to the location of the beloved third Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind received mixed scores from players, largely debating about whether the price was worth it. However, many players feel like this gave the game enough fresh content to keep them interested, especially all that new lore. Delicious. It's what finally convinced me to want to give the game a shot.

FFXIV: Stormblood

In a bold move, FFXIV: Stormblood introduces the brand-new classes Samurai and Red Mage. Oh, wait, they're not new to the series? Well, they're new to this game along with a new level cap, new areas to explore, new primals, a new raid, and a few other new features. It was given a 7.1 user score on Metacritic, indicating that it was received neither well nor poorly. Most of the negative reviews came from players who had server issues, but the content itself seems to have been well received, making this one of the better MMO expansions to check out this year.

Destiny 2 and Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Bungie is a bit weird. They just released Destiny 2 back in September on the PS4 and XBox One, then released it for PC on October 24th. Yet, this month brought with it the game's first expansion: Curse of Osiris. Just like the original, the game is basically an FPS MMORPG that features both PvE and PvP. Unlike the original, it came with a better matchmaking system. It was well received at launch, with most players praising its varied gameplay, its graphics, and its new storylines. However, some players have since soured to the game because of the quick release of its expansion, which involved gating content from the original behind expansion-only gear levels (as well as misleading players in the original about the amount of XP they were earning). The Curse of Osiris' Metacritic score currently sits at a 1.7 for users, but that is likely due to (warranted) salt over the developer's content gating and the XP issue.


I wanted to like Absolver much more than I did. I really did. It's like Dark Souls and Jade Empire with a softer aesthetic. It was pretty great to play -- when it worked. However, this PvE-lite, PvP-focused online martial arts RPG was plagued with insane server issues at launch that killed a lot of the potential love I had for it. I gave it a 6, but the user score on Metacritic was a little bit higher at 6.6. It might be worth revisiting now that there's been some time to work out the server issues, but I'd rather just go back to Persona 5.

Citadel: Forged with Fire

This is another game that was plagued with issues in its early-access days when I was writing the review for itCitadel: Forged with Fire was an incredibly promising sandbox. It's like the other games, except you're a wizard and you fly on a broom. That might not sound exciting, but have you ever flown on a broom before? It's pretty dope. The main problems I had with the game were based on its early-access nature leading to numerous instances of game-breaking bugs, like server crashes, enemies who didn't attack, and an incredibly hard-to-navigate server browser. However, other players have reported that those issues have since been fixed for the most part, and the game's more recent reviews on Steam have been mostly positive. Given all that, it might be worth checking out if you want to get your Gandalf on.


What Does 2018 Have in Store for Us?

Kingdom Hearts III

While likely not coming out in 2018, a writer can hope, can't he? I've largely avoided playing the other games in the series (besides 1 and 2), so I've been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for longer than I'd like to admit. When will Goofy come home?

All we have for now are trailers to hold us off, but luckily, this year's E3 showed off the combat system a bit more. The game looks just as good as it ever was. I can't wait to beat Pete up. Also, shout out to the accurate James Woods impersonator playing Hades in the Japanese dub.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

The long-anticipated sequel to the original Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom comes out next year. Hype yourselves up, anime nerds, because this is looking to be a promising sequel. The Ghibli veterans who worked on the original game are reprising their roles for this, so if you got that same feeling from the trailer, you're justified. We might not get a Princess Mononoke 2 anytime soon, but at least we got this.


WoW: Battle for Azeroth

The Horde's done it again. We somehow managed to be aggressors again because story. So, after saving our world from utter annihilation and banishing Sargeras to titan jail, we will have another war with WoW: Battle for Azeroth. But at least we get some new allied races coming in, like the Zandalari Trolls and Void Elves. You'll catch me playing a Highmountain Tauren Druid while I explore Zandalar.

Call of Cthulu

Fans of horror RPGs and Lovecraft have a tasty little treat to look forward to next year: Call of Cthulu. Based off of the tabletop RPG of the same name, which is based off of Lovecraft's Mythos, players will be investigating some seriously spooky stuff in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

When most Americans think of Bohemians, they tend to think of beatniks, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance is about to show that the Kingdom of Bohemia is back, sans the Kerouac books. This game is billed as being based on 15th century European history in the Holy Roman Empire. Everything from the clothing to the castles to the soundtrack is meant to be period accurate. If you're looking for a medieval RPG without the fantasy, this game will be worth keeping an eye on.


2017 has been a pretty generous year for RPG fans. Whether you're a fan of traditional JRPGs or Western MMOs, there's something for pretty much everyone. Persona 5 was hands down my favorite this year. How about you? What was your favorite RPG this year? Are there any games I overlooked? What are you looking forward to most next year? Let me know in the comments!