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Nintendo gave Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which came out for the Switch on December 1, a lot of attention. Some of the attention comes from XC2's unique place in the current Switch library. It's the only large scale, big budget JRPG to date for the Switch. True, three Dragon Quest games are scheduled for the Switch in 2018, but that's a ways away yet, and until then, XC2 is representing the JRPG genre.

But why did Nintendo give XC2 all this hype? XC2 doesn't just complement the Switch library for the practical reasons. It also complements because it can pull players in for other reasons that just don't exist with other Switch titles.

Anyone Can Pick Up Xenoblade Chronicles 2

If you've never played a Xeno game before, XC2 would be a fine title with which to start. XC2 features brand new characters, a brand new world, and doesn't connect story-wise to Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles X. The games are similar thematically, and XC2 makes some small references to the previous games, but that's about it. Those who haven't played the previous games certainly wouldn't be missing out if they started with XC2.

XC2 is also good for both short and long gaming sessions, which may seem strange to say for a JRPG, but that's part of what makes it unique. Although there's more than 90 hours of content in the game, there are side quests and exploring that can be completed in less than an hour, and they aren't fluff quests either. Many side quests help level up Blades or gain vital experience for the party. If a player's only game for the Switch was XC2, then it's flexible enough for both types of sessions, which is no mean accomplishment.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Isn't Like Other RPGs

But that's not a bad thing. I do mean more than just the "J" part, even though XC2 is really Japanese. It differs from other RPGs on the Switch in that the role playing element is much more in the combat. The combat system in XC2 is elaborate and overwhelming at first (but we've got a guide to help with that). Players run into a ton of tutorials in the beginning, and keeping track of how everything works,  of all those parts for each character, is a lot to manage. However, once the player overcomes the learning curve, the complexity allows players to experiment with varied combat styles and build characters matching their playing style.

Fans of western RPGs may miss the visual customization of the characters. There's no role playing in XC2 in that regard. The way your party works is also different from an RPG like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where there are so many followers to choose from. In XC2, the party is the party. The combat system can help players tailor the party to their tastes, though, so it's well balanced, even if it lacks the assortment of personalities in games like Skyrim.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Very, Very Story Driven

Here, story driven shouldn't be understood as "you create the story." Not to say other RPGs aren't story driven or don't have great stories. There's a ton of story to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example. But in many RPGs, part of the drive comes from the opening in the story to allow the player to ascribe values and decisions to the main character. Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 3 can be a major Gwent enthusiast, a merciful witcher, or someone who will negotiate top dollar for every job. All of those characteristics are up to the player.

With XC2, though, role playing through choice isn't, well, a choice. The main character, Rex, is always going to be Rex. There aren't dialogue options. There's no Gwent. Rex can never be evil. And players can't cover up Pyra because she may be chilly in that outfit. However, the lack of choice isn't a bad thing. XC2 drives the story through gameplay itself, rather than role play. There's more emphasis on the story because, in a way, the story is inescapable and is what the rest of the game springs from.


Overall, Nintendo didn't put its money in a bad place. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a way to reach new audiences, while also providing a quality game to the current fan base. XC2 fills a niche in the Nintendo Switch library in more ways than one. It may not be Breath of the Wild, but plenty will find XC2 worth going wild over.

5 Modern JRPGs That Will Convert Any Western RPG Player https://www.gameskinny.com/zynf1/5-modern-jrpgs-that-will-convert-any-western-rpg-player https://www.gameskinny.com/zynf1/5-modern-jrpgs-that-will-convert-any-western-rpg-player Mon, 07 Nov 2016 06:00:01 -0500 Pablo Seara

Role-playing games are one of the most revered and prolific genres in the industry. Most of us play and like at least one RPG. There are also many types of subgenre and division, one of them being Western and Japanese games. Each of them has certain characteristics; Japanese games tend to focus on the story and characters, with turn-based combat at its core, while Western games are usually more open and active, offering big worlds to explore and very customizable characters.

However, there are some exceptions, as usual. Some JRPGs are influenced by Western culture, creating a fine mixture between traditional Japanese elements, and more innovative tropes that come from the West. In this list, you will find five modern Japanese role-playing games that will convince any Western RPG player to come to the dark side.


Bloodborne is one of the best PS4 exclusives and arguably the best JRPG on the console. This excellent action role-playing game delivers an amazing experience based on the elements that made Dark Souls a legendary franchise, but with a faster pace, making it more suitable for western RPG players.

The player takes control of a hunter, dedicated to exterminate the beasts that populate the Gothic city of Yharnam. Bloodborne take places in a Victorian era inspired world, with special attention to visual details, creating a haunting atmosphere. Its incredible enemy design, specially of the bosses, original gameplay and amazing soundtrack, make this title a must-play for any PS4 owner.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Wii U is a console with many good games, and one of them is this grand JRPG with hundreds of hours of content, Xenoblade Chronicles X. It tells the futuristic story of mankind's survival in planet Mirra, after two warring alien races destroy the Earth. The open world and overall gameplay are an evolution of Xenoblade Chronicles, another master piece for a Nintendo system.

The title has many different systems implemented, adding an enormous depth to the game. However, western RPG players shouldn't be afraid: its expansive world can be enjoyed without getting really into these systems, as they act only as elements for more hardcore gamers. Cool features like the ability to use mechas to bring down gigantic monsters can -- and will -- attract many of us.

The World Ends With You

This stylish JRPG for Nintendo DS gets into this list for its story regarding alternate dimensions and time distortions, interesting characters and an attractive combat system, which takes inspiration from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but without including cards and with a faster pace.

The World Ends With You displays a great fictional version of Shibuya district in Tokyo, one of the crowdest places on Earth. Western RPG players might find it interesting for being a great representation of Japanese youth culture and a good way to learn more from this peculiar country. It is also available for Android and iOs devices, which makes it accessible to almost everyone.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, the enhanced version of Dragon's Dogma, is probably one of the most Western-influenced JRPGs out there. Developed by Capcom, it takes elements from Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to propose a mixture between exploration, hack n' slash and role-playing game set in a fictional Medieval universe.

However, it is undoubtedly a RPG, with classic characteristics like class selection, leveling system, strategy options, etc. Players can create a customizable avatar and explore an open world with the company of three more characters, controlled by an artificial intelligence. Dragon's Dogma also includes new, original mechanics, like a "pawn" system or the ability to grab or cling to enemies.

Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver

Finally, I cannot end this list with non other than Pokémon, the franchise that introduced million of players to their first JRPG. Pokémon has sustainably delivered great games since the days of Red & Blue, becoming one of the most successful franchises of all time. Choosing just one title above the others might prove hard, but I firmly believe that Heart Gold & Soul Silver are the best Pokémon games out there, although I can recommend most of them.

As of why should Western RPG lovers play Pokémon, the answer is clear; it is the perfect gateway into JRPGs. They are lovable, addictive and simple, yet they have all the characteristics of a solid role-playing game. They can even become really deep for those who want to create the perfect team. If you have never tried any Pokémon game, you owe this to yourself.

What do you think about these games? Did you wish to see another one on the list? Leave your comment!

5 Reasons the Nintendo Switch Will Benefit From Cartridge Media https://www.gameskinny.com/9cgu3/5-reasons-the-nintendo-switch-will-benefit-from-cartridge-media https://www.gameskinny.com/9cgu3/5-reasons-the-nintendo-switch-will-benefit-from-cartridge-media Thu, 20 Oct 2016 10:43:49 -0400 David Fisher

Way back in May of this year, I stumbled upon a lead about the then-called Project NX which talked about Macronix working with Nintendo to produce cartridge media for the upcoming console. In that same article I discussed some of the benefits that a move to cartridge media would have over disks, and how it might affect the NX's performance. Some of these benefits included faster read times, larger storage capabilities, and even the simple fact that they do not get damaged as easily.

Fast forward to today, and now we know without a shadow of doubt that the Nintendo Switch will be using cartridge media -- among a slew of other interesting features. But what does this actually mean for the Switch now that we know what the console is? Well here are just a few of my theories...

#1: All I Said Before Still Stands

I can't lie. I love cartridges. I love how they look, how I can drop them without screaming like a horror film's female lead, and how I never notice the load times. While I still cry over the shame that my N64 Cartridge Collection will one day suffer from Save Data Alzheimers in their old age once their battery cells die, I will never forget how well they have lasted up until now.

Modern day cartridges, on the other, hand are much better than they used to be. Memory storage is much larger than ever, battery saves are a thing of the past, and they are still virtually indestructible under normal circumstances provided you have the competency of the average animal.

What's even better is that load times are still practically non-existent. Those who have played Hyrule Warriors Legends on the New 3DS can attest to the fact that the game loads up unimaginably faster than its Wii U counterpart -- even if the 3DS version isn't as graphically impressive as the Wii U's. However, if the Switch is anything like the New 3DS in terms of loading speeds we could very well see Nintendo's new console outperform just about every console out there -- at least in terms of loading times.

#2: HD to Go

We already know that Nintendo has a knack for taking old hardware and making something beautiful, despite its limitations. Take Breath of the Wild (above) for example, and you'll see what I mean. Now that Nintendo has moved away from AMD and on to NVIDIA hardware, we can only imagine how the company's first-party games will benefit from stronger hardware.

The Nintendo Switch is unique compared to other consoles in that it's not only the first HD portable console, but also a rather compact one. Even compared to the NVIDIA Shield, the Switch looks remarkably easy to carry around - even with the Dock attachment in hand. As such, we can expect to be able to bring the Switch around with us, much like the Nintendo Gamecube initially set out to do.

Cartridges help this functionality further in that we don't need to worry about our game media getting damaged while we walk about. Unlike CDs, cartridges won't get scratched or fall out of disk reader clips while being tossed about. This will be another major advantage for Nintendo's Switch in the upcoming years, as this will be something that even the PS4 Slim won't be able to accomplish anytime soon.

#3: Never Gonna Let You Down

You know what sucks more than a damaged disk? A damaged disk drive.

While many of us might never see the day where our disk drive fails, those among us who didn't eject our disks religiously learned a little too late that most home consoles continue to read disks while not in use. Once again, this is never the case with cartridges, as the only risk to the cartridge readers is oxidation -- and that takes a very long time!

Even when cartridges or their readers fail, it's nothing that a good ol' wooden ice pop stick can't solve. That, or if you're really old school, the blow-on-it trick always works.

Fun Fact: It's actually the moisture in your breath that makes it work, not blowing away the dust!

#4: Literal Storage Space

I love the fact that I can walk around with over twenty 3DS cartridges in my pocket and still feel comfortable. In my Poké Ball 3DS Cartridge Holder I can store 3 games (5 if I stuff them in between each other as seen on the right) with ease. This is amazing for portable devices, as it means larger games can be stored on a device with little to no trouble at all. Trying to do the same with BluRay or DVD discs is not only a video enthusiast's nightmare, but any sane person's fear...as scratching the disks is always a risk.

Remember, these 3DS cartridges only store up to 8 Gigabytes of data to begin with. Even the largest 3DS titles -- Xenoblade Chronicles 3D -- only used up 3.6 GB of data, and that game was huge! It included fully voiced dialogue, detailed models, and large expansive worlds.

Now imagine that the cartridges used for the Nintendo Switch are actually the ones that were rumored earlier to store up to 32 GBs of data. That's still almost 1.5x bigger than the largest Wii U title -- Xenoblade Chronicles X -- which sat at 22.7 GBs. We already know that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition will be on the Nintendo Switch, and that game sits at 22.75 GBs of space, so that rumor about the 32 GB cartridges is all but confirmed.

#5: Quiet Gaming

Another great thing about cartridges is that they are completely silent. I love playing on my friend's PlayStation 4 whenever I get the chance, but in the middle of the night I can't help but notice the whirring of the disk inside while we're playing. Unless you have the volume cranked up, it's impossible to deny that you can hear it -- and at times have it drown out the volume of your TV.

While this is more of a personal reason more than anything, the Switch's ability to play cartridges means I can play video games at night with the TV set to the lowest volume settings, and still hear everything perfectly.

It might not be something everyone experiences, but it's worth mentioning.

So what about you?

I've already listed my own 5 reasons for why the Nintendo Switch using cartridges will be revolutionary, but what about you? What benefits do you see the Switch having because of them? Do you hate cartridge and solid state media? Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

While you're at it, be sure to check out my analysis of the Nintendo Switch's trailer! Some of the features might surprise you!

10 of the Greatest RPG Boss Battle Themes https://www.gameskinny.com/j0xah/10-of-the-greatest-rpg-boss-battle-themes https://www.gameskinny.com/j0xah/10-of-the-greatest-rpg-boss-battle-themes Wed, 14 Sep 2016 06:11:14 -0400 ThndrMge

In an RPG, a boss battle is like a punctuation mark at the end of a dungeon or event. They can be a defining moment of a game, creating tense feelings in a player who may not have been expecting a tough battle or driving the narrative through an encounter with the primary antagonist. You tend to remember boss battles more than others, and you usually spend a lot more time in a boss battle than your run-of-the-mill encounters.

This is what makes a great boss battle soundtrack all the more important. The change from the standard battle theme to something more intense can give the player a real feeling of "shit just got real." Below are ten examples of some of the greatest boss battle themes.

Warning: This list contains mild to severe spoilers, read at your own risk.


Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium

Uploaded by SNESosT

When this song starts, you know you're in for the real deal. The rockin' beat of the synthetic instruments playing the foreboding melody of this song really gets you amped up. You can just feel the intensity of this boss battle just from the song, and if you haven't been properly training or preparing for a tough boss fight this is certainly going to be the song that heralds your Game Over. I hope you saved recently!

Fight With Seymour

Final Fantasy X

Uploaded by CrazyMan03

Nobuo Uematsu really knows what he's doing, and this is why he's considered one of the most legendary video game composers in the business. Final Fantasy X features one of the greatest boss battle themes in the entire series, "Fight with Seymour". The spine-tingling electronic buildup at the beginning of the song that leads into the operatic vocals and finally into the intense percussion just gets you fired up when the blue haired antagonist of FFX engages you for what promises to be a challenging battle.

The pacing of the song keeps it upbeat, but the underlying theme of a dark and foreboding ambition really sinks in as the song progresses. There's nothing bad to say about this song, except that it only plays once or twice in the entire game.

Best Friend

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Uploaded by VGMOST

With a title like "Best Friend", how could you predict such a dark and ominous song would follow? This song plays as you battle the boss at the finale of the first half of Persona Q. In a game as difficult as Persona Q you know to look forward to bosses, and the game adequately warns you as you approach the chamber of each boss, providing a save point and a chance to return to the shops and heal up. However, when "Best Friend" starts playing at the beginning of the battle with this boss, you know something is seriously different.

Compared to the previous bosses, this one is no joke, and you better take it even more seriously than the others. The dread this rock song instills in you will haunt you every time you hear it afterwards, even with the tinges of hope it might include with its more upbeat sections.

Battle! (Gym Leader)

Pokemon X & Y

Uploaded by utuber6061backup

Pokemon games are about a journey through the land, taming wild creatures and bonding with them as you face the challenges of the gyms and the threat of the organized crime gangs you might encounter along the way. This journey culminates at the Elite Four, where you'll battle to become the champion of the league. This song is the anthem that plays as you battle your way through those Gyms, facing their various themed leaders.

The introduction of this song can get your skin crawling in anticipation of the challenge you're about to face from some of the most skilled trainers in Kalos. The meat of the song keeps up a steady toe-tapping beat and the uplifting music can help you focus on overcoming the difficult battle you're in. The excitement as it builds into a full fledged anthem can instill you with the confidence you need.

Dante Battle

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Uploaded by wpellot

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series! This tag on the cover of the North American and European versions of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne has spawned a meme that echos across the internet. However, Dante's addition to Nocturne added one of the greatest battle themes in the series to the game. The first time you meet Dante you'll have to fight him, in a very unexpected encounter.

When the song fires up you know the Devil Hunter means serious business, capable of clearing out your entire team in a single round if you aren't careful. In a game as unforgiving as Nocturne, this is a serious threat. The rock tune is very befitting of both games, I could easily picture Dante flipping around and juggling a half dozen demons with his signature stylish skills in his own game as well as I can picture the Protagonist of Nocturne facing up in turn-based combat with him.

Battle Conditions

Lost Odyssey

Uploaded by Zapper101

Right from the beginning of this song you can feel the intensity, and it never drops. Nobuo Uematsu didn't screw around when he composed this brilliant piece for Lost Odyssey. Lost Odyssey can be a very punishing game if you aren't prepared properly for what lies ahead of you, and bosses are the prime example of such preparedness being mandatory!

When you hear this song kick in, you'd better hope your immortals are healed up and your mortals are well prepared to support them -- or else you're in for a beating that the main character, Kaim, will never forget. The frantic beat of the song is really emphatic about how desperate the struggle you're about to face could be, and it really sets the tone for the boss battles.


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Uploaded by Napon [OST Uploads]

This is both the first vocally driven track and the first non-turn based RPG to pop up on the list. Xenoblade X plays this track whenever you engage in combat with one of the optional bosses wandering around the world of Mira. Ranging from small to exceptionally large, these creatures are all deadly for one reason or another -- and without proper care you can find yourself walking directly into the maw of a particularly deadly monster without realizing it.

Hearing this song start up as you're wandering around the world gives you a sense of panic as you try to gauge what your best option would be, running away or standing and fighting. The vocals are gorgeous, and you just can't help but sing along once this song buries itself into your ear. Just let the beat carry you as you struggle against the hostile world of Mira.

Battle of Tribulations

Bravely Second: End Layer

Uploaded by EightGiratina

I knew I wanted to include one of the various boss themes from the Bravely series but I had a hard time choosing, they're all so good. I settled for Bravely Second's "Battle of Tribulations", as I feel it emphasizes the mood of the battle the best. As your party struggles in battle with one of the various new Asterisk -- symbols of power that grant you the ability to use special jobs -- holders in the game.

The frenetic pace of the drums and the sense of desperation the song gives off is augmented with its operatic vocal backings and glorious guitar riffs. As the song goes on, you notice that there is an underlying tone of hope that builds the more you listen to it. This song just has the perfect blend of emotional messages in it that makes it so fitting for a boss fight. Instant classic.

The Edge of Green

Radiant Historia

Uploaded by James Turner

Radiant Historia is one of those RPGs I never hear people talk about in conversations regarding the best RPGs of all time. I don't think enough people give this game the credit it deserves, and this track is a perfect example of what the game is capable of.

This boss theme is mellow compared to my previous entries, featuring both piano and violin synchronizing in perfect harmony over a heart-pounding beat that leaves you ready to do battle with the deadliest foes. Yoko Shimomura's composing work is brilliant and this is just another note on the ever expanding list of fabulous work she has done.



Uploaded by Hawelo92

You know you're in for a bad time when you hear this glorious track. Honestly, I had a hard time settling on a song to pick from Undertale, as all the boss songs are just so great. They are all perfectly thematic for their respective boss along with the tone of the story at that particular point in the game. I decided to go with "Megalovania" for a couple reasons.

I feel as if this song really drives home my point about a boss song setting a mood that should make a player feel like something serious is about to happen. Additionally to my previous point, I feel as though this song is one of the best composed in the game, as well as being memorable for having appeared in Toby Fox's other work. It is simply overall just a great track, and the battle that goes with it is one of the most well coordinated and intense fights in Undertale.

These are just a fraction of the great selection of boss tunes out there to find in all the various RPGs available to us. Did I include your favorite game? Share some of your favorites in the comments.

The 6 Craziest Modes of Transport in Games https://www.gameskinny.com/cgqxq/the-6-craziest-modes-of-transport-in-games https://www.gameskinny.com/cgqxq/the-6-craziest-modes-of-transport-in-games Sat, 04 Jun 2016 16:23:00 -0400 Pierre Fouquet


Transportation: M35 Mako

Game: Mass Effect

Who remembers the Mako? Everyone does I'm sure.


This monster of a vehicle starts bouncing around at the mere mention of a bump, shaking the occupants of the vehicle up. With suspension made out of the most rubbery of rubber, the Mako wants to kill by bouncing the people inside it to death. It wants to fly, using its jump jets, which rocket the vehicle into spirals -- the Mako sometimes lands on it's roof. It also has a cannon on the top of it, fire that at the wrong time and it will flip you about.


All of this, and the Mako has an element zero core, allowing it to change mass. The Mako doesn't only want to remove life from the occupants but also anyone else.


The Mako is the craziest mode of transport around, as it simply never stops buffeting. It always wants to shake everyone up, no matter what it does.


Well, that was a crazy ride! Gaming has no shortage of mad ways to get about, and these are top of that pile. From the real world, to the fantastical, if you want to get around and make a statement gaming lets you.


What is the craziest mode of transport you have come across in games?


Transportation: Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Game: World of Warcraft

It says it right there, "rocket". While rocket doesn't mean it's a missile, going up to space with rockets is crazy enough for me, so riding one around is absurd.


Let's talk about where the mount [insert expletive] do you sit? Sitting in the middle will get your legs burnt off, and sitting on the back can only destabilize the rocket. That's leaves us with the front, which doesn't look very fun.


We are left with an uncontrollable rocket, which could explode at anytime, with stabilizing fins that don't look to be of much use, and with no where to sit, this is one crazy ride. It's not a question of IF, it's a question of when you will die from riding this rocket mount.


Next up is the craziest mode of transport in games. We move into the far future for this one.


Transportation: Skells

Game: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Skells are pilotable mechs. They can run, drive, and fly. They're Transformable and that means that if something falls off, the transformation can no longer happen correctly. Why would you pilot something that can no longer perform properly if it get's damaged?


Skells can fly, if a module get's slapped to them. This equates to rockets stuck to their shoulders. When they do fly, do they have wings? If the flimsy looking flaps count as wings then yes, but on the crazy scale they are about half way.


A Skell won't directly try to kill you, but flying without good wings, and fear of death via damage when trying to transform launches a Skell to 4th.


Next up, we find out way back to Azeroth, hopefully not flying using a Skell -- because the next WoW mount might cause some damage.


Transportation: Kor'kron Juggernaut

Game: World of Warcraft

While technically not living, this WoW mount is still a scorpion made of metal. A bug -- somewhat -- with many implements of death -- one of which is directly behind your head. Created by Garrosh Hellscream, this scorpion robotic creation will make you scream -- to hell and back.


With a drill, serrated disk saw, and laser tail directly behind the riders head, this WoW mount will kill you of it's own volition, by accident, and is a scorpion -- you know they kill stuff right?


We take a break from Azeroth for the next less-than-sane pick.


Transportation: Silt Strider

Game: The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

While a car isn't alive, it can't actively rip your head off, it's not quite as crazy as riding a bug. A Silt Strider is a logistical transport vessel, as well as a people moving mobile. It's also a giant bug.


Native to the lands of Morrowind, they were almost wiped out by a natural disaster, but thanks to the Dunmer (Elves) -- the only ones who want to ride these massive beasts -- they are still alive and carrying everyone's burdens.


Silt Striders are rideable, living bugs, why would you want to use them? Crazy Dunmer! But as they are not hostile; they are not crazier than our next vessel of conveyance, where we move over to the lands of Azeroth -- it will not be the only one either.


Transportation: Rallycross (RX) Supercar

Game: Dirt Rally

The least crazy mode of transportation is any of the Rallycross Supercars. These monsters of any surface are not ordinary cars, they are 600bhp rockets with 900Nm of torque. This is enough pulling power to drag a Boeing 747 around.


The 600bhp, combined with AWD, allows an RX Supercar to shoot off the line faster than any F1 car -- in fact faster than almost every single car on the planet. The 0-60 MPH is around 1.9 seconds, depending on the car setup, and driver.


When you take into account that there are no electronic assists for the driver to fall back on, an RX Supercar definitely wants to rip your head off.


And next on the list, a much slower, but crazier mode of transport.


We all need to get places, some prefer the humble train, but others just want to show off and use their own private helicopter. Then you come to the modes of transport in this list, they are so crazy and ridiculous that their users can only be out of their minds.


From the real world, to the fantasy realm of Azeroth, the following list will take you through the craziest modes of transport known to any being. Some want to eat you, some are simply made of every horse, some bounce at the slightest mention of a pebble, and there is even one which would blast you into all of the pieces.


A crazy means of transport is simple to identify when you ask yourself a few questions, is it a harmful creature, does it want to pull your head off, can it fly but has no wings, is it a bug? If any of these are true then the method of transportation you are looking at is crazy, but if more than one of them is true, it just gets a bit crazier.

How to unlock Mia in Xenoblade Chronicles X https://www.gameskinny.com/46ei6/how-to-unlock-mia-in-xenoblade-chronicles-x https://www.gameskinny.com/46ei6/how-to-unlock-mia-in-xenoblade-chronicles-x Wed, 13 Jan 2016 09:43:50 -0500 David Fisher

Many who decided to look around the Administrative District in Xenoblade Chronicles X likely remember meeting a young girl named Mia during their adventure. She gave players the quest "Mamma Mia!", a simple purchase quest that sent them searching for a pair of Iron Blades, and a Combat Bodywear top. What few players know, however, is that Mia is actually a recruitable character.

While Mia's default Psycorruptor class is nothing particularly special, and the 5 missions required to unlock her are a bit of a chore, Mia is required to 100%-ing the survey rate for NLA, as well as unlocking the Beam Bomber and Clear Ray skills for the Raygun and Knife. If that's not enough to grab your attention, then maybe you could take pity on the failure of a BLADE recruit. I mean, look how adorable she is! Of course, if you simply want to enjoy watching her fail at life then that is plenty of reason to help her out as well!

Now that I have your attention, here's a simple guide on how to add the lovable scamp into your band of misfit BLADE members!

Part 1 - "Mamma Mia!"

When you first meet Mia, she's currently employed as a general mechanic in New Los Angeles. Unsatisfied with this, she decided to become a BLADE member so she could explore the world, and experience everything she never could have on Earth. What's stopping her? Well... she's not exactly a fit recruit, and she has constantly failed her BLADE entrance exam.

To compensate, Mia asks you to fetch her a pair of Iron Blades, and a Combat Bodywear so that she can set out on an adventure by herself. Accept her quest, then go to the BLADE armory to purchase the twin blades and body armor. Return with the items, and she will give you a small reward before setting off on her adventure.

Part 2 - "Adventure!"

After you complete Chapter 5, the next part of the side-quest dubbed "Mia's Adventure" can be started. It is triggered by talking to Mia who is found halfway down the Skybound Coil Tree in Noctilum. This is found in the upper part of Noctilum, just past the base camp that connects the smaller southern part to the larger northern area.

A failure of a BLADE recruit has no business being outside of the city walls, and as a result, Mia has wound up getting herself into some trouble. Having lost her comm device, Mia has no way of finding her way back home or calling for help. In a last ditch effort to find it, she scouts you as the BLADE member who will come to her aid once more.

This mission is quite simple. Set the primary target as the mission called "Adventure!" and follow the yellow arrow until you find a red crystal. Return to Mia, and she will proceed to run off in an attempt to avoid paying your reward. Unfortunately, karma quickly catches up to her, and you will have to rescue Mia from a Wood Tectinsula in Noctilum's Canopied Nightwood area.

Once you do this, Mia will thank you... before promptly running off again without rewarding you.

Part 3 - Mighty Mia

To unlock the third mission in the Mia's Adventure side-quest chain, you must complete Chapter 6. Once you have done this, Mia can be found near Oblivia's Leaning Ring on the right-hand side (when the ring is leaning away from you). It's pretty hard to miss, but don't mistake it for the ring with a lot of holes in it.

The third mission - Mighty Mia - is much shorter than the previous one. Instead, this mission focuses more so on Mia's backstory. While passing the right-hand side of the Leaning Ring, Mia will call out to you from the top of the massive ruin (which is totally not the Mechonis, and actually part of the High Entia City... am I the only one who thinks this?). Meet her at the top, and she'll talk to you about herself for a while before falling off and getting kidnapped by a Falconine Jacul.

Head over to Oblivia's Keegan Ridge to save your adorable little apprentice from becoming giant-bird feed, and you will complete this mission in no time. Just remember that the Falconine Jacul is level 29 and hangs out in an area with level 32+ enemies, so err on the side of caution.

Part 4 - It's-a Mia!

The next mission - It's-a Mia! - can be started immediately after Mighty Mia. To begin, find Mia near Sylvalum's Cleansing Spring, found on the south-east part of the map. Once you find her, she will explain that she stole a Skell in an attempt to better protect herself in the field. However, she was shot down by enemy turrets, and as such she needs you to help her find 2 New Cylinders from Pugliths in Noctilum, and 5 Missile Wirings from the northwestern parts of Sylvalum Waters.

Since both items are hard to collect on-foot, I suggest waiting until you have your Skell licence before attempting this part of the quest. Alternatively, New Cylinders can be purchased from the BLADE Barracks using Reward Tickets on the network console.

Once you repair her Skell, Mia will try to run off once more without rewarding you. However, she gets shot down, then asks you to help her destroy the turrets while she repairs. Travel to Needle Rock Sandsea to destroy the two Puglith Buoyants to see Mia fly off toward Cauldros upon your return - once again, without rewarding you.

Part 5 - Mia is Missing!

This quest is a bit more complicated to unlock than previous ones. First, the player must complete all of the previous Mia quests. Then, they must complete the Definian Downfall quest chain. This involves completing quite a number of side quests, ranging from alien rescue quests, to Nara Lara's quest chain, and more. Once you accept the quest chain after the Definians are discovered in NLA (and complete them until Definian Downfall is finished) then you can finally find Mia once more in Cauldros.

While some guides claim that you need 65-80% of Cauldros surveyed, in reality you only need to complete the Definian Downfall questline.

Mia's next misadventure is started by traveling to the Ganglion Antropolis. This is the same area that you need to travel to for the Definian Downfall mission, and is found by traveling to FN Site 505 (above). Once there, just grab a Skell and go straight northeast across the lava pool until you reach a cave. Do not fly! This will take you to a building that is commonly mistaken for the destination! I know it looks like a wall in the picture, but it's a cavern, I swear!

Once inside, go left instead of forward in the hallway that leads toward the Rexoskell boss. Make another left after the ball-looking robots and you should find a room with a single Definian and several Potamus. Whether you fight them or not is up to you, just remember that all enemies in the Ganglion Antropolis are level 50 and up.

Head to the prefabricated shelter in the back, then interact with the door. Mia will tell you that she has been held prisoner and that the Ganglion have performed probing tests on her that are "best left unmentioned" in her own words. What you interpret that as is completely your business, however, once you accept her quest you will need to find the key to the cell. Head back out to the main area of the Antropolis, then make a left until you find a Mia lookalike.

After a brief conversation you will discover that Mia has been impersonated by one of the Definians. Kill her imposter, then take the key to free the real Mia back at the first place you found her. Once you do that she will finally return to NLA. There, Mia will debrief her adventures to the man who constantly failed her. She will finally receive her BLADE title, working as a Curator, and will be recruitable from now on.

Mia is found on the Ma-non ship's deck, just outside the entrance to the starboard side of the ship (south).

And there you have it!

Mia also has an affinity mission that unlocks after you gain 4 hearts of affinity. It's a really charming quest, and it's the only mission in the game that has voice-over dialogue for Mia. She can also be found in several spots around NLA for Heart-to-Hearts, and the results are as funny as her original misadventures so be sure to check them out!

Also, if you want to find out 14 features that you might not have discovered in Xenoblade Chronicles X, then you can find them here!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cwip4/xenoblade-chronicles-x-shield-trooper-and-bastion-warrior-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cwip4/xenoblade-chronicles-x-shield-trooper-and-bastion-warrior-guide Fri, 18 Dec 2015 20:41:52 -0500 Synzer

The Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior are the tanks of Xenoblade Chronicles X, as their names imply. They focus on getting enemy attention and raising their own defenses.

They also have high attack to help keep the attention of the enemy, so it is good to pick just for the melee damage boost. I'm going to explain all the details of the Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior so you can be prepared.

This guide will go over the Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for these classes.
  • Bastion Warrior Class Tips - Tips for what kind of play style to expect when playing Bastion Warrior.

Shield Trooper

This branch focuses on keeping enemy attention, high HP and melee attack, and raising your own defense.

  • Weapons - Gatling Gun and Shield
  • Wild Down (Shield) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Topple on a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shield Trooper Arts

  • Missile Volley (Gatling Gun) - Deals Thermal damage and inflicts Thermal Res Down to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack
  • Flame Cloak (Shield) - Grants Thermal Res Up to nearby allies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Buff
  • Iron Prison (Shield) - Grants Physical Res Up and enables proximity spike damage to user.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Wild Smash (Shield) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increased damaged against an enemy inflicted with Topple.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Melee attack
  • Trash Talk (Shield) - Inflicts Taunt on nearby enemies. Increases TP with Morale.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
    • Debuff
  • Bullet Storm (Gatling Gun) - Deals weapon damage to all enemies ahead. Inflicts Flinch on Humanoids.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
    • Ranged attack
Skills - 3 slots available
  • Thermal Shield - Increases Thermal resistance when wielding a melee weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Topple Topper - Reduces enemy Topple resistance.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Shield Screen - Reduces damage when wielding a shield
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • Rising Renewal - Increases HP recovery when revived.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Long Topple - Extends duration of Topple effects.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
  • Trauma Tension - Grants a chance of receiving TP when taking damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
  • Dirty Fighter - Increases melee Art damage to enemies inflicted with Topple.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Stand Strong - Increases resistance to Stagger, Topple, Knockback, and Launch when wielding a shield.
    • Acquired at Rank 10

Bastion Warrior

This is the enhanced version of the Shield Trooper. They get huge buffs to HP and melee attack.

  • Weapons - Gatling Gun and Shield
  • Hellfire (Gatling Gun) - Deals weapon damage to all enemies ahead. Increased damage when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Shield Wall (Shield) - Grants Barrier to nearby allies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Buff
  • Enhanced Stand (Gatling Gun) - Increases auto-attack damage and continually restores HP for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Reality Rift (Shield) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Slow Arts to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Debuff
  • Thermal Payload (Shield) - Deals Thermal damage to a single enemy. Increased damage against Toppled enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Ranged attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Bombardier (Shield) - Deals Thermal damage and inflicts Blaze on nearby enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Melee attack
  • Cool Off (Gatling Gun) - Removes debuffs of user. Consumes Aura if one is active to give TP.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
    • Buff
  • Supershield (Shield) - Reflects physical attacks, reduces damage taken, and nullifies Stun for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP

Xenoblade Chronicles x Bastion Warrior Arts

Skills - 4 slots available
  • Machine Gunner - Increases ranged damage when fighting 2 or more enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Heatseeker - Increases critical chance when fighting enemies inflicted with Blaze.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Double Spike - Increases Spike damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Double Reflect - Increases Reflect damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 10
Bastion Warrior Tips

If you want to make the most out of the defensive capabilities, or do a lot of Thermal damage, then the default weapons are a good choice.

You can also just use this class for the huge HP and melee stat boost and use other weapons like Photon Saber, or Longsword. You can survive longer with the extra HP and do more damage with melee.

For tanking, I suggest keeping the shield at least. Focus on increases max HP, melee attack, and other abilities that help you keep attention and stay alive.

That's it for my Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Check out the Base Class guide for more class tips. Let me know if you have any questions!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Partisan Eagle and Astral Crusader Class Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/3xksc/xenoblade-chronicles-x-partisan-eagle-and-astral-crusader-class-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/3xksc/xenoblade-chronicles-x-partisan-eagle-and-astral-crusader-class-guide Thu, 17 Dec 2015 21:14:18 -0500 Synzer

The Partisan Eagle and Astral Crusader classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X focus on ranged damage by using Sniper Rifles. They are a Commando class, but work very differently from the Winged Viper and Full Metal Jaguar classes.

I'll help you master this ranged class by explaining the Arts, Skills, and giving tips on playing it. If you want help with the base Commando class, or any other class, check out my Base Class Guide.

This guide will go over the Partisan Eagle and Astral Crusader classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Partisan Eagle and Astral Crusader Info - Arts, weapon, and Skill for these classes.
  • Astral Crusader Tips - Tips for what kind of play style to expect when playing Astral Crusader.

Partisan Eagle 

This branch focuses on ranged damage and accuracy. It enables combos and debuffs from a safe distance. This is a good class for dealing Electric damage and resisting it.

  • Weapons - Sniper Rifle and Javelin
  • Shrapnel (Sniper Rifle) - Deals weapon damage and increases appendage damage on a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack

Xenoblade Chronicles X Partisan Eagle Arts

  • Arcing Horn (Javelin) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts electric Res Down on a single enemy. Increased damage when used in a melee combo.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack
  • Eagle Eye (Sniper Rifle) - Grants Ranged Accuracy Up and Ranged Attack Up to nearby allies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Buff
  • Raijin (Javelin) - Increases critical chance, restores HP when using Arts, and reflects Electric attacks for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • First Down (Sniper Rifle) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Topple on Humanoids for a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Ranged attack
  • Spiral Horn (Javelin) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Physical Res Down to all enemies ahead. Increased damage in melee combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Melee attack
  • Intercept (Sniper Rifle) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Stun on a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Debuff
Skills - 3 slots available
  • Killshot - Increases critical chance for ranged auto-attacks.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Electric Guard - Increases Electric Resistance when wielding a melee weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Electric Boost - Increases Electric damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Knock 'n' Shock - Grants a chance to inflict Shock 1 when using melee Arts.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • Fleet Feet - Increases Evasion when wielding a melee weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Piscinoid Slayer - Increases damage to Piscinoid enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 10

Astral Crusader

This is the enhanced version of Partisan Eagle, which increases ranged attack and accuracy even further.

  • Weapons - Sniper Rifle and Javelin
  • Hawkeye (Sniper Rifle) - Grants Critical Power for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Buff

Xenoblade Chronicles X Astral Crusader Arts

  • Overwhelm (Javelin) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Fatigue to a single enemy. More damage for higher HP.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Debuff
  • Speed Demon (Javelin) - Reduces cooldowns when sprinting and restores HP for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Sidewinder (Sniper Rifle) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Debuff Res Down on a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Ranged attack
  • Hair Trigger (Javelin) - Grants Supercharge to user.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Buff
  • Ghost Sniper (Sniper Rifle) - Boosts critical chance, increases TP with criticals, and increases ranged accuracy for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Trident Buster (Javelin) - Deals Electric damage and inflicts shock to all enemies ahead. Increased damage in ranged combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP
Skills - 4 slots available
  • Long Shot - Increases ranged weapon range.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Unstoppable - Increases resistance to Stagger, Topple, Knockback, and Launch when sprinting.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Quick Reload - Reduces cooldown of ranged auto-attacks.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Conductive Strike - Increases electric damage to enemies inflicted with shock.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • Electric Flesh - Grants a chance to deal electric Spike damage when taking a hit.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • TP Overdrive - Increases TP when using an Art while in Overdrive.
    • Acquired at Rank 10
Astral Crusader Tips

It is clear by some of the Arts and Skills that this is an Electric element class. You don't need to use them, but if you want Electric, this is the class to pick.

This class is best for ranged damage, and so I would focus on getting abilities and gear that increases that. This would also go well with the Mastermind class.

The Javelin is a good combo weapon with this class, but Knife is also great if you want to use more debuffs and support.

That's all I have for the Partisan Eagle and Astral Crusader class guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Check out my Base Class Guide for tips on any of the other classes

Xenoblade Chronicles X Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight Class Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/6thef/xenoblade-chronicles-x-blast-fencer-and-galactic-knight-class-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/6thef/xenoblade-chronicles-x-blast-fencer-and-galactic-knight-class-guide Thu, 17 Dec 2015 09:33:14 -0500 Synzer

The Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X are all about Beam damage and lowering enemy resistances to it. They use Photon Sabers as their melee weapon, which are pretty much the same thing as lightsabers.

This class lets you live out your dreams of being a Jedi or Sith in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is focused more on offense than the other Enforcer class, Mastermind. I'll help you master this class by explaining everything about it and giving some tips. Check out my Base Class Guide if you want a general idea on all the classes in the game.

This guide will go over the Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for these classes.
  • Galactic Knight Class Tips - Tips for what kind of play style to expect when playing Galactic Knight.

Blast Fencer

This branch focuses on Beam damage, melee and ranged attack. There are more melee attacks even though it is a balanced class stat-wise.

  • Weapons - Psycho Launchers and Photon Saber
  • Starfall Blade (Photon Saber) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increased damage when used in a melee combo.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack
  • Stellar Ray (Psycho Launchers) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Beam Res Down to nearby enemies. Increased damage when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack

Xenoblade Chronicles X Blast Fencer Arts

  • Geolibrium (Photon Saber) - Increases Beam resistance, continually restores HP, and nullifies terrain effects for the user.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Lightning Cloak (Psycho Launchers) - Grants Electric Res Up to nearby allies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Buff
  • Starfall Rondo (Photon Saber) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increased damage when used in a melee combo.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Melee attack
  • Jetstream (Psycho Launchers) - Deals Ether damage and inflicts Stun to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Debuff
  • Astrolibrium (Photon Saber) - Reflects Beam attacks and increases Beam damage for the user.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Shooting Star (Psycho Launchers) - Deals Electric damage and inflicts Shock to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Ranged attack
Skills - 3 slots available
  • Ether Boost - Increases Ether damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Mechanoid Slayer - Increases damage to Mechanoid enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Knight's Soul - Increases maximum TP.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Aura Assault - Increases melee attack and accuracy when you have an aura active.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • Buff Extender - Extends Buff effects.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Supreme Sword - Increases damage when triggering melee combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 10

Galactic Knight

This is the upgraded version of the Blast Fencer. It further increases melee and ranged damage.

  • Weapons - Psycho Launchers and Photon Saber
  • Astral Heal (Photon Saber) - Restores HP and restores appendage HP when in Skell for one ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Buff, costs 1,000 TP
  • Astral Protection (Psycho Launchers) - Increases all attribute resistances and restores HP when using Arts.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Starfall Blossom (Photon Saber) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increases TP when used from the front.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Melee attack
  • Astral Purge (Photon Saber) - Removes debuffs for a single ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Buff
  • Novalibrium (Photon Saber) - Grants Supercharge upon taking damage and enables counter spike damage for the user.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Starlight Kick (Psycho Launchers) - Deals Gravity damage and inflicts Topple to a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Astral Horizon (Photon Saber) - Grants Astral Heal and Astral Purge to all allies and expands area-of-effect attack range.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Galactic Cataclysm (Photon Saber) - Deals Beam damage to all enemies ahead. Increased damage when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP

Xenoblade Chronicles X Galactic Knight Arts

Skills - 4 slots available
  • Gravity Guard - Increases Gravity resistance when wielding a ranged weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Fast Forward - Reduces Art's cooldown when triggering a melee combo.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Stellar Entry - Increases TP when boarding a Skell while in Overdrive.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Synchrony - Increases Skell melee attack and accuracy, ranged attack and accuracy, Evasion, and Potential.
    • Acquired at Rank 10
Galactic Knight Tips

This class leans more towards melee damage based on the Arts and Skill, even though it increases both melee and ranged attack.

If you want to take advantage of the stat bonuses and use both melee and ranged, I'd max out another class that has more ranged skills. Dual guns is a good one because you can switch back and forth quickly between melee and ranged.

I'd focus on gear and abilities that increase Beam damage and reduce resistances to Beam damage. Picking skills that focus on this and melee damage is a good idea as well.

This is the only class that has skills that focus solely on Skells, so pick this if you want to use Skells a lot.

That's it for my Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight Class Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Check out my Base Class Guide for tips on any of the other classes.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Class Guide: Striker, Commando, and Enforcer https://www.gameskinny.com/c64px/xenoblade-chronicles-x-class-guide-striker-commando-and-enforcer https://www.gameskinny.com/c64px/xenoblade-chronicles-x-class-guide-striker-commando-and-enforcer Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:18:13 -0500 Synzer

Xenoblade Chronicles X has many classes to choose from. After you get the beginning Drifter class to Rank 10, you unlock the 3 base classes. Each of these base classes branch into 2 different classes for a total of 6 final classes.

I'm going to explain the general play styles and give info on the 3 base classes in this guide. I'll have links to the specific class guides they all branch into in their respective sections. For general battle help, see my Combat Tips.

This guide will go over the 3 base classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Striker Class Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for this class.
  • Commando Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for this class.
  • Enforcer Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for this class.

Striker Class Info

This is the most beginner friendly class. It gives a boost to melee damage, HP, and gives a mix of offensive and defensive arts.

It branches into the Samurai Gunner/Duelist class for a bigger focus on offense, or the Shield Trooper/Bastion Warrior class for a bigger focus on defense and HP.

  • Weapons - Assault Rifle and Longsword
  • Rising Blade (Longsword) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increased damage when Taunted.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack

Xenoblade Chronicles X Striker Arts

  • Defensive Stance (Longsword) - Reduces damage taken, continually restores HP, and reduces total melee attack for user.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Power Dive (Assault Rifle) - Grants Supercharge and total evasion during execution.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Buff
  • Tornado Blade (Longsword) - Deals weapon damage to nearby enemies. Increases TP when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Melee attack
  • Furious Blast (Assault Rifle) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy and boost damage in melee combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Ranged attack
  • Magnum Edge (Longsword) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Physical Res Down to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Debuff
Skills - 1 slot available
  • Steel Flesh - Increases maximum HP.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Unwavering Courage - Increases melee accuracy.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Flame Trigger - Increases Blaze damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Mighty Muscle - Increases Melee attack.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • Combat Presence - Extends Taunt effects.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Dismantler - Grants a chance to deal increased damage to appendages with melee Arts.
    • Acquired at Rank 10


This is a good class for learning positioning in combat. It has many arts that give some kind of bonus if you use them from a certain direction when facing an enemy. It gives bonuses to melee and ranged accuracy.

This branches into the Winged Viper/Full Metal Jaguar class for increased evasion, accuracy, and damage. It also branches into the Partisan Eagle/Astral Crusader class for a focus on ranged attack and accuracy.

  • Weapons - Dual Guns and Dual Swords
  • Back Slash (Dual Swords) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increased damage when used from behind the enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack

Xenoblade Chronicles X Commando Arts

  • Early Bird (Dual Guns) - Raises Critical Power tier, increases critical chance, and increases evasion for the user.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
  • Sliding Slinger (Dual Guns) - Deals weapon damage to a single enemy. Increases TP when used from the side of the enemy
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Ranged attack
  • Stream Edge (Dual Swords) - Deals weapon damage and increases damage in ranged combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Upper Hand (Dual Swords) - Grants Critical Power to user.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Buff
  • Shadow Runner (Dual Swords) - Increases Potential to user. Also increases damage and disables enemy detection when used from behind enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
Skills - 2 slots available
  • Agile Gunslinger - Increases Evasion when wielding a ranged weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Steady Hand - Increases ranged accuracy.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Boosted Bullets - Increases ranged attack.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • Background Noise - Increases damage when using melee Arts from behind.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Combo Gunner - Increases damage when triggering ranged combos.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • Third Eye - Increases TP when using an Art. Doubled when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
  • Master Edge - Increases critical chance when using a melee weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Aura Burst -  Extends duration of Aura effects
    • Acquired at Rank 10


The Enforcer class focuses on debuffing the enemy and supporting your team. It branches into the Psycorruptor/Mastermind class for complete control and debuff specialty, or Blast Fencer/Galactic Knight for focus on Beam damage.

  • Weapons - Raygun and Knife
  • Beam Barrage (Raygun) - Deals weapon damage to all enemies ahead. Increased damage when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack
  • Repair (Knife) - Removes Debuffs and restores HP to one ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Buff

Xenoblade Chronicles X Enforcer class Arts

  • Myopic Screen (Raygun) - Deals weapon damage and inflicts Blackout to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
    • Debuff
  • Full Specs (Knife) - Increases Potential, ranged attack, and Ether resistance.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
    • Aura, costs 1,000 TP
Skills - 2 slots available
  • Inner Search - Increases Potential.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Beam Boost - Increases Beam damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • Boosted Bullets - Increases ranged attack.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • Beam Guard - Increases Beam resistance when wielding a ranged weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
  • Buff Heal - Recovers HP when receiving a Buff.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
  • Healing Touch - Increases the HP recovery of your part members when you revive.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • High Tension - Increases maximum TP.
    • Acquired at Rank 10

That's it for my Base Class guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Psycorruptor and Mastermind Class Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oewyj/xenoblade-chronicles-x-psycorruptor-and-mastermind-class-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oewyj/xenoblade-chronicles-x-psycorruptor-and-mastermind-class-guide Wed, 16 Dec 2015 21:08:41 -0500 Synzer

The Psycorruptor and Mastermind Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles X are mostly focused on support and debuffing the enemy. This is viewed as a more advanced class tree than the others, but I think anyone can do it as long as you understand the game and how the classes work.

I'll help explain this class and tell you all the arts and weapons they can use. For help with the base class Enforcer, or any of the base classes, check out my Base Class Guide.

This guide will go over the Psycorruptor and Mastermind class tree in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Psycorruptor and Mastermind Info - Arts, weapons, and skills for these classes.
  • Mastermind Class Tips - Tips for what kind of play style to expect when playing Mastermind.


This branch focuses on debuffs, making the enemy more susceptible to debuffs, ranged attack, and potential. This class lets you make an enemy an ally for a short time.

  • Weapons - Raygun and Knife
  • Screamer (Knife) - Inflicts Sleep at the enemy vicinity.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Debuff

Xenoblade Chronicles X Psycorruptor Art

  • Subterfuge (Raygun) - Inflicts Debuff Res Down on all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Debuff 
  • Absorber Skin (Knife) - Grants Barrier to 1 ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Buff
  • Ether Blast (Raygun) - Deals Ether damage to all enemies ahead. Increased damage when an Aura is active.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
    • Ranged attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Brainjack (Knife) - Seizes control of the target enemy and turns it into an ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
    • Debuff, costs 1,000 TP
Skills - 3 slots available
  • Beauty Sleep - Extends Sleep effects by 10 seconds.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Brain Wall - Increases resistance to Sleep, Control, and Slow Arts when you have an Aura active.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Gentle Approach - Grants a chance of not waking a sleeping enemy when auto-attacking.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • King's Decree - Reduces enemy Control resistance and raises debuff tier by 1.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Extra Armor - Increases Barrier's damage absorption rate.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
  • Feather Touch - Grants a chance of not waking a sleeping enemy when attacking with an art.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
  • Unpleasant Dream - Increases damage to sleeping enemies.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Core Crusher - Your Ether attacks no longer do appendage damage, but the primary damage is increased.
    • Acquired at Rank 10


This is the upgraded version of the Psycorruptor. They use the same weapons and play style, everything is just enhanced.

  • Weapons - Raygun and Knife
  • Gravity Blast (Raygun) - Deals Gravity damage and inflicts Topple on a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Ranged attack
  • Dispel (Knife) - Deals Ether damage and randomly removes one buff from the target.
    • Acquired at Rank 1
    • Melee attack, costs 1,000 TP
  • Gravity Cloak (Raygun) - Grants Gravity Res Up to nearby allies.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
    • Buff
  • Servant Sacrifice (Knife) - Increases HP and TP when controlling a target and sometimes destroys the target.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
    • Debuff
  • Energy Source (Knife) - Increases TP and Potential for one ally.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
    • Buff, costs 1,000 TP
  • Black Butterfly (Knife) - Deals Ether damage, inflicts Ether Res Down, and shortens Aura effect time to a single enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
    • Melee attack

Xenoblade Chronicles X Mastermind Art

  • Pathogen Blast (Raygun) - Inflicts Virus to all enemies ahead.
    • Acquired at Rank 8
    • Debuff
Skills - 4 slots available
  • Ether Guard - Increases Ether resistance when wielding a ranged weapon.
    • Acquired at Rank 2
  • Gravity Boost - Increases Gravity damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 3
  • Well-Weathered - Increases TP when taking weather damage.
    • Acquired at Rank 4
  • Appendage Erosion - Increases appendage damage for every debuff on the enemy.
    • Acquired at Rank 5
  • Resistant Flesh - Increases resistance to all debuffs.
    • Acquired at Rank 6
  • Target Analyst - Reduces enemy debuff resistance when landing an attack.
    • Acquired at Rank 7
  • King's Boon - Grants All Abilities Up to enemies under your Control.
    • Acquired at Rank 9
  • Secondary Accelerator - Reduces secondary cooldowns.
    • Acquired at Rank 10
Mastermind Tips

This class has a ranged debuff play style. You want to focus on abilities and skills that increase ranged damage, your ability to debuff enemies, and increased duration.

Many Arts and skills acquired from these classes help make the enemy more vulnerable so that you and your team can deal more damage.

This is also the class branch you want to pick if you want to control enemies and the battlefield.

This wraps up my Psycorruptor and Mastermind Class Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Check out my Base Class Guide for tips on any of the other classes.

14 features you probably aren't taking advantage of in Xenoblade Chronicles X https://www.gameskinny.com/9pamw/14-features-you-probably-arent-taking-advantage-of-in-xenoblade-chronicles-x https://www.gameskinny.com/9pamw/14-features-you-probably-arent-taking-advantage-of-in-xenoblade-chronicles-x Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:56:20 -0500 David Fisher


Above all: have fun exploring!


While completionists will just want to run around, hopping from one mission to the next, Xenoblade Chronicles X's map being on the gamepad really helps immerse you into the game. Sure, you still have that little minimap that will point out key items and such, but it's not so eye-drawing that you won't be able to step outside of your Skell and enjoy the scenery from time to time. Heck, this screenshot I took is a perfect example of just taking in the beauty of the Primordia region - just one of five in the game.


I hope everyone is having as much fun with this game as I am, and hopefully, Nintendo and Monolith will release some more content shortly. I can't wait to get back into the game right now, and I hope to see you on Mira! Just look out for the Vic with the purple highlights and I'll be glad to act as a Scout with you, or maybe hunt down some tyrants in the multiplayer missions!


Also, if you're interested in unlocking the joyfully incompetent Mia as a recruitable character, you can find my guide to unlocking her here!


Use the Network Console in the Barracks


Time and time again I hear about how someone can't find out where the Division Rewards are. The Network Console in the BLADE Barracks is the answer. These Division Rewards range from cash bonuses - in item form, so don't forget to sell them - as well as Skell Maintainance Tickets that can be used after you trash your Skell's final insurance point.


Not only does this console act as your reward center, but it can also be used to cash in Reward Tickets that are in turn used to get various collectables. A lot of collectables for missions where rare items are needed can be purchased through this, so don't forget about this important feature!


Also, be sure to check on this console from time to time if you want to start up a multiplayer mission. These can be a fun distraction from the main game, and BP is awarded among other cool rewards for harder missions.


Change up your Soul Voices to match your personality!


Whether it be for role-playing, maximizing your damage per second, or simply a change of pace, you should pay attention to what Soul Voices your character has.


The Soul Voices menu - found under Party in the start menu - is where you can read up on the buffs that your current Soul Voices have. Here you can change them to whatever you like, and you also have the option of changing the trigger conditions of 4 custom Soul Voices. There's no difference between the various voiceovers that you can choose in character select other than what the lines actually say, so don't worry if you chose the Classic or Heroic voices.


You can also read up on what your NPC characters have set as their voices too, so be sure to look at those if you want to optimize your offline party.




Starving for BP for your Skills and Artes? Need some extra dough? Want to get more holograms for your BLADE Barracks' projectors? Look no further than the Collectopedia for all of these needs and more!


Typically reserved for those of us who decided to be Curator-hipsters, the Collectopedia is a great place to register any spare items you might have found while venturing across Mira. In fact, it's basically the same as the Enemy Index, except this time it gives you free stuff for registering!


That said, any item you register is gone forever, so make sure that you have enough to spare before you do so!


The Enemy Index


This feature found under the Intel tab of the start menu is much more useful than you would think. While many players scurry to GameFAQs or other guides to find out where something might be found, the Enemy Index typically holds a lot of those answers.


The Enemy Index holds all sorts of information ranging from how much experience the creature gives, to the level range, items dropped, and more. What's best about the index is that it also shows what times and what whether conditions must be present to hunt the particular creature.


While it's not exactly the most accessible or convenient method, it's certainly something useful if your internet is down.


Stay Classy!


Once you reach Rank 10 of a certain class tree, don't be afraid to switch up to another class you feel like testing out. In fact, you can use your old class's weapons, arts, and skills - albeit at a slight disadvantage due to some stat changes and the limitations of skill slots for earlier classes.


Mixing up classes is also a valid option. Feel like being a Jedi-wannabe? Grab a Photon Sabre and mix it up with beam Dual Pistols or a beam Assault Rifle. Want to play it up as Gurren Lagann's Yoko? Grab a Sniper Rifle and Knife. The options are truly endless!


Warning: Options may not actually be endless and are subject to number of classes a player has reached Rank 10 with. Other terms and conditions may apply.


Upgrade your skills!


I can't believe how many people don't know about this...


Skills are a crucial part of survival on Mira. In fact, some skills can make the difference between doing 100-200 damage early game, and 1500 damage at the same level (I'm looking at you, Raygun lovers). Most skills cost between 2 to 6 BP to level up to Level 3, so don't skip out on this if you can afford it.


I would argue that this is much more important than upgrading arts in the early game since they tend to boost your damage or stats much higher than leveling individual arts.


Also, don't forget: skills are cross-class. This means that you can equip them regardless of what weapon or class you are using later.


Change up your arts from time to time!


Keep your gameplay fresh by switching up your arts now and then. While it may seem like it wouldn't change much, changing your arts - and leveling them at that - can drastically improve the otherwise repetitive fights that start happening around the Level 30 mark.


Your arts are tied to your weapons, not your class, so only level up the ones for weapons that you intend on keeping. Also, certain arts can only be learned by completing affinity or basic missions, so keep an eye out for them!


Max out your missions!


Most people probably know that you can take up to 20 missions at once. However, did you know that you can just hit ZL or ZR to see mission requirements?


This can be crucial for those looking to farm BLADE points toward their next Field Skill level since Gathering missions can be time-consuming. Most Gathering missions are completed on-the-spot, and so if you accept a mission that you already have all the items for you will be instantly rewarded!


Furthermore, you can filter the mission requests by their category by pressing the Y button. It's a basic feature, but it can work wonders!


Follow Ball and Auto-Run


Mira is a really big world. Even my fellow GameSkinny guide writers have complained about how tedious it is to hold down the forward button for minutes on end or to find where the next mission objectives are. When I mentioned the Follow Ball and Auto-Run features, several of them had completely forgotten about them!


Follow Ball is a useful item that you get after rescuing a certain Nopon that Lin (and my own character, Vic) can't help but stare hungrily at. By holding down R and pressing X, players can activate the Follow Ball, which will lead them to whatever goal that is marked on the map. This is particularly useful for bounty missions, as well as story and affinity missions.


Auto-Run, on the other hand, will spare you at least from holding up on the analog stick. This can be activated by holding down R and pressing B. You will still have to jump or occasionally change the angle you are facing, but otherwise, it can save you some major thumb cramps. It's particularly useful for swimming across the ocean to get to Sylvalum before you get your Skell License.




If you aren't in the group that ignores the usefulness of FrontierNav you have earned my respect. However, the rest of you need to learn how useful this little Wii U Gamepad feature is!


Many missions require certain minerals or materials that can only be found by using the FrontierNav's mining features. However, the usefulness of the probes themselves extends into earning you a decent amount of spending money, Miranium to use at the AM Terminal, and more! This is without mentioning the constant ability to fast travel, search for affinity mission minimum requirements, and function as a standard map by pressing the big green button!


In particular, selecting a probe location can show you what minerals can be mined from that location. This can be useful for some missions where ores are required since placing a mining probe in these spots ahead of time can ensure that you have all the items needed ahead of time.


Also, don't forget to chain identical probes or place container probes. Doing so will yield much higher resource collections at the end of each cycle without wasting any of the excess. This can make leveling AMs much easier down the road.


Affinity Missions


Affinity Missions are more than just a way to learn more about your favorite characters. In fact, a lot of Affinity Missions do more than boost your inter-character... umm... affinity.


Some Affinity Missions can unlock new characters such as the Skell obsessed Alexa, or Bozé, the sci-fi Buddhist War Monk. Other missions can unlock new Arms Manufacturers such as the Nopon Commerce Guild, which specializes in Thermal weapons. Other features can be unlocked through Affinity Missions as well, so don't forget to scoop up as many of them as you can!


The AM Terminal


Found in Armory Alley in the Administrative District, the AM Terminal is one of the most undervalued features in the game. JRPG veterans typically see purchased items as inferior to weapon drops from monsters, however, in Xenoblade Chronicles X you can upgrade your AMs to develop not only new items - which will, in turn, start appearing in the battlefield - but also upgrade the purchasable items so that they will be just as effective as some rare drops in the field.


The AM Terminal has a few other nifty features as well. First, there's the ability to upgrade your current gear by using collectables you have found on your adventure. Second, you can add engineer augments for your gear that act as slottable items for weapons. This menu is particularly useful since you can also read up on what each weapon's abilities actually do. Lastly, there are many "craftable" items that can be made via the Develop Gear menu that cannot be found anywhere else.


Change "Fashion Gear"


While Xenoblade Chronicles X might not be the worst for armor designs, sometimes you want to wipe the floor with alien scum while kickin' it back in a tanktop and a pair of jeans. Thankfully, Xenoblade Chronicles X lets you do just that by going into your Ground Gear menu, then pressing "X" on the gamepad to open up the sub-menu. From here you can access Fashion Gear any article of clothing over your current armor as a skin.


While your outward appearance will look like the Fashion Gear you place over your Ground Gear, your stats will retain the stats that the Ground Gear provides. You can re-open the sub-menu at any time to remove all of your Fashion Gear, so don't worry about being stuck in it forever. This trick also works with lower level armor and is available at the very start of the game, so don't be afraid to give it a shot!


Xenoblade Chronicles X is a massive game. In fact, there's so much content to cover in this game that most players might feel a little overwhelmed. This leads to some of the neat or useful features in the game being overlooked. Some of these are little things that don't really affect the game, and others are ones that might have simply gone over the heads of players. As such, I'll be listing some of these features that you - or maybe someone you may know - might not have noticed while playing through the game.


So, what are we waiting for? Let's dig in!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Soul Voice Details and Quick Reference Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/od28s/xenoblade-chronicles-x-soul-voice-details-and-quick-reference-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/od28s/xenoblade-chronicles-x-soul-voice-details-and-quick-reference-guide Tue, 15 Dec 2015 16:43:39 -0500 Synzer

Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X can help turn a losing battle into a winning one. It takes timing and a little strategy, but it helps greatly when you get it down. Even if the effects of the specific Soul Voice don't help much, the healing that they all do will.

There is a lot you can do with your character's Soul Voices that are not clear while playing. I'll help by explaining the different types of Soul Voices possible and how to trigger them. For more battle info, check out my Combat Tips.

This guide will go over Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Soul Voice Basics - What Soul Voices are and how they work.
  • Soul Voice Details - Each type of Soul Voice and how to trigger them.

Soul Voice Basics

Soul Voices are commands the characters shout during battle with a certain color. The color that comes on screen is the type of art you need to use to answer the Soul Voice. So if you see an orange Soul Voice, use a melee art.

Throughout the fight, sometimes you must do a Soul Challenge when your Soul Voice activates. When you see "B" surrounded by circles, press B at the right time to complete it. If you get it in the blue, you get "Good". If you get it in the white, you get "Perfect". Perfect gives a TP bonus.

Answering party members' Soul Voices and Soul Challenges grant bonus effects, damage, and they always heal. Always try to answer a Soul Voice when they come up because they make the battle so much easier.

You can change your character's Soul Voices by going to the Soul Voice menu. You cannot change other members' soul voices.

Since the voices vary, it is a good idea to get as many of the 5 different types of Arts as you can. It is also a good idea to save them during battle for when a Soul Voice activates.

Soul Voice Details

There are 32 different types of soul voices. Your character can use 16 of these at one time. The last 4 are custom, which means you can change the type. I'll list them and how to trigger them.

All triggers are just a chance to activate. There are abilities you can get on weapons and armor that increase the chance to activate certain Soul Voices. Check out my Armor Augment Quick Reference Guide for more details.

  • Draw Melee - Character starts battle by drawing a melee weapon.
    • You can also activate this after combat starts by putting your weapon away with "B", then taking it back out with "A".
  • Draw Ranged - Character starts battle by drawing a ranged weapon.
    • Works just like melee and can be triggered after battle starts.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Soul Voice

  • Opening Art - Character starts a battle by performing an Art.
  • HP Risk - Character's HP falls below 60%.
  • HP Peril - Character's HP falls below 30%.
  • Last Words - Character becomes incapacitated.
  • Heavy Hitter - Character lands a critical hit on the enemy.
  • Dismember - Character attacks and destroys an enemy appendage.
  • Underdog - Character halves the HP of a much larger enemy.
  • Artful Execution - Character successfully uses an Art's special effect.
  • Aura Ready - Character activates an aura using an Art.
  • Activate Overdrive - Character activates Overdrive.
Custom Soul Voices

The last 4 Soul Voice types for your character can be changed. There are 16 different custom Soul Voice options.

  • Finishing Blow - Character delivers the finishing blow to an enemy.
  • Untouchable - Character evades 3 consecutive enemy attacks.
  • Critical Combination - Character lands 3 consecutive critical hits.
  • Wayward Weather - Character witnesses a change in weather during combat.
  • Sprinter - Character sprints for 3 or more seconds.
  • Medicine Man - Character gets healed/buffed by a male ally.
  • Medicine Woman - Character gets healed/buffed by a female ally.
  • Daredevil - Character attacks with an art while HP is below 30%.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Custom Soul Voices

  • Higher Ground - Character attacks an enemy from above.
  • Toppler - Character inflicts Topple on an enemy.
  • Stunner - Character inflicts Stun on an enemy.
  • Sandman - Character inflicts Sleep on the enemy.
  • Binder - Character uses a Skell to Bind an enemy.
  • Skell Crush - Appendage of character's Skell is destroyed.
  • Wrecked Skell - Character's Skell is destroyed and removed from combat.
  • Running on Empty - Fuel of character's Skell falls below 30% in combat.

That's it for my Soul Voice Details and Reference Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions! Please visit my Beginner tips and tricks for more help with the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: How to Unlock Level 5 Field Skills https://www.gameskinny.com/f5iob/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-unlock-level-5-field-skills https://www.gameskinny.com/f5iob/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-unlock-level-5-field-skills Mon, 14 Dec 2015 08:02:32 -0500 Synzer

The field skills in Xenoblade Chronicles X let you collect many resources and install data probes. You can level all 3 skills to 4 by increasing your BLADE level. There is a rank 5 to each skill, but you must complete a mission for each skill.

The missions only give riddles and don't show navigation. I'll help you complete each mission by explaining exactly what to do for each objective in all 3 missions. If you're looking for help with anything else related to Xenoblade Chronicles X, check out my Beginner tips and tricks.

This guide will go over unlocking the level 5 BLADE field skills including:

  • Level 5 Field Skill Unlock Requirements - What you need to get level 5 field skills.
  • Off the Record Missions - The missions you need to unlock level 5 for each field skill.

Level 5 Field Skill Unlock Requirements

Every time you level up your BLADE rank, you can choose one field skill to level. You can choose any of the 3, Mechanical, Biological, and Archaeological at any level.

I suggest sticking with one and leveling it up to 4 before switching. Mechanical is the best because they allow you to plant data probes

To unlock level 5, you must first reach level 4. After that, you can pick up a mission to get level 5 from the mission terminal. The mission for each skill is called. "Off the Record." You must do one for each skill, and they all require different objectives.

Off the Record Missions

Each of these missions has 3 objectives you must complete. They are all presented to you in riddles, and you get no navigation help from the Follow Ball.

After you finish the 3 objectives listed, a final objective appears. This last objective for each is just talking to Solan, but it is at a specific place and time. I'll list each mission's riddle objectives, then tell you exactly what you must do for each one.

Mechanical Off the Record Mission
  • After dawn o'er land of white, a rare red foe appears to smile.
    • This is a rare tyrant in Sylvalum named, "Lyla's Galdr". It only appears between 5:00 - 7:00. Go to a cliff east of Lake Ciel, next to FN Site 413.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Mechanical field skill

  • Soar deep into the skies and seek the forgotten land's ultimate peak.
    • This is a high point in Oblivia called "Mount Edge Peak." You need to fly to reach it. It is a mountain across from the Floating Reef, northeast of FN Site 315.
  • Etchings of ancient beasts to find? Seek a stony shore in fired climes.
    • You must collect Savage Sketches. This is a rare collectible found around the eastern cliffs in Cauldros.
  • In suburban glory in a setting sun, the afflicted tell of what's to come.
    • Talk to Solan southwest of the Water Purification Plant in the Residential District in the evening. 
Biological Off the Record
  • Atop the forest's eternal cascade, a bitter baron awaits the blade
    • You must defeat Acid Diluses. You can find these at the top of Everwhelm Falls in Noctilum.
  • Take this elevated corn to hand, atop the peaks of a delusional land.
    • You must collect Pale Maize. This is a rare collectible on the Delusian Mountains in Sylvalum.
  • Above an early land to hover, courting birds whose seal you covet.
    • You must collect Auravis Courtship Feather from auravises. You find them in both Primordia and Oblivia.
  • Where Ordinance takes first breath, collect your spoils after sunset.
    • Talk to Solan at the Outfitters Test Hangar at night.
Archaeological Off the Record
  • Across the table where titans feast, hides an insect you must defeat.
    • This is a tyrant named, Calore, the Lava Walker. You can find it in the lava outside the Infernal Ledges cave in Cauldros.
  • In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels here do flock.
    • You must discover Sentinel's Nest in Noctilum. This is on the east side of Divine Roost, the northern most part of Noctilum.

Xenoblade chronicles X Archaeological field skill

  • If you seek a pure white shell, to the east it does now dwell.
    • You must collect White Forfex Shells. You can get these from Land Forfexes in Oblivia.
  • In fields of green in New LA, ask in the morning to find the way.
    • Talk to Solan in Deliverance Park in the early morning. This is located in the Residential District.

That's all you need to unlock level 5 for each BLADE field skill in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Armor Augment Quick Reference Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oy8l2/xenoblade-chronicles-x-armor-augment-quick-reference-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oy8l2/xenoblade-chronicles-x-armor-augment-quick-reference-guide Mon, 14 Dec 2015 05:51:44 -0500 Synzer

Xenoblade Chronicles X has many battle traits you can have on your armor. These are passive abilities that help you in combat. There is no way to see a description of these traits unless you upgrade them or buy augments at the AM terminal in Armory Alley.

I'm going to make things easier by listing the different types of battle traits/augments you can get on your armor and what they do.

This guide will go over armor augments/battle traits in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Armor Augments/Battle Traits Types - The different types of battle traits you can have on your armor.
  • Armor Augments Info - What each armor augment does.

Armor Augments/Battle Traits

There are 10 types of battle traits you can have on your armor by default, or added from an augment.

  • Stat Increase
  • Skell Enhancement
  • Attribute Resistance 
  • Debuff Resistance
  • Antidamage Measures
  • Overdrive
  • Art Mods
  • Soul Voice
  • Special
  • Anticlimate Measures

I'm going to separate the different types of battle traits/augments for your armor into each category. If you need more info on some of the general terms or basics of the game, check out my Beginner tips and tricks.

Stat Increase
  • Max HP Up/Boost - Up Increases Maximum HP by a certain number. Boost increases it by a percentage.

Xenoblade Chronicles Armor Stat Battle trait

  • Max TP Up/Boost - Increases Maximum TP.
  • Evasion Up/Boost - Increases Evasion.
    • This increases your chance to dodge an attack.
  • Potential Up/Boost - Increases Potential.
    • This increases how much HP is recovered when you complete a soul challenge and how much damage you do with Tension Arts, Arts that use TP.
Skell Enhancement
  • Max HP Drive - Increases maximum Skell HP by a percentage.
  • Max GP Drive - Increases maximum Skell GP by a percentage.
  • Melee Accuracy Drive - Increases  Skell Melee Accuracy by a percentage.
  • Ranged Accuracy Drive - Increases  Skell Ranged Accuracy by a percentage.
  • Evasion Drive - Increases Skell Evasion by a percentage.
  • Melee Attack Drive - Increases Skell Melee Attack by a percentage.
  • Ranged Attack Drive - Increases Skell Ranged Attack by a percentage.
  • Potential Drive - Increases Skell Potential by a percentage.
  • Bind: Refuel - Boost fuel recovery by a number of units per second when binding an enemy.
  • Fuel Efficiency Up - Boost Fuel Efficiency when fighting in a Skell.
    • Higher Efficiency means you use less fuel. 
Attribute Resistance
  • Physical Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Physical attacks.
  • Beam Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Beam attacks.
  • Electric Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Electric attacks.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Attribute Resistance Battle trait

  • Thermal Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Thermal attacks.
  • Ether Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Ether attacks.
  • Gravity Resistance Up - Increases resistance to Gravity attacks.
Debuff Resistance
  • Resist Stagger - Increases resistance to the Stagger debuff.
    • Stagger knocks targets off balance and makes them vulnerable to Topple and Bind.
  • Resist Flinch - Increases resistance to the Flinch debuff.
    • Flinch makes the target unable to act for a certain amount of time.
  • Resist Topple - Increases resistance to the Topple debuff.
    • Topple makes the target vulnerable to further attacks.
  • Resist Knockback - Increases resistance to the Knockback debuff.
    • Knockback pushes the target back a certain distance.
  • Resist Launch - Increases resistance to the Launch debuff.
    • Launch sent the target flying away.
  • Resist Stun - Increases resistance to the Stun debuff.
    • Stun makes the character faint.
  • Resist Sleep - Increases resistance to the Sleep debuff.
    • Sleep stops the target from acting until it gets attacked.
  • Resist Taunt - Increases resistance to the Taunt debuff.
    • Taunt causes the target to attack the user.
  • Resist Control - Increases resistance to the Control debuff.
    • Control makes the target an ally.
  • Resist Virus - Increases resistance to the Virus debuff.
    • Virus causes makes the target unable to use ranged weapons.
  • Resist Blackout - Increases resistance to the Blackout debuff.
    • Blackout reduces the target's accuracy, evasion, and ranged weapon damage.
  • Resist Fatigue - Increases resistance to the Fatigue debuff.
    • Fatigue decreases the target's melee damage.
  • Resist Slow Arts - Increases resistance to the Slow Arts debuff.
    • Slow Arts causes the target's Arts to cooldown slower.
  • Resist Resistance Down - This resists effects of lowering one of the 5 resistances. 
  • Resist Time Bomb - Increases resistance to the Time Bomb debuff.
    • Time Bomb causes the target to take a large amount of damage after a certain amount of time.
  • Resist HP Recovery Down - Increases resistance of the HP Recovery Down debuff.
    • HP Recovery Down reduces the amount of HP recovered by Soul Voices and Arts.
  • Resist Blaze - Increases resistance to the Blaze debuff.
    • Blaze causes thermal damage over time.
  • Resist Debuff Resistance - Increases resistance to having your debuff's duration lowered.
Antidamage Measures
  • HP Rebound - Grants a chance to recover HP when taking damage.
  • TP Rebound - Grants a chance of getting TP when taking damage.
  • Taunt: Barrier - Grants a chance to receive a Barrier when taunted.
    • Barriers absorb a certain amount of damage.
  • Taunt: Decoy - Grants a chance to activate Decoy when taunted.
    • Decoy allows you to evade a certain number of enemy attacks.
  • Taunt: Supercharge - Grants a chance to activate Supercharge when taunted.
    • Supercharge doubles the damage of your next attack.
    • They also have Supercharge, Barrier, and Decoy activation traits for Topple and Stun.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Stun Decoy armor augment

  • Reflect Damage Up - Increases the amount of damage you can reflect back to the attacker.
  • Overdrive: Recover HP - Recovers HP when activating Overdrive.
  • Overdrive: Gain TP - Gains TP when activating Overdrive.
  • Extend Overdrive - Increases the duration of Overdrive.
Art Mods
  • Extend Aura - Increases the duration of Aura effects.
  • Aura Rapid Cooldown - Reduces the cooldown of arts when an Aura is active.
  • Aura: Refuel - Recovers fuel when using an Aura.
  • Extend Taunt - Extends the duration of Taunt effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Control - Extends the duration of Control effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Virus - Extends the duration of Virus effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Blackout - Extends the duration of Blackout effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Fatigue - Extends the duration of Fatigue effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Slow Arts - Extends the duration of Slow Arts effects from your Arts.
  • Extend Debuff Res Down - Extends the duration of Debuff resistance lowering effects from your Arts
Soul Voice
  • Danger Surge - Increases the chance to activate the HP Risk Soul Voice.
  • High Danger Surge - Increases the chance to activate the HP Peril Soul Voice.
  • Incapacitation Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Last Words Soul Voice.
  • Aura Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Aura Ready Soul Voice.
  • Overdrive Surge - Increases the chance to activate the Activate Overdrive Soul Voice.
  • Reinvigorate - Increases the amount of HP recovered when you get revived.
  • EXP Boost - Increases the amount of experience you receive.
  • Visual Cloaking - Reduces enemy detection by shrinking the enemy's field of view.

Xenoblade Chronicles X EXP Boost Battle Trait

  • Aural Cloaking - Reduces enemy detection by reducing how far they can hear.
  • Terrain Damage Reducer - Reduces the amount of damage taken from Terrain.
  • Antispike - Grants a chance to evade spike damage.
  • Resistance Reducer - Reduces enemy debuff resistance by a certain amount when landing an attack.
  • Treasure Sensor - Increases item drop rate.
  • Untouchable Dash - Increases evasion when sprinting.
  • Focused Evasion - Increases evasion when within enemy melee range.
Anticlimate Measures
  • Fog Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Fog.
  • Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Rain.
  • Heavy Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Heavy Rain.
  • Heat Wave Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Heat Wave.
  • Sandstorm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Sandstorm.
  • Thunderstorm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Thunderstorm.
  • EM Storm Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Electromagnetic Storm.
  • Energy Mist Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Energy Mist.
  • Rising Energy Mist Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Rising Energy Mist.
  • Brimstone Rain Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Brimstone Rain.
  • Spore Screen - Grants immunity to the effects of Spore clouds.
  • Weather Master - Reduces weather damage by a certain amount.

That wraps up all of the Armor Battle Traits/Augments for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Skell Info and Combat https://www.gameskinny.com/9m36l/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-skell-info-and-combat https://www.gameskinny.com/9m36l/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-skell-info-and-combat Fri, 11 Dec 2015 03:28:08 -0500 Synzer

Skells unlock a whole new world in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is like having a separate character and class that you can completely customize. These mechs are tricky at first, but extremely useful when you get the hang of it.

I'm going to explain how Skells work, and the combat when using one. If you need to know how to get one, check out my guide on How to Unlock Skells. You have to get about halfway through the story, so don't worry if you're near the beginning of the game.

This guide will cover everything about Skell including:

  • Skell Basics and Equipment Info - How Skells work, including the equipment they use.
  • Skell Combat - How combat goes when using a Skell.

Skell Basic and Equipment Info

So you finally got a Skell? Now it's time to figure out how to work it. Before anyone can use a Skell, you must register it to a character.

You can register, and do most Skell-related functions, at the computer in the Blade Barracks. Just select Barracks Hangar at the Terminal, then select the Skell you want.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Customization

Skells have similar stats to your ground character, but with a few extra.

  • GP - Similar to TP for ground character, you can use this to activate overdrive for your Skell.
  • Fuel - This is used when flying, auto-attacking, and Arts. When it runs out, you must refuel to use the Skell again.
    • You can spend Miranium to refuel, or let it happen automatically when nobody is using it.
  • Skell Insurance - If your Skell loses all HP during battle, it is destroyed. Skell insurance pays for the repairs. If you don't have any, you can pay a huge sum of credits to repair.
  • Frame Level - The level a character must be to use the Skell.

First, there are different Skell Frames.

  • Light - Low fuel, armor, and HP. Faster and more evasive.
  • Medium - Good all-around stats, but not expert in any one thing.
  • Heavy - Slower and harder to control. High HP, fuel, and armor.

The frame is the main part of the Skell and what you need to register to a character. You can buy other frames starting at level 30. Other frames unlock as you get through the story or invest in manufacturers.

There are 3 frames you can unlock by doing affinity missions.

  • EXCAVATOR - Complete all of Alexa's affinity missions.
  • POLICEMEN - Complete all of H.B.'s affinity missions.
  • YUMBO - Complete all of Boze's affinity missions. 

Once you pick a frame, you can equip the parts. There are 15 individual parts you can equip. Don't get overwhelmed, because 8 of these determine the Arts you get.

  • Side Weapons - These 2 slots are the weapons you auto attack with. They don't affect your arts and you can have two of the same type if you want. You don't need 1 ranged and 1 melee like ground characters.
  • Back, Shoulder, Arm, and Spare Weapons - There are 2 slots for each type and they give your Skell Arts.
    • Some back weapons take up 2 slots so you'll end up with only 7 arts if you use one of these.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell weapons

  • Armor - There are 5 armor slots, head, torso, legs, and both arms. They work just like ground character armor.
Arts, Abilities, and Skills

Your ground character's Arts don't matter when you use a Skell since it has its own arts. Skells don't have Skills, but they can benefit from your Class Skills. For example, if you have Beam damage increase, your Skell can get that increase when using Beam damage.

Skell have separate battle stats from ground characters. You can tell by looking at the type of gear your ground character can wear.

Skell wear has different abilities than the other types. Normal gear might have a Melee Attack Up ability. This causes your ground character to deal more melee damage. This does not affect Skell melee damage.

You need to wear Skell Wear if you want to enhance your Skell. Skell wear might have similar ability, but it says Melee Attack Drive. Anytime you see Drive, that means it affects Skells.

Skell Combat

Whenever you fast travel, your Skell automatically comes with you as long as you register it to someone. You can board and exit a Skell by pressing Y near one.

Your Skell fuel appears on the right of the screen, under the mini-map. You can see this at all times, as long as the Skell isn't destroyed. 

Combat in general works the same -- you just use Fuel for all your attacks so you can use them as much as you want when the cooldowns are up. There are some changes, though: Appendages, Cockpit, Binding and Overdrives.


Just like many enemies, your Skell's parts count as Appendages. This means that if they take enough damage, they can break in battle. When this happens, you won't be able to use the weapons or Arts associated with that part.

As long as your Skell isn't destroyed, this heals once the battle is over or you run away.

If your Skell is destroyed, you get a soul challenge. If you get perfect, the Sell gets repaired for free and does not use an insurance. Good repairs it, but uses 1 insurance. Fail repairs it using 2 insurances and leaves your character at 1 HP.

If a party member has their Skell destroyed, they get an automatic perfect and it's repaired for free.


Whenever you use an Art, you have a chance to activate the Cockpit. The camera zooms in to your character inside the cockpit of the Skell and gives bonuses. This resets the cooldowns on all your arts, makes you invincible for a short time, and gives extra GP.


When you get close to an enemy, you have the chance to get a Bind prompt. This works like Topple and stuns the enemy. Press ZR and ZL to start the bind.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell bind

Multiple soul challenges appear and as long as you complete them, you'll keep them bound until time runs out. If you miss any, the bind stops. You also get fuel back for binding.


Like ground characters, when your Skell reaches 3000 GP, you can activate overdrive. It works a little different, though, and each Skell type has its own overdrive. No fuel is used when attacking in Overdrive.

Light Armor Overdrives
  • OBORO (Urban Type) - Deal more damage, take less ranged damage, regen appendages.
  • JINRAI (Formula Type) - Accuracy, Evasion, and Critical Chance increase. Lower cooldowns.
  • HAGANE (Verus Type) - Increases melee damage, twice the appendage regen, and reflects physical attacks.
Medium Armor Overdrives
  • NAGI (Lailah Type) - HP and appendage regen, takes less damage, immune to debuffs.
  • HIBANA (Inferno Type) - Appendage regen, increased ranged damage, and reflects thermal damage.
Heavy Armor Overdrives
  • GEKITETU (Mastema Type) - Reduces damage taken, increases ranged attack, and reflect Beam damage.
  • KURENAI (Amdusias Type) - Absorbs fuel with melee attacks, double Crush damage, and increases melee attack.
  • KAMIKAZE (Urban Type) - Increases accuracy, attack and evasion.
Special Overdrives
  • LEGION (Ares Type) - Increases accuracy, attack, and evasion. Reduces cooldowns and regens appendages.

Overdrives gives a higher chance to activate cockpit for each art used and can be extended up to 5 extra times.

  • 1st - 100% chance to extend, 30% chance to activate cockpit. Last 15 seconds.
  • 2nd - 100% chance to extend, 20% chance to activate cockpit. Lasts 13 seconds.
  • 3rd - 50% plus 20% for each cockpit activated, 30% chance to activate cockpit. Lasts 13 seconds.
  • 4th - 0% plus 20% for each cockpit activated, 20% chance to activate cockpit. Lasts 13 seconds
  • 5th - 0% plus 20% for each cockpit activated, 30% chance to activate cockpit. Lasts 13 seconds.
  • 6th - 20% chance to activate cockpit.

That's it for my Skell info and Combat guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Please visit my Beginner tips and tricks if you want help with anything else, and let me know if you have any questions!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: How to Unlock Skells https://www.gameskinny.com/gniqp/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-unlock-skells https://www.gameskinny.com/gniqp/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-unlock-skells Wed, 09 Dec 2015 07:44:26 -0500 Synzer

Skells are the mechs in Xenoblade Chronicles X. You don't have access to them until halfway through the story and only after completing the Proficiency Exams to get a license.

There is a lot that goes into getting your first Skell, such as defeating hard enemies and gathering materials. I'll explain each exam so that you'll know what to do when the time comes to get your Skell License. Please visit my Xenoblade Chronicles X Beginner tips and tricks for more guides.

This guide will go over unlocking Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Skell Unlock Requirements - What you need to unlock the ability to use Skells.
  • Proficiency Exams - How to complete all of the Skell Proficiency Exams.

Skell Unlock Requirements

There are 2 lengthy requirements before you can start using Skells.

  • Complete the Chapter 6 story mission.
  • Complete the 8 Proficiency Exams to get your Skell License.

Chapter 6 is about halfway through the story, and each story mission has several requirements before you can complete them.

Each exam comes from one of the 8 Divisions in New LA, and they all deal with the specialty of that Division. You get the missions all at once by accepting the Skell License mission from the Basic Mission Terminal. Just go to barracks to talk to the commander to start them.

I suggest that you get to level 20-25 at least to complete all the missions.

Proficiency Exams

Proficiency Exam 1

This Pathfinder mission requires you to install a data probe in Primordia.

  • Install a data probe at FrontierNav site 117 in Primordia.

You might have this one already, and the mission will complete automatically after you collect them all. If not, it is northeast of the city.

Proficiency Exam 2

This Interceptors mission requires you to defeat several enemies in Noctilum.

  • Defeat 12 blitz blattas in Noctilum.

Just use your map to travel to one of the location nears the objective markers. Use the Follow Ball to take you directly to their locations.

Proficiency Exam 3

This Harriers mission requires you to defeat a level 25 Tyrant in Primordia.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Proficiency Exam

  • Defeat Shatskikh, the Flash in Primordia's Northpointe Cove.

You can look on the map, then use the Follow Ball to get to its location. It doesn't always appear, so just fast travel away and come back until it spawns.

Proficiency Exam 4

This Reclaimers mission requires you to collect a map.

  • Obtain the solar starship map in Noctilum's Humdrum Peaks.

Just use the map and follow Ball to get this one.

Proficiency Exam 5

This Curators mission requires you to gather several materials.

  • Gather 8 rock armadillos in Noctilum.
  • Gather 3 bagflea squashes in Oblivia.
  • Gather 6 multi-speckled ladybugs.

You can find these materials in the caves in each region. You can get bagflea squashes when it is raining or early morning. I suggest fast travelling to a cave during early morning grabbing items, and repeat until you get all 3.

You can go to the barracks to change the time back to early morning if needed.

Proficiency Exam 6

This Prospectors mission requires you to collect revenue from probes.

  • Use FrontierNav to earn over 15,000 credits in a single return.

Use the map and switch to the FrontierNav view. The bottom right shows your mining total and revenue total. You need the revenue total to be over 15,000. 

You can do this easily by placing Research probes at sights that have high ranks in revenue. I would try for C or better. If you have used research probes already, you can switch probes out at anytime and get them back.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Proficiency Exam

Proficiency Exam 7

This Outfitters mission requires you to test a weapon on enemies in Primordia.

  • Defeat 3 Giant Grexes in Primordia using a Trial Knife, Trial Assualt Rifle, or Trial Sword.

These are 3 separate objectives, but you only need to complete one. Equip any of the Trial weapons, then use your map and Follow Ball to get to the Giant Grexes.

Proficiency Exam 8

This Mediators mission requires you to complete 1 of 3 missions.

  • Complete "The Handy Ma-non."
  • Complete "The Pip-Squeak."
  • Complete "That's In-Credible!"

These are all Normal Missions that you can find around New LA. You only need to complete 1 of them. I already had "That's In-Credible!" completed so it was done as soon as I got it. That mission is from the Ma-non ship and requires you to test weapons for them.

When you've completed all 8, go to Walter in the Hangar at the Administrative District and answer his questions. Now move forward to start a cut-scene and get your free Skell.

That's it for my guide on how to unlock Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions! Check out my Skell Info and Combat guide for details on using one.

The Games that made us Love and Hate sequels in 2015 https://www.gameskinny.com/a1quh/the-games-that-made-us-love-and-hate-sequels-in-2015 https://www.gameskinny.com/a1quh/the-games-that-made-us-love-and-hate-sequels-in-2015 Sun, 13 Dec 2015 14:34:27 -0500 The Soapbox Lord

Ah sequels! Sequels make the world of gaming go 'round. As with every year, 2015 saw a glut of sequels released onto the gaming public. As with any sequel release, some were good; some were not so good; and some could go both ways depending on your feelings. Without further ado, let’s hop to it!  

This list will be separated into three categories: Love, Hate, and Love/Hate. 

Love and hugs!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles was a Japan-exclusive Wii game that was brought stateside in 2010 with the successful Operation Rainfall, along with The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. Unfortunately, Xenoblade Chronicles was a Gamestop exclusive and quickly became elusive, and the price skyrocketed. Even now, a used copy of the game can go for $65 or more.

Thankfully, the stand-alone sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X has allowed Wii U players to get their JRPG on! Chronicles has received great reviews and has garnered praise for its visuals, scope, and scale of the world compared to the player. The game has received some criticism for its no-nonsense approach to combat and difficulty. This is a game that does not want to hold your hand. EVER. Players have appreciated the game allowing them to suss out the game’s depth without being told how. There’s plenty of JRPG action here for players to enjoy! 

The Witcher 3

The Witcher series has garnered praise for its more mature approach to narrative and world building, delivering games aimed squarely at an older audience. The Witcher 3 is no exception. The game has some fantastic supporting characters. Some are so well-written; they even threaten to steal the spotlight from the main character Geralt. (I’m looking at you Bloody Baron.)

Besides great characters, the game features an interesting combat system. It may not be as in-depth as previous games, but it remains entertaining throughout, especially when Geralt performs a slick finishing move.


The world is gorgeous and full of eye-popping color to behold. Fantastic mythical creatures and wildlife such as griffins, cockatrices, and more litter the landscape for you to slay, claim trophies, and obtain bounties for eliminating.

The urgency portrayed in the narrative doesn’t always match up with the design, and the plot can swerve a bit too far into “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” (i.e. GTA) territory. Regardless, the game manages to remain entertaining, for what I have managed to play anyway. The game is filled to the brim with content, and a large world filled with locations to explore and monsters conquer.   

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

The development of MGS5 has been a tumultuous one to say the least. With rumors swirling of Konami’s employee treatment, Konami removing Hideo Kojima's name from the box and displays, and (worst and most petty) Konami banning Kojima from attending the recent The Game Awards to accept any awards for the game he developed. Konami is the worst and seemingly filled with petulant and petty executives who behave in a manner similar to schoolyard children.

Thankfully, the game seems to have emerged from this hell intact (mostly) and serves as a fine swansong for the long-running franchise, until Konami releases the inevitable cash-ins later or a damn pachinko machine…

The game is set in a huge open-world playground full of distractions for players. There’s a base you can manage and abduct enemy soldiers to staff. There are companions to find to assist you in missions. There’s also the story to play and see what happens to all your favorite characters. You know, if you play Metal Gear games for their story, because no one does that right? Despite Konami inserting microtransactions and the realization some story content was cut from the final release, the game managed to be a success and has continued to enthrall players months after release. 

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 2 was a massive world full of government propaganda to destroy, military bases to capture, and a dictatorship to overthrow. All in a day’s work for a hard-working agent! The game was all about pulling off the most ridiculous stunts you could manage and blowing up everything in sight. You know, a playable dumb/awesome action movie!

Just Cause 3 has delivered more of the same with some tweaks and additions. Rico now has a FLIPPING WINGSUIT along with his magic grappling hook. The hook has some added functionality, and the way it interacts with various objects has been changed. It’s more of what you loved from Just Cause 2 with more content and improvements. What’s not to love? 

Halo 5: Guardians

343 Industries is hard at work on their trilogy in the massively successful Halo franchise and Halo 4 was a solid entry with some issues. The Master Chief Collection has had some problems with the multiplayer not being functional for some players. Needless to say, there was some reason to be skeptical of Halo 5: Guardians before release. However, it seems 343 has managed to mostly pull this one off.

While some reviewers have cited the story as being weak, the rest of the game seems to be solid. The multiplayer has been claimed by some as being as return to the heyday of Halo 2’s landmark multiplayer. The vertical combat and emphasis on mobility shakes up the standard shooty-shooty bang-bang action of the Halo series. The additions of Warzone and Breakout are some great additions to the multiplayer. Competitive Arena adds a multiplayer component focused on twitch gaming reminiscent of the fantastic SWAT mode in prior games. While the game is not perfect and the lack of split-screen is a true shame, Halo 5 seems to be a solid entry in a long-running series that wasn’t afraid to shake things up and try new ideas. 

Feel the Hate!

Lego Jurassic World

While Lego Dimensions seems to have been a solid way for LEGO to enter the ever-malicious “toys to life” genre, a bane to parents everywhere, Lego Jurassic World is another tired entry in the normal LEGO series. At this point, the main LEGO games are tired and extremely repetitive. On top of that, it’s an unnecessary licensed movie tie-in to boot.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about this one. It’s another LEGO game that didn’t add much to the series or do much of anything really. It did add some annoying Compsognathus enemies that proved to be frustrating. This one should have never left the park. 

Star Wars Battlefront

Technically, Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot of the franchise that saw two successful entries fans continue to play to this day. Free Radical had developed the previous entries and was hard at work on the third. Unfortunately, the game was canceled, and Free Radical went into administration while seeking for investors for the company. Instead of the near-completed Battlefront 3 being finished, the game was scrapped, and development was started again at DICE Studios, known for the Battlefield series.

Star Wars Battlefront released on November of 2015. It’s clear the game needed more time in the incubator before hatching. The game released onto the public feeling unfinished and shallower then my daughter’s kiddie pool. The emphasis on multiplayer-only in an AAA title is fine if the lack of campaign is made up for with other content. Unfortunately, DICE didn’t get that memo and has delivered a lackluster experience in all regards. On top of a shallow $60 package, EA has been pushing a $50 season pass. You know, the price of a game itself. To add insult to injury, the DLC in the season pass is filled with content that has no excuse for not being included in the main game. Seriously EA? Characters, game modes, in-game items, and emotes are being held behind a pay-wall in a game with a severe dearth of content.

The Force is not strong with this one. 

Love/Hate Relationship

These are games that have not had a strong response one way or the other. Depending on whom you ask, the feelings on the following games are quite varied, thus, a love/hate relationship.  

Fallout 4

Before you go to the comments to tell me how wrong I am for including this here, hear me out. Fallout 3 was a major departure from the original Fallout games, and many concessions were made to translate the games into what Bethesda envisioned. The game was met with critical success and sold like crazy. The follow-up Fallout: New Vegas was more in line with the original games having a stronger emphasis on RPG elements, narrative, writing, and a more interesting world to explore. Unfortunately, the game was riddled with bugs at launch and suffered as a result.

Bethesda seemed content to ignore all of the strides Fallout: New Vegas made towards making a more interesting RPG experience and instead revert to Fallout 3’s missteps with some minor changes. Fallout 4 has the trademark “meh, it’s there” narrative with no investment from the writers or much payoff for players. The streamlined conversation system is a disappointment that can thankfully be rectified by mods. As with every Bethesda game, the major selling point of Fallout 4 is to drop players in a large world for them to roam and explore. The combat system remains largely unchanged with real-time combat ineffective at times and V.A.T.S. being the way to go. There is an addition of building settlements, but not much else has really changed since Fallout 3, for better or worse.

Since it is a Bethesda game, Fallout 4 shipped with a litany or bugs. Some are game-breaking; some are more innocuous and annoying. Destructoid’s Chris Carter sums it up quite nicely: “A lot of the franchise's signature problems have carried over directly into Fallout 4, but all of its charms have come along for the ride as well. It manages to do a whole lot right, but the story drags at times, and glitches...glitches never change.” 

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The follow-up to Crystal Dynamic's 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a perfect game for the tired, "if you liked the first one, you'll like this one" trope. Really though, this descriptor fits the game perfectly. Rise of the Tomb Raider has made some minor changes and added some more content, but it feels like the same game. 

One of the biggest changes in the game is the addition of open-worldish, hub-like areas overflowing with secrets and things to discover. Unlike 2013's Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider actually has tombs for player to explore too. Go figure! Aside from some minor additions of crafting, the hub areas, and more tombs, not much has changed since Tomb Raider. If you were one of those people who didn't care for Tomb Raider, then there's not much here to change your mind. 

Come on Crystal Dynamics. Let's drop this silly "Laura is so serious and gritty RAWR" act and get back to Tomb Raider basics: dinosaurs!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has done what no other development team has managed to do: they made good, no, great, Batman games. While not as good as Arkham Asylum, City was a solid entry in the Arkham series. Arkham Knight is the send-off for Rocksteady’s series, and honestly, the Bat could have done with a better sendoff.

While the game itself seems to be good, player enjoyment seems to vary and many reviews reflect this difference of opinion. What lands this game in this category is the abysmal PC port. To say the port launched in an atrocious state is a complete understatement. The game launched in June in a near-broken state. The port was so awful, Warner Bros. actually pulled it from Steam shortly after release, and the game was added back to the digital storefront in a playable state four months after release. What made this situation even worse is Warner Bros. had shipped another poor PC port earlier this year with Mortal Kombat X. This is completely inexcusable for any game’s launch, especially for a major AAA title. Hopefully other developers take note from this PC port. Or not… 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Treyarch has shown they aren’t afraid to shake things up with the standard Call of Duty formula. Black Ops 3 is the most ambitious CoD title to date. The campaign has seen a major redesign and emphasis on different tactics from previous games. While the narrative is weak, the campaign has some strong points and memorable moments.

The multiplayer has seen some shaking up with new modes, and elements of free-running and parkour have been added. The zombie mode is bigger than ever before with an interesting and unique setting, Lovecraft noir? Count me in! Dead Ops Arcade has also returned and is also bigger than before.

The reason it’s in this category is that the PC port was deemed fit to ship in a state similar to the recent Batman: Arkham Knight. In other words, completely unacceptable (NSFW link). However, the game has seen furious patching since release and is in a more acceptable state at this point.

What pushes this into a “Love” for me is the addition of Ron Perlman and Jeff Goldblum as playable characters in the Zombies mode. Who doesn’t want some of that?!

There were more sequels released this year such as Rainbow Six Siege, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Blood Bowl II, Tales of Zestria, and Disgaea 5. However, the entries on this list were the ones that stood out to me the most. Of course you completely agree with everything with I said here, but on the off-chance you didn’t, sound off in the comments below.

Which sequels did you love, hate, or just feel “meh” about this year?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Combat tips https://www.gameskinny.com/4h59x/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-combat-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/4h59x/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-combat-tips Tue, 08 Dec 2015 08:22:35 -0500 Synzer

Combat in Xenoblade Chronicles X is complicated at first, especially if you didn't play the last game. You can get the hang of it after playing a while, but there is still much to learn.

Even if you think you understand the combat system, there are little things you might miss that make a big difference. I will go over this detailed information to make sure you don't miss anything important. 

This guide will cover the combat system of Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Combat and Art Info - Basics on how the combat system works, as well as details on the different types of Arts.
  • Appendages and Soul Voices - What these are and how important it is to focus on them.
  • Skills - What they do and how to upgrade them.
  • Class Tips - The different classes and why they are important in battle.

Combat and Art Info

Battles are all real time, meaning you don't have to take turns. Your character has 2 weapons, melee and ranged, which you can switch between using the "X" button. To start battle, you must lock on to a target, then press A to ready your weapon.

When you start battle, your character will continue to auto attack with whichever weapon you have currently equipped. You can check this on the screen during battle. It shows your position, as well as how effective it is.

You can switch between different Arts during battle. They have cooldowns, so you'll have to wait until an Art is finished charging to use it again.

Some Arts also have extra cooldowns. When an Art is ready to use, it will start another cooldown. If you wait until it completes, you will get added effects when using the Art.

You can also use it at anytime during the extra cooldown. Each art is used by a melee or ranged weapon. The extra cooldowns only happen when you have the appropriate weapon out.

For example, if you have a purple Art that used a ranged weapon, you must be auto attacking with the ranged weapon to continue the extra cooldown.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Arts

Arts are the abilities you use during combat. Each Art has 1 of 5 types, which has a specific color:

  • Melee - Orange
  • Ranged - Yellow
  • Debuff - Purple
  • Buff - Green
  • Aura - Blue

It is important to read the descriptions of your Arts because many of them have extra effects. For example, a melee ability might also cause Topple, which knocks the enemy down. A buff could heal you or give resistance, and a debuff could also do a certain type of damage.

Paying close attention to which Arts you equip, what they do, and when to use them in battle is very important.

You can also upgrade Arts using BP (Battle Points). Open up the Arts menu, select the Art you want, then press X to upgrade. Upgrades lower the cooldown, increase damage, and other helpful things.

Appendages and Soul Voices

Most creatures, especially big one, have different appendages you can target in battle. If you focus on these, you can break them. This is important for several reasons:

  • They may topple
  • Soul voices can activate
  • Dangerous abilities and attacks go away
  • A chunk of health goes away

If you are fighting something that has a dangerous stinger, you can target it, destroy it, then not worry about it for the rest of the fight.

To target certain parts, you have to move your character and camera until the part is highlighted and click down on the right stick to lock on. Now you'll target the part until you either destroy it, or unlock it.

You can also make your teammates focus on the target by holding R during battle and pressing Up on the control pad.

Soul Voices

This is one of, if the most, important features in battle. These are things the characters shout during battle with a certain color. The color that comes on screen is the type of art you need to use to complete the Combo. So if you see an orange soul voice, use a melee art.

Throughout the fight, sometimes you must do a soul challenge when a soul voice activates. When you see "B" surrounded by circles, press B at the right time to complete it. If you get it in the blue, you get "Good". If you get it in the white, you get "Perfect". Perfect gives a TP bonus.

Completing these combos and soul challenges grant bonus effects, damage, and they always heal. Always try to complete a soul voice combo when they come up because they make the battle so much easier.

You can change your character's soul voices by going to the soul voice menu. You cannot change other members' soul voices.

Since the voices vary, it is a good idea to get as many of the 5 different types of Arts as you can. It is also a good idea to save them during battle for when a soul voice activates.


Finally, we come to Skills. These are passive abilities you can set from the Skill menu. They do different things spending on what class you are. Some increase damage, while others can give HP recover or other stat increases.

You can also upgrade skills by using Battle Points, the same way you upgrade Arts. They share Battle points, so keep that in mind when upgrading.

You want to pay attention to which skills you set since you can't use all of them. Look at what types of weapons you use when determining what skills to use.

If you are using Gravity or Electric weapons as a Galactic Knight, you don't want to set the Skills that increase Beam or Ether damage. I would suggest using Beam weapons when playing Galactic Knight, but that's for another guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skills

Class Tips

Your class pays a big role in combat as well. Your class levels separately from your player level. You start at Drifter and can switch to any of the 3 main classes when you reach Rank 10.

  • Drifter - Uses Assault Rifle and Knife with no special benefits
  • Striker - Uses Long Sword and Assault Rifle, or Gatling Gun and Shield. Focus on Melee attacks and HP.
    • Branches into either Samurai Gunner for more damage, or Shield Trooper for tanking.
  • Commando - Uses Dual Swords and Dual Guns, or Sniper Rifle and Javelin. Focuses on positioning in combat with bonuses to accuracy and evasion.
    • Branches into either Winged Viper for precise combat or Partisan Eagle for ranged combat.
  • Enforcer - Uses Raygun and Knife, or Psycho Launcher and Photon Blade. Focuses on supporting allies and debuffing enemies.
    • Branches into either Psycorruptor for controlling battle, or Blast Fencer for using energy weapons.

When you reach rank 10 in any of the main classes, you can pick between 2 specialized classes for each. Each of these classes has a 3rd class you can advance to at rank 10 for a total of 6 end classes.

Each class has certain abilities and stats that focus on different types of combat. Research each class before choosing and make sure you know what your class is good at. Don't pick the Sniper class if you want to do a lot of melee damage or have high defense.

This also goes for the gear you wear. It is good to pick gear that compliments your abilities.

Doing all of this will make battles go much easier, you just need to pay attention to what you're doing.

That's it for my Combat tips for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Please visit my Beginner tips and tricks if you want more help and guides. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: How to Change Character Appearance https://www.gameskinny.com/xgrjf/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-change-character-appearance https://www.gameskinny.com/xgrjf/xenoblade-chronicles-x-guide-how-to-change-character-appearance Mon, 07 Dec 2015 20:36:35 -0500 Synzer

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you create your own character to use in both multiplayer and solo play. If you get tired of how your character looks, or how their voice sounds, you can change it later in the game.

You must complete certain missions and get far enough through the story to unlock this feature. You cannot change your name, so think hard about that at the beginning. I'll go over what you need to unlock the character customization feature. Check out my Xenoblade Chronicles X Beginner tips and tricks for more help with the game.

This guide will go over unlocking customizing your character in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Unlock Requirements - What you need to unlock the feature.
  • Mission Details - How to complete the missions required to unlock the feature.

Unlock Requirements

There are 2 missions you must complete: Yardley's Scheme and House of Cards.

Yardley's Scheme is a Normal Mission that you get from Yardley. He is located in Outfitter Test Hangar in the Industrial District.

House of Cards is a basic mission you get from the mission terminal. It does not show up until you finish chapter 5 and the Yardley's Scheme mission.

Mission Details

Yardley's Scheme

In this mission, you must collect a California Sunset and 4 L-002 Space Analyzers. 

You can get a California Sunset from cave areas in Primordia.

House of Cards

This mission requires you to get a keycard for Yardley. You can find it in the Administrative District behind some crates.

  • Use the follow ball to get to the general location. The crates are near door guarded by 2 Skells.

Xenoblade Chronicles X character customization

After that you must visit Yardley in the afternoon. You can change the time of day by going back to a room in the BLADE Barracks.

Once you visit him, he tells you to meet him at late night at the bottom of the Administrative District. You have to go to the bottom then swim. The follow ball takes you straight to him.

Talk to him to unlock the ability to use the machine that changes your character's appearance. This includes everything you did at the beginning when creating a character, even gender and voice. You cannot change your name, though.

You can only use this feature from that machine during late night. You can fast travel to it after you unlock it. It is called Yardley's Hideaway.

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to check my Beginner tips and tricks for more Xenoblade Chronicles X info and guides.