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If there's one thing you can't deny about "Classic" consoles, it's that no matter whether you're a die-hard fan who's been playing on the platform since day one, or a youngster just getting into retro consoles, you'd probably give anything to own one.

Packaged into a compact little box that fits in your hand is the ultimate emulation machine, both by how perfectly it plays the games, and by the never-before-seen exclusives it offers (Star Fox 2!). No matter how much you try, you could probably never get this kind of genuine feel on any other form of emulation, be it on an old throwaway console or your top-tier gaming PC.

But packed with only 20-30 games (or more, in the case of AtGames' consoles, but I won't touch on those in this article), are these consoles really made for play, or are they more of a showpiece?

To start off, it's pretty safe to say that these consoles weren't made for the same type of people who buy a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch bundle to play with their friends on drunken nights, or for kids who want to play the newest Splatoon to fight over clashing opinions about their favorite condiment or sweet snack. These were made for people who either loved these consoles from day one or for those who love the look and feel of retro games.

And this is what is most important to note when talking about these consoles. They aren't supposed to give you edge-of-your-seat action scenes or killer plot twists. They're built to give you that cozy feeling you get when you see the opening of Yoshi's Island, followed by the realization that you'll be subjected to hours of baby Mario's high pitched cries. They're there to make you remember when you beat that pesky Zelda dungeon for the first time, no matter if it was 20 years or 2 months ago. They're the staple of an era that has passed, and an ode to it. 

So at this point you might just think I'm padding the article, and that this is where the juice of it comes in. But it isn't. There is no "Juice". At the end of the day, the consoles can be either. They're what you make of them. You can gather your friends and bask in the glory of the original Earthbound's trippy 16-bit visuals on your widescreen TV, or you can have your duo of time machines watch over you from a high-up shelf. Either way, every time you look at them, you'll remember that they're where it all started, and you'll remember all the great times you had with the games that are on them. No matter if showpieces or time wasters, they serve their purpose. They radiate nostalgia, and that's all they have to do for us to love them.

Seven coolest custom Xbox One controllers you can make yourself https://www.gameskinny.com/y5oy7/seven-coolest-custom-xbox-one-controllers-you-can-make-yourself https://www.gameskinny.com/y5oy7/seven-coolest-custom-xbox-one-controllers-you-can-make-yourself Wed, 15 Jun 2016 08:22:19 -0400 Ty Arthur

With the horde of new releases, sequels, reboots, and HD remasters being announced at E3, sometimes the hardware news gets lost in the shuffle.

If you're an Xbox One owner and a fan of customization, then you are in for a serious treat – Microsoft just announced an online platform for selling fully customizable controllers.

That's right, you can head over to the Xbox Design Lab page here and have (mostly) full control over the color scheme of your Xbox One controller, changing the hue of each button and segment.

Updated Console, New Controller Options

This news comes on the heels of the Xbox One S reveal, which slims down the quite obese console to look less like an old school VHS player and more like the sleek and sexy gaming machine it truly is.

These new controllers will follow the updated design scheme of the Xbox One S as well, rather than the existing controller model sold with normal Xbones today. Not only has the shape slightly changed, but these newer ones also come with internal Bluetooth for more connectivity options and better wireless.

So how much is all this going to cost you? Not much more than a regular controller, actually. A custom design is $79.99 by itself.

There's also an option to have a short engraving on the front of the controller that runs another $9.99. Sadly, it would appear they won't engrave anything naughty or risque, but at the very least you could put your gamertag or the name of a friend if you are buying the controller as a gift.

When you've got all your options picked and your money sent off, these custom controllers will roll off the assembly line and ship out in September.

 Pick any combo you want!

So Many Options!

Just how much can you customize? There are 15 base body colors to choose from, which you can select on both the back and front, so that's already a huge number of combos.

The colors are vibrant (some of which are really making me think of those old N64 multi-color controller options) and range from dark to extremely bright and cartoonish (the blues in particular make me think of something from kid's toy box).

After the back and front body, you can then change the colors of bumpers and triggers, the d-pad, thumb sticks, ABXY buttons, and the view / menu buttons, all independently of each other.

It's a staggering number of color combos that can range from fully monochromatic to something that looks like a rainbow flag Facebook update. Sadly you don't get the full 15 color options on everything though: there's 8 for the thumb sticks, 5 for ABXY, and only 4 for the View / Menu buttons.

It would be nice if you could get all the colors for everything, or at least a more rounded color scheme for the other buttons. For instance, it's not really clear why the thumb sticks don't have a white option? That would fit just about any color scheme.

Now that you know how it works, we put together a selection of different options to find the best combinations. For fun, we themed them mostly around famous video game characters. 

The Lollipop Chainsaw

 Save your boyfriend's severed head from zombies in style!

The Mario

 Yeah, we went cross console. Sorry.

The Yoshi

 Yep, we did it again.

The Master Chief

 Hey we finally got back on target!

The Hornet

 Alternatively, we could call this one "The Stryper"

The Mary Kay

 You worked hard selling all that makeup!

The Gears Of War

 Locust won't stand a chance against this baby...

Are you planning on laying down the cash for one of these custom controllers? What did you think of our picks, and what color combos would you choose?

"What were they thinking?" weird video game commercials https://www.gameskinny.com/kv2mi/what-were-they-thinking-weird-video-game-commercials https://www.gameskinny.com/kv2mi/what-were-they-thinking-weird-video-game-commercials Wed, 09 Sep 2015 02:30:01 -0400 katlaborde


Big faced Sega Saturn man doesn't want to see you go. 


I know I left out some great weird commercials, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!


Image source: Wikia

"Crying Baby" PlayStation 3

Well, you had to have known this was coming. After all, it was featured as the main image to this article.


So what does a freakish baby doll have to do with a PlayStation 3? Thankfully, nothing, but someone at Sony thought it would be a good idea for a commercial to advertise their new system.


Although this commercial is trying to be weird, it did too good of a job at it. First the baby sits there idly, then starts to cry, and finishes with a creepy laugh.


It's a good thing the PlayStation 3 was a successful system as the weird advertisements didn't do much for Saturn or Jaguar sales.


Video source: YouTube

"We Suck Your Eyeballs Out" Sega Saturn

Honestly, I don't know what this commercial was trying to go for. It is hard to even make sense of what's going on in Sega's artistic attempt to sell you a Saturn.


I am assuming the man who had his eyeballs sucked out of his head is experiencing the pure, amazing realism that is the Sega Saturn. It's ambitious and weird, but I don't think it was that effective.


Especially when the man utters "reality always hurt", making us wonder who in the hell would want to buy a Sega Saturn after seeing that.


Spoilers: no one did.


Video source: YouTube

"The Witch Doctor" Dr. Mario

At the point, I know it seems as if I'm picking on Nintendo. Honestly I'm not, their marketing department was just "cray cray" in the 90s.


I remember seeing this commercial when I was a kid and thought it was scary. It wasn't the witch doctor, it was the guy's small head that freaked me out. 


The commercial hardly shows any gameplay footage. Although it was Dr. Mario, so that was probably intentional. If people actually knew it was a puzzle game, they would have likely ran for the hills.


Video source: YouTube



"Do the Math" Atari Jaguar 

What's the best way to get your point across? If you answered, "screaming loudly into someone's face", then Atari's marketing department for the Jaguar agrees with you.


There is something strange about this commercial. Is it the scary, violent tone of the teacher, her haircut, or knowing how much the Jaguar flopped? Maybe it's a combination of all three.


If you were enrolled in Video Game Marketing 101, you'd know the answer.


Video source: YouTube

"Just One More Bite" Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 

It must have been a blast to work in Nintendo's marketing department in the 90s. Although this one lacks a sweet rap song, it does feature an exploding fat guy. Nintendo never lets us down!


Okay, so, the commercial actually does a good job at showing off the game at the beginning. The problem with this commercial is that...well, it's nauseating. 


It's not very appealing watching a guy cram food into his mouth and definitely gross to see him explode all over everyone at the end. I get that these commercials are marketed to kids, specifically boys, and boys tend to like gross stuff.


However, I don't know if it's a good idea to associate your game with liquified man guts spewed all over innocent restaurant patrons.


Video source: YouTube

"Down with Zelda" Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

So you're an advertising executive for Nintendo in the early 90s and you want to sell a Zelda game to kids. Well, the kids in the 90s sure did like their rap music. They also enjoyed themselves some Zelda as well. So it was only natural to combine the two, right? RIGHT?!


Well, that's the core of this commercial's problem. Zelda and rap music don't really go well together. I will admit the rap is catchy though. Out of place, but catchy. Also, the rap does not really sell much on the game except for the game's overhead view. If you were a Zelda fan in the early 90s, you were likely already expecting the game to have an overhead view. It's kind of like advertising a first-person perspective in Call of Duty.


Also, I'm no advertising expert, but it's probably not a great idea to obscure the gameplay images to the point where you can hardly see them. 


The rap is catchy though, right?


Video source: YouTube


Some people often say that advertising is an art form. In the case of these video game commercials, all that comes to mind is some kind of bizarre, creepy performance art. 


It's hard trying to market a product to as big as audience as possible. However, you can't help but wonder how someone thought these commercials were a good idea.


Regardless, it makes for a great, yet bizarre nostalgia trip through the stupidity and weirdness of video game advertising!


Image source: Push Square



10 Most Memorable Songs In Video Games https://www.gameskinny.com/95b0x/10-most-memorable-songs-in-video-games https://www.gameskinny.com/95b0x/10-most-memorable-songs-in-video-games Sat, 06 Dec 2014 09:21:08 -0500 Death Metal Hero


10.) Hotline Miami - Miami


Some of you might say that Hotline Miami seems a bit out of place on this list, and to a degree you're right. But to be completely honest, I feel that Hotline Miami has one of the best and most memorable soundtracks of any game in the past ten years. The simple yet constant repetition of the main riff, followed by the thumping bass and drums makes this song one of the most instantly recognizable video game themes in recent times.


9.) Earthworm Jim - New Junk City Theme


Composed by the legendary Tommy Tallarico, it should come as no surprise that one of his games made it on the list. With its atmospheric synth keyboards, gallop-like bass riff, and progressive song elements. New Junk City is an instant classic among gamers young and old alike.


9.) Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone Theme


Many would suggest the “Green Hill Zone” Theme from the original Sonic, but there is something extremely catchy about the Chemical Plant Zone theme. From the upbeat feel of the song, to the tidal wave of keyboard riffs. Although both themes are highly memorable, I feel this one is just a bit better.


7.) Killer Instinct - Main Theme


Very few fighting games have a strong and memorable soundtrack like Killer Instinct does. There is a lot of really good songs in Killer Instinct but the main theme has the most raw power to it. The heavily distorted guitars with the atmospheric synth keyboards bring a unique sound that is easily recognized by any fan of the fighting genre.


6.) The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Hyrule Field Theme


For some gamers this is the theme song of their childhood. Not only is Ocarina of Time one of the best Legend Of Zelda games of all time, it also has the best soundtrack in the franchise. The sweeping string section, the steady march of the snare drum, and the blasting horns makes this one of the most recognizable themes in video games.


5.) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Bloody Tears


Although bloody tears first appeared in Castlevania II for the NES, the remake of the song for Dawn Of Sorrow is by far the best iteration. The gothic and symphonic elements that were in the original song shine through in this version. This upbeat track has one of the most memorable piano riff’s in the history of video games.


4.) Super Metroid - Brinstar Depths


Very few themes in video games are as atmospheric and memorable as Super Metroid’s “Brinstar Depths” Exploring through the depths with this theme playing truly brings the alien world to life. Everything about this theme song is near perfection from the piano riff to the synth “Ah’s” Every instrument brings a new level of depth to this masterpiece. 


3.) Megaman 2 - Dr Wily Stage 1


The Megaman franchise is loaded with amazing theme songs and memorable enemies. But when you finally reach the first stage of Dr. Wily’s fortress, Capcom decided to bring their best. Very few themes have the inspirational impact as this theme does, it’s like an E-Tank for your will power.


2.) Final Fantasy IX - You’re Not Alone


A truly heart-wrenching moment in the Final Fantasy franchise. After Zidane learns that he is only made to destroy, he falls into a major depression. Questioning himself and the friendships he has made, he is determined to finish the story alone. The choir that comes in halfway through the song is the powerhouse effect, which is guaranteed to send chills down your spine.


1.) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island - Baby Bowser’s Theme


The second phase of the Baby Bowser fight in Yoshi’s Island is by far one of the most epic moments in the Super Mario franchise. The shrieking synth guitar sets the mood perfectly for this boss battle; eerie and evil. Then the song explodes into a thrashing heavy metal jam. There’s nothing quite as epic as heavy metal jam during a gigantic boss battle.


Over the years we all have experienced a lot of epic and memorable songs in the realm of video games. Without music, our most cherished moments would only be a sliver of their full potential. The music in video games is a puppeteer pulling on the strings of our emotions, making the hatred we feel for the villain all the stronger, and the lover for the hero more personal. I have chosen to leave out some of the more obvious 'famous' songs for more personal choices.

Taking a Look Back: Koopa Kids https://www.gameskinny.com/wgw5o/taking-a-look-back-koopa-kids https://www.gameskinny.com/wgw5o/taking-a-look-back-koopa-kids Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:13:48 -0400 TumsST

Mario has always battled Bowser, King of the Koopas. However, even Bowser needs some help from time to time. The year was 1990, and Super Mario 3 hit store shelves--and with it, one addition to the Koopa Troop. I'm talking about the Koopalings, Bowser's kids. Join me in taking a look back at some of the gaming moments the Koopa Kids have been a part of.

The First Time

Like I said before, the year was 1990 and my favorite game, Super Mario 3, came out in the United States. The game brought us the likes of the Pipe Maze and the Tanooki Suit. It also brought us an addition to the King Koopa family, the Koopalings. The Koopalings took over each of the seven areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, and terrorized the kingdom and the king. They include: Lemmy, Iggy, Ludwig Von, Roy, Wendy O, Morton Koopa Jr, and Larry. They were named after popular rock and roll personalities of the time. They were also a major part of the cartoon series based on Mario 3. Mario 3 is one of, if not my favorite, game in the Mario franchise.

The Super Nintendo Days

Late in August of 1991, Super Mario World was released and in it, the return of the Koopalings. Dinosaur Land was King Koopa's next desired land for conquest, and the Koopa Kids were put in charge of a castle in the seven locations in Dinosaur Land. The battle styles varied among the Koopa Kids, though them had similar attacks. The game also had an animated series based on it, which didn't last long, but I liked it. Super Mario World brought the world Yoshi, and we're grateful for that. It also brought Mario into the 16-bit era, and he hasn't skipped a beat since.

Modern Times

It was quite a long time between games for the Koopalings, but they were brought back in New Super Mario Brothers Wii as part of the Koopa Troop again. They were in charge of a different land that Mario, Luigi, and the Toads had to beat to defeat the Koopa Troop. Mario Brothers Wii brought Mario into the multiplayer platform realm, and it worked well for Mario.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Koopalings back in the Mario-verse, and Nintendo must have agreed since the Koopa Kids were in the Wii U New Super Mario Brothers U, and will be part of the new Mario Kart 8 for Wii U as new Drivers. As a fan of the Koopalings, I can't wait to see what they have in terms of driving; like how weights will be distributed for each Koopa Kid.

Now I know what you're thinking, "What about Bowser Jr.?" I know that some feel Bowser Jr. is one of Bowser's kids. Time to check history. The first sighting of Bowser Jr. was Baby Bowser in Yoshi's Island. He was just Bowser as a baby to go along with Mario and Luigi as babies. Then some time passed, and Bowser Jr. was his own character different from Baby Bowser. That would make Bowser Jr. a different character as well and one of Bowser's kids, separate from the Koopalings. I think the only thing I've come up with from this is that I'm thinking way too much into this.

To conclude, the Koopalings are part of the Koopa Troop and a part of Bowser's family. It's hard to comprehend at times because you never see a Mrs. King Koopa, but now I know I'm thinking too much. From Giant Land to Dinosaur Land and everywhere inbetween, the Koopa regime is seen all throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, and Company have their hands full at times, but they get the job done. Now how will the Marios deal with the Koopalings while driving go-karts? Only time will tell!

17 Awesome Video Game Moments and Memories https://www.gameskinny.com/j8r7o/17-awesome-video-game-moments-and-memories https://www.gameskinny.com/j8r7o/17-awesome-video-game-moments-and-memories Thu, 06 Mar 2014 20:20:36 -0500 MandieM

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves Intro

My favorite thing about this opening scene is pretty much everything. This is an awesome combination of high-adrenaline cinematics and bad-assery. This is exactly why video games are so fun for me; I can do things I could only dream of doing in real life.

Megaton Nuke + Aftermath

Oh, Fallout 3. How I love thee. 


Don't try to claim you didn't blow Megaton up at least once. I know you'll be lying because even those of us who play pure good 100 percent of the time have done it at least once. Because explosions are fun, and let's face it; Fallout encourages us to blow things up. I'm not sure what's more fun here, the explosion or seeing your "friend" afterward.

Walking Dead: Clementine and the Salt Lick

This is really short, but it's my favorite scene from the game. It's subtle, but breaks up the endless death and dying quite nicely, giving a good chuckle. 

Harvest Moon Animal Parade: Wedding with Harvest Goddess

I am a well-known Harvest Moon addict. It's just nice to get a break with a game that's not all shoot-y, kill-y, and stabby once in a harvest moon, pun entirely intended.


Of all the scenes I've encountered throughout all of the Harvest Moon games, this one was easily the cutest. Kissing sprites? Adorable.

Katamari Forever - Rolling Up...Well, Everything

Katamari is generally one of the most underrated game franchises out there, at least in my not-so-humble opinion. What can be said that's bad about rolling up the entire universe?


Never mind that you roll up a black hole. Katamari's not about logic.

Vanilla WoW in a Minute by Wowcrendor (World of Warcraft Machinima)



Everything in Vanilla Wow. Need I say more? Oh Vanilla Wow, where for art thou?





Mega Man 2- Intro

For an older game, the Mega Man 2 intro was pretty inspiring. As you climb up the tower, it seems simplistic at first. But the intro gives a feeling of anticipation that the game carries throughout it.

God of War 2 - Kratos and Zeus

Battles don't get much more epic than this. Many gamers thoroughly enjoyed this battle. It stuck in the minds of gamers both for its storyline depth and beautiful graphics. The scene with Gaia is also pretty incredible.

Red Dead Redemption - First ride into Mexico

Although this took my breath away and continues to do so to this day, it's just another day at work for Rockstar Games. The expansiveness and intricacies found in this area are breathtaking.

Journey - Sand Surfing 

Journey is an incredible game anyway, particularly story and graphic-wise. This specific area was easily one of the most captivating.

Yoshi's Island Ending

Awww, and so our twins were reunited, and the Yoshi's lived happily ever after. Yoshi's Island was surprisingly popular, considering the serious lack of violence and plethora of cute it held. Almost makes me feel bad for dropping Yoshi down holes to save my own life.

Dragon vs Mammoth vs Giant vs Sabre Cat vs Me!

This situation from Skyrim isn't so much a moment as it is a regular occurrence. Every so often, you'd stumble upon a crazy, logic-bending fight. This particular video is a good way to showcase that ecological madness.

Final Fantasy XII - Summon Ultima

Few people can forget the first time they summoned Ultima. The sheer power drawn down from the heavens was staggering and quite breathtaking. 

Fable III - The Ultimate Decision 

This is easily the biggest "omg" moment when you first start playing Fable 3. It's equal parts heartbreaking and horrifying. To make matters worse, this decision on whether to kill peasants or your true love is timed. If you don't do anything, they both die.

The Last of Us - Giraffes!

This scene from The Last of Us made many people smile. In the words of Ellie, "So F***ing cool."

Portal 2 Turret Opera

Often a quoted favorite of Portal 2 fans, the end of the game treats you to a wonderful turret opera that's almost as engaging as the game itself. It's totally OK if you did a little ballet dance the first time watching it. It's even encouraged that you act like a conductor.

Super Mario Bros. Ending

Just about everyone felt that they had achieved something great when they finally beat the last stage of Super Mario Bros. Some of us were clearly brighter than others, and beat it in short measure. Others, (totally not me) may or may not have beaten the game for the first time eight years later when it was a relic. (So not me.)

Taking a Look Back: Yoshi https://www.gameskinny.com/y9h9z/taking-a-look-back-yoshi https://www.gameskinny.com/y9h9z/taking-a-look-back-yoshi Mon, 03 Mar 2014 13:18:51 -0500 TumsST

In this era of Nintendo gaming, nostalgia is a major selling point for the company. All the popular kids are doing it, like the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Let's be honest, Mario has done it for years now--but there is one Nintendo-Saur that doesn't get the history lesson that it deserves. In honor of his newest game, join me in taking a look back at Mario's favorite dino, Yoshi.

"The Super Nintendo Days"

Yoshi first graced the eyes of Nintendo players as Mario's dinosaur friend who needed help rescuing his dino friends from the evil clutches of King Bowser Koopa and the Koopa kids. Most of Yoshi's maiden voyage was used as a launch point for Mario.

Was it right for Mario to throw Yoshi down a cliff so he could save his own skin? Maybe if Yoshi had ingested the special koopa troopa shell that could produce wings or the special wings that sometimes appeared. If he wasn't driving a go-kart, Yoshi didn't get much exposure.

So I know what you're thinking, "When does Yoshi get the spotlight?" Yoshi's Island, or the sequel to Super Mario World, tells the tale of Yoshi and Baby Mario trying to reunite Baby Mario with his brother, Baby Luigi.

The game is still one of my favorite games and plays like a great platfomer. Yoshi's Island has some of what modern Yoshi is known for, like the hover/flutter jump and egg launching techniques. It also brought the Mario Babies to the franchise, and without them, I wouldn't have my Baby Luigi/Koopa Troopa Mario Kart Double Dash driving combo.

Yoshi can also transform into different vehicles in the game that allow him to traverse all over the island, collecting flowers and red coins to reach a perfect score in each level. One thing that players might not remember that there were slightly 3D like graphics in the game, and this should allow the series to easily transition into the 3D world.

"Other Yoshi Moments"

Yoshi isn't all about baby sitting Mario. The NES was where Yoshi, the puzzle game developed by Game Freak, brought some great music to the original Nintendo. My brother and I had some hectic puzzle battles in that game and who knows, without Yoshi, Game Freak might not have had the "street cred" to create Pokemon. Yoshi was one of the original Smash Brothers characters, as well as one of the original Mario Kart drivers, as I mentioned earlier.

There was another Yoshi game for the Super Nintendo, Yoshi Safari, that I never played that used the Super Scope that never really took off. I remember one kid on my block had the Super Scope and we played the Terminator game with it. Yoshi has been a mainstay driver in the Mario Kart series and has had some pretty crazy race tracks like Yoshi Valley and Yoshi Circuit, just to name a few. I know there have been other games that Yoshi has been the star of, but these are the ones that have the most memorable moments for me.

To recap, Yoshi's New Island is hitting store shelves on March 14th. On the same day, a special Yoshi 3DS will be released as well. Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo is one of Yoshi's greatest adventures and one of the best games for the Super Nintendo, period. Along the way Yoshi has shown off his ability to drive and fight like a champion. I will finish with this: Yoshi was WAY better before he could talk and make those high-pitched screech noises, but even so, he can be the starting centerfielder for my Mario Fireballs any day!