Super Hero Games: The Games That Brought Justice

Injustice: Gods Among Us makes the final step in this list of great super hero video games. With Mortal Kombat being one of the most successful fighting game franchises to date, I think it was inevitable that NetherRealm was going to make a Super Hero equivalent. DC's heroes were already a better guess since the making of MK vs. DC Universe. I enjoyed the game for the fact that you could finally make your own debates against who would win. The biggest debate always being Batman vs. Superman, I also liked to pit Green Lantern vs Superman and etc. As much as I don't care for Aqua Man, he did have some pretty awesome moves, especially his special move involving his trident and a great white shark coming around for dinner. Injustice: Gods Among Us is perfect for a gaming party and also to go head-to-head with a former friend that you just want to punch into a coma, but can't, because that is against the law and also frowned upon.

Published Mar. 4th 2014

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