Gotta See 'em ALL, Fakemon! (Part 1)

What new Pokémon await us in Sun and Moon? Who knows. But let's imagine!

As we all know, news of the (supposed) 2016 release of Pokémon Sun and Moon has spread like wildfire, and Pokémon fans around the world are filled with excitement as they imagine all of the possibilities that the new games will bring to the world of Pokémon.

Some questions in the forefront of gamers’ minds are: What will the region look like/be modeled after? Who will the new heroes be? What aspects of the old games will return? Will there be tons of new Pokémon, and, if so, what will they look like?

Though there is not much information available yet to answer all of those questions (come on Serebii!), I would like to give you some entertaining food for thought. Below are some Fakémon that were created by Elena Hartley and Julia Utset for a winter term project at Oberlin College.  (They were kind enough to let me post their work!  Thanks you two!) 

Every Pokémon fan has imagined their own Pokemon at some point, right? I know I have. So why not have a looksee at other people's ideas? It’s fun to see what they can come up with! And it’s totally what they do to create new Pokémon in the secret Pokémon labs in Japan…

After you scroll through these fun Fakémon, comment below and use the nifty voting panel to vote for your favorite one! Or maybe even offer up a suggestion of your own. 

The World of Fraxina

First, let me share with you the region and background information for this Fakémon game:


“Fraxina: the region of volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers! Located just out of the arctic, an accident of ocean currents has gifted its shores with warm waters, transforming a climate of freezing snow into one milder."

-- (Excerpt from: Elena Hartley & Julia Utset, Pokédex of Fraxina)

Basically, Elena is really into science and rocks, so she created this cool world for her Fakémon to live in.  The island map has some similarities to the Hoenn or Sinnoh regions, but it has a much harsher environment with more volcanos and glaciers, and less forests.

If you're wondering what the cities are called/where they are located, here's the breakdown:  

  • Mosin City (the MC's hometown), between routes 1 and 13
  • Mior City, between routes 1 and 2
  • Skofur Town, between routes 5 and 8
  • Orisa City, between routes 8 and 9
  • Vofall City, between routes 12 and 13
  • Vateld City, at the end of route 14
  • Klettalt City, between routes 15 and 22
  • Reinn City, between routes 20 and 18

Btdubs, there are more red dots on the map than cities listed.  That is because Elena and Julia have only made known the names of the cities with gyms.

I Choose YOU, Fakémon!

The Pokédex of Fraxina! - Part 1

As with most Pokémon games, Elena and Julia have you, the hero, begin in a small town called "Mosin".  Why do you always seem to start off in a small town?  Well, I guess it makes more sense that way, because you are supposed to be new to the world of Pokémon.  Anywho, we find that the hero is an intern at Professor Henry Hickory's Laboratory, and it is their job to find and identify the 71 new Fakémon of Fraxina.

Oh, and you, of course, meet two rival trainers (either Friderick or Lara, depending on your gender) and a goth girl named Kristin.

But before you begin your journey, you need to pick your starter Fakémon!  Which would you choose?  Some trainers choose based on looks, some based on stats, and some based on whichever gym is first (which I believe is Aldren, with his Fakémon, Nannec -- a Dragon/Bug type).

The Fraxina Starters:



Oh, and this is a Nannec - the first gym leader's Fakémon and its evolution:


Those girls certainly didn't choose an easy type for your first gym battle! Maybe this guy wasn't supposed to be the first gym leader.  I mean, he's in your hometown, so maybe you have to come back later?  Maybe the first gym is supposed to be the one in Mior (Noel with a Scaverrel - a normal type, low level looking Fakémon).  Well... anyways...

Once you've chosen your starter, you head off to the next town (Mior) through lots of grassy patches.  Inevitably, you find some new Fakémon and try to catch them.  Let's see... of the Fakémon in the Fraxina Pokédex, you'd probably encounter these wild Fakémon first:

You've got your basic normal type, then your normal/flying bird that you always get, and then you'll find an electric and at least one bug Fakémon. (They actually had another, evolving electric type Fakémon that was #25, buuuut I think Plouse is cute, so that's what I'm using).

Then (if you haven't already), you'll have to battle one or both of your rivals (who most likely have the other two starters that you didn't choose).  And then continue to level up your Fakémon in order to battle (and win) the first gym badge.  Yay!

It's on to the next town and more Fakémon for you, but as you make your way through some rocky terrain, home to volcanic activities, you are approached by uniform-wearing evil doers.  What's this?!  A criminal organization intent on ruling the world with the power of legendary Fakémon?!  Say it ain't so!




I'll post more Fakémon in Part 2!

Again, all of the Fakémon were illustrated by Elena and explained/named by Julia, so give them a round of applause! Yay! Great job you two!  And thanks for letting me share your Fakémon!

Now if only we could get some more info on Sun and Moon

 Don’t forget to vote and/or comment on your favorite Fakemon below!


Nothing? Nothing? Nothing, tra la la?!

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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • Auverin Morrow
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    Can we please talk about the fact that the Nanonat looks like a gnat dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Little guy just made my morning...
  • kate.farrow
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    He really does! I can't unsee it now, lol.

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