Belts on Belts on Belts - Tetsuya Nomura's 5 Worst Character Designs

Seymour Guado - Final Fantasy X

Wait, where's the rest of his outfit? What's so bad about this design? Truthfully, the rest of his outfit is perfectly inoffensive. I mean, it's ridiculous -- what type of monk shows of so much chest -- but inoffensive. Really, the only thing that's awful about this guy -- other than the whole kidnapping Yuna, killing off the majority of the Ronso population, and attempting to murder your whole crew like 5 times over (but who's counting) -- is his stupid hair.

Look at it. Look. AT. IT. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets angrier at this the longer I stare? Actually, this might be a genius move on Nomura's part. His hair made me immediately hate him more than most other antagonists manage over the course of a game.

And don't make a,"But that's just regular ol' anime hair, there's nothing too bad abo-".

Go find me another three claw hairstyle design!

Published Jun. 27th 2017

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