Does Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Have The Most Passionate Fan Base To Win The Dragon Slayer Awards?

In The Dragon Slayer Awards, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Has Been Nominated For The Most Passionate Fan Base.

For those of you in the know, and for those who are unaware, Guild Launch is hosting the Dragon Slayer Awards. These awards are based solely on the fans choosing who they want to succeed. As voters you will go through each category and pick a single answer. At the end of it, you will submit your answers and the voting process is finished!

So for now, let us focus on a single category to shine some light on its contestants.

The Most Passionate Fan Base

Today, we find that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has made its way onto this category, and for good reason as well. 

Square Enix builds its fan up with such grace through amazing Q & A's along with regular updates called "Letters From The Producer." This process shows off the future of the game and what we are to expect when everything goes live. With this type of interaction, expect us fans to squeal and drool over what is to come!

What brings this together? The moderators join in with players in-game to talk and see for themselves what their fans enjoy. This interaction boosts the community with hope that what they say and do can cause the game to change for the better.

How Is The Interaction In-Game?

No matter where you are in the world of Eorzea, you will find fans everywhere. Servers are packed with helpful players looking to enjoy their time with numerous others. Whether that be through mind-blowing dungeons or rigorous grinding for higher levels. Everywhere you turn, a call out for help isn't far, and you'll notice that there is always someone there to help further your experience. 

In short, this fan base creates an entirely close-knit family even through the numerous amounts of gamers in their world. They are all strong hearted people, that pack a friendly punch.

So get on over to the Dragon Slayer Awards, and vote for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This process will continue til September 2nd, so spread the word for your favorite game to win!

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Published Aug. 5th 2013
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    I think the letter from the producer campaign Square-Enix did was a fantastic idea.

    Essentially it was footnotes from the producer on what the dev team was doing, and what was in store for the future, keeping the fans, and general public "In the know" and taking some time to address issues brought up in the forms.

    This makes it seem like more of an open-door production, which in this day and age of "We'll release the game when we feel its ready" with months and months of followed silence that alot of developers have switched to, it was a refreshing bit of news to have at least some sort of idea what was going on with the production of FFXIV.

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