5 Most Popular Age of Empires II HD Mods in the Steam Workshop

#2 - Streamlined Main Menu Skin - Fog of War

My favorite kind of mod -- streamlined menus and UIs! Seems creator Sir Jasper Trund agrees as he delivers a mod that aims to streamline the main menu of Age of Empires 2 HD. 

The skin itself simplifies the game's menu screen into a series of options, with an official Age of Empires II HD background. It also includes icons underneath the main menu that display installed DLC and also changes in-lobby icons for "Mirror" and "Spectator" for a cleaner look. With nearly 300 ratings, it's no surprise people love cleaner menus, subscribe to it here!

The creator also included a list of other backgrounds for the mod,

Published May. 4th 2017

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