9 Star Wars Crossovers Worthy of the Force

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Star Wars is an epic franchise that has spanned multiple decades and multiple formats. Soundtracks, movies, clothes, video games, and more have come from the Star Wars universe. With such fan devotion comes the inevitable melding of franchises. From other movies to video games and comics, fan creativity knows no bounds. 

But it's not just media that has seen crossovers from a galaxy far, far away. Many of the series' most devoted fans are also avid cosplayers, showing their love for the franchise by dressing up as many of SW's most iconic characters. And man, are there some great ones that mesh franchises, too. The following are some of the best Star Wars crossover cosplays. 

Darth Skellington

Cosplayer: Unknown

Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas has a cult following of his own. So mixing him with Darth Vader is such a genius idea. Taking Vader's armor and pasting it in pin strips, along with Jack's bowtie, gives the Dark Lord of the Sith a smashing Pumpkin King makeover. Armed with his red lightsaber and accompanied with Zero the dog, this is a magnificent crossover combination. 



Cookie Vader

Cosplayer: Unknown

Cookie Monster is kind of dastardly in his own right, but mixing him with Darth Vader is an unexpected combination that makes for an amazingly "evil" cosplay. The furry blue cookie-loving character from Sesame Street dons Darth Vader's attire and trades kills for cookies. Cruising around the convention, this cosplay is surprisingly intimidating. Cookies are obviously the best motivation, even for masters of the dark side of the Force. 


Frozen Fetts

Cosplayers: LifeofshelAshlynne DaeEberle Cosplay
Photographer: York in a Box

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, cosplays combining various Disney characters with Star Wars characters have skyrocketed. One of the most popular mixes comes for Boba Fett (of course), everyone's favorite bounty hunter. Here, Anna, Elsa, and Hans strut their stuff in modified and Disney-fied Boba Fett armor. 

Justice Jedis

Cosplayers: Unknown

There's no doubt that superheroes are on the rise in mainstream media, thanks to Marvel's growing cinematic universe and DC's growing catalog of superhero franchises. On top of that, TV shows and video games have taken the genre to a new high point fan culture. This group of cosplayers combined their love for DC superheroes with Force-wielding Jedi to form one of the deadliest crime fighting groups around. 



Imperial Muppets

Cosplayers: Unknown

Who would have known the muppets could look so badass? These cosplayers did when they decided to combine imperial officers and stormtroopers with the loveable puppets. Muppets wielding blasters can't have worse aim than normal stormtroopers, can they? What a creative idea that not many others would have thought of or executed on such a high level. 

Tinkerbell Fett

Cosplayer: Unknown

Ah yes, another version of the Disney Boba Fett mashup. This time we have Tinkerbell Fett, a mix of the delightful pixie from Peter Pan and the legendary bounty hunter. Wearing a green dress, wings, and an accented Boba Fett helmet, this is an adorable take on Boba Fett. 


Stormtrooper America

Cosplayer: Unknown

When the forces of good and evil meet, you end up with Stormtrooper America. Wearing red, white, and blue, the armor perfectly matches Captain America's iconic outfit. The weathering on the shield really makes this seem like he has been through many battles. Good thing he has his shield to knock people out --instead of shooting with the cursed stormtrooper E-11 blaster. 


Cosplayer: Unknown 

This is the single greatest crossover cosplay of Boba Fett ever. Wobbuffet's name lends itself to combining with Boba Fett. Painted blue armor accented with Team Rocket's red R and a Pokeball helps sell thePokemonn aspect of the cosplay. His helmet has Wobbuffets face painted helmet, making this Pokemon bounty hunter a perfect mashup. 


X-Wing Tracer and McCree Solo

Cosplayers: Unknown

This is an epic mashup of two amazing video games. Tracer dons an X-wing suit as she prepares for combat while McCree takes on the duds of Han Solo, the roguish outlaw turned roguish cowboy. Tracer's normal attire lends itself to being an X-wing pilot; with goggles and twin pistols, she is ready to fight.


Which was your favorite crossover cosplay? Did you get inspired to do your own Star Wars crossover? Let us know in the comments! 

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Published May. 21st 2017

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