Frogdice's Stash: No Loot Left Behind on Kickstarter

Frogdice, the makers of Dungeon of Elements, have something new - and shiny - coming soon, but they need your help!

Stash: No Loot Left Behind is a new MMORPG that focuses on loot - lots and lots of loot. Every gamer likes loot! It leads to great things like new weapons, better armor, health potions and other in-game goodies. Those are just a few things that make up Stash.

Stash: No Loot Left Behind is a new game-in-development that allows players to create their own characters and go on adventures in dungeons, play co-op or versus other online players (PvP), create their own clans and headquarters, and more.

According to their official website, the independent game development company, Frogdice, has been in the gaming industry since 1996. One of their most recent accomplishments was the "RPG dungeon crawler" Dungeon of Elements (DoE), according to Steam. They specialize in RPGs and MMOs alike, and for this latest project, they have a Kickstarter page up and running. With 358 backers, they've managed to raise $28,095 so far. But with only 24 days left and a goal of $50,000, they need help making Stash: No Loot Left Behind a gaming reality.

There's a range of real-life goodies for those who pledge a donation amount to the Stash cause, from wishful good karma and a digital copy to an exclusive opportunity to design a power or even a world event! The Kickstarter page breaks down many aspects of gameplay such as crafting, open-world exploration, and its use of turn-based combat.

Frogdice is aiming to have the game greenlit on Steam and Stash: No Loot Left Behind is coming out on PC, Mac and Linux, as well as on consoles such as the OUYA, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One...but not without your help! If you think Frogdice's Stash: No Loot Left Behind is a game you'd like to play, vote on Steam to help get the game greenlit. If you'd like to assist in the game's development, you can pledge a donation to the cause. For more information, visit their Kickstarter page.


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Published Aug. 19th 2014

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