Pokemon Legends Arceus Satchel Upgrade: How to Expand Inventory Space

Upgrading inventory in Pokemon Legends Arceus will cost you, and it's not always the best way to spend your money.

Pokemon Legends Arceus satchel upgrades are how you expand inventory space, and while you might think it’s not necessary, you’d be wrong. Your initial satchel fills up fast, likely before you even face off against the first Noble Pokemon.

If you need to craft something on the fly, this can be a real problem. You'll have to fork over the PokeCash if you want more satchel space, though.

How to Expand Inventory in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After your initial visit to the Galaxy Team’s headquarters, speak with the man by the staircase outside Cyllene’s office. This is Bagin, and he’s happy to teach you advanced packing techniques – for a price. Bagin charges a fee for these lessons, and he’s not shy about taking as much cash from you as possible.

The initial fee is 500. It increases by a few hundred the next couple of expansions, before going up much higher and maxing out at 1 million at the last (37th) expansion.

Getting money in Pokemon Legends Arceus is much easier than most mainline Pokemon games, since you earn cash for completing research tasks and registering new Pokemon. You’re rarely short of cash, and Legends has fewer items to spend money on. 

Most of the rare ones, including evolution stones to evolve your Eevee and other special Pokemon, are bought with Merit Points, which you earn through completing other activities.

Items you can buy in the trading stall are usually ones you can find in the wild anyway. So, in short, feel free to save your money if inventory space isn’t an issue. There’s no reward for expanding your inventory other than convenience, so you’re not missing out on anything.

That's it for how to upgrade your Satchel in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but make sure to check out our other Pokemon Legends guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Feb. 2nd 2022

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