13 Essential horror games to scare you to death!

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Football, parkas, drinks with words like "autumn," "harvest," and "spice" in them - that's what fall is all about, right? WRONG! Fall is all about horror making a comeback after hiding from the despicable light all summer long!

The horror anthology shows come back, the theaters get filled with new iterations of scary movies, and it becomes time to dust off those terrifying games you've been ignoring all year.

Looking for something new to add to the autumn gaming collection, or wondering what you missed in years past? Here we're rounding up some of the best of the best with essential horror games that should be in your collection.

For those who are going to skim through and start screaming - we're deliberately skipping some of the usual suspects, as surely by now you are already aware you should have played Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame, yes?

Published Sep. 16th 2016

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