All Horizon Zero Dawn Pops and Where to Get Them

Funko is releasing a new series of Pop figurines that you can pre-order to showcase your love for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn's beloved characters will soon be coming to a desk near you! Funko's popular Pop action figures are famous for their gaming-targeted products. And on November 10, Horizon's most recognizable characters will be joining the multitude of other video game characters in the collectible lineup. 

Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn won't want to miss having these adorable vinyl decorations. Four separate figures are now available for pre-order, so read about them below and grab them before they're gone!


Price: $10.99

Topping the list is Aloy -- Horizon Zero Dawn's main character. This Pop sports red hair, tribal clothing, and Aloy's signature bow. The figurine's face has Funko's famous simplified style that enhances the cute factor.

Pre-order the Aloy Pop on Amazon.


Price: $10.99

Who can forget your gruff, lovable mentor and father-figure Erend? This Pop comes with Erend dressed in his signature armor. While already adorable, this Pop's tiny Mohawk truly takes the cake.

Pre-order the Erend Pop on Amazon.

Eclipse Cultist

Price: $10.99

Coming in next is an Eclipse Cultist. This Pop manages to be cute despite the incredibly creepy mask this character is wearing. A shoulder cover and sash pass for a shirt on this model, making it one of the few Pops that is not fully clothed.

Pre-order the Eclipse Cultist Pop on Amazon.


Price: $10.99

Last and certainly not least is the Watcher Pop. Horizon Zero Dawn is widely known for it's unique robotic dinosaurs and this Pop is modeled after one. The Watcher presents as a large mechanical head and eye, a long neck that extends into a tail, and a gorgeous metallic paint-job that gives it a shiny look.

Pre-order the Watcher Pop on Amazon.

Exclusive Watcher

Though there is currently no site listing for it, Best Buy will be offering an exclusive version of the Watcher with a yellow alert glow. These probably won't last long once they hit shelves, so make sure you regularly check with Best Buy if you want to pick one up!


Those are all the pops that are currently available for Horizon Zero Dawn. We'll have to wait and see if more are released as the game's DLC (and maybe its sequel?) continue the HZD legacy. 

Are you planning on picking any of these up? Are there any other characters or creatures you would have liked to see included? Let us know down in the comments!


Published Aug. 25th 2017

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