Microsoft announces Xbox One Quantum Break bundle

An Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle, including a full download of Quantum Break and Alan Wake, will be released on March 29.

Recently Microsoft announced that they will be releasing an Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle on March 29. The bundle will include a 500GB Cirrus White console with matching controller, a full-game download of Quantum Break, a full-game download of Alan Wake, and The Signal and The Writer DLC - which will soon be playable on Xbox One using backward compatibility.

The bundle, which will sell for $349 USD ERP, will be available at "participating local retailers" including Microsoft stores. Bundle availability and pricing will vary by region.

A version of the bundle with standard black hardware will also be released in most regions worldwide on March 29 - so if you're looking for one version in particular, make sure that's the one you're getting!

The Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle can be pre-ordered direct from Microsoft, as well as Amazon and GameStop. The bundle will be released on the latter two sites on April 5.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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