Top 5 Gamer Resolutions of 2017

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A new year is upon us, and with that, comes new resolutions. We all love to experience what gaming has to offer and the new year gives us a time to improve.

This new year brings the revival of genres and a new console to experience. It's the year to remember those games which have been forgotten. The indie scene is still thriving, providing experimentation and discovery to all who are willing. There is so much to enjoy, that many gamers may feel overwhelmed in the new year. To gain what gaming fully has to offer, here are five gaming resolutions for 2017.

Number 5: Feel the Fear

Few games make you feel despair quite like the horror genre itself. Sadly, not many AAA games have fulfilled that feeling, instead opting to create a sense of empowerment through action.

This changed with the introduction of Silent Hill: PT, the demo that recreated the AAA horror, but was scrapped after Kojima's departure from Konami. With Resident Evil: Biohazard taking PT's place, now is the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in dread.

Number 4: Explore New Worlds

Gaming provides worlds to explore, characters to love, and quests to complete. Run through the post apocalyptic world in Horizon Zero Dawn or battle through ancient Japan in Nioh. Fall in love with Velvet Crowe in Tales of Berseria and become intertwined in in crime in Yakuza 0. Or for those traditional, experience the wonders of Dragon Quest Heroes II. With new IP's and sequels abound, many worlds are there to explore.

Number 3: Push Your Boundaries

The AAA titles tend to stick to the safe formulas and can leave gamers with a need for the new. This is where the indie games come in. They will revive dead genres and form their own, risking their success in the process.

Classics such as Undertale and Limbo have been heralded as art, while Volume and Super Meat Boy provide a new spin on established genres. You may have to wade through shovelware, but the indie darlings make it all worth it. 

Number 2: Switch Up Your Gaming Style.

With the Nintendo Switch arriving in March, so does a new way to play with. You will feel the wonders in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or compete in classic Nintendo multiplayer. Combining the mobility of a handheld and the power of a console, you will experience all there has to offer anywhere. This new console will reinvent how you play console games -- we hope.

Number 1: Tackle That Backlog

This may not be specific to 2017 itself, but with new games just around the corner, make sure to take the time to experience games you have already purchased. We all have the stack of shame, of games we have bought and never played. This year can be your year of clearing your backlog and experiencing the gems you have forgotten. The new year is upon us and gaming has never been better.

What gaming resolutions have you made for 2017? Have you opted to take one of these? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Jan. 4th 2017

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