The 10 Most Anticipated Board / Tabletop Games Coming in 2017

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Elder Sign: Omens Of The Deep Expansion

Finally we arrive at Elder Sign, a board/card mashup game that still has a ton of pieces and a decent level of complexity, but is much easier to learn and setup than the average Fantasy Flight game.

Elder Sign is also notable for being a cooperative game rather than a competitive one - you all want to work towards staving off the apocalypse, rather than battling each other.

While the base game takes place within the confines of a museum, Omens Of The Deep sees the investigators heading into the murky depths of the Pacific and the city of R’lyeh itself to take the fight to the deep one hordes and stop the Great Old Ones from rising.

Just announced last month, there's no official release date yet, but expect one to come soon!

Published Dec. 19th 2016

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