The 10 Most Anticipated Board / Tabletop Games Coming in 2017

Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains

As an old fogey, I remember when The Red Dragon Inn was only a single box set from a then-unknown Slugfest Games. I had to travel far to track down a copy at a game story several towns over after hearing about it via word of mouth. Needless to say popularity has exploded in the intervening years in this hilarious, hard-drinking riff on the typical fantasy party of adventurers.

The sixth base game set is now on the horizon, having just been successfully crowd funded for $130,000, and this time around instead of adding new heroes to lose all their gold via gambling, the game will focus instead on villains like a vampire, goblin king, mummy, and medusa.

The tavern wench is also getting a demonic makeover in this good-to-be-bad sequel. I wonder if Obsidian's Tyranny RPG had any influence here? There's not a specific release date yet, but early 2017 is expected.

Published Dec. 19th 2016

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