The 10 Most Anticipated Board / Tabletop Games Coming in 2017

Must Eat Humans

Billed as a "reverse deck building" entry, there's a certain humor to the fact that the game's acronym is MEH, a decision that Solar Flare Games seems very cognizant of in its marketing.

There's been a ton of zombie board / card games already: Zombicide, Last Night On Earth, Zombies!!!, Zombie Town, etc. etc. So what sets this one apart?

This time around you ARE the zombie horde, seeking to eat the remaining survivors and build up a bigger undead army before they can regroup and wipe you out with superior weaponry.

The game is still in development and is expected out in 2017 to be playable by 2 - 6 players at a time.

Published Dec. 19th 2016

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