Resident Evil 7 Demo Update Coming to PS4 Tonight

Sony just revealed a huge update for the PS4 version of the RE7 demo. It drops tonight.

According to today's PlayStation Experience address, the Resident Evil 7 demo, which is currently available on the PlayStation Store, will be receiving an update for the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the game. The game, which is also playable in PSVR, is scheduled to receive the allegedly "massive update" sometime tonight, Saturday, Dec. 3.

Sony representatives say that the updated version of the already unnerving demo will be "batshit scary." 

Currently, very little information about the update has been revealed, but players are sure to expect additional content to hit the game as soon as the update is available for download.

A trailer was also aired during the presentation that not only showcased new footage from the game, which better fleshed out the game's easter-egg riddled story, but it also talked about a future DLC called "Banned Footage." That DLC will be released for the PS4 version of the game first, followed by the PC version and Xbox One version later on.

Stayed tuned to GameSkinny for more information on Capcom's upcoming reimagining of the classic survival-horror franchise. 



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Published Dec. 3rd 2016

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