Top 6 Total War Mods That Need To Be Ported To Warhammer II

Steam Workshop may be disabled for the moment, but that's only temporarily holding the flood gates against the storm of mods on the horizon!

It might not be quite on the same level as modding behemoths like Skyrim, but the Total War franchise still has a staggering number of mods -- from simple skin changes and minor tweaks to total conversions that radically change genres and settings.

With Total War: Warhammer 2 now released, we expected a deluge of mods to immediately appear and either fix a handful of problems or radically expand the options.

Sadly, that hasn't been the case so far. The Warhammer II Steam Workshop hasn't been enabled at this point, and there isn't even a Nexus Mods landing page yet. ModDB has a site up, but there are a grand total of 0 files to download as of this writing.

A handful of fan mods have come online at the Total War Center site, but the high number of users reporting immediate crashes with these mods actually prompted developer Creative Assembly to delay the launch of the Steam Workshop.

That needs to change quickly, because this is a game absolutely ripe for heavy modding. Below we've listed out all the top Total War: Warhammer II mods we need to see ASAP!

 Its not yet clear at this point when Steam Workshop will be enabled

Blood And Gore Warhammer II Mod

It took me a while to notice, but when my Lizardmen saurus warriors where smashing and slashing their way through a Skeggi Chaos horde, there weren't any of the telltale signs of battle left behind. No severed limbs, steaming viscera, or even a layer of liquid red to remind future conquerors of the slaughter that took place.

Its odd to think about, but apparently this warfare-focused game is rated T For Teen, so the more unpleasant parts of massive-scale combat -- like blood getting everywhere -- were left out. Expect this to be among the first big mods to arrive and catapult to the top of the download list immediately.

 Apparently when you get stabbed with a spear and trampled by a horse, you just sort of fall down

Battle Camera Warhammer II Mod

Oh man, we need this one faster than ASAP -- we need it yesterday! One of my biggest complaints about this iteration of Total War is how difficult it is to get a perfect camera angle. You are always either too far away or too close up, too high or too low, etc.

There's rarely a sweet spot in between that lets you see everywhere you need to see on the field of combat while still getting a decent look at the action of any given individual battle. Too far up and it feels like too much of a tabletop game. Too far down and you get the thrill of combat, but will miss out on that unit ambushing you from behind.

 Improved Camera Mod For The Original Total War: Warhammer

More Skill Points Warhammer II Mod

Double skill points make your Legendary Lords actually feel legendary, rather than "merely adequate." Watching these so-called Lords take a wound and flee the battle is a pretty demoralizing proposition.

Lord Mazdamundi should be raining down magical artillery while Malekith is a whirlwind of destructive blades across the battlefield. With the additional skill points mod from the previous game, your Lords will be more of the battlefield commanders they are meant to be.

 These are supposed to be the movers and shakers of the Old World, so let's make them feel that way!

More Units/Factions Warhammer II Mod

This one is just a given. Obviously more factions are expected to arrive as either free expansions or paid DLC down the line, as only four starting Warhammer II races can't possibly be the extent of what Creative Assembly has in store.

Thankfully, the mod community always steps up and does what developers aren't always capable of doing in a short of amount of time. Expect a horde of new units for the Dark Elves, Skaven, High Elves, and Lizardmen to arrive the second the Steam Workshop is activated. 

On the full new faction front, it seems like the Orcs would play well in this more monster-focused campaign -- and who doesn't want to play as the Vampire Counts every now and again?

 Where the greenskins at?

AI Overhaul Warhammer II Mod

It seems like no matter who you ask, someone will have a gripe about the AI in a strategy game like this -- either because its not aggressive enough, too dumb in sieges, too focused on an endless stream of pointless battles in the late game, and so on. 

There are a variety of AI tweaking mods for the first Total War Warhammer, focused on fixing each of those various issues to make the enemy AI more competent and fun to play, and we'll need to see several of these to fix some issues during the Warhammer II campaign.

 Warhammer siege AI overhaul mod in action

Radious Warhammer II Mod

An all-in-one total overhaul mod from the first game, Radious added in more units, tweaked the campaign mechanics, overhauled the magic system and economy, rebalanced combat, and added in some lore-friendly changes.

It seems like it will be a fairly long wait before a mod of this magnitude actually arrives for Total War: Warhammer II, but we're hoping the team will get on tweaking this second iteration in the series soon. Major mods of this nature preclude the need for downloading a ton of tiny mods and hoping they all play nicely with one another.

  Fingers cross this come soon!

Which Total War: Warhammer mods to you want to see ported from the previous game? Let us know what you are looking forward to trying out -- or if you've found any awesome functioning mods already -- in the comments below!

Ready to jump into the vanilla game without any mods? This is an extremely complicated game with a horde of various elements that all have to be managed at the same time, so make sure to head over to our Warhammer 2 guides before getting started.

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Published Dec. 18th 2017

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