Destiny: Patch Review

More key drops, ammo taking up less space and other fixes in bungie's latest patch.

This past Tuesday, Bungie had released a patch to fix some major issues with the release of their newest expansion, House of Wolves. This patch fixes the drop rate of treasure keys, bugs with players not being able to obtain certain items after ToO and other hot topic issues the guardian community had.

Keys! Keys! And more Keys!

Although the drop rate of keys in the ether chests was fixed, players are no longer able to "farm" the chests for keys as you are now only able to get the chest once per spawn. This is a bittersweet fix as we are able to get much needed keys easier now but now we can only get the chest once. Oh well, we are guardians not farmers after all. Keys are now guaranteed to drop after the completion of the Queens bounties each week as well as keys having a higher chance to drop from the smaller chest in the treasure room after beating PoE on levels 32-35.

The PoE got some fixes as well, with this weeks level 32 PoE The Forever Eater, the containment fields damage has been decreased by 25%, the jailbreaker modifier has been increased by 100%. At the end off each run from levels 32-35, the chests in the treasure room now have chances to drop class items. This is a god-send as now you can rank up faster with the house of judgement faction to get shaders, ships and other class items that may have caught your eye.

Another major issue players had was the over-abundance of ammo synthesis that would drop from ether chests. The patch has now allowed all types of ammo synths to stack up to 100. This has de-cluttered much need space in vaults and on each character. It would have been nice to also have the option to delete ammo synths but this is a very good alternative method.

Overall the patch that was released has definitely been well received as it once again shows that Bungie does listen to its players and work tirelessly to make us all happy. As a fellow guardian, I am very pleased with this patch and I know my clan mates are happy as well. 

Published Jun. 5th 2015

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