11 best missions in Fallout: New Vegas

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And that's it, the very best Fallout: New Vegas has to offer. Those 11 missions are all fantastic, and of course there are tons more that could have made the list but these 11 encapsulate the Fallout experience better than all the rest.

Fallout: New Vegas is an incredible game that came out just 2 years after Fallout 3, developed by Obsidian, not Bethesda. In many ways it is a better game than Fallout 3 and gives players an insane amount of choice like few other games have. It begins with you being shot in the head and buried in the ground, and ends (depending on your choices) with you as the king of New Vegas. It's a fantastic story arc and immersive world like few others.

Fallout 3 is seven years old. Fallout: New Vegas is 5 years old. Fallout 4 arrives in less than 24 hours. Go outside, maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air, spend time with loved ones and generally live life, because that all goes out the window tomorrow. However, take always take a few minutes break and come visit GameSkinny!

Published Nov. 8th 2015

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