Best PC Games for Kids 2018


It’s the year of farming sims! Or so it may seem. But despite its fix-a-run-down-farm theme, Staxel is more than just a copy of My Time at Portia. It emphasizes farming and relationship building to a greater extent, almost like a cross between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, with some Minecraft thrown in as well.

For example, make nice with your fellow residents, and they’ll help you when you need it, and when you and your neighbors work together, it ultimately creates a more vibrant community benefiting everyone. It’s a nice message, but Staxel is, of course, more than just a moral lesson.

Players craft their gameworld, so no playthrough will be the same. Modern metropolis strike your fancy? Build it. Prefer the simple charms of village life? It’s yours. And if you ever get bored with your daily routine, you can shake things up with a spot of fishing or bug hunting. 

Staxel makes exploration and caring for your farm more than worthwhile as well, since the resources you get from both drive your customization and expansion, in what turns into a very satisfying and compelling gameplay loop. Combined with multiplayer capabilities, you’ve got a clear winner that will stick around as a staple for a long time. Plus, it’s adorable. Really adorable. Who can resist brightly colored, high resolution block cows?

Published Nov. 5th 2018

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