The Finger: Game Feature of the Year

The dumbest side feature is oddly hilarious to me and for some reason making me love this game more and more.

So far, Farcry 3: Blood Dragon is a pretty competent game with some hit or miss humor and sort of lack luster environments, but it has something going for it:

The Finger! 

The way it works is that if there is not something within melee range, you will flip the bird.  I know, it is REALLY dumb that I am enjoying this dumb feature as much as I am but good lord it leads to funny moments.  For example:

I see an enemy below me as I scale a building and take a few steps back for a running start.  I lunge through air and am falling down on him.  I then try to kill him from above but instead I clumsily fall on him while giving him the one finger salute.


I run up on an enemy and slash him a few times and as his body crumples to the floor, I flip him off.

Oh and:

I shoot a Cyber Bison and run to the corpse and instead of pressing to steal its money (what?) I accidentally flip off the dead mammal cyborg.

And lastly:

I don't like that palm tree so... I give it the finger.

I love that this and the little gun equip flourishes make me the most excited about this game when playing it.  They are dumb side content that should never have taken the spotlight away from the game itself but if there is a reason to play this game, it is to flip off everything.

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Published May. 18th 2013

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