Break Your Mouse With The 4 Best F2P Clicker Games on Steam

Crusaders of The Lost Idols

Codename Entertainment Inc

I've saved the best of this list for last with Crusaders of The Lost Idols. While the game has all the usual mechanics of other clicker titles, it brings a whole new dimension that creates a very different experience -- the formation mechanic.

You must place your crusaders in the formation, with each one having specific skills and roles that apply advantages to help battle the constant onslaught of enemies. It also has quite a good sense of humor to it, often parodying or referencing many various famous films and the likes.

It is still in development using the Steam Early Access program, and introduces new features quite often, along with regular events that bring in new challenges and crusaders to unlock. CoTLI doesn't just take inspiration from other titles; it evolves them to create a unique clicker experience.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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