Top 10 Minecraft 1.10 Seeds after the first week of release

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Just a mere week after the release of the latest Minecraft 1.10 version – officially titled “Frostburn Update” – the community has already managed to find loads of new exciting seeds for you to explore. There are a few significant changes that make the 1.10 version really special, such as villages that spawn in taiga and savanna biomes -- which has never happened before.

Also, in this latest version you may encounter three completely new mobs: polar bears, strays and husks. You can find all the additional information about the “Frostburn Update” here.

Published Jun. 13th 2016
  • Carson_6270
    this is for 2 of 11
  • Carson_6270
    there was diamond horse armor among other things in it
  • Carson_6270
    there's another desert temple at 86 71 331
  • ay_7692
    -2019558365 accidentally swapped 5 with the 6 and it was a pretty neat village, good loot inside the blacksmith

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