Steven Universe RPG Comes To Mobile Devices

Attack the Light, the new Steven Universe RPG for mobile devices, launches this week!

If you're like me, you've heard a ridiculous amount of complimentary things regarding Steven Universe....but you still haven't watched it. That's okay! Starting April 2 you can enjoy Attack the Light, the new Steven Universe RPG mobile game developed by Grumpyface Studios.

Since Attack the Light features an original story by the show's creator, Rebecca Suger, you can get all the goodness of Steven Universe with the bonus of exciting gameplay. The mechanics of Attack the Light were inspired by games like Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario. If the mechanics of Attack the Light come close to the glory of old Nintendo RPGs this game will turn into a money machine. 

It's rare that I like games based on pre-existing IP, but the Crystal Gems (and the fact that Steven looks like a support character) have really sold me on this one. 

Attack the Light can be found on the iOS App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Published Mar. 31st 2015

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