Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Odogaron

Learn everything about the location, the weaknesses, and the best method for killing Odogaron in this guide to Monster Hunter: World.

There are plenty of monsters in Monster Hunter: World, but some of them are especially fierce-looking and can be highly difficult to hunt down. One such monster is Odogaron, the Fanged Wyvern.

You can take down Odogaron as a part of the "Scratching the Itch" quest or by finding the beast in one of the possible locations listed below. If you want to know how to find this monster and eventually kill it, then follow this guide.

How to Find Odogaron in Monster Hunter: World

Finding Odogaron in the Rotten Vale

If you follow the "Scratching the Itch" questline, then you will be able find Odogaron in the Rotten Vale region -- specifically sections 8, 9, and 11. The area itself is highly dangerous, so be wary of deadly suffocating gas clouds and puddles of acid that can damage your armor.

Above the Rotten Vale you will find the Coral Highlands -- another possible location for Odogaron in Monster Hunter: World. The coral eggs that can be seen all over this area attract all sorts of wyverns and other monsters, so be on the lookout if you're in this region of the game and still need to hunt donw Odogaron.

Here you may also stumble upon such beasts like Kirin, Legiana, and Rathian -- all of them are extremely dangerous.

Odogaron's Weaknesses in Monster Hunter World

Odogaron's weaknesses in Monster Hunter World

Although, Odogaron has no main element, he is weak to Ice and Thunder. He has big claws, which may provoke bleeding if he manages to hit you directly. This means that you should either keep distance using your bow or stick to his sides, chopping him with Charge Blade.

Odogaron is also susceptible to the Paralysis effect, so be sure to use it as well. You can then focus on his head and front claws, or if you're behind him, then focus on his tail, which can also be severed.

If you're fast enough, you will be able to avoid his charges. Then make him limp, and this should be a good sign that you're very close to killing him.

How to Defeat Odogaron in Monster Hunter: World

Odogaron roars at the player in Monster Hunter World

Probably the best armor set against Odogaron is the Girros Armor, which will increase all of your Paralysis effects and resistance abilities. It can be derived from the Great Girros monster that roams the same Rotten Vale where Odogaron can be found.

If you don't have a good bow or the Charge Blade, then opt for Lance or Gunlance as your main weapon. It will provide you with good blocking, and at the same time, excellent range and high attack power.

If you're fighting the monster in Rotten Vale, you will notice giant bone structures hanging all around the area. You can use Slingers to pull them down on the monster and damage him heavily. On the other hand, if you've stumbled upon Odogaron in Coral Highlands, you can use the Glider Mantle to ride air currents, and thus escape the monster by reaching higher spots.

Note: It is not a good sign when his veins turn red on his back -- this means that he is preparing for a charged attack. Try to avoid it as much as you can, as at this moment, Odogaron hits like an unstoppable train. Dodge his attack, and wait for another opportunity to attack.

If by any chance he damages you with his claws and provokes bleeding, take some Astera Jerky, and it should quickly heal you up. When you'll be done with the monster, you will get the Odogaron Armor, which will provide you with an excellent bleeding resistance in all future hunts.

And of course, if you feel too much pressure when dealing with Odogaron, call for co-op help -- vand other players will gladly give you a hand. After all, this game is about fun and not frustration.


There is no better feeling than dealing with another large monster in this fantastic game. So be sure to check out the rest of the Monster Hunter: World guides here at GameSkinny:


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Published Jan. 31st 2018

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